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  1. The 98 wasn't the year but the number of soma's he had ingested that day.
  2. ElCece

    WWE HOF 2020

    Fuck it stick the Wolfpac and Dudes with attitude. Let's get Nash his 5 rings.
  3. You look much younger that Post Malone, Pre Malone if you will.
  4. If you had of been here last week and paid attention you would know that whilst Hearts vs Hamilton had more total viewers Shrewsbury vs MK Don's had more fans in the 45-48 age range which is the number the FA consider.
  5. Gone but not forgotten Baz
  6. What there No DQ. It makes sense but I've never put that together. So umm yeah this.
  7. ElCece

    Need Advice..

    I'm not sure it would be that luxurious if you've cut your thumb off
  8. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    The thought of a chip dinner hasn't even crossed my mind for 2-3 weeks. I am however picking up a fish supper with battered sausage on my way home tonight. No idea what inspired me.
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