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  1. He says he’s done with AEW after the last pay per view (especially the Stadium Stampede match). We’ll see how long that lasts, unless he handpicks matches like he used to do with NXT. He nicely-but-not-so-nicely disagreed with Jericho’s assessment of him and those who agree with his view of things. Brian Last out-and-out went in on Jericho. To the point Jim sounded like the reasonable one.
  2. History absolutely backs that up, and I do suspect Vince would tamper with the act, in some shape or form, especially as: Scarlett has a certain something that could be marketed as a solo act, is not unattractive and is charismatic. Also, Kross on his own can work. Plus, he is a pretty darn good promo and effective wrestler. One thing that Kross has over Black and Balor is size. I guess we could find out sooner than later because didn’t initial reports suggest they would quickly be moved to one of the other brands?
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