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  1. Super face Steve Austin's music hitting at the exact perfect moment, the climax of the chaos, on the Jan 4th 1999 Raw (the night Foley won the title), has to be in this discussion. Unreal.
  2. I refereed a Fans Bring The Weapons match once. Someone brought a big cardboard tube thing, which turned out to be full of drawing pins. They went fucking everywhere. It was almost certainly someone on here as well. 😂🙈
  3. AshC


    Have an interview upcoming for a writing gig I'm more than capable of. Unfortunately, I am completely drowning in anxiety about the interview and the judgment that goes with it. I completely suck at interviews. I write, that's my thing. But the interview will be a mess. It always is. Sorry, just venting.
  4. I preferred the Sound of Raw Underground.
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