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  1. Charlotte going over Asuka and ending her streak at Wrestlemania was a bit of a baffling one considering she then dropped the belt to Carmella of all people the following week.
  2. Wasn’t even a few weeks later it was basically the next night when he turned heel on Cena. Awful booking.
  3. There’s also talk of this ‘Blockbuster trade’ being announced today. Could see Smackdown getting some big names in exchange for The Fiend to balance out the rosters a bit.
  4. They’ve also announced Mansour vs Cesaro.
  5. In fairness they were shit even at the start of the show. No real reaction for Reigns or Rollins(Understandable after Hell in a Cell).
  6. It didn’t help that they were doing it in front of one of the worst crowds I can remember in a while. Absolutely dead for everything all night.
  7. Awful show top to bottom. You know Velasquez is bad at cutting promos when Mysterio has to do them for him. Smackdown have also been given the short straw in the draft so far.
  8. Well I did say I couldn’t see them putting the belt on The Fiend. Such a bad decision. The thing is they didn’t even have to do the match. If they didn’t want to take the belt off Seth then why book it in the first place? The Fiend doesn’t need the title but all this booking does is just harm him.
  9. They’ve officially added: Pre Show- Natalya vs Lacey Evans Main Show: Chad Gable vs King Corbin The OC vs The Viking Raiders and a mystery partner Women’s Tag Titles- Kabuki Warriors vs Bliss and Cross Just a pile of standard Raw matches by the looks.
  10. The more I think about it the more I think The Fiend is going to lose tomorrow. It’s been such a one sided build I think Rollins will probably beat him. Would be an awful decision.
  11. Jim Cornette approves this topic.
  12. Anchorman 2 was fantastic I thought.
  13. The rumoured announce teams are interesting. Cole and Graves for Smackdown and for Raw Vic Joseph and Dio Madden(From 205 live apparently). Assuming Renee hosts the studio show for Smackdown on Fox. Don’t really care about Saxton but Tom Phillips has always been decent.
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