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  1. You might as well wait until June 30th as it still charges for the whole of the month regardless of when you cancel/join.
  2. Has anyone managed to get NJPW World working on an Amazon fire stick/tablet?
  3. Over ten dozen to be exact. Check out my list:
  4. I probably should give 97 a re-watch actually; my memory from 20 years ago's getting a bit hazy. :-)
  5. I watched it at the time. Quit just before the beginning of the boom (around Montreal-ish). :-)
  6. When do people reckon is the best point to start watching late 80s/early 90s WCW? I was thinking of starting at November 1988 when Turner bought out Crockett and the company actually started to be called WCW; but I've heard JCP stuff from '86 to '88 (all weekly shows available on the Network) is really good. It's just kinda annoying me as WWF has got very logical starting points (1984, with Hogan's debut onwards, TNT and the MSG shows); I'm also following other time periods concurrently (1987 onwards now that Prime Time is up / Attitude Era - Dec '97 onwards / WCW in mid 90s from first Nitro onwards), all of which I feel were good points to start without very much at all to catch up on in terms of ongoing storylines.
  7. I feel the impression has been given in some recent WONs that despite NJPW's revival under Bushiroad, that it's still nowhere close to what it was before the beginning of its decline in the early 2000s. However, the fact is that the company themselves have gone on the record (in their book 'The Secret of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Revival' - published in Japanese only by Kadokawa in Nov. 2015) to say that their highest grossing year in history was 1996, when they pulled in just shy of 4 billion yen. In 2015 they grossed 3.2 billion yen. What about inflation, you might ask? Fact is there hasn't been any in Japan for about the last quarter century; you're literally looking at about a 1.5% inflationary increase from 1996 to now. Average attendance per show does look to be around half of what they were doing in the late 90s, but the majority of that was down to the number of Dome shows ran annually during that period bringing up the overall stats. Not sure it's a fair comparison anyway as there are so many other ways for fans to follow the product now besides attending live shows - back then it was World Pro Wrestling in the small hours of Saturday night on TV Asahi and that was it. The rest of the puroresu industry is certainly a shadow of what it was revenue-wise during that period, but with Bushiroad tripling New Japan's revenue in a mere 3 years I don't actually think it's a great exaggeration to describe it as a new Golden Age that they've brought about for that company. Not pre-1987 Friday night prime time TV levels, but not that far off the 90s. As an aside to this, in spite of some reports to the contrary (not in WON), even at the WWF's darkest period of 1996 when it grossed a mere $81.86 million, that was still roughly double what NJPW did in the same year (which as mentioned above, was actually New Japan's highest grossing year ever). It may have been bigger than WWWF in the 70s and early 80s - Dave the other week estimated the 1982 revenue when VKM took over to be nearly $10 million (or $25 million in today's money) but without any publicly available data on NJPW finances from that period we'll likely never know for sure. ------------------------------------------ SeanReedy wrote: This just seems so wrong to me after watching NJPW throughout the 90s when they seemed like a huge deal running big shows all the time including multiple packed dome shows and watching them now when outside of August they have the 1 Dome show drawing 25k, 2 Sumo Hall shows drawing 10k, and most other months they do 1-2 shows drawing around 4-5k as their big show. If it's true and they've opened up other revenue streams and raised ticket prices and run a smarter business, then that's great! I'd love to hear that they're really so close to the glory days. Also there's that whole issue of those guys who used to be at ringside wearing sunglasses and who knows how that played with the books. ------------------------------------------ I was skeptical myself at first but unless the company is about the 1996 figure being the highest in history to multiple respected news outlets, I guess it must be true: Source 1 (January 5th 2017, from Nikkan Sports - the most respected sports newspaper in Japan, circulation of 2 million): 海外進出の背景には、12年から右肩上がりの経営状況の良さがある。昨年7月期の売上高は32億円、今年7月には創設45周年で最高の40億円超えも確実視される。 "Behind the company's move to expand overseas, is their favorable financial situation that has improved significantly since 2012. Last year's annual revenue (measured in July) was 3.2 billion yen. It looks to be a cert that in July of this year (2017), they will surpass 4 billion yen, the highest amount grossed in the company's 45 year history." Source 2 (May 9th 2017 - two days ago, complete with charts): 対して新日本プロレスの2016年度の売上高は、およそ32億円(※3)となっており、相撲協会の1/3、WWEの1/25の規模です。 当時点では両者と大きく差が開いておりますが、下記の図の通り、ブシロードさんが買収してから、まさにV字回復、急成長を遂げてきており、私は今年度(2016年8月〜2017年7月)、1997年に記録した過去最高の売上高を更新する38〜40億円程度まで伸びると予測しています。 ちなみに国内のプロレス市場規模は124億円(※4)程度となっておりますが、団体、興行会社に加え、周辺ビジネスを展開している会社も含めて、総計の売上高と想定されます。 "In comparison, NJPW's 2016 revenue was around 3.2 billion yen - a third of the Sumo industry and 1/25 of WWE. At present their is a huge gap between the two (WWE and NJPW), however as the chart below illustrates, since the Bushiroad takeover business has taken a complete upturn and recorded rapid growth; I would envisage the company reaching the 1997 figure of around the 3.8 to 4 billion yen mark for this year (August 2016 - July 2017), which was the highest amount recorded in company history. Incidentally, the entire domestic puroresu market in Japan has a revenue of around 12.4 billion yen, however this includes all wrestling promotions as well as peripheral businesses." Source 3 (Interview by Nikkei with Kidani last year - world's largest financial newspaper with 3 million daily circulation): 実際、新日本プロレスの業績は好調です。今期決算(16年7月期)では売上高32億円、経常利益は約4億1000万円です。ちなみに子会社にする前の売上高は約10億円でした。 "New Japan's business is very healthy at present. Our most recent annual revenue (in July 2016) was recorded at 3.2 billion yen, with an operating profit of 410,000 million yen. Incidentally, before we took over as the parent company, NJPW's revenue was about 1 billion yen a year."
  8. There's a huge amount of USWA and CWA stuff from '86 to '92 on Amazon Prime, free for members. I heard most of the Memphis footage from this period is split in ownership between Lawler, Cornette and Jerry Jarrett so we're unlikely to see it on the Network anytime soon. Quite a few indie documentaries and some events as well, haven't watched any of it so can't comment.
  9. Questions thread is not, in my view, the best place for a series of questions around a central theme that's likely to be of interest to many and lead to a wider discussion worthy of a thread in itself.
  10. Appreciate all of the answers may not be known; any responses would be great. 1) When was it set up? 2) Who set it up? 3) Why did they give it such a generic name that doesn't give any indication it's a wrestling fan board? 4) What are some of the funniest threads in history to check out? 5) How many unique visitors does it get per month? Has this figure increased or declined in recent years? 6) Which user has the most posts in history? 7) Who are some of the better known wrestlers that have posted in the past?
  11. For those interested, I've got a thread going over on Meltzer's board about how according multiple Japanese media sources, NJPW hit 80% of their highest ever annual revenue last year and are very likely to reach 90%+ of it for the August 2016 - July 2017 financial year:
  12. It's a shame PSI seemed to have decided against any further LWCs, what with nothing last year and no announcements to date. Anyone know why?
  13. Lol the thought has crossed my mind; as you say though it would take a lot away from the live event experience which shouldn't be missed. I'm thinking maybe a mixture of the classic stuff with the modern content in smaller doses e.g. not watching Raw or Smackdown (I'm not a Sky Sports subscriber anyway) and so sticking to the 1-hour Raw recap show on Sky One on Sundays plus the PPVs on the network. No kid should waste more than 3-4 hours a week watching fake fighting. That said I worry more generally about how spoilt for choice kids are these days with Sky On Demand/Catch Up, Amazon Prime, Netflix, WWE Network....... it's nuts to think I had to re-watch my Survivor Series 88 video 100+ times back in the day cause I had nothing else. Same with my single Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles video, with my Muppet movie video...... these are things I could literally recite the entire script for as a 7 year old.
  14. Much food for thought and some interesting points. I certainly think the diminished star power of the talent is the most significant factor in the ambivalence of casual fans these days, but I can't quite grasp why the big men, or the smaller but extremely charismatic men don't want to do it anymore. Maybe it's that more people are better educated and can clearly see what an awful career choice it is, meaning that the only ones who get in to it are the hardcore obsessive fans that want to 'live the dream' at the expense of their health, safety, financial security, work/life balance and precious family time?