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  1. One of the best and worst songs of all time, all at the same time!
  2. I guess that means he's finally retired for real this time.
  3. 5pints

    The Trumps!

    With experts and commentators now likening the Trump organisation to a criminal family, who's going to jail for it? CFO Allen Weisselberg being the first person charged leaving Donald Trump between a rock and a hard place. Does he save himself and his company or his long time friend? If it's the former then it leaves it open for Weisselberg to turn witness for a lesser charge. Don Jr and Eric Trump have both been on television recently to defend the actions of the company as normal and no hint of understanding of the wrongdoing they have committed or the seriousness of their actions. All Trump family members act as senior members of the company so would be extremely difficult to use any form of ignorance or deniability as a form of defence. The defence being used so far is that the charges are not that serious and that it's all politically motivated. As one expert put it - if you earn $50,000 a year, you would have to be avoiding tax for approximately 70 years to get close to the numbers that are being mentioned at this stage. Talk is also getting louder about Ivanka as documents have come to light showing her to receive salaried income and consultancy income while being employed as a member of President Trumps staff. This could be interesting as she is currently distancing herself from "daddy" both professionally and personally. I have a feeling Teflon Don will be the only one out of the family to avoid jail. I can very much see him put the blame on his children.
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