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  1. Any chance of emergency appointments in the afternoon if you ring up, first thing?
  2. It's probably not entirely accurate, but it seemed they were there every time Hogan had a big defeat. Taker at Series 91 springs to mind as well as the Yoko one.
  3. Sure and I completely understand your point. But 90% of pop culture today remains dire. And that's not even me being old and weird, haha!
  4. Speaking of WrestleMania VI, here's where it could have been...
  5. Modern day fans: 'We don't want 50/50 booking, give your stars a sustained push, full of victories'. Also modern day fans: 'If you get a sustained push, full of victories, we will fucking turn on you'. Anyone booing big Drew on Saturday needs to question what they're doing with their life.
  6. They were inspired by Michael Barrymore.
  7. I think it's mainly people holding on to a part of a past life that was better than today.
  8. Broke an ankle or something against Rick Steiner at MSG, just before the Rumble. Can't recall if the Borga/Quake match was promoted as a post-return match or if it was all set up months in advance, for magazines, etc.
  9. It was originally set to be Quake vs Borga, which begs the question, would they have squashed Borga in a minute after he'd ended Tatanka's mighty unbeaten run?
  10. Wonder if David Coleman was there, filling in for Todd... David Coleman Goes To Peterborough
  11. Brilliant miscellany from this night on Ian's Twitter, if people haven't seen it. Rewatched the show tonight. It's very watchable still. Sad though. That montage of former world champions had slipped my mind. Interesting to think about so many viewers just walking away from wrestling after this night.
  12. Stunt double Sandow was something else, saw him do it on a house show once and it was genuinely hilarious. One of the biggest reactions I've ever heard was D-Lo Brown coming out to do a promo in Birmingham in 1999.
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