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  1. I remember as a teenager I was watching one of the old ECW videos in my bedroom and Bubba Dudley was cutting a promo. Right as Bubba was goading the crowd with "You couldn't get laid with a fist full of fifties motherfucker!!" my dad walked passed the door. He could help but peer in after hearing that and I remember seeing his face as he only knew Bubba from WWE 2000 era. It was like "well that's different", and just kept on walking! 😆
  2. https://www.wegottickets.com/event/492704 Adrian Street, Legend of British Wrestling:A conversation with.... Thursday 27th February You are especially invited to be an audience with Adrian Street, world middleweight wrestling champion & legendary ground-breaking Superstar.Street was born into a mining family in mid Wales in 1940 but escaped to become a world famous international wrestler with a near seven decade career and many titles from NWA Americas Heavyweight Champion to World Middleweight Champion.Along the way there was a stint in Hollywood and a Pasolini movie, there were the rock’n roll years with his band the PileDrivers and their hit LP ‘Shake Wrestle & Roll’ and a parallel career in wrestle fashion designing and producing an international range of ring gear.Adrian made his final appearance for the IWA Heavyweight Championship (USA) aged 74. (Adrian just recently turned 79)Street was one of the first ever ‘exotico’ wrestlers, adopting an outrageous and flamboyant heel persona that pre dates the glam world of rock’n’roll, that Bowie and Marc Bolan made famous & that shocked the traditional wrestling world to its core.He will be joined by Miss Linda his long term manager, business partner and wife who was one of the first international female wrestlersOur host for the evening will be the international performer Matt Ricardo, life long wrestle fan, TEDx speaker, a TOMAX Talks presenter, columnist and survivor of Americas Got Talent 2019.The event takes place at Resistance Gallery is one of the worlds biggest & most renowned wrestling schools, home to Lucha Britannia, Pro Wrestling Eve and the London School of Lucha Libre. Doors at 6.30pm show starts at 8pm.NO ADMISSION AFTER 8PM ONCE SHOW HAS STARTED!
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