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  1. Week 2 Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers LA Rams Chicago Bears Denver Broncos Tennessee Titans Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buffalo Bills Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs Baltimore Ravens Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints
  2. Looks like my old craft and design teacher on dress down day.
  3. A few years down the line and its worth noting that his drop off since the UFC clampdown on PEDs has been far less severe than numerous other big names. Which lends credence to my belief the gear benefited him less than what the majority of other steroid wankers.
  4. If you are happy for me to play Week 1 Thursday September 10th Kansas City Chiefs Sunday September 13th Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots Minnesota Vikings Indianapolis Colts Detroit Lions Las Vegas Raiders New York Jets Baltimore Ravens Seattle Seahawks LA Chargers San Francisco 49ers New Orlean Saints LA Rams Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans
  5. ElCece


    Yeah its not right. I always assumed he wasn't bald through choice.
  6. So how much do you want for them then?
  7. Yeah but look at it the other way he has only ever being beat by Multi-weight UFC champions.
  8. They always say the hardest people don't need to flash if all the time. He clearly went easy on Piper as he took pity on him.
  9. If you could bowl at Akrams pace wouldn't you want to bounce Atherton?
  10. The one thay comes to mind for me was Rampage vs Evans. Throughout that season of TUF and the shit talk beforehand I was certain it was going to end with someone getting banged out.... then it was just a sea of meh.
  11. I hope not. The snivelling little shit will nick a bunch of Ronnie's goals.
  12. Pat McAfee was the stand out for sure. Far more competent than expected with a heap of charisma in the ring.
  13. Yan vs Sterling is super. Love the pair of them.
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