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  1. Apparently plans for Triple H v Kurt at SummerSlam have been nixed (if there was any concrete plans) so I doubt it'll involve Stephanie Illegitimate child seems where the smart money's at
  2. Just been watching WWF 2000 again on the network and am in the midst of the Rikishi reveal as to who ran down Austin. One thing I was wondering is does anyone know who originally was meant to have been the one who ran him down? As shocking as Rikishi was at the time of the reveal, in hindsight it was a terrible reveal and it feels like they almost went back to Triple H putting him up to it- was the plan always for Triple H to be the accomplice as such? The way thing we're going at the time it didn't feel that way. i remember even as a lad at the time, I always thought it'd be Billy Gunn - he was there at Survivor Series but wasn't seen at the scene when DX lured Austin in - was he meant to the the original one who did it and they changed their mind? the build up to the reveal is really good hit everything after is terrible. Shame really
  3. I'd prefer it if the show wasn't centred around Patron - enjoy the rest of the roster and the storylines but he really is the worst. Sooner he's off the show the better
  4. Its took a year but they've definitely done the job on SmackDown and made it the official B show again where nothing of significance happens at all Shame as I did hope with it going live that would chance, but it's back to same old now
  5. Sounds like it'll be Angle and Dixie having an affair, and its been Stephanie and/or Triple H blackmailing Angle about it, leading to Angle v HHH at SummerSlam with Dixie and Stephanie in their respective corners. RAW is in Nashville where Dixie is based next week as well. Absolutely mental that it looks like she'll be showing up and playing a part on WWE TV
  6. The WWE ECW has been added to the network - starting from the relaunch in 2006 to March 2009 (final WWE ECW was in Feb 2010) so it's just missing a year
  7. Interesting times. To be fair, I've really been enjoying Impact since it came onto Spike and I'm really loooking forward to Slammiversary. It's an easy to follow wrestling show that offers something different, production wise, to WWE. Feels more gritty and reminiscent of WWF in the late 90s in regards to how it's presented, quick matches and lots of good videos and backstage bits. For al its criticisms TNA always do a good job of making sure everyone on the roster has a defined character. On the note of Slammiversary, does anyone know if Spike are showing it advert free? I've got to be up early and am out all day and night Tuesday, I could afford to stay up to midnight but if they have ads a 3 hour wrestling show suddenly turns into a near 4 hour one and its getting late then
  8. PWInsider reckon TNA/Impact Wrestling is done now and from Sunday they'll be rebranded as Global Force Wrestling
  9. Only skimmed through the results as unable to watch it this week - were Mike and Maria not there?! Little bit odd if there was no reference to them at all after the debut on Sunday
  10. They've got Battleground before SummerSlam so maybe they go with Jinder getting a dusty win over Cena there and then big match John takes the belt at SummerSlam. Gives Jinder another big win, spreads the feud out a little bit and allows for a bit more anticipation maybe
  11. Some good shouts already in here, but mine would be The Rock vs Ric Flair that was chucked out on a random RAW in 2002 I believe, didn't last long, may have been for the Undisputed title as well actually? At this point Flair was still in pretty good shape and seemed to be on a retirement tour as such, facing off in a few big matches. Rock/Flair should have been at least PPV worthy, if not even the main event.
  12. If those results are say 100% accurate, how would Labour be able to get in government? As I see it even if they join lib dems and snp they still don't have majority?
  13. Aye this is the Goldust I've wanted to see for a while! Hope they don't get relegated to the Kick Off show on Sunday but I fear that is what is going to happen seeing as a match between the two of them hasn't been made official yet and there is no kick off match
  14. Aaron Ramsey strikes again - was expecting a celeb death after his goal on Sunday!
  15. Aye there's some cracking tickets available considering its a whole day into a pre sale. Got 112 for raw and 105 for Smackdown which is fine - having been to the last few tapings in Manchester there isn't really a bad seat in the lower tier, whilst the arena is big and has a large capacity the set up means anywhere in the lower tier is decent, even right At the back behind the commentators, very similar to the o2