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  1. I will be all over this tonight as well.
  2. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    I have to say I've never heard of them being wrapped seperate. This information feels like a spiritual awakening, chomping at the bit to get to the hippie and trying them wrapped seperate.
  3. Its Maia vs Burns I am particularly keen on, should be a a real tactical ground battle. Worried it will stay on the feet though. Actually that's my concern about the main event as well. James Walker and Nicholas Krylov should be a barnstormer. Really excellent card.
  4. He looks like a fucking Fred as well.
  5. That was certainly more than a minor moment for a young Elcece
  6. Agree wholeheartedly with the number 1, thanks very much for doing this Wand I've throughly enjoyed it and eagerly awaited each fight. I've watched the vast majority as we've went and will be giving #1 a watch tonight. I'm certain you hear this often but you have a real knack for this. Well done. πŸ‘
  7. I'm going out on the limb that she isn't the one using the Rennies.
  8. Is 65 million the number of words he has written or number of stars he has given Omega through out his career?
  9. 🀣. Yeah too late for me to change now as well.
  10. My pair of boxers whilst in a pub toilet with no loo roll, left them festering in the corner.
  11. They need those 3 minutes back so that Triple H can get 37 instead of 34 minutes.
  12. I always remember in a interview in the lead up to that fight being asking about why he thought he would beat Mir and his "simply he is only Frank Mir and I'm John Barnett" will always stick with me.
  13. Perfectly highlights what is great about Barnett for me. Along with being a fun and unique fighter he is impossible to pigeon hole. Yeah he loves classic cars and metal and uses the nickname the Warmaster but he also enjoys anime, comics and magic the gathering.
  14. That and I'm ever the optimist.
  15. As open as the UKFF can be to the art of shitting I will be disappointed if anyone admits to having done this.
  16. It seems to be performing way under expectations, although your right it does seem to be doing fine to my eye.
  17. Presuming that your mum still has her wits about her they won't be able to disclose any confidential info so theoretically no they won't be able to tell you.
  18. ElCece

    Top Twitter

    Can't be me, a foot long wouldn't be nearly big enough.......
  19. Just finished watching the card. Was solid enough, Dodson vs Wood was a pretty fun fight. Glad to see Dodson stay relevant. Pleased Jan got a really nice KO, Anderson is fucking boring so I'm glad it ended decisively. Agree they will go with Reyes next for Jones but if the do go with Blachowicz with a little bit of work I could convince myself just maybe he would catch the champ.
  20. Around about the 3rd or 4th visit to my now Wifes parents her dad made a Mousakka. By the looks of it I was expecting a shepherd's pie, when I chopped into it I got the nasty surprise of an Aubergine. Of course forgetting my company I chirped up with "Aubergine you are having a fucking laugh". Fortunately they found it funny, still rightly getting ribbed for it when her dad makes any dish remotely exotic.
  21. If you had of told me this was the card I wouldn't if questioned it. Its exactly what we can expect, with the exception on the main event it's a perfectly fun show.
  22. ElCece

    Top Twitter

    Stop with your Southern propaganda. I'm north of the Watford gap and can't stand gravy on anything at all.
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