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  1. Pretty much yeah. I don't think any of them are particularly good on NXT. No idea why inexplicably Nigel kept calling Pete Dunne 'Pete Doone'
  2. If they are going to do Ciampa vs Gargano again it has to Loser Leaves NXT or something. I feel like it's building to Dream beating Cole for the belt in Tampa. They can move the UE across to Raw or Smackdown then.
  3. The BAR I think are underrated by some. Had quite a long run with some really good matches against New Day, The Hardys and The Usos. Also had a great entrance.
  4. I used to work with a bloke that didn't like milk but still had it on his cereal. He'd eat the bowl of cereal then throw away the milk at the end. He was an odd one
  5. There's some potential for some great first time and fresh matches at Mania on the Raw Side. Mcintyre and Lesnar Charlotte and Rhea Mysterio vs Andrade vs Carrillo vs Garza for the US Title Black vs Rollins Owens vs Joe(Can just see this happening) Smackdown looks far less promising at the moment.
  6. Thanks for doing this @Glenryck Pilchards Amazed I won the women's rumble. I feel like Santina
  7. The men's rumble is up there with my favourite ones ever. Loved the stuff with Brock although I think they could have subbed out a few of the guys to take the quick eliminations. John Morrison for example has just come back in and didn't need to be eliminated in under 10 seconds. Could have just put Miz in that position. Wouldn't have put Keith Lee in that position either. Great returns and debuts and the perfect winner. McIntyre Lesnar could be fantastic at Mania.
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