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  1. Buff Bagwell in WWE was short lived, and on paper could have worked given how flamboyant a character he was, but he seemed to be a fish out of water for for the short lived run at developmental, house shows and the main event spot on Raw.
  2. Polka dot Dusty in the WWF. Having now discovered the mans incredible legacy before his Federation run it makes sense that he never quite got over to the level he should. Plus the fucking polka dots...
  3. Bret Hart in WCW never felt right, even when he had the strap. I love the Big Gold Belt, but it literally didn't even look right on him. You could tell Bret's heart was never in it and his head was fucked from Montreal and Owen's passing. Also the booking was crap.
  4. JR does come across like a bit sociopathic with zero authentic empathy coming across on his bits. To be fair, like a lot of show business, wrestling is an eggregious, cut-throat back-stab industry and you probably need to he a total cunt to survive in that culture.
  5. Ronda and Kurt are probably the two finest examples of cross over stars picking up the psychology and art of performance ridiculously quickly. That debut match from Ronda at Mania was fucking awesome. Steph and HHH were outstanding as well. The crowd eat it up which is always brilliant to see.
  6. This forum smartened me up to Jim Ross being a cunt and to Mick Foley being a cheap ass cunt. Can't look at either the same now. And for that I'll always be grateful.
  7. A mad man no doubt. But plenty ammunition for an entertaining half hour show.
  8. If Dana Warrior ever stops being paid a salary by Vince I'd love to see an episode on the Ultimate Warrior Jim Hellwig. He is a fascinating character. - the male prostitute rumours - competing in all the bodybuilding stuff, Mr Georgia - coming out of the Monster Factory with Steve Borden - their runs in the territories as the Freedom Fighters and Blade Runners - the Watts fall out and split from Sting - the popularity of the Dingo Warrior gimmick in Texas (Tony Atlas says he was bigger than the Von Erichs even as a heel) - the big move to WWF - the name change controversy from Dingo to Ultimate - the phenonman success over a short period and Mania win over Hogan - the allegation of subsiquently holding up Vince for money and being fired - steroid drug bust with Davey Boy which lead to the 92 departure - Squash match with Helmsley at Mania - the failed comic book and "destrucity" - fall out and legal action with Vince over the contract dispute and their use of his 'always believe' chatchprase - his physical changes and rumours of death - his legal battles over the name "Ultimate Warrior" with Vince - his horse shit run in WCW - his right wing conservative speaking tour and beliefs - "queering doesn't make the world work" comment - his on-line PPV match in Spain when he was way past his prime - his bitter legal battle over the "Self Distruction of the Ultimate Warrior" DVD - detail behind the positive change in relations with Hunter and the WWE - Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania reconnection with talent after years - that final promo on Raw and untimely death Christ that would probably need to be trimmed a fair bit...
  9. Billy Jack Haynes full RF "bomb shell" shoot interview is on YouTube. That is pure entertainment.
  10. Love Steiner saying "Have hunter pick me up in a limo and we'll go get tested together" in this clip. Fucking brilliant. In one hand he denies taking roids or growth hormones, and on the other he winks with that anecdote. https://youtu.be/51IP9KrCH-0
  11. Great shouts, I'm just wondering who had the lowest loss % over their career either through Booker protection or politicking or whatever. Piper is also a great shout. He refused to take Macho's elbow in WCW having had Hogan job to his sleeper weeks prior.
  12. Which wrestler jobbed the least in their career? - Hogan? - Warrior? - The Sheik? - Dusty Rhodes? - anyone else spring to mind?
  13. How'd you get guns like that? Pushing girls away. Classic
  14. My thoughts go out to The Big Bad Booty Daddy and his family at this time. I expect The Genetic Freak to make a fully recovery. Freakzilla is the type of guy who will bounce back I'm sure. White Lightning is a survivor. So in closing I wish Big Poppa Pump all the best and firmly believe Scotty has at least a sixty-six and two thirds chance of winning.
  15. Apologies in advance if this has been done before... There have been SO many amazing themes over the years but what do you consider to be the best entrance music and why? My top 5 would be: 1. Undertaker classic theme (new version) pure drama and perfect match to the gimmick. 2. Austin - the glass breaking is brilliant and the theme suits him to a T. 3. Real American - pure nostalgia thinking about hearing that theme as a kid and seeing the red and yellow of Hogan. High energy. 4. nWo theme - just cool as fuck, the combination of the black and white visual was perfect. 5. Cena - it's just so fucking adrenaline inducing.
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