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  1. Miz and Big E’s exchange on Talking Smack is worth seeking out, pretty intense and gives you an idea on where Big E’s head is at right now. Kayla Braxton is a terrible host mind, Miz was fantastic as usual so hopefully he stays instead of Xavier but we’ll see.
  2. Yeah been watching Impact weekly for the past couple of months now, the only wrestling I go out of my way to watch. Impact plus app is free with an account to watch the show the on the Wednesday after it airs in the states on Tuesday so managing to avoid any spoilers also. You’re right it’s an easy watch and they keep things ticking along nicely and everything that happens on the show has a point and advances a storyline, it’s really good. Chalk me up as another one loving Wrestle House as well, it’s ridiculous but it’s fun, accept it won’t be for everyone and that’s fine but I love
  3. Vince kicking off the show tonight and a couple of returns expected tonight/over the weekend apparently. Its certainly peaked my interest, I haven’t watched any WWE since before WrestleMania but I’ll be watching this tomorrow morning. It might be dreadful but I’m fascinated to see how it plays out
  4. Selling tickets tomorrow for next Thursdays live Dynamite. Able to admit 10% of capacity. Be good to get some fans back in, interested to see how it comes across. Aside from Impact, which comes across really well without fans and I’ve watched it every week for a while now, I’ve really struggled to watch the Covid Era of wrestling and haven’t really watched any AEW or WWE, fans being back is something that makes me want to watch, even in such a small volume so will give it a try next week.
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