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  1. It’s an interesting one. On first reading, I agree, it seems like a woolly ‘we’d quite like you to’ but with the industry force that will likely accompany this, and the ease any company or wrestler who objects will likely be shunned will probably lead to a lot of ‘buy-in’, willingly or otherwise.
  2. From what I read initially, they want to continue to run the groups separately and bring them all together at the Tokyo Dome at some point for a supershow.
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    NJPW World

    One takeaway from these most recent shows is how differently the limited live crowd engage with the product. Gasps, cheers and most boos are now replaced with clapping, of various intensity. I suspect it was been advised/instruction in line with the use of masks.
  4. I did think in amongst all of this that aside from getting rid of their much publicised ring announcer that they’d largely gone under the radar. Saieve Al Sabah’s swift exit from the company and the reasons he gives shines an unwanted light on their (current/past) connections. Whether it’s exactly how he has stated or not, in this day and age, rightly or wrongly, mud sticks. Some comments on sites extend as far as “who’s this jobber?” rather than focusing the substance of what he’s saying.
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