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  1. Agree with this. He persued a childhood dream and because he lived it, he ended up despising the thing he loved. He might have drove himself to that, WWE might have, Vince might have, either way it’s a shame.
  2. So no different to what they’ll be doing next month then?
  3. My favourite heels are when the person is just being an absolute dick. See Hollywood Rock, New Daniel Bryan and today’s version of Sami Zayn. It’s the best type of heel to be.
  4. The obvious solution here was to bring back Neville and shoehorn him into the team. Wor Raiders
  5. You’ve got to love how ROH managed to get in Madison Square Garden, with NJPW no less, on the biggest wrestling weekend of the year and they decide to make Big Cass and Enzo Amore relevant again. Unbelievable.
  6. There was a few references to AEW. Triple H saying Vince would “buy that pissant company”, as well as him mentioning the executive Vice President stuff and Shawn throwing an ‘all in’ in.
  7. Did DX really have to do the boobs thing? The weekend of the first women’s Mania main event? The DX induction is a weird one for me as I only believe the group as it’s original inception is Hall of Fame worthy. Post HBK, I don’t think it was great. But when Torrie Wilson is preferred as a ‘main’ induction over Luna, I suppose the inductions now just are what they are. Fun show anyway, which is much welcome after the past few have felt like such a chore.
  8. I would love to know how he thought doing that was going to end up for him considering every WWE wrestler was within a couple of feet of the ring. We already know this weekend attracts the biggest bellend fans in pro wrestling - just thought their stupidity was limited to banteriffic chants on RAW
  9. Let’s be honest, there’s some right shite on that list of events.
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