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  1. Dick Murdoch in the 1995 Rumble was pretty unexpected. Turns out he did a handful of house shows too and unaired segments at TV with HBK and Vince!
  2. John Pollock suggested Laycool, which broke me. 😂
  3. Tony Schiavone was wonderful on play-by-play. Top man!
  4. WrestleMania needs Alexander Wright.
  5. Simulate it next year. Macho Man vs Kurt Angle.
  6. AshC

    Darren Burridge

    Loved that Blur theme. He was ahead of the curve in terms of merchandising too.
  7. AshC

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I hope all are doing okay. Found it hard today, if I'm totally honest, but obviously it's difficult for everyone. Now for some proper first world problems. I've basically moved back in with my parents and there's no WiFi in the house. Is there anyway I can remedy this fairly quickly and without spending an absolute fortune? I'm a real novice with the technology, is a dongle thing a viable alternative? Our combined income is very low at the moment, but I'm concerned I will go mad at this rate.
  8. And Bobby Heenan's managerial swansong? Fitting if it was, with Curt against the Hulk.
  9. AshC

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Okay, so what's the contingency plan if the UKFF goes down again? Is the OTTER forum still online?
  10. I'd say put a band on, but it's not the best time to bring out Saliva.
  11. So across this month, TV taped at the Coventry SkyDome will air with bigger crowds than both Raw and Smackdown. Alex told us this day would come!
  12. Perhaps the Tory thing developed after fame. She's taking a train in Overload for starters.
  13. AshC

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Don't reckon we'll get the Craggy vs Rugged Island match this year. All over 75 AND an Italian forward?
  14. Choose Your Own Adventure wrestling. Film various endings and outcomes for every match. Then every snarky fan on Twitter that hate-watches the product can have exactly the wrestling they want, before quickly realising they're not the booking genius they thought they were. Might shit them up. Keeping the typo! 😂
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