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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they run with McIntyre and Lesnar again at Mania. Big E and Reigns then for the Smackdown side. They’ll probably do Edge and Orton again too.
  2. As per Twitter Brit Wrestler Ryan Smile has passed away. Judging by a number of the tweets it looks to be suicide. Really sad news.
  3. I suppose they could explain the New Day Split by saying that because Kofi and Woods are the Tag Champions they are counted as a separate pick to Big E as Champions. Not that they ever do anything logically
  4. Yeah and the Brad Maddox angle with Ryback. I think he’d been a referee for a short time prior to that.
  5. Watching Soccer Saturday today and during every ad break they’ve shown the bloody Lloyds Bank advert with the increasingly dreary ‘We’ve only juuuuuust begunnnnn’. Awful
  6. Chris Harris vs Chris Hero in a Chocolate Hamper match. The only way to win is speed up the process of them getting the inevitable Diabetes that is waiting to happen
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