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  1. Another one in my Facebook Memories gimmick today... involved Sabu and Carlito joining Take That in a helicopter, arriving for their big gig at the Cardiff Barfly.
  2. I dreamed last night I was at a hotel-based meet and greet session with Dusty Rhodes and The Equaliser/Dave Sullivan, who were trying to outdo each other for the number of comedy names and signatures they could fit on their autograph sheets. What the actual?
  3. AshC


    When Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling was on ITV, I distinctly remember the continuity presenter saying how he couldn't wait until the Warrior and Undertaker turned up on the show. I clung onto that little breadcrumb for years, man.
  4. AshC

    AEW All Out

    Get his dad Dallas to give him some tips, will be grand.
  5. Reckon we get the obstacle courses and 'Wild and Young' back? I'd be game for the women's series again, that was ace. Goldust wedding angle?! Am in.
  6. This forum specialises in sparky plugs.
  7. Barry Town's story is better. Owner pulled them from the league. FA tried to keep them out. Went to court, got back in, won three divisions and got into Europe. Incredible story.
  8. Things could be marvellous.
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