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  1. If true, let's see who Impact want to use (if anyone) or perhaps more pertinently, who wants to appear on the shows.
  2. The online reaction to tonight's Smackdown has been pretty funny. Points for trying something new. I keep losing track of the rules regarding when it's appropriate to start going into details so I'll hold my counsel for now.
  3. Welp...
  4. Thanks for that. Certainly missed that item. EDIT: Then again, fast forwarding/tuning out of Ambrose promos will cause me to miss this wedding band I now see people talking about from RAW. Seeing the news item, I notice some people actually searched for their marriage certificate online... I mean, why? 😳
  5. I was quite intruiged as to what Owens hinted at with Renee (or Shane) on Talking Smack when he offered congratulations. They couldn't change the subject quickly enough.
  6. Though I don't agree with the overall point regarding the need for a North American voice, I did note a distinction between being rubbish and sounding rubbish. I suggest that is because a fair few of us (me included) have consumed American wrestling as a majority source of wrestling entertainment (as that's what ITV and Sky gave us in the late 80's onwards) especially at the most formative, impressionable stages of growing up. Therefore, legitimate and 'proper' sounding commentary, promos, etc would sound North American. And expanding on that point, the aforementioned primary consumption has possibly informed the style of commentary, promo and 'wrestling' therefore when adopted in another accent, with accompanying speak pattern, it may sound artificial. When British wrestlers, in this instance, speak closer to themselves, as they would if giving a speech to colleagues or talking to mates, as Grado and Sha Samuels largely do (citing the two wrestlers mentioned) more of a natural connection is made with the intended audience. Their charisma helps them a great deal as well. Just my two pence worth and just my opinion.
  7. I'd say as long as they can keep ITV sweet, and get past 10 episodes (even if it moves to ITV2-4) WOS/Anthem/Impact need not worry about too much else. They are sure to gain wrestlers and are certain to lose some to WWE as time goes on. Work on staying on the air, being an interesting show and expanding the brand as they want and certainly here, they would be able to ward off anyone who may be looking to cut their legs off. I guess the news opens up the question of who could join Alex Shane on commentary.
  8. According to PWInsider, JR has signed a deal with WWE so he won't be commentating this series. The report suggests part of WWE's motivation for offering this contract is to stop him working WOS Wrestling. This is because his NJPW on AXS TV work isn't affected by the contact.
  9. In regards to the ramp. It looks humongous in several senses of the word. But based on how long the walkway was for 24 I'm not shocked. The video of Cena's dash to the ring as the marching band did his theme shows that.
  10. *As they end a conference call with The Hardys, ROH and the Dish Network* Tom McLennan "Hey, I've got a brilliant idea for a name going forward"... Also, courtesy of Impact.
  11. Little bit of news coverage, unsurprisingly from ITV.
  12. Unless Shane got 2–3 emails like every one else, asking him to attend the press event and he bit their hand off. Eh maybe
  13. So far, tweets from El Ligero and Alex Shane regarding attending the event. So I'd assume that Alex Shane will be involved, contrary to what I thought.
  14. Given the fact Anthem are now handling production I'd be surprised if Alex Shane is doing commentary on the series. Someone who I think would do well is Greg Lambert. I think he was one of few bright spots on Dominant Wrestling. Jim Ross, I suspect (should he be up to it) is a shoe in.
  15. At an uneducated guess, I'd say either another set of tapings would done (TBA) as I'm assuming it will be 6 done over the 2 days which would require another single night of 3 tapings and a single (longer) season finale show (possibly at a bigger venue based on ticket sales of the previous set of tapings) or as said they would add a lot in post-production to make the episodes out of the matches. Another thing that came to mind is how the tapings would be conducted, with it being Impact handling the production (and creative). ROH and WCPW style with them filming in blocks of actual episodes or Impact style, where they can film out of synch? That means nothing to how many episodes they film but it was just a curiosity. Lastly, with the press release saying that the Impact roster and creative are being leveraged, I have a feeling Borash and Spud (with the Bootcamp connection and the former's previous fondness of the UK scene) will be head/main writers of this. As opposed to the junior ITV production member who wrote the NYE special.