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  1. mim731

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Probably, but that's not what my brain chose to recall for several years.
  2. mim731

    Covid-19 Megathread

    For years I was convinced I'd read that she used to live in a bin when she was really hard up before Harry Potter. Turns out that never happened. I was so sure as well. As you were.
  3. Layla is largely uninterested in lockdown. Just having a lovely sit down mostly.
  4. I've frequently seen it in CEX for a couple of quid in various locations, so might be worth keeping a eye out there if anyone is after a copy but not in a hurry.
  5. They'll just reform it in a few years under a different name. Nations United probably.
  6. mim731

    NJPW World

    Respectfully, would you mind posting a source or link to this story of the cancellation?
  7. Presumably it won't be Matt Jackson in order to further that story of the dissension there between Page and Matt? Or maybe Hangman claims he doesn't need a partner and Matt inserts himself and they end up losing because they can't get on the same page. Either way with Omega injured and Nick Jackson at home waiting for his wife to go into labour, I'd assume Matt is involved somehow. I'm quite enjoying this storyline so far. I just hope they don't go to the Hangman heel turn too quickly (if at all), he's great in his current role and more over than ever with their audience, I'm not sure a heel turn is the best use of him.
  8. mim731

    Snack Attack.

    Glad it was useful! No idea if they are as good, but you would assume they'll be a similar product.
  9. I think he prefers to be referred to as "International Veteran Scott Steiner".
  10. mim731

    Snack Attack.

    Not my image, for clarity, but I did see these in M&S today while shopping for a mother's Day present. Seem to be similar to what you had @Rey_Piste but probably a bit cheaper.
  11. It feels like they've teased too many new arrivals for "The Exalted One" to be an outsider. It feels like misdirection, which makes me think it's someone already on the roster. Maybe I'm wrong, but they've almost teased too much for me not to cynically think they'll go the other way. No idea who it is though.
  12. mim731


    Apologies, if this is probably quite a Southern-based thing (not seen them elsewhere, but could be wrong) but had a vegan bacon and avocado bagel on the way into work from Abokado, bloody lovely and would highly recommend.
  13. It sounds much better in Spanish, in fairness.
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