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  1. https://tfnation.com/ For anyone interested there's a Transformers convention that takes place every August in Birmingham. Obviously this year's has been cancelled due to Corna however keep an eye out for next year's event as they always have traders for toys, collectables, comic, t shirts and the like. They often have guests including comic artists and voice actors from the show. Shame that this year's event has been cancelled as they finally were able to secure an appearance of Peter Cullen aka Optimus Prime.
  2. The Inside the Ropes Audience With Kevin Owens event now has a new date. Thursday 5th November at The Engine Works, Glasgow. All original tickets will be honoured but they will not be selling anymore tickets due to the current government guidelines.
  3. From Monopoly Events regarding the For Love of Wrestling Conventions 2 & 3: FTLOW 3 ANNOUNCEMENT & TRISH STRATUS UPDATE We’re delighted to announce that the third installment of For the Love of Wrestling has now been confirmed for the weekend of June 26th and 27th 2021. Please be aware that For the Love of Wrestling 2 is still scheduled to take place on October 31st and November 1st 2020 and we are full steam ahead with our planning for that date. If due to circumstances beyond our control those dates aren’t possible, then we will of course move the second show to the weekend we’ve now confirmed for the third show. Apologies if this is a little confusing, we just want to give you the information as soon as we have it. Just a few more notes on FTLOW 3: Tickets will go onsale the weekend of FTLOW 2. People in attendance at that event will have the first opportunity to by photos, autos, front row seats etc… We will start to announce a few bookings for the June date over the coming months. The first guest to confirm this date is Trish Stratus! All tickets for Trish will now be valid in June 2021. This will happen automatically and there is nothing more than you need to do. If you are unable to attend in June 2021, then please email customerservice@ticketquarter.co.uk Our focus will for now be fully on FTLOW2 in October/November and we will soon start to announce the prop builds, live wrestling matches, exhibitors and everything else which makes these events so special. We’ve got one especially exciting ultra rare exhibition that we think you’ll love! Thank you as always for your support. If you’re a wrestling fan then you really need to make it to Liverpool this Autumn! It’s going to be an incredible show and we can’t wait to see you there.
  4. JBL has been added to the For Love of Wrestling convention. He will be there on the Saturday only.
  5. GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT - THE ROCKERS (& BARBERSHOP REUNION) The Rockers were a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty who teamed from 1985 to 1992. In 1992, the team had a violent kayfabe breakup during an episode of Brutus Beefcakes 'Barbershop' segment. This helped propel Michaels into the singles ranks with "The Heartbreak Kid" gimmick that he used until his retirement in 2010. This is a very rare photo opportunity and a real bucket list for fans of the Golden Generation of WWE/F wrestling. We don't think this reunion has happened in Europe before and may well never happen again! Please be aware that tickets are extremely limited! As Monopoly Events pride itself on being fan friendly we are going to put tickets onsale at 7pm on Monday 15th June. Hopefully this gives everyone a fair chance of getting one as we fully expect this to be a fast sell-out. The Rockers Photo - £95 Barbershop Reunion - £115 For more information please go to www.fortheloveofwrestling.co.uk
  6. MESSAGE FROM MONOPOLY We are staying focused and positive that October is going ahead. We are having a final check that all the current guests are ok to attend the event on October 31-1 November, then its all systems go as we begin the big build up to FTLOW2! We will say for a final time IF it does not go ahead you get refunded or you can switch your tickets to the fall back date of 26-27 June 2021. Get excited and ready for the build up! *Since this announcement they have advised that a new guest will be announced on Sunday and that Trish Stratus can no longer make the event. -------------------- In other news, Showmasters have announced the following names for their Winter London Film & Comic Con, November 20-22: Road Warrior Animal Sin Cara / Hunico PJ Black
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