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  1. Meltzer is reporting Page is out of the All Out main event, was originally planned apparently but now it's been changed. Interesting.
  2. They have also apparently promised the arena that it will be over in time for fans to make it to the boxing that night as well, so with the current time it's listed to start it's only going to last about 3 hours which makes the decision to proceed on the Saturday even stranger.
  3. That reaction for Cena was something, great to see. Cena/Reigns is the biggest match WWE could do at this point until The Rock comes back so as a SummerSlam main event it's brilliant. Cena looked pumped up and promo wise I'm sure he and Roman will bring the goods leading up to it. Big time feel. Big E winning was telegraphed on SmackDown so not a massive suprise but we'll see what he does with it. I'd prefer if he goes down the route of telling the champion when he's cashing in and they build up to it properly. If Roman is being primed for The Rock at Wrestlemania then you wouldn't expect he'll be losing the title before then so it'll be interesting to see if Big E ends on on RAW and goes for Lashley, would tie in with Lashley's current fued with the New Day, that's if Goldberg doesn't put a spanner in those works. Decent enough show to set up more stuff. SummerSlam is looking decent.
  4. Michael Cole is particularly frustrating because he can be good. I’ve been going back through RAW and Smackdown over the past year from 2003 and have now reached February 2005, and his partnership with Tazz is brilliant, they work well together and it just works. Now he’s just a puppet for the latest buzz words or whatever and there’s literally nothing authentic about him at all, you can see why they were so intent on him replacing JR as clearly they realised they could mould him into everything they wanted, but, as above, when left to his own devices as such as I imagine he was during that SmackDown run with Tazz and soon to be JBL, he can be absolutely fine
  5. Heartbreaking. Incredible to get this far and was a career defining tournament for many of them. What a turn around though really; to get beat 0-0 by Scotland and still reach the final is something to be celebrated
  6. Randy Orton not on again second week in a row, wonder where he is and what’s happened
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