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  1. No idea who will accept for Rude. I'm not sure they will want to drag put Heenan. Maybe a Dangerous Alliance connection? Heyman did manage him for a bit and bring him in to ECW I guess. I wouldn't be shocked if they got Austin actually. They where together in the Dangerous Alliance and Austin seems to think highly of him
  2. Is it amazing Ian? Or would we all be more surprised if TNA acted competantly and locked them up
  3. Duplicate
  4. Steiners looks perfectly fine for his age I reckon. HBK is a good shout, can't say I agree with Quake.As PSF said he looked ancient at 25, didn't really age any worse after that point. Taker has aged badly in the last few years Micheal Hayes as well. In the late 90's as Doc Hendrix he looked fucking ancient and was only mid 30's
  5. Just make sure you bring a book to read for the matches where there is no workers envolved
  6. What's fucking crazy is Hayes was only 37 at the time Wand.
  7. You could probably call it the Bretterfly effect.
  8. Angle obviously deciding he needed to be called the All American American
  9. Yeah I'm with you on that Wand. Expect it to be over in 2-3 rounds. Bellew's chin is just to suspect
  10. I just can't get into this theory. I've had a few different people explain it to me but each time it falls flat
  11. Baby related tiredness is a different thing. At no point as exhausting as other scenarios but its the relentless grind with no end in sight that gets you.
  12. I think the earth is flat comment might be in relation to a fairly high profile basketball player Kyrie Irving claiming the world is flat last week and the NBAs commish having to answer questions on it. It seemed to gain a decent amount of media attention so is likely triggered by that
  13. A bit off topic but I think what makes Arns run in so great is the crowd don't respond till a second or two before as I'm guessing he comes out from under the ring and by the time you register he's there its mid spinebuster. Also Arn doesn't over play it. Fucking perfect
  14. Its a really good way of following the product and viewing the changes throughout the years Simon. Good idea
  15. Oh for fuck sake Simon now you've set me on course to do the same. What a fantastic/terrible idea