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  2. Remind me nearer the time and I'll direct you to some lovely bars Invert much enjoyed (rather than just the ones in Roppongi), and I'll dig out my map to the restaurant that serves the best ramen I've ever eaten! Also, for a laugh if it's still there, you could always pop to the Antonio Inoki themed restaurant in Shinjuku. It's rubbish, but I got a kick out of it.
  3. Off topic, but this sounds a wonderful plan, and you'll have a great time. Japan is awesome. Although there are many others on this board who will have done multiple trips and will be able to advise about wrestling and general stuff (@JNLister& @air_raid immediately come to mind) happy to chip in my tuppence on fun places to go in Tokyo from my own trip there. Went to some great bars and restaurants!
  4. He was much bigger during his first NXT "run", and then he was making sporadic appearances, but he dropped a fuckload of weight after that and I believe got signed shortly after. Burch looks fucking great in fairness, very happy for him.
  5. Apologies, I was hoping a mod might move it over to avoid duplication if it's thread worthy (I wasn't 100% sure if I was just getting overexcited)
  6. This is posted in the Newz thread too, but surely this is thread worthy?!?
  7. Can we give this its own thread, this is huge news!!!
  8. Ah man, that sucks, hopefully she gets the mildest of cases and you're all back to normal in a few weeks. Hope you're doing as ok as you can be in the circumstances!
  9. Is it because she can make you whole again?
  10. Presumably they're still shit?
  11. What are they filming in New York? I thought it was the Amway for Raw/SD/PPV and The PC/Capitol Wrestling Center for NXT, which are both Florida, or have a missed a big story there somewhere?
  12. Of course you are, in the same way our fans are delighted when the shower that run Spurs do things that make them look terrible, it's the way of things. You're probably correct on his relationship with the club, wishful thinking on my part. Still at least it would mean some part of his wages were being put to good use to benefit the club, so that would be nice.
  13. Maybe it's some sort of olive branch to the club/supporters. Although i suspect that it's mostly a good PR move and it'll go down like a fart in church with club management. Still, I like Gunnersaurus, so if he can still be around I'll be happy either way. He once (very lightly with his big floppy claw) clipped my sister around the head when we were kids as he walked past at Highbury, ostensibly by accident. My sister being a Chelsea fan who was there incognito with a face like thunder at being "dragged" to the game by our Dad. It's like he knew. What a hero.
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