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  1. History absolutely backs that up, and I do suspect Vince would tamper with the act, in some shape or form, especially as: Scarlett has a certain something that could be marketed as a solo act, is not unattractive and is charismatic. Also, Kross on his own can work. Plus, he is a pretty darn good promo and effective wrestler. One thing that Kross has over Black and Balor is size. I guess we could find out sooner than later because didn’t initial reports suggest they would quickly be moved to one of the other brands?
  2. Which makes absolute sense from Cody’s perspective, and very honourable. Maybe I’m looking too much into it, or I’m not used to more than one possible angle or motivation being presented or interpreted. I, too, hope (and rather expect) some of this is explored. I do think we’ve not seen the last of the abuse Cody received from the ‘heel side’. Even if it’s just to give us an extra dimension leading to Double Or Nothing.
  3. Small details from the Archer vs Dustin match I haven’t heard mentioned (much) that may be worth remembering: Firstly, a couple of good touches was the fact that Archer didn’t back off when Cody and QT Marshall entered the ring-even if they didn’t rush him. He wasn’t to immediately know that when they slid in. Puts him over as unafraid. Secondly, when Dustin started to come round and saw Archer was still there, he put his arm up and backed off, on the mat, almost as if to say ‘no more, keep him away from me’ Lastly, the bit with Cody preventing QT from throwing in the towel, then hesitating himself, giving Dustin the chance to take it, before Archer pulled him back inside. Couple that with those of a heel persuasion (particularly Jericho on commentary, and Spears and Britt Baker in the crowd) berating him for ‘not saving his brother from harm’ and (adding that to Brandi taking the bullet for Cody in the opening match) they’ve given themselves some avenues to explore: - A possible selfish, ruthless streak in Cody, putting others in harm’s way in his mission to win gold. -Possible motivation for a Dustin heel turn or revisiting their issue last year. Of course, it would all be contingent on how it’s interpreted by any of the players in this picture.
  4. I can’t recall where I read or heard it (possibly Cody) but it’s been said that Tony Khan has planned to push Scorpio Sky since before they even started running shows. Hence him getting the spotlight in replacing Christopher Daniels in the SCU tag matches, being the first tag champions, inflicting Chris Jericho’s first pinfall loss in AEW, getting the World Title shot and largely being protected. Remind me, was it Kazarian who ate the pin when they lost the tag titles? Also, according to PWInsider, Tony Khan sat down and wrote the last 4 weeks episodes on his own ‘in a matter of minutes’ when the situation (with travel, crew, etc) became evident. Cody helped out. According to the report, Khan is a massive fan of Memphis Wrestling and Continental Wrestling.
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