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  1. Got an Air Fryer for Christmas and it's been an amazing addition to the kitchen so far. Not been too adventurous just yet, bit made Welsh Rarebit for lunch today and it was amazing (and so simple)
  2. Trying to evade Bergerac presumably @BomberPat? Surely there's no other sane reason to come back (I jest, but fingers crossed it's all ok for you and your flight goes ahead)
  3. Looks way too recent to have been the Vince trial. Maybe the Gawker case?
  4. Jericho's Highlight Reel was basically an episode of Fake Taxi.
  5. Austin's was used too at one point, so I imagine it's more that the sound guy is a big wrestling fan.
  6. Night and day compared to the sort of packages WWE put together later that same year when Triple H had his quad surgery, but interesting nevertheless.
  7. In fairness, Duggee grows his own veg, and advocates for sharing everything equally, so he's well on his way to being the Jeremy Corbyn of the pre school animation world.
  8. It's probably worth assuming all wrestlers are the worst, because most are. At least that way it can just be a surprise when the odd one is a good egg.
  9. Didn't he pin Roman Reigns in his first match on Raw? Or have misremembered? It definitely felt like they were strapping the rocket to him for that first month until the injury.
  10. I hope so. What a name.
  11. mim731

    Virtual Reality

    It looks nothing like The Lawnmower Man, so it's not for me.
  12. Is that the one with a cartoon Lex Luger piledriving someone on a trophy? Fond memories of that!
  13. If it helps, that sounds like that's more than the average. I know at least three teacher friends who are teaching only a handful of kids in person (albeit with a similar flawed additional set up across Zoom to what you've described there).
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