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  1. I'd go as far as saying memes in general are shit. But that's probably because I don't really know what they or the point of them. I'd rather be living in a hut in the woods, yelling at clouds.
  2. Haven't really got anything more to add. I've unsubscribed after having the network since it launched. Reading that affidavit turned my stomach, really fucking scummy stuff. A close friend of mine was the victim of a sexual assault. She's around the same age as Ashley Massaro, and it still affects her. I can't imagine how devastating it would be if she couldn't cope anymore and ended up taking her own life. Must be gutting for Ashley's family, especially her daughter. I don't do Twitter or any social media, but I'll happily shoot off an email telling WWE that I won't be giving them a penny more.
  3. John Singleton at only 51. Watched Boys N The Hood so many times as a teenager, still love it.
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