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  1. I hadn't even considered this possibility and now it's all I want from TAFKA Luke Harper. He'd thrive in that NWA/studio wrestling environment without even having to extend himself too much. Sadly i think he'll be AEW-bound pretty sharpishly, but bloody hell that's a tantalising possibility.
  2. So is it Firefly Funhouse Bray facing The Miz? I like the idea if so, but slightly worried this is all starting to feel a bit like the Joseph Parks/Abyss story from TNA.
  3. Poor performance, even worse result. Brighton didn't even have to work that hard to get the win, which is more frustrating than anything. Huge rebuilding job needed at Arsenal, and it's going to take years, and years. I hope we go for a young manager and our fans/owners give them a chance to start a project that will yield long term results rather than a quick fix to steady the ship and paper over the pretty obvious, growing cracks. Alas, I don't think it'll happen and I suspect a "safe pair of hands" will lead to us going round and round with managers like Emery until something gives. Could be a few years of mid-table obscurity on the horizon if things do not change. On the plus side, despite Alan Pardew "expertly" claiming Pepe was "not a workhorse",I thought he did pretty well in that second half. A bright spot among a number of poor performances. He hasn't started well so far, but I think he'll come good in time. Probably at another club who have some idea what they are doing, mind.
  4. If you can make Glenn Helder more festive that would be most appreciated!
  5. I dare say Big Tone has done a few things that would be considered dog rough.
  6. Apparently it's the name of the water company in Birmingham. Never in a million years would I have got that from his name.
  7. Steamboat was carrying about a tiny dragon in WCW for a bit. As for WWE, I know they had plans to use a horse for Taker at Mania one year but they opted not to because during the run through they decided it was too risky with the pyro and the crowd. Probably wise. I think he had a horse drawn carriage at the Rumble one year (maybe 06?) Before that, fuck, maybe WM 9?
  8. You want them to murder the families of all of his opponents since 2014? Bit harsh.
  9. Did they? They had J&J Security. but that's a slightly different proposition than AoP.
  10. I wondered if they might go with something dumb like "The Sword" as a play off The Shield, hopefully not, but I definitely see them referencing it with whatever the name is for the group. Raw could do with a big heel faction (not counting The OC), and I'd almost advocate putting the belt back on Rollins, maybe at the Rumble, if he's being flanked by a stable of goons so they can have whoever is the new top babyface run the table to get to him at Mania.
  11. I'm not sure it's entirely fair to label Slipknot or ACDC as generic. Also, you would have preferred they do 15 entrances instead of 3 for those matches? The show would still be going now.
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