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  1. Hey Keith, I read this post as I was winding down for bed and now I'm in the pub with Pat! The magic of the UKFF! 😂
  2. Horrendous, what has happened with Bangor. One of the great Welsh clubs.
  3. How do I move this to the "things I didn't know I wanted" thread?!
  4. Savage vs Mankind/Cactus in 97/98 could have been a bit tasty too!
  5. Whorient Express
  6. Who drove the Hummer?
  7. So basically, three or four strikes.
  8. Can this be the end of 'wrestling is an art form' bollocks? It's a sport - a simulated sport, but nevertheless. It should be treated as such. Though comics have died on stage too in that age range i guess, right? Proper sad news. I used to really enjoy Silver King in WCW. He was a top adversary for the flashy babyfaces, did his job to a tee. There's a ton of fun tags from Saturday Night and Thunder that haven't seen the light of day on the Network yet, would be cool if they unearthed a few of these. RIP Silver King and cheers amigo.
  9. Sensational Sherri The big blue cage Vignettes Silver Vision That big fuckoff tag from Canadian Stampede
  10. Need to book the Fulham ground for a big show with the Bucks vs babyface Snow and Blackman in the main. Cottage Cheese!
  11. All-American Boys
  12. You'd have to imagine so. That or a backlash to Bossman not winning.
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