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  1. Seeing what they have done with Aleister Black the last couple of weeks reminds me of an interview Paul Heyman gave shortly after the deal to bring him to TNA in 2009 or 10 fell apart, where he said he wanted to bring (free agent at the time) Daniel Bryan in and have him run through the roster in 1 minute squashes where he’d get over a deadly submission in the process. This would have happened over the course of about a year, all the while building up another (monster) wrestler. Their paths would have eventually crossed with Bryan tapping him out as well... I think that was the plan. I’d say keep an eye out on how much the announce team are produced to get over Black’s submission as time goes on... He also wanted to get rid of all of the over 40’s minus Kurt Angle (and maybe 1 other?) and focus on building up the younger roster. See the general composition of the Raw roster, post-draft... Lastly, I guess we can say that 205 isn’t long for the world. Carrillo, Tozawa, Gulak, LHP have all been removed from the show’s roster. I’d say now we’ll see Heyman and Bischoff’s visions implemented.... but we know better.
  2. I would have reached the same conclusion regarding the venue, but the Pay Per View is December 14th, and I believe there is a 3 day block of tapings from the studio on 14th-16th December. I’d have to watch the show again... not that I mind, of course 😊
  3. Pay Per View in December. Lagana said the name will be revealed on tomorrow’s show.
  4. https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/10/13/the-post-interview-nwa-vice-president-david-lagana/ Brief interview with David Lagana on the build up to the Powerrr tapings. Minor spoilers included but it answers the question regarding what these tapings are initially building towards. (Though I was sure it was already public knowledge)
  5. Though affecting the U.S, this might be one to keep an eye on... The baseball TNT have on is slated to go long, meaning Dynamite could be broadcast on TruTV instead. Its a late enough call that should the above happen many fans will tune into TNT, not find AEW, not bother to look for it and watch NXT instead. It certainly makes the ratings battle from next week very interesting. That is in respect of how many people they can recover after tonight from the likely lower number that were due to return after Week 1. 01:37am edit- Ultimately nothing to see here, it seems. TNT, it was, in the end.
  6. Between this, MLW, and a smattering of Impact and New Japan, I sort of feel like I have my fix of wrestling. I’m going to absolutely adore the rest of the series.
  7. X-Pac verbalised it but they all thought it. Look at Cathy Kelley’s very telling raise of the eyebrows when he said what he said... ... but she values her job.
  8. In terms of shows, they have announced a PPV on December 14th. Over the 2 days they taped 8 episodes, so I presume that will take us to that event. If the question relates to an overall business plan, then I guess that remains to be seen.
  9. Joe Galli is/was the main commentator for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and has lead the commentary on all of NWA’s big shows so far (70th and Crockett Cup). He’s not too shabby, actually. As for the matches, I saw a report from Night 1 that suggests that most of the matches were under 5 minutes in length and that only Aldis vs Tim Storm went over 10 minutes. No spoilers here, as the match was announced ahead of the tapings.
  10. That is actually true. I’d say this is probably the chance for Eric Bischoff to lay some kind of marker on Smackdown, but given the profile the show now has (I’ve seen people say it’s probably now the A show), the roster/star pitches and dictations FOX are making, the fact Vince moved his most trusted Lead Writer over, and seems to have placed Bruce Pritchard on the ground shows he may not trust him too much to run things operationally.
  11. I suspect the answer lies somewhere between ‘very little’ and ‘zero’ but what are the chances the issues and feuds as they are now start wrapping up between Hell In Cell and the 14th October Raw? So that the 18th October (Friday Night) Smackdown serves as more than a soft reset/relaunch? Or perhaps the rosters are done in such a way that everything stays as it is? Gosh forbid 😳
  12. This is true. Like most shows, it has its off weeks, but by and large, Impact has been an enjoyable watch. I previously called Impact the ‘boy who cried wolf’ of wrestling. They finally get their house in order (both on and off screen) but no-one really bothers with them anymore. While I’m pleased their immediate future is a little more secure, I know it’ll take a lot more than a bigger platform to receive goodwill. And things like the Killer Kross situation won’t help in shaking off their own automatic heel status within the business.
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