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  1. Punk is clearly having a great time on commentary, and although it's a long way off I would love to see that be where he ends up eventually (obviously after he stops being a full timer in-ring, still lots to do before then). Speaking of commentary, my toes curl and my skin crawls every time JR says "Johnny Hungey" in reference to Silver. It's not the nickname so much, just how much it sounds unsettling coming out of Ross' mouth.
  2. Ah yeah that makes more sense, I stand corrected. I don't mind the Becky situation, but that's another topic for a more relevant thread.
  3. You're not talking about Reigns, surely? His heel work has been the best of his career and he was far from universally beloved as a babyface. Plenty of deserved sticks to beat WWE with, but that definitely isn't one of them.
  4. Again, as per my later replies, that's not quite what I meant, poor wording on my part.
  5. Missed this when I replied, no not at all! There are many good reasons to be talking about the business side of things if that's what you enjoy discussing! I just wasn't sure if I had missed something more obviously significant in the wider context. Reading back my reply I appreciate it reads like that, poor wording on my part.
  6. Ah I see. Not hugely interesting to me unless it's a sign of a bigger overall trend (and I'm not sure it is just yet unless it becomes the norm), it's perhaps a little too granular for me, but that's not a knock on anyone who does find it interesting. I just wasn't sure if there was something more to that I was missing in terms of it's significance.
  7. Unless you work for either AEW or WWE I have no idea why this would be important? Am I missing something? Legit question, I feel like I'm missing something really obvious.
  8. @Chris B weird question, but do you have a phone box in your house? It looks like it from the video, and if so that's wonderful.
  9. I enjoyed this far more than just about anything I've watched in wrestling in a while, thanks for sharing!
  10. In fairness, that was just putting on a new coat of pain effectively. It's a presentation problem as much as anything. Different camera angles, different lighting, a different style of shooting that are needed in order to actually make a difference. The live edits on WWE programming are distinctive, but not in a good way. For me, a new approach is needed to make the product at least look fresh (it doesn't solve everything, but it's a step in the right direction). One of the things AEW does so well, is present something that looks different and is produced differently which means that it catches the eye in a way WWE does not at present. If WWE do want to go full LED bells and whistles, I wonder if a more sports-type presentation might be the way to go (not that Vince will presumably allow such a thing), maybe have the first half an hour of Raw as a pre-game studio panel like you get before Football etc, and the last half an hour as the existing Raw Talk format and then you still keep the 3 hours, but it puts less pressure on actual show. Obviously that means making those shows more compelling, but the variety it offers would give them more room to work in. They could even lean into the pre-show being the natural heir to the old Prime Time Wrestling show. Unlikely, I appreciate, but that is just one of many options they could employ to freshen up Raw.
  11. It could probably extend to a thread of it's own, but with RAW in the doldrums, how do WWE best go about fixing it? I know there's lots of things they should but won't do (take out the extra hour etc), but say Vince McMahon turns the keys over tomorrow to someone with the caveat that it's still 3 hours and they have the current roster to work with, what do they do? For me, it's a visual overhaul to begin with. The LEDs aside, visually Raw looks the same as it has for over a decade barring a few tweaks. But more importantly, the way it is shot feels very stale. It needs to offer something different and unique aesthetically and in production terms, something they did a great job with in 1997 when they revamped the show. The storytelling needs to be more joined up and episodic too. WWE used to be great at cliffhangers and making segments feel varied and different, where now it often feels a bit homogenised and predictable. The in-ring stuff is great, but contextually it needs to have stakes and less reliance on the traditional tropes they have established for themselves (beat a champion to get a shot at the champion etc). Not sure that fixes all the problems, but it certainly feels like a start.
  12. https://theathletic.com/news/bournemouth-midfielder-david-brooks-diagnosed-with-hodgkin-lymphoma Well that is fucking shit, get well soon David Brooks.
  13. So that's what Messiah is up to these days.
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