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  1. Never heard of them before but just took a look and laughed out loud at this one...
  2. I was at Reading in 2001 and didn't see any of the type of behaviour mentioned in this thread. I'm now wondering whether we were just in one of the tamer campsite areas, or was I just too bollocksed the whole weekend to notice? My main memory of camping there is the 'TIMMY!' shouts which would spread across the site all through the night.
  3. Hope the overwhelmingly negative reaction to that terrible name forces them into a quick change, bit like it did for the Viking Experience. The lad looks the fucking business but I can't get behind that name at all.
  4. To be fair, the Demon