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    NJPW World

    Hoping for a big showing from Shingo, he has looked great since his debut and he (and the division as a whole) could definitely benefit from a run at the title.
  2. Totally agree, and I can definitely see what you mean about this not being traditionally how they book megastars. That said, they don't seem to know how to book anyone like a megastar any more. FFS, Roman Reigns beat cancer and they've made him feel like just another guy. So Bray going the slightly unusual gimmick route, in the shape he is in, might be a way to actually present him as a megastar because it's something different that stands out. In fact, simply by not being 50/50 booked each week, or appearing in front of the live crowd they are building him into more of a megastar than if he returned in the traditional way. It really could be a boon rather than a detriment to his status that he's doing something unusual. Or he'll be booked into oblivion within weeks and this will be filed under Wrestlecrap.
  3. At a glance (I'm not interested in reading 4000 comments) they don't seem too bad. Most seem to be saying "wait and see", or relatively positive.
  4. Not a fan of the new puppet. Too life-like.
  5. Weirdly, said meeting is shown as a CGI cutscene in one of the WWE2k games in career mode. EDIT: Here you go:
  6. That's probably fair @gmoney but it feels like the sums involved have ramped up significantly in recent years. Perhaps it's just me getting older, but as the figures bandied around go up I feel more and more disconnected to it all.
  7. Just seems a bit odd to be ragging on other teams ownership and where their money comes from (obscene as it may be, no argument there) when your own club spent an obscene amount of money on a new stadium. In fairness, it's all silly money now across the board at that level. I just find it all a bit of a turn off now.
  8. I'd say this could be one major positive if AEW does take off (big "if" I appreciate), it will give wrestlers a genuine alternative of somewhere else to go, which in turn means more will opt to leave and try their luck elsewhere. WWE's monopoly means they can effectively scoop up all the major talent and use them as they see fit (and why shouldn't they given their stature), and without somewhere else to go many just seem to take their lumps and be glad of the employment. That's as much a part of the problem as the company's unwillingness to sack off talent because they have their "hours consumed" metric as a measure of success for the Network.
  9. Couldn't decide whether to pop this in here or in the questions thread (mods feel free to move if needed). I watched the Worlds Collide show from Mania weekend on the Network and the broadcast team was Percy Watson and Byron Saxton. This got me wondering, would this be the first time ever that WWE has had an all African American announce team on a televised show? I can't think of another example of this happening, and I could be missing something really obvious, but if that's true I thought it was worth highlighting as a pretty cool thing. I'm not saying WWE did so deliberately, mind. I suspect they just happened to be the two people available for this show.
  10. Sad times for Lykos but it's seemed inevitable for a while now, with the repeated shoulder injuries. He'll be fine though, wouldn't be surprised to see him get a backstage job of some sort with NXT UK/Progress in the circumstances.
  11. Any idea how long Sasha/Batley have on their contracts? I suspect that has plenty of sway over how much WWE care about them having a strop over losing the belts.
  12. Bit harsh. Given it's a personal situation, it might have been an emergency that was solved very quickly, or something that is out of her control (family illness etc). To chastise someone for going on holiday when you have absolutely no clue what is happening in her personal life is completely unnecessary.
  13. Is it definitely Wyatt? Hopefully it's a funkasauras-style swerve and he comes out with his new dancer gimmick instead.
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