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  1. Bit late, but lockdown has meant I've finally had enough time to start Red Dead Redemption 2. I've managed to avoid spoilers since it came out. Maybe the current climate has got me paranoid, but I'm starting to worry about this cough Arthur seems to have.
  2. lars85

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I was in Morrison's the other day. Most people were taking the distancing seriously, which was good to see. Still a small minority of cunts though. Including one bloke who was old enough to know better sarcastically telling a woman to stay back at the self service, because he'd "been told off earlier", like he was back at school. And one silly prick who was actually walking around trying to beat box. The dick head nearly got a tin of spaghetti hoops to his stupid spit spraying mouth.
  3. lars85

    Disney Plus

    I'd forgotten how much I used to love Boy Meets World. Surely Mr Feeny is the best TV teacher ever? Shits all over Mr Belding.
  4. If you told me Joe Exotic was a character written by Danny McBride, I wouldn't question it.
  5. lars85

    Disney Plus

    Anyone know when the app for this will be available on Xbox? I looked earlier and it wasn't there.
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