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  1. Really enjoyed the show. What it does show is they need to set up camp elsewhere. Whether they were 'cast' members or plants or not, the India crowd have shown up what a wet bunch the Impact Zone crowd are. Particularly irritating are those trio of people facing the camera slightly to the left who at each show are openly engaging in full blown conversations, turning from the match or doing everything they can to show they aren't intetested in something. It's particularly noticeable during the X Division match. What are they even doing there? What the event also proved was how much Jeremy Borash should be credited for (certainly the production aspect of) the Broken Universe set-pieces and mini films. I can't believe how much of a kick I got from that tag match. Having the crowd mic'd up was a good idea as well.
  2. I've seen it 🙈 It appears to be for the post-Slammiversary Impact, but it seems it's been accidentally transposed to the description of Slammiversary. That or the TVGuide has simply published what the company has given them by way of preview for this coming week. Whatever the name of the company, they can't catch a break, whether it's their own doing or not.
  3. Edit: Never mind, it's in the general news thread.
  4. I'd not known that Jim Cornette had offered $5000 to fight you-know-who (again) until I became aware of this response.
  5. Oops, wrong 'doesn't deserve a thread' thread... 😳
  6. Some wrestling fans (especially promotion die-hards) never cease to amaze. In seeing the various ways the story has been covered (some sites with a definitive tone and some adopting a 'let's see if it comes off' approach) and fan responses, one thing that struck me is that many of the Impact Wrestling loyalists are saying that the company should try to get in on any deal that may be finalised. Said in a way that in getting in on this, Impact can be the ones primarily to benefit by cherry picking more rated NWA talent and Anthem can acquire more content for the Fight Network. This being the same Impact fansites that laughed and mocked Corgan when the lawsuit didn't go his way and he was bought out, signaling his exit. The numerous injections of cash, more or less saving the company, completely forgotten about. Granted, the period he drove creative was weaker than the Jan-Bound For Glory period that preceded it. I'm not saying that getting into bed with Anthem/Impact is a good or bad idea (as nothing is signed and no-one knows what any initial steps would be) but it's just interesting that some of those fans who couldn't wait to push him out of the door at the end of 2016 with glee are, without irony, seeing how their beloved can make from this. Of course, there are people who scoff now and say it will all end in tears. It may do. This is Billy Corgan's third go around when it comes to investment and trying to control a wrestling company (and the first time he could fully control one). And, to a lesser degree, those who question the point of all this if there is no TV (or online platform, similar to Amazon, Netflix or Hulu). As I said, I just found the reaction of the Impact fan base interesting and rather funny. What would be even more funny is if this all ends up on a higher profile, more prominent station than POP TV in America.
  7. Well, he was a couple of months out but he did say in one of his immediate post-lawsuit interviews that by the first quarter of 2017, we'd know what he had planned in wrestling. If the purchase is successful (and perhaps this news item should have saved, if possible, until it was totally complete) it would, at the very least, put eyes on the NWA for the first time in a while. As for what could happen after is anyone's guess but I imagine clues would lay in any interviews he gave before and after the lawsuit as to what he would have done with TNA (most specifically the media aspect). If memory serves me, didn't he say he had media outlets/platforms at the ready to partner with him had he successfully bought TNA? Outlets that otherwise wouldn't have touched them with a bargepole. I have a small feeling he wouldn't enter this kind of deal if: 1) he didn't have a group in mind to be the cetralised, main NWA TV promotion or plans to form one and 2) there wasn't a TV deal/show in the offing, either in principle verbally or a on the table subject to 'superstar' musician (to what degree these days is subjective) being in control. Otherwise, the above is totally wrong and he'll show his hand as and when, surprising or/and causing us to put our faces in our hands.
  8. If true, let's see who Impact want to use (if anyone) or perhaps more pertinently, who wants to appear on the shows.
  9. The online reaction to tonight's Smackdown has been pretty funny. Points for trying something new. I keep losing track of the rules regarding when it's appropriate to start going into details so I'll hold my counsel for now.
  10. Welp...
  11. Thanks for that. Certainly missed that item. EDIT: Then again, fast forwarding/tuning out of Ambrose promos will cause me to miss this wedding band I now see people talking about from RAW. Seeing the news item, I notice some people actually searched for their marriage certificate online... I mean, why? 😳
  12. I was quite intruiged as to what Owens hinted at with Renee (or Shane) on Talking Smack when he offered congratulations. They couldn't change the subject quickly enough.
  13. Though I don't agree with the overall point regarding the need for a North American voice, I did note a distinction between being rubbish and sounding rubbish. I suggest that is because a fair few of us (me included) have consumed American wrestling as a majority source of wrestling entertainment (as that's what ITV and Sky gave us in the late 80's onwards) especially at the most formative, impressionable stages of growing up. Therefore, legitimate and 'proper' sounding commentary, promos, etc would sound North American. And expanding on that point, the aforementioned primary consumption has possibly informed the style of commentary, promo and 'wrestling' therefore when adopted in another accent, with accompanying speak pattern, it may sound artificial. When British wrestlers, in this instance, speak closer to themselves, as they would if giving a speech to colleagues or talking to mates, as Grado and Sha Samuels largely do (citing the two wrestlers mentioned) more of a natural connection is made with the intended audience. Their charisma helps them a great deal as well. Just my two pence worth and just my opinion.
  14. I'd say as long as they can keep ITV sweet, and get past 10 episodes (even if it moves to ITV2-4) WOS/Anthem/Impact need not worry about too much else. They are sure to gain wrestlers and are certain to lose some to WWE as time goes on. Work on staying on the air, being an interesting show and expanding the brand as they want and certainly here, they would be able to ward off anyone who may be looking to cut their legs off. I guess the news opens up the question of who could join Alex Shane on commentary.
  15. According to PWInsider, JR has signed a deal with WWE so he won't be commentating this series. The report suggests part of WWE's motivation for offering this contract is to stop him working WOS Wrestling. This is because his NJPW on AXS TV work isn't affected by the contact.