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  1. That's probably a good shout, in fairness. Can definitely see a title change enticing those sitting on the fence to tune in.
  2. mim731

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    I enjoyed this thread immensely.
  3. Not a fact necessarily, but seeing all the people on social media getting anxious/excited about trying to getting tickets for a My Chemical Romance reunion gig, when they are a band I was already too old for in their prime, makes me feel ancient.
  4. I wonder how much curiosity over the location/aesthetic of that show played into things. I suspect a regular arena show, if it was on tape delay might not have fared as well against a live show, but that's testament to AEW taking a chance on doing something different! Good stuff.
  5. In fairness, that's because most of them are dead.
  6. Is that The Young Bucks just behind the big dude?
  7. https://vulturehound.co.uk/2020/01/exclusive-interview-joe-galli-you-can-take-a-look-at-any-of-our-men-and-especially-our-women-and-you-know-that-youre-going-to-get-a-great-match-out-of-them/ If anyone is interested, I had a chat with Joe Galli (he's really nice) about all things NWA ahead of the Hard Times PPV on Friday.
  8. Looks like WWE will be airing on Channel 5, with en edited version of Raw/Smackdown https://deadline.com/tag/channel-5/ Did not see that coming.
  9. https://youtu.be/9z4aemfDdAc Video won't embed, but this guy seems to have a fairly decent method. Not saying it'll work but might give you some ideas.
  10. Off to the New Forest in May, near Ringwood for a few days with my wife and our daughter who will be nearly 2 by then. Any tips on things to do in the local area?
  11. Until quite recently, I'd say a lack of other viable, secure jobs. With the rise of AEW, NJPW etc there might be more guys willing to try their luck elsewhere rather than comfortably staying with the status quo (not the band) in WWE.
  12. In fairness, it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility that they got said individual to record the voice-over as a red herring, knowing a large chunk of their fan base has the sort of time and energy needed to mess with the audio distortion. If it's not a misdirect, well |I suppose we'll have to see how that pans out but I don;t have high hopes for this angle.
  13. Did Edge ever have a sustained programme with CM Punk? I suppose he would have retired before the whole Money in the Bank 2011 run for Punk, but I don't recall much beyond vanilla babyface Punk winning his first world title from him in 2008. I was never a huge Edge fan, but I would have been weirdly up for that feud.
  14. He shouts his own name followed by "bay-bay". That's pretty good.
  15. As an act of protest? Or was it just incidental that with was Greg Dyke's pond?
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