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  1. Honestly I thought for a while that someone had superimposed some numpty's head into Dreamers body there to make him look ridiculous.
  2. The Patriots are never 100% innocent.
  3. Fucking hell Moyes has the height on Cain there, looks like a grizzled vet getting his picture taken with the rookie.
  4. It always makes me livid when Reigns spear gets slaughtered but Edge never seems to get called up for his.
  5. I don't want to be hipster but I always much preferred Christian.
  6. I like to think you have flipped your hair over to cover a receding hair line.
  7. Don't get me wrong I hate the Tories but I work in the Primary Care sector and I don't think it will be a direct funding cut that is the issue. Inevitably GP surgeries are closing down because GPs feel over worked. Know this could well be down to funding (along with loads of other factors" but the crux of it is that GPs just dont see enough pros to outweigh the cons. In my area what is trending is some smaller/middle sized practices are losing there partners and are being consumed by larger practices. It is a pain in the arse for patients and from what I can gather you live in a more rural area.
  8. Teen Titans Go is great. When my eldest wants to watch it I stop what I'm doing and give it a watch with her.
  9. Not out my way they aren't, that possibly says more about where I live/the people I associate.
  10. It's the linguistine flavoured crisps from M&S isn't it.
  11. It's nice to finally know who taught Liger the shooting star press.
  12. A fucking hard crack head who doesnt need a jacket.
  13. The couple of episodes I've heard have been very good. He gives a honest and good insight into Flair which I appreciate. I half expected him to buff up the myth.
  14. No spoilers I've not watched the 3rd episode yet!
  15. As long as they arent obnoxious I couldn't care how good the commentator is/was. The little I've heard of Turner she seems decent.
  16. ElCece


    I won't comment too much here as I don't have much to add that is particularly informed but as someone who has a small holding I can confirm pigs are wonderful for the environment. They clear our over run and useless land and turn it over, 18 months later it's most arable land on my property.
  17. Yes absolutely correct. I think the issue with Root and Cook before him is experience. They both will have had little to no chance to captain in county cricket.
  18. I dont think he is a good captain myself but there honestly isnt an obvious replacement.
  19. I've just blasted a whole bunch if Geowizard upon you recommendation. Strangely compelling.
  20. My take away immediately was that I knew he would be the type of miserable wanker who opens his presents before Christmas day.
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