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  1. I know! I can't believe people still use photobucket!
  2. 5pints

    John Wick

    Forgot it's out today. Can someone add spoilers to the title.
  3. She gives her Twitter followers wood.
  4. I know it's too late for you but doing my research, if you download the Tvplayer app on amazon fire stick and order it through them, it's available to view for a full week after the event.
  5. Due to the travelling nature of the employment im sure management allow the workers to self govern themselves to a point, not expect them to. Think about why wrestlers court was invented in the first place! Vince would certainly have known about it and as long as it didn't get out of hand he wouldn't have stepped in and stopped it, because it worked. Lio's issue is that he's taking his title WWE Superstar too literally. He thinks the hard graft can stop. If Triple H didn't have an issue carrying Shawn Michaels bags and the stories I've read of other NXT stars who were called up to the main roster handing out towels and water to the other wrestlers behind the curtain on tour, why can't Lio. Drop the ego, listen and learn from others. Too bad we never heard anymore of that Triple H fella, I heard he would have had quite the career! Said no-one ever, but will we be saying this about Lio Rush?
  6. Did Kamala say "I do the fucky fucky"
  7. With increasing reports of backstage heat... Refusing advice on etiquette Refusing to carry bags/water for others Allowing non wrestlers into the backstage area without permission Claiming his salary is not a liveable wage Is his days as a WWE employee numbered or is there enough of a talent shining through that will get him to the end of the year?
  8. I take it no-one bothered going? I was expecting a few stories from the show by now.
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