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  1. As long as we get a 'no hitting in the face' match, as per tradition, I'm in!
  2. Don't believe it was airing as early as 2 January. Maybe the following week.
  3. Yeah, Hogan vs Sting and Hogan vs Vince are both fantastic!
  4. The place has been through some changes since I signed up in 2004, that's for sure. I remember the period when various wrestlers were clamouring to get on that UKFF 50, as a number of the promoters booked people off of it. Now the forum is probably more of an outlier than anything, but it really is a community, as already said. Some good eggs and some funny bastards! We're all aging, but this place helps numb that thought daily. Up the 'KFF.
  5. AshC

    Gig Etiquette

    Couples at gigs where it's obvious only one of them is into then band and the other is there for the sake of the relationship. They'll find anything to talk about. At a gig. Behave.
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