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  1. It wasn't intended as a verbatim what he'd say necessarily, but something along those lines was what I was thinking. Joe could probably pull thar line off delivered correctly, in fairness.
  2. I don't know why, but the idea of Joe turning up once his non compete is up, battering the Impact champion (which I guess could be Omega thus opening up an AEW run too) and just saying something like "Daddy's home" ala the AJ feud as the show goes off the air, sounds phenomenal to me.
  3. In fairness, Glitter hadn't been revealed to be a paedophile by the time Hogan recorded the cover, and that song was a massive hit in its time.
  4. Is that another Vic Venom scoop, or a preference? I can see why there might be objections based on their in-ring ability in comparison terms with the existing talent, but they'd be two big personalities (or one big one as a unit) in a division that arguably wouldn't be harmed by an injection of more charisma.
  5. Supposedly, Bo Dallas has been studying real estate and getting ready for a career outside the business for a while, so his release might have been a mutual one.
  6. Has to be WWE not wanting to medically clear Joe, or seeing him as a commentator going forward. In all honesty there's no-one listed so far, Joe aside, who was a massive star in WWE that won't do better/well outside WWE so it's probably a good thing in the grand scheme of things, hopefully. I would have liked to see an Iiconics reunion in WWE but I can see them doing great stuff in AEW or Impact. Edit - missed Mickie James on that list, she'll be a great fit for NWA if she goes that way.
  7. Hey Duggee is amazing. My little ones love it, and I appreciate like all the best kids TV shows that there's a shed load of stuff for the parents too. Any show that drops references to Predator and Apocalypse Now without it even being pronounced enough to stand out to kids is a winner for me.
  8. I'd withhold judgement on that till after Smackdown, as I imagine that might be how they set up Reigns vs Edge for Backlash.
  9. If we're discussing the same guy, I've seen him frequently referred to as "Faith No More Guy" due to his resemblance to their guitarist. I believe he binned off wrestling years ago.
  10. It's probably an odd shout, but I reckon Steve Blackman in the New Generation era or in the early 80s WWF would have been huge. Legit badass, flashy stick moves, proper hard man physique. Actually thinking about it, if Ken Shamrock came along ten years later in WWE he would have been a megastar given the rise of the UFC/MMA in general.
  11. It was all pretty complimentary, certainly nothing unexpected from a BBC obit done in advance. From what I recall it was focused on his time as PM and Mayor of London with a big focus on the Olympics. Although it's probably had another update since then
  12. I can possibly offer a little insight on this having worked for a good while, until fairly recently for BBC Radio in a role that would have been heavily affected by this today (I would have needed to do a fairly substantial schedule change around what is playing out on air vs what had been scheduled across multiple worldwide feeds.) The obits are prepped in advance, and updated regularly. I have listened to Phillip's, as well as the Queen's last year (there was also an updated one put together for Boris Johnson when he was in hospital with Covid). They're about what you would expect and a
  13. I'm wagering you'll be disappointed, if I'm honest Pat. I don#t think Cole has it in him to not slide into his worst tendencies. What should be a personal, heated brawl will be full of Cole trying to get his shit in.
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