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  1. If he gets backed properly then I don't doubt he could have us mid table next season fairly comofortably which Is about as much as we can hope for at the minut, but unfortunately Ashley started heading back to his old ways in January and I don't see that changing in the summer - Rafa nearly went then, if he isn't backed again he'll be off. Be a massive Shane if it does end sour like, say what you like about him but he really did galvanise the club and bring everyone together towards the end of the last season and this one, behind the scenes as well he really embraced the club and the city, very odd to have a positive NUFC on and off the pitch, back to normal next season though, probably end up with the 2nd coming of Pardew
  2. Pleased for Brighton like, love Hughton so well happy for him Its a good job Huddersfield keep letting us (Newcastle) off because we're making a real mess of this promotion lark. Pretty much there like now but we were terrible today and have been pretty much since that amaZing week we beat Brighton and Huddersfield away, Need a fair bit of investment if we're going to compete next season, don't think it'll happen sadly and I'll be very suprised if Rafa is still here come the start of next season
  3. That Liverpool SmackDown taping rant was weird. The point at which he came out the crowd had actually been alright, just had the Jericho/Stephanie but and the crowd were quite loud, it got worse after he'd come out. Didn't make sense I believe a year or two earlier in Liverpool the crowd was dead for a taping "aswell" so I guess he had a pre conceived notion of how it was gonna be and led to him coming out. Probably means Liverpool will never get a taping again. Love Manchester but wish they would go somewhere else for the taping, suprised Birmingham and sheffield keep getting overlooked, Leeds must be in with a shout with their new arena now, most reports were that they didn't like Glasgow so doubt thatll get the tapings again
  4. I honestly think Moyes is done. He hasn't got it in him anymore. The Man Utd experience killed him. No doubt he did a phenomenal job at Everton but some people are just suited to certain clubs and at that time. When he went to Man Utd and his experience there he's looked a broken man ever since, Sociedad was a disaster and now Sunderland. I mean 2 games into the season he was writing the season off for them and saying they're going to be in a relegation battle. Its like he accepted there and then that they're probably going to go down and there's nothing he can do about it and has shown no signs of stopping it, I'm not sure he's even got the passion for it tbh. Im not sure he'll get it back either, I know Short wants to keep him and rebuild but I genuinely don't think Moyes has it in him anymore. He's broken and looks like he knows Sunderland are shite and cant be arsed anymore
  5. Watching WrestleMania 17, and JR just said as Kane is coming down to the ring that "this young man could be the future" Whats interesting to me is that arguably and in my opinion, looking at what we know now, id say Kanes best years had already gone at this point. Kane at his best was from his debut in 1998 up until 2001 id say. The years afteer this event there was sparks where Kane was interesting for a few months at a time (first losing the mask in 2003, turn on Taker and reuniting with Bearer for a bit in 2010, Team Hell No in 2013) as examples but nothing as consistent as his run from debut culminating in probabaly his best moment when he returned in early 2000 to a monster pop. Just interesting to me that he was young at this point and from JRs comment they obviously at the time imagined he'd be an even bigger player over the next few years but it never really materialised
  6. Did cross my mind that it is deliberate misinformation - wouldnt be the first time WWE have done that - especially for the Royal Rumble as well. He's been favourite for the past couple of days since the Meltzer story broke, Meltzer has got a lot of things wrong over the last few months as well so i wouldnt say its a 100% nailed on.
  7. R.E those odds - Meltzer has been reporting that unless plans change that is the guy scheduled to win. Last few PPVs the odds usually change a couple hours bwfre the show and that usually indicates who ia going to win, i wouldnt read too much into them odds at this moment in time, however should they still be the same around 10pm tonight then id say thats whats happening. Lesnar was still big favourite to beat Goldberg up until an hour before Survivor Series when they dramatically changed
  8. They seemed to suggest HBK was merely there to promote the film that hes in. Didnt seem any hint of him taking part in an angle. Theyd be foolishto not have him do something but wouldnt suprise me if he made a little cameo and fucked off.
  9. Starting to get concerned for the first time this season that we're going to make a right mess of getting promoted like. 6 defeats already is ridiculous like, we should have easily beat Blackburn today, how we didnt is a mystery as we battered them but its another story of us coming up against a team who sit back and not being able to beat them. We need reinforcements in January and as much as I love Rafa he needs to be making better subs at better times, chucking Daryl Murphy on for 3 minutes at the end is helping nobody, especially when we seem allergic to crossing the ball efficently. Worrying times.
  10. Its fun and id definately watch it week in week out if it was a regular show, id just like some sort of backstory on who the wrestlers are and what theyre about. Thats the only downside to this show for me.
  11. The biggest problem for me is not being an avid British wrestling follower i have no idea who any of these wrestlers are, and I imagine it'll be the same for who their target audience is for a teatime show like this. I get its only a two hour show but theres no explanation, aside from poor.commentary, about who the wrestlers are, what theyre about etc, I know more from watchinf this show for the past hour about Marty Jones than any of the actual stars of this show. Even a 30 second pre tape for each superstar before the match to give us a bit of backgrund would help, makes it hard to get invested in anyone
  12. Big Show v Shaq would have been really good about 6 years ago when they hsd their initial stare down on RAW. Big Show was a regular character and was over, Shaq was still in the public domain etc. Now we havent seen Big Show for months outside of 1 appearance and Shaq is where he is. Cant see there being any interest in the match at all, waited far too long to do it
  13. Do you have a link for the leaked poster? I'm interested to see the potential plans and I can only find fan art on Google. Wasnt this site specificaly i saw it but i've just found it on there"- On my phone so hope that link works - ticketmaster posted the image on their site yesterday when selling tickets and took it down a couple hours later
  14. Really good show - Cena promo and staredown at the end was really well done. Cena is in megastar terrirtory for me, his sheer presence makes any show or angle hes apart of feel more special, even on talking smack he wss in good form. Match at the Rumble will be awesome, legit wouldnt min it going on last after the Rumble. If the leaked poster forElimination Chamber is true aswwll then we could have a couple MOTY canditates early on
  15. As I said yesterday, they should look at Roy Hodgson. The squad isnt great but its decent enough to stay up with the right man in. You'd think old Roy would be up for anothet job and its a similar club to WBA and Fulham in regards to size and expetation, I think he'd do a good job. Lazy journalism has Giggs as early favourite - thatd be a disaster as well