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  1. My one is nipping outside to put something in the big bin with nothing on my feet only to stand on a stone or sharp twig.
  2. Why 7? Very specific number.
  3. Fairly close actually. That might be a good shout. I've already had mine through work so didn't need it but would happily of utilised it. I was speaking to a practice nurse a few weeks ago and she says often she had enough overage in a vial she can get an extra dose out so I wonder if its that as well.
  4. I got a call from GP on Friday asking if I was free to pop in 30 minutes from now as they had a cancelled appt. No idea why they contacted me as I don't qualify in any manner as vulnerable etc weird call. My wife wondered if they just picked at random or CHI number as I know numerically I would one of the first people on the list.
  5. Vanilla ice cream and salt and vinegar crisps is a snack of my wife's. She claimed it was purely a pregnancy craving but I've seen her at it a couple of times outwith as well. Dirty midden.
  6. Bollocks I forgot to do this!
  7. Finally managed towards the last session from today and it strikes how Archer has shown nothing with the bat in test cricket. He averages nearly 25 in first class cricket but I would consider putting him at 11. He seems uninterested in sticking around.
  8. He is the best I've seen, admittedly my watching started in 2000/01. Those saying it was boring, I found it to be a really enjoyable day. Mostly good test cricket although I will say Nadeem and Sundar didn't look fantastic. I know its hindsight etc but Kuldeep Yadav would surely be a better option? I'm have no problems with players using the reverse sweep as a shot. Strikes me as when Root, Stokes and in the past Buttler used it that it was a high percentage shot. I did think the choice to use it at the point was daft by Burns mind.
  9. Thats on point. How haven't I heard that before.
  10. I remember thinking mid-late 90s Raven and Konnan were just the coolest. Raven seems like an absolute try hard dweeb now. Konnan is clearly a try hard as well but I still think its cool. Other one I felt was cool was Eddie Guerrero, the slimy greasy heel who didn't care was cool as you like all the way through to when he sadly passed. Always maintained a coolness.
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