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  1. There are going to be grown adults in tears when he eventually wins, aren’t there? 🤭🥲
  2. From what I can gather, concerns were raised about her relationship with another wrestler, with her being a victim of him. A safeguarding report was ordered, I think by Progress, which found no issues within their relationship. She seems to suggest that it has made no difference and her partner has pretty much been blackballed and she (by association) is being ‘side-eyed’ by promotions and a prominent figure within the SO movement has perpetuated a whispering campaign on other forums (such as Discord) regarding her and her relationship. That she has been granted leave by NXT due to the effects this has had on both her and her partner, and that though states the importance of the movement (hence the safeguarding action by Progress in the first place), intimates that the movement ‘believes women’ until a woman says there’s no issue. I sped read it, so forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted anything.
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