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  1. I never connected with The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith's heel attitude era run. The stone washed jeans and black boots never got over with me either.
  2. The heel in the painting in Ghostbusters 2 was a wrestler.
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/EJq6eM6tuMgsDCRn9 Eddie Izzard / Shane Douglas present day
  4. You are 100% spot on here. Facially it was a total transformation for Hogan from his puffy round face to the long stretched look. On a similar subject, I watched wrestling from 1991-1994 then 1997-2003. Seeing the Scotty Steiner as Big Poppa Pump in late 97 was mind bending compared the mulleted Scott Steiner I remembered from the early 90s.
  5. And achieved without steroids or growth hormones according to Scotty 🤦‍♂️
  6. - Kerry Von Erich - Ultimate Warrior (pre-1992) - Rick Martel (1992 Royal Rumble Roided look) - Undertaker (1997-1998) - Dynamite Kid (WWF run) - Hulk Hogan (WMX8) - Chris Benoit (WWF run) - Bill Goldberg (WCW run)
  7. That shows you it actually DID mean something. It meant a lot. The story of the streak connected massively with fans in an era where that's not so common. Doesn't mean ending it was wrong, but the reaction was amazing to see. Real shock.
  8. Stevie Richards. Enjoy his shoot interviews and he seems like a great guy, but I never took to him as a talent (albeit I only seen him in WWF/E & TNA so perhaps missed his best work)
  9. Big rematches are a definite draw. Especially between two heavyweight icons. But I suppose from a psychology perspective two icons meeting for the first time is arguably the biggest draw. Hogan's thinking must have been that diehard fans who know they've previously met will be buying anyway, and not mentioning this will draw more of the neutral audience? WCWs communication was clearly garbage. I'm still shocked at the dillusion of Hogan thinking the whole audience at Mania 6 was looking at him going back to the curtain after the bell and his blatant insecurity that he needed to try and steal some of Warrior's moment. He did that to Savage literally every time Randy won the belt also.
  10. Hogan demonstrating just how insecure he was at WrestleMania 6 with Woya. I get where he's coming from with his annoyance at Woya saying he'd already beaten him when he came into Dubiya Cee Dubiya in 98, that was daft from a money drawing perspective.
  11. https://images.app.goo.gl/P73jCv4dPweefWLW6
  12. That A.J. Styles finisher where he pancakes his opponent from having them upside down and wrapped round his legs gives me the heebies as I always expect the recipient to instinctively tuck their chin and then break their neck.
  13. I blame Vince McMahon for conditioning us to think that anything less than steroid freak isn't worthy 🤣
  14. Dean Ambrose / John Moxley. For some reason he's never got over with me as a babyface or a heel or for a shoot when I heard him on Jericho in between leaving WWE and joining AEW.
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