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  1. I shared a lot of my random wrestler interactions on this thread a while back: https://ukff.com/topic/140077-strange-encounters-with-wrestlers/page/5/ Can think of a couple of others (more 'friends of friends' type stuff than direct claims to fame): - My grandparents (may God rest their souls) lived round the corner from Finlay and knew his Dad (Fit Finlay Sr). My ex-girlfriend's Mum also went to school with Finlay Jr and my ex's brother went to Finlay Sr's amateur wrestling school when we were dating. When I met Finlay at a Smackdown house show in 2003 (well before he'd come out of retirement and was still a road agent) he seemed miffed that I'd recognised him/interrupted his conversation with another member of the crew for an autograph and wasn't having any of the 'my Granda knows yer Da' chat I tried on. - One of my good Japanese friend's sister is a professional interpreter and translator for the entertainment industry and spent a whole day interpreting for Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart in Tokyo a few years back (including on a visit to Ribera Steakhouse) - I even saw the pictures to prove it. Said Hogan talked about his son Nick a lot to Jimmy. She also does (or at least used to) do the Japanese subtitling for TNA shows. I also randomly met a guy from Tampa in a karaoke bar who said his Dad was the doctor who treated John Graziano after the tragic accident and obviously dealt with the Hogans (apparently Tampa residents are well used to seeing them around though - even Hulk).
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