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  1. They have Michael Jackson forums too I believe!
  2. Wrestling is dead, let's accept it and move on with our lives.
  3. Gutted we didn't get a Firefly Fun House Grand Prix. With Melanie Price and Session Moth Martina.
  4. NXT UK TakeOver: A Cold Day in Hull
  5. Wade Barrett absolutely should have got one of the world titles. He was mainstream-presentable, huge, charismatic, handy in the ring. Bang on on Crush too. His theme was ace also. Should never have turned him heel.
  6. Perhaps Orange is the new Black.
  7. It's odd how the Bullet Club became this big thing in the west after the true and arguably best incarnation with Devitt and Anderson had ended. Pre-NJPW World era I guess. Increase in visibility online and English commentary will have played a massive part.
  8. Most underrated commentary team in WWE history? I thought Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Polo had a fantastic chemistry.
  9. Errea have done a top job with Druids, the ones they had last year were good too. Proper underrated manufacturer. Great sponsor too!
  10. We need a wrestling more Scott Steiner and less Scott Sinclair.
  11. Goldberg/Glacier rematch, man!
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