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  1. Dariush would be my pick for most underrated fighter. Well rounded and puts up a good fight every time. One of my personal favourites.
  2. I would go with Leach as well but they won't I think Anderson looked clearly worn out/carrying a niggle so am leaning towards him being left out.
  3. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    What about if you like to combine all the different aspects of your chippie tea onto the one plate so you can see it in full glory.
  4. Wood should be kept on the back burner for away tests and white ball stuff. Not a huge fan either but they have convinced themselves they want him or Archer. I'm probably a bit unfair to Curran because 1) he seemed to get matched up with Woakes in a lot of the selection discussion and no way should he be picked over Woakes and 2) I find a seemer who weighs 8 stone off putting. Clearly he is going to be in and around the team for years though.
  5. He is OK. Bats a bit, think he might struggle at the test level TBH. Likely just back up. Lots depends on if Stokes can bowl in the next test or not but I think both Anderson and Archer will be "rotated" in the next test. Wood in for Archer and either Crawley or Curran for Anderson.
  6. He was much better last winter as well. Doesn't help he gets given the ball soft abroad. I mean 2nd innings when is was obvious he was one of our 2 form bowlers he was the 5th person to gave a shot, he bowled superbly but didn't get a 2nd spell. Also something that is rarely noted is he never drops catches.
  7. Comfortably the most likeable player in this team.
  8. Nick Diaz is a toss pot and I was absolutely desperate for Gomi to beat him.
  9. I am getting tired of it but that is obscene.
  10. Β£7 double Holland & Herman both by points. Returns Β£106
  11. Echo not wanting to over push Craig. A fight against Ryan Spann makes sense with maybe a bigger jump after that if he wins.
  12. looks the fucking buisness doesn't he.
  13. ElCece


    I had a vacant bloke at work ask what cows drink when/if we milk them dry and I reassured him that they can smell their own hormones in milk so won't drink their own milk only other cows. He seemed happy with that explanation but I took even greater delight when I had this tidbit fedback to me by another colleague a couple of days later.
  14. Look at it again it says "Veggies May 94" . Veggies didn't exist until 98-99 at the earliest.
  15. Yes please. Honestly think he has the most natural charisma since Eddie Guerrero.
  16. Well that was bloody good.
  17. Its a day 5 pitch, if they truly want to win(I think they need to view it as must win). Set them 240-250 and really dangle the carrot. Back your bowlers, Broad and Woakes looked fucking rolling with the 2nd new ball. I wouldn't fancy any teams chances of chasing 250. They need to win this test not hope the Windies lose it.
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