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  1. 100% agree. When wrestlers talk like this they come across as fans and the mystique is destroyed. Has there ever been a money drawing wrestler who had this type of persona? Guys like The Rock, Austin, Goldberg, Hogan, Flair, Piper, Lesner, Savage, Sting, Road Warriors, Taker, Funk never gave that grateful just to have achieved their dream vibe.
  2. Lesner was such an athletic jacked genetic freak he could have carried that moniker. https://images.app.goo.gl/1bAYL74YZM6PUm3k8
  3. This was absolutely brilliant to re-live through the eyes of Jim Cornette. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
  4. Hahaha... it's hilarious how many opportunities to probe that RF idiot misses. His other classic is when a wrestler is on an interesting tangent he cuts over them and says "we're going to come to that later" and cuts it fucking dead. In spite of themselves, I still love some of those RF shoots. Bill Watts and a lot of the Kevin Nash and Honky ones are top notch.
  5. He does to be fair. Massive ego. But the stories were entertaining.
  6. Kayfabe by Sean Oliver was a brilliant fun listen on Audible. Sean narrates and impersonates the voices of the wrestlers he's talking about and it works really well.
  7. Such sad news. A proper wrestling legend and icon. Watching that SummerSlam 92 entrance with the gold shoulder guards & Harleys makes the hair stand on my neck to this day. Love to his family.
  8. The finish of that match stunk the joint out. A sloppy punch and pin from the legendπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  9. The Goldberg v Brock fued a few years back definitely moved the needle on ratings and PPV buys, but I'm not sure about any tangible evidence since. Probably lack of credible opponents more than anything. Imagine him in AEW against all their feather weight cartoon wrestlers.
  10. Jannetty comes across as such an addict in everything I see of him. Lies upon lies upon lies upon denial. Never takes responsibility. But there is a real sadness that he still talks about the Barber shop incident and winning the belt from Shawn. The split of his wrestling tag team nearly 30 years ago still totally haunts the guy. I can't imagine what its like to be in his brain.
  11. In the category of old gun slingers who talk themselves up: Fit Finley fancies himself as a little hard bastard and I'm sure he is for his size. I could imagine him being a strong little angry violent fucker at the bar growling at everyone. As much as I'm sure a lot of Cowboy Bill Watts' behaviour was typical of a bully, I reckon you still wouldn't want a smack or a head butt off the big cunt. Manny Fernandez will have you believe he could kill any one (with the exception of Rick Rude) but he talks more shit than Vampiro. Hacksaw Duggan loved a bar brawl and seems an exce
  12. Yeah he has a presence about him. Street wise. Stiff working style. Didn't have any issue with laying it in on Goldberg in WCW. In terms of being a crazy dangerous little bastard who would not back down from anyone, I've heard a good few tales about Superstar Bill Dundee in his day. Shorter guy but the type of dude with a violent short fuse who would slice you if he had to.
  13. Ken Shamrock had the shoot credentials, the size and does come across like he has a screw loose. Wouldn't imagine any one would mess with him.... (apart from Jerry Sags) Kurt Angle had a confidence and a belief that he could take down and stretch any cunt on the planet in his prime and I've heard a lot of people say how insanely tough he was. Like so many guys, he worked through fucking horrendous injuries which would have side lined many mortals. Steve Blackman seems like a hardy bastard too. Albeit maybe doesn't have the devil in him as he seems a stand up dude.
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