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  1. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    Depends what part of the city you live but my personal favourites are Cafe Piccante on Broughton Street and the Gorgie Fry in Gorgie funnily enough.
  2. Its going to be hard knocking one out to Seth Macfarlane now I know he looks like Dillon Harper.
  3. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    I live in Edinburgh (lived in several places through the UK) and it is comfortably the most staunch on its favourite sauce. Regardless it overpowers anything it is placed on and makes me lack respect for the city
  4. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    Immediately go to Edinburgh to confirm they are the weirdos who like chippy sauce.
  5. Was a humongous surprise how much I enjoyed it. Wonderfully paced and written. Also Getaway was a fantastic villain.
  6. Can't say I'm much of a Transformers fan Air Raid but I read through More than Meets the eye/Lost Light last year which was bloody superb.
  7. Wait a minute whilst I find 1 million pounds to put on Gall.
  8. Not had a bet the last few event so went with Gall to win (I can't decide if my hatred of Perry is steering that) & Poirier by UD Β£10 pays Β£220.
  9. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    What has happened to the Chippy thread.
  10. What a great man.
  11. That's because he can be Jimmy Havoc will see that and know he is out on his arse once his rehab is done.
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