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  1. I think it has been suggested (by Wrestling Observer) that Vince and Kevin Dunn would definitely take a much more hands-on approach with NXT if it ended up on USA. Until confirmed by WWE themselves what they are doing, it’s all hypothetical but imagine how Triple H feels if, after being passed up for running RAW or Smackdown (or declining them to stay with NXT, if other narratives are to be preferred) he has his own project/product/baby taken away from him?
  2. After avoiding RAW since Wrestlemania (and not missing it) I might give this one a go. Based on what I know of the show, it reads like a changeover. Blowoff matches, character resets, returns and the start of new feuds. If I had to guess, I’d say the upcoming tournament is going to kickstart other storylines and shape the landscape going towards Wrestlemania.
  3. A few have been saying it, and a few more (including me) have not been saying it publicly, but it’s now been picked up, opinion-wise. As I’ve said to a number of people, iMPACT are proving themselves to be the ‘boy who cried wolf’ of wrestling. Shame all this happened only when they had nowhere else to go. https://whatculture.com/wwe/6-reasons-you-should-be-watching-impact-wrestling?page=2
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