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  1. Great to hear it went well. Wrestling icon and a lovely man! Keep going Hacksaw! Hooooooooooo!!!
  2. I studied Kate Nash at uni. It was a foundation degree.
  3. Headliner in WWE. Headliner in AEW. Headliner in Japan. Headliner in Mexico. Fantastic WCW run. Reinventions aplenty. Some all-timer angles and top matches. Longevity as well. Got to be up there.
  4. I enjoyed it overall, but the kickouts from the Canadian Destroyer and the Verterbreaker took me out of it. If those aren't a finish, what could be?
  5. As long as we get a 'no hitting in the face' match, as per tradition, I'm in!
  6. Don't believe it was airing as early as 2 January. Maybe the following week.
  7. Yeah, Hogan vs Sting and Hogan vs Vince are both fantastic!
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