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  1. You would think so eh. Watch this we will get Hamilton again I reckon they will make one change (I would prefer 2). Roy out and Pope in is my guess, we've got to keep at Surrey quota up
  2. Surely what we've learned so far from this thread is the best thing to would of been to give him the photo but pissed in his milk when he wasnt paying attention
  3. 7ft 500 pounds. Why hasn't Vince been on the blower... Seriously though he can't be over 6'7 comparing him to when he was standing next to other players I have seen him in the CPL and he is decent . If I remember correctly they said he average over 30 in 50 over cricket with the bat as well.
  4. I do this all the time, to the point my wife now does it as well without knowing why.
  5. How many dick pics have you sent him Kat?
  6. I don't mind Ward either but it does seem to really stand out compared to really accomplished former players, I am pleased they havent went for Nick Knight at the very least I like Guha and Jones and think they should be both be on. I do seem to be the only person who thought Ian Smith came across as a right dildo through out that world cup. Would much prefer they used Simon Doull as there go to Kiwi from now on. I thought he was great
  7. In his defence he did look dog shit. Even today it was his application as opposed to his technique that impressed. I'm not slating the guy either On a slight tangent, Stokes looked very good with the bat, carrying on his impressive form from the world cup he should probably be at 5
  8. I have working terriers myself so that's usually the aesthetic I like but that is a bloody handsome lad
  9. Jesus I'm impressed such a little dog managed to upload a photo. Seriously though bloody cute dog
  10. I can confirm I would be more than happy to hand over cash to slot my head into a stunner
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