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  1. Panic button has been pressed. Can’t imagine Heyman is best pleased either, he would probably rather use the time to get talent over rather than watch the Kliq wankathon for a billionth time. I fucking love Austin. He’s my favourite of all time. But I do not want to see him on TV anymore. These shows are a complete waste of time and it’s not what we want, even though Vince probably thinks it is.
  2. Brock is beating Seth at Summerslam in the same manner he beat Cena at Summerslam. It’ll be Vince’s way of saying thanks/sorry to Brock for putting Rollins over at Mania. I’m not a fan of Brock with the title again but the really sad thing is that I can’t think of a better option.
  3. Was Hogan at X8 ever on the table for Austin? I thought The Rock got given that gig and that was that.
  4. This has got me thinking about the time Hulk Hogan teased a match with Austin at Raw Homecoming (Presumably for WM22) and it just never happened.
  5. They’re trying too hard letting us know that they don’t care what the internet thinks. (Even though they probably do and should) Need to pack it in the pair of bellends.
  6. Well there you go. I wonder if there is an instance or instances that are public knowledge that made Heyman come out with that.
  7. That Mike and Maria Kanellis bit was definitely Heyman, wasn’t it?
  8. I’m sure there is another picture of Flair and his missus floating around...has anybody seen it?
  9. He has to come out to Cult Of Personality at some point at All Out. And not just somewhere obvious like the start of the show or something but at a point where the fans expect Punk to make an appearance.
  10. I wonder if we get the match Ambrose wanted to do with Lesnar tonight.
  11. Still don’t see how this is going to help by the way if Vince still gets final creative say. It just means that the good ideas which get shot down are being put forward by different people now.
  12. You can just imagine the quick fire scattergun approach of ideas getting thrown at Vince as he’s sitting in his office and this is the one that sticks. Ratings wont improve until Baron Corbin is off TV. Why don’t they just start there?
  13. I believe the saying is “the numbers don’t lie.”
  14. Baron Corbin is in the main event. I’m surprised they’ve sold as many tickets as they have.
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