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  1. It has a larger viewership than Challenge though ( This is somewhat of a step up for the company in that sense.
  2. What occasions were those?
  3. Sorry thought the link would have taken you to the page at least even if not subscribed. 21.04.1983 WWF Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Dynamite Kid vs. Tiger Mask - Double Count Out (22:10) NJPW Big Fight Series II 1983 - Tag 19 @ Kuramae Kokugikan Tokyo, Japan
  4. Subscription only; if by any remote chance you've never seen any works of art from this legendary feud then sign up for the free trial. Incidentally Meltzer's first ever 5 star match. It must be virtually impossible to make a match with this number of high spots look so believable - but somehow these guys pull it off with a impeccable combination of athleticism, speed, perfect execution, selling and intensity. They seem almost super human - you blink for half a second you've missed a whole sequence; the timing off the charts, you can taste each man's burning desire for victory, the execution is like something out of a video game where the moves have been pre-programmed to absolute perfection and somebody's just tapping buttons to perform them in ultra speed mode. In my view Ospreay's the best in the world right now and Ricochet not far behind; I loved their performance at BOSJ that jealous types dismissed as an acrobatics show. However, Cornette and the like did have a point about it taking more to make the perfect wrestling match. These men knew that in 1983. They nailed every single aspect of what it takes with 10/10 results all round . Nobody since has been a 10/10 in every single one of the areas mentioned above (no not even Okada/Omega and their six stars!).
  5. Fin gives detailed circulation figures by year in the Powerslam Years book; it was around 8,000 by the end give or take (peak was around 20,000 in 2006/7). And it cost him £17,000 for shelf space alone in the last year. I agree he probably could get that many subscribers at that price and make more money than he did with the magazine. I really recommend the book; a fascinating read - I'm sure even his critics will be impressed with him banging out an entire issue in between 10 appointments for skin cancer treatment over the course of a month!
  6. Thanks. The list is likely to be missing any new promotions from the last two months; anyone who spots any please do let me know.
  7. Those all got 4.5 from Meltzer, except HHH v HBK, HBK v Jericho and Tanaka v Awesome (which each got 4.25 )........... would really like to know the criteria for distinguishing 4.5 level work from 4.75. Savage v Steamboat at WM3 got 4.5, as did Mankind v Taker in the Cell in '98........
  8. Only five WWE matches in history have received 5 stars from Meltzer - all of which are also in the WWE's Greatest 100 Matches book (published in 2016): 20/03/1994 Wrestlemania 10 Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels 29/08/1994 Summerslam 94 Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart 23/03/1997 Wrestlemania 13 Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin 05/10/1997 In Your House 17 Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker 17/07/2011 Money in the Bank 2011 CM Punk vs. John Cena A further twenty matches in WWE history have received 4.75 stars from Meltzer - but only five of which were included in the aforementioned book: 01/04/2001 Wrestlemania 17 Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley vs. Christian & Edge vs. Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy 03/04/2005 Wrestlemania 21 Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels 05/04/2009 Wrestlemania 25 Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker 01/04/2012 Wrestlemania 28 The Undertaker vs. Triple H 25/01/2015 Royal Rumble 2015 Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins The other fifteen that didn't make it in to WWE's book were: 19/07/1993 Monday Night Raw Marty Jannetty vs. Shawn Michaels 20/03/1994 Wrestlemania 10 Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart 27/08/1995 Summerslam 95 Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels 17/12/1995 In Your House 5 Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog 22/09/1996 In Your House 10 Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels 21/01/2001 Royal Rumble 2001 Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho 25/02/2001 No Way Out 2001 Steve Austin vs. Triple H 21/05/2001 Monday Night Raw Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin & Triple H 24/05/2001 Smackdown Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Edge vs. Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy 20/10/2002 No Mercy 2002 Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle vs. Edge & Rey Mysterio 19/01/2003 Royal Rumble 2003 Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle 14/03/2004 Wrestlemania 20 Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H 28/03/2010 Wrestlemania 26 Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker 11/12/2014 NXT Revolution Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn 29/01/2017 Royal Rumble 2017 John Cena vs. AJ Styles - Six are Chris Benoit matches (excluded for obvious reasons); - One happened after the book was published (at Royal Rumble the other day); - Another four were likely excluded because there was already an entry for another match between said participants elsewhere in the book (Bret v Owen, Razor v Shawn, Bret v Bulldog, Taker v Shawn - which did get two other entries); - NXT match likely not included because they like to pretend it's not WWE; - The three matches left out for no obvious reason were therefore Marty v Shawn, Mankind v Shawn and Stone Cold v Triple H ---------------------- Thoughts? With both Meltzer and WWE backing them, one could make the case that this is arguably the definitive top 10 of all time at least? What about the other 15 bouts? Any you reckon should have gone in the book instead of the five 4.75 starred ones that did? Either way, I've only seen around 10 of these and I'm going to enjoy re-watching them and checking out all the others over the next few weeks. So much wrestling around these days and so little time; why not focus on watching the best eh?
