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  1. "Plane ride from Hell" episode should be quality. Absolute drug and drink induced chaos.
  2. I imagine they'll avoid those male prostitute rumours from Warriors pre-wrestling days, but there's a tonne of other interesting stuff in Jim Hellwigs short life to cover.
  3. Other than the odd YouTube clip I don't watch any new content these days. My viewing is nostalgia driven and consists of podcasts, shoot interviews and documentaries. I love learning about the territories and listening to old school guys talking about road stories and ring psychology.
  4. My first exposure was watching a recording of WrestleMania 7 on a mate's VHS. Him and his brother told me some of the matches were fake but you could tell Hogan and Slaughter was real because of the blood etc. Of course his parents kept saying it was all fake just to crush our beliefs as people love you do about pro wrestling.
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