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  1. A 54-year old Tracy Smothers vs Hornswoggle on a US indy show. What a dude.
  2. I did two matches with him when he was over here in 2006-07. One went about 45 minutes, the other went about 50. The guy's body was beaten up, but he evidently still wanted to give people their absolute money's worth. Every talent works with their opponent. Tracy was the kind of unique talent who could work stuff with his opponent, the manager, the referee, the announcer, the timekeeper and most of the crowd, all in the space of one rollercoaster match! An absolute master of the game and a true loss to professional wrestling.
  3. If they'd had a Road Wild PPV in the 80s and booked 'Harley Race' as an attraction, you'd have ended up with a lot of angry bikers.
  4. Fighting over a video game cabinet? People aren't really into that, are they? Tony Schiavone remains joyous.
  5. Goldberg reads the 'FF! 😁
  6. I did judo in school and thought it seemed quite a good gateway to professional wrestling. Taught us discipline, balance, control and the ability to fall and land.
  7. Does anyone thing there's legs in Reigns vs Goldberg at some point? It seems a better dynamic now, plus the addition of Heyman would bode well for getting Big Bill involved again.
  8. I went to England C (!) vs Wales C at Salford City last year, it were well good too, 2-2 draw!
  9. It was on ITV4, caught bits flicking over from John Lennon.
  10. Bret Hart is the best ever. Today's kids will never get it.
  11. Found this camcorder footage of German fans hanging around the WWF roster at a hotel in the 90s oddly compelling, partly for who shows up... it's like a Who's Who of professional wrestling.
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