  9. Right enough I think my estimate of 90+% accuracy was a bit optimistic; when I think about it the Japan number seems a bit low as well! Still reckon that the 100% increase in UK shows from five years back feels more or less accurate though and likely puts us in 4th position after Mexico.
  10. (to my knowledge the most detailed source on the web for this kind of thing) contains 9,683 entries for shows worldwide in 2016. It's probably safe to assume that's 90+% of what took place last year. Entries by country were: USA – 3864 (take off a few hundred for WWE's 'double tapings') Japan – 1832 UK – 940 Canada – 559 Mexico – 555 *It's notable that the top 5 countries collectively accounted for 80% of all worldwide shows. Also notable mentions: Australia – 284 Germany – 249 A few others I checked were Italy (96), France (63), Ireland (46), Spain (30), New Zealand (5) Mighty impressive for the UK scene when you consider the number of shows in 2016 was double that in 2011. Japan, Canada and Mexico on the other hand are pretty much static; USA is only up 30% (NXT?), Australia around 40% with only Germany outshining us with a whopping 150% increase (though with a much smaller starting base). We also got nearly 40% more WWE events than five years previously; with that obviously likely to rise significantly further this year. Can't really complain at the moment can we?
  11. 1995 Sep - Dec 2.41 1996 2.65 1997 2.7 1998 4.35 1999 5.9 2000 5.88 2001 4.64 2002 4.01 2003 3.76 2004 3.67 2005 3.81 2006 3.9 2007 3.61 2008 3.27 2009 3.57 2010 3.28 2011 3.21 2012 3 2013 3.01 2014 2.95 2015 2.64 2016 2.26 These are the average RAW ratings for the US by year (1995 ratings are only available from September only). 1993/4 ones are also not readily available without sifting through over a hundred observers, but I believe they mostly hovered around the low 2s. I do believe the Network, NXT and the amount of WWE content in general has increased the very hardcore fan base in recent years and that, coupled with the ease and affordability of travel nowadays allows them to pull in close to 100K fans for Mania etc - but this of course is not representative of the fan base as a whole. Yes they have expanded more internationally (though still with only 24% of revenue coming from outside North America), yes they have 1.5m Network subscribers and yes we do need to account for the increased popularity of other streaming channels for casual fans (most notably the WWE Youtube Channel) in weighing all of this up. However, I dare say it looks like they may now back to at least 1997 levels (post mid nineties dark ages but very much prior to the attitude era boom) in terms of regular viewership worldwide?
  12. Wrestling is no longer popular enough to be a financially rewarding, or even viable long-term career for the vast majority of those who try to get into it. In the territory days there were thousands of full timers about, now it's a few hundred. Chances of an indie wrestler making it to WWE these days? Maybe 1%? And then their chances of staying there for more than 5 years max? Similarly slim. For every guy that makes it big there's at least 100 who struggle along.
  13. Not that I recall. Possibly Evil Doink and Nailz a tiny bit when I was 8. Never the Warrior.
  14. Full card in Japanese here:
  15. You'd need to subscribe to see for yourself but yes it is - made little sense to me either; not sure who fed him the info.