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  1. In 1970, Stereovision, a new entity founded by director/inventor Allan Silliphant and optical designer Chris Condon, developed a different 35 mm single-strip format, which printed two images squeezed side by side and used an anamorphic lens to widen the pictures through Polaroid filters. Louis K. Sher (Sherpix) and Stereovision released the softcore sex comedy The Stewardesses (self-rated X, but later re-rated R by the MPAA). The film cost US$100,000 to produce, and ran for months in several markets.[citation needed] eventually earning $27 million in North America, alone ($140 million in const
  2. At least the marks are getting work(ed)
  3. Van Hammer. Can't remember much of him now but back in the day the guitar gimmick was pure money !
  4. Out of interest. Where do you think it failed to adapt? The porn industry has always been an innovator. At one point the most succussful 3D movie profit wise was a porno, which no doubt helped the pursuit of improving the technology. Also, online credit card security was in a lot of ways created by and credited to the porn industry.
  5. Going to see Haim at the Millenium Squire in Leeds on the 24th of June, and just got tickets to see Evenescence/Within Temptation at the Leeds First Direct arena on the 1st of October. Seems like 2021 for me is all about girl power.
  6. Someone who spent months / years being a comedy act / fall guy who suddenly delivers one intense promo and then is suddenly expected to be taken serious, only to go back to being a fall guy / comedy act. I should have just written, The Miz.
  7. Just read that Gamesmaster is making a comeback on E4. I wonder if Dave Perry has finally calmed down.
  8. Shawn gets automatically disqualified from this thread for being a Blackburn Rovers supporter.
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