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  1. Gutted, I wanted rare prototype Hasbro Greg Valentine inducting Honky.
  2. Bloody hell, that's a decent shout that.
  3. Thanks man. I was weighing at the gym regularly, but found it did more harm than good in terms of the overall process, as I'd beat myself up if I wasn't getting anywhere. Hope the missus is doing okay now.
  4. Nice one Rick! I got shot of almost three stone between July and Christmas, after being made redundant. Now the money is running out, I have put a stone and a half back on, largely through stress-eating. Am absolutely gutted. Started back on cardio today, but it feels like I'm back to square one. 😔
  5. 1992 WWF Superstars is the answer.
  6. Luger special, that. But yeah, backdrops... used to be one in every match almost! Haven't seen one in donkeys now. It's interesting how much stuff reflects what's on TV, consciously or otherwise. Like of you'd go to a British indy ten years ago, there'd be a stack of ref bumps, but now you barely see them as WWE don't really do them anymore. Likewise with chairs, obviously.
  7. I'm watching it for the second time, back-to-back. Terrific. 😂
  8. The double noggin knocker.
  9. Ace! Fingers crossed for a match with Elias! Maybe it can lead to the return of Hasbro prototype Greg Valentine too!
  10. How good was Vince's ladder legdrop?! Have we covered that on here?! 😁
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