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  1. I didn't want to start a whole new thread for it, and it kinda fits in this thread, but has anyone ever tried to get a custom T-shirt printed? I'm looking to get something made for my wife for our anniversary with a bit of an in-joke on it, but I haven't a clue what websites offer printing that won't be shit/expensive or that will do just one shirt rather than a bulk order? Anyone got any recommendations of services they've previously used?
  2. This is another one that smacks of releasing people to cut costs ready for a sale. Would not be surprised if a sale is agreed in the next 12 months.
  3. The thing is, Real Estate Steve may or may not be in your price range (to do comedy shtick).
  4. I'm sure the members of the forum who are more au fait with NJPW Strong will be able to give more recent update, but when I last saw him in NJPW proper he was green as grass and didn't really stand out as anything special beyond being Haku's son. That said, I previously thought Tanga Loa had nothing much about him and he's been steadily improving, so maybe Hikuleo has come on leaps and bounds in the past year or so.
  5. I really enjoyed the segment with The Elite and the Dark Order, but did we clarify what exactly the stipulation for the eliminator match is? If Dark Order/Hangman win they get title shots, but if they lose they don't? Or they don't ever? Or Hangman has to leave? I'm probably being really dense, but I wasn't 100% sure what the stakes are coming out of that segment. The chemistry between Hangman and Omega is electric though, so it doesn't matter especially, just for my own enjoyment I wanted to be sure what's on the line.
  6. Where is the precedent for that? Do other non-wrestling hall of fame-type organisations do similar? I know WWE are not the best employers in the world, but unless you die on their watch, why on earth would a ceremonial induction to a hall of fame obligate them to pay for your funeral?
  7. While this is objectively absolute shit, I do miss a time when WWE actually made an effort with more physical props rather an the current over reliance on LEDs. I understand from a cost and production perspective why they do, but it kills any sense of originality for the PPV sets. The last one I remember WWE doing that had any really effort put into was the TLC set, and even that is just sending the production lads down to B&Q. I quite liked the Armageddon '08 set too. It felt like a time where they were really going all out withe the production design rather than the identikit offerings of more recent years (sorry, couldn't find a better picture).
  8. Have we not had this thread running quite recently? Either way I assume someone will be in shortly touting the merits of the massively overrated Backlash 2000 set. From my own perspective the classic Nitro entrance takes some beating.
  9. I know it's not a European anthem, but I'd always throw Brazil's national anthem into this conversation. What a rousing tune that is!
  10. https://deadline.com/2021/07/arsenal-amazon-all-or-nothing-doc-1234789310/ Urgh. This is not good news for Arsenal. EDIT: Arsenal are going to be the focus of the next Amazon All or Nothing series. Sorry, should have said what the link is.
  11. 100% agree with this. It's something WWE dropped the ball on big time with Saturday Morning Slam, and I genuinely believe could be a great way to cultivate a whole new generation of fans. If you think back as a kid to how many people got into the WWF by watching it on a Saturday or Sunday morning during the first peak, it boggles the mind that it's a demo that is largely underserved in terms of bespoke programming.
  12. Bit harsh on Emery given he just won the Europa League with Villarreal.
  13. That is my only gripe about an otherwise brilliant segment. Everyone in the building knew who he is, but for Excalibur to go from "WHAT IS HE DOING HE? I WRESTLED HIM 15 YEARS AGO AS TOMMY END" to trotting out Black's new name just cut the legs out from under it. Why try and crowbar that in? Why not let the segment breath a bit and later have it revealed that is his new name? It feels so rushed. It was otherwise a top, top segment and I have never thought about Cody vs Black but that could legitimately be a great feud and produce some very compelling television if Excalbur can chill the fuck out and let these big moments have some time to soak in. That video is the absolute shits though. Looks like a student film and I hope they keep that shite well away from the TV audience.
  14. Been working my way through early 90s WCW PPVs, and one thing that I never noticed before is how much of an absolute banger Ron Simmons/Doom's WCW theme was.
  15. If nothing else Denmark getting to the final, even winning the tournament, after their best player died for a bit during their first group game is quite the story, should it happen. Proper stereotypical sports movie come to life stuff. What a mad tournament this has been.
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