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  1. That's the most I've seen Hawk bump in a single outing.
  2. TUF was the entry point but the 2007 lightweight bouts hooked me in.
  3. Right time right moment. I like that snapshot into the time in honesty. Really hits the nostalgia funny bone. I've been rewatching some of my favourite fights from around about this time sporadically with my wife the last couple of nights. Wondering where one if my personal favourites Tyson Griffin vs Frankie Edgar is going to place. Was my go to fight to show interested non-fans for years.
  4. Watched the Leben vs Martin fight last night and I was surprised that the commentators made it seem like Martin was the heavy favourite going in. Was this accurate? Obviously Leben retrospectively and with his TUF appearance has a far more lasting memory and I only had a fleeting knowledge of Terry Martin so I was surprised by that.
  5. ElCece

    Viral Resolutions

    Done something very similar. Not a huge con goer but had a couple planned for this year so spent most of what expected to art.
  6. If it wasn't nominated that would be an excellent shout for great but minor moments that don't get mentioned enough.
  7. I was planning on fight pass but the Japanese commentary one will be just fine by me as your man Pierre Guillet seems to have had a howler going by your run down.
  8. I'm stoked about this and I'm going to try and watch along as much as possible. Not seen this one so look forward to giving it a watch tonight.
  9. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I'm certain I've mentioned before that I'm an NHS employee and live in Scotland so I'm sure this isn't relevant for the majority but I just wanted to say to those Bagpipers playing whilst everyone was clapping at 8...... your spoiling it for everyone.
  10. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Honestly mate the joy at things beginning to return to normal is going to be followed with a flood of relief and ecstasy without trying to exaggerate. I cant wait.
  11. Ok I feel a touch better, I was thinking he had joined end of career and had missed it.
  12. One that my mates are always stumped by is Giuesspe Rossi for Newcastle(my team) none of them remember that.
  13. Fair one. I was too young to understand at the time. I do remember my dad "not wanting to talk about it".
  14. Might not of been because of the cricket. Maybe he just thought you looked like a twat with your earphones threaded up your sleeve.
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