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  1. Yeah got 3 from 2012/2013 PM me
  2. Thanks Stevie! Update sold some more titles last week.
  3. Thanks Bradfordcity Will be adding some more titles later
  4. Updated list with those that are gone!
  5. Had a deal fall through for all so will respond to those who asked individually. Also new titles added
  6. Updated 24th March: Fight Club: Pro - Rise Against 2012 (Callihan vs. Mastiff) *DELETED TITLE* Fight Club: Pro - Resolution 2012 (McKinnan vs. Ishikawa) *DELTED TITLE* ROH: Davey Richards - The American Wolf Women of Honor BJW - Best of Ryuji Ito Shimmer Volume 33 Noah European Navigation 2008 Night 1 Noah European Navigation 2008 Night 2 Noah European Navigation 2011 Night 1 Noah European Navigation 2011 Night 2 Dragon Gate - Open The German Gate 2010 Dragon Gate UK Shows all but the 2014 Events *LOOKING TO SELL AS A SET* Mark Haskins in Japan (Dragon Gate) PCW - Festive Fury 2012 (Blu-Ray) PCW - Road to Glory 2013 Night 1 (Blu-Ray) PCW - Road to Glory 2013 Night 2 *DAVE RAYNE 18+ COMMENTARY VERSION* (Blu-Ray) TNA: Final Resolution 2005 Hard Justice 2005 Bound For Glory 2005 Turning Point 2005 1PW: Fight Club Will Not Die First Anniversary Show No Turning Back Night 1 Know Your Enemy 2007 Night 1 Fight Club 4 All or Nothing Night 2 WXW: Dead End 12 (2012) Broken Rulz 5 (2005) 16 Carat Gold 2011 Night 2 True Colors 2011 Open to offers, PM for more info.
  7. Its on streaming sites if you know where to look......
  8. I have Road to Glory 2013 both nights for sale, night 2 is the 18 Cert Dave Rayne commentary version
  9. Great work! Does it work in the Xbox One Blu-Ray player? Whatever projects have you done so far. Might buy this on payday next week!
  10. Reduced to £75
  11. Nottingham NXT VIP Ticket for sale inlcudes meet & greet with the NXT roster before the show. Paid £100 + £11 booking fee looking for just the face value as i'm no longer able to attend. Seat is front row ringside too. It's listed over on Twickets a reliable face value resale site. https://www.twickets.co.uk/block/28982?qty=1
  12. Decided to sell off the remain of my wrestling DVD's/Blu-Rays for one reason or another. Mainly due to become more of a casual fan as of late and the majority of things i've seen or I can now view via the network and other on demand sites. These are my initial items, more to be added over next few days. Fight Club: Pro Resolution 2012 Fight Club: Pro Rise Against 2012 Looking to sell those two together for £15 posted. PCW Road to Glory 2013 Nights 1 & 2 Blu-Rays (Night 2 Dave Rayne commentary) looking for £18 posted. WCW Monday Night Nitro 1995 Blu-Ray (VHS rips) 2 Disc set £10 in plastic sleeves. WWF Smackdown 1999 Blu-Ray (VHS Rips) 3 Disc Set £10 in plastic sleeves. PM if interested, payments via Paypal.