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  1. I'm a sucker for unusual gimmick matches, so I enjoyed this show! Imagine the pop at the Mumbai Walkabout when Khali came out! Jinder forever!
  2. Excellent post.
  3. That stuff was gold, fair play!
  4. Speaking of Koko, the second Prime Time of 1989 has a fun cat-and-mouse style match between him and Akeem.
  5. Source for this? Not denying it, just interested.
  6. Is it just me that's going to cringe massively when everyone sings "YOU SUCK" over his music?
  7. Why not Coventry? London gets everything.
  8. 'Dennis Racket' would be a great Cornette if tribute shows were still going!
  9. So Kota Ibushi made his UK debut today. From the looks, it was... unconventional.
  10. April 10th Nitro!
  11. Mr. Williams is a quality character! A teacher that works in his glasses and hands out detention slips!
  12. Hulk vs Vince is amazing and you all know it. This place was built on that ladder legdrop!
  13. I keep hearing all this stuff about how Owens didn't deserve this outcome... bizarre! He won it via nefarious means, without doing anything to cause the pinfall. He retained it time and time again by cheating, using his friend to make it through each hurdle... and then he roughs up the friend? The guy got EXACTLY what he deserved. It was classic pro wrestling.
  14. There's a review of 'A Prince Among Men' in the March 2017 issue of 'When Saturday Comes' magazine. Really!
  15. Listening to the last scheduled 'Letters from Kayfabe' - excellent podcast. Really enjoyable, terrific topics. Thank you gents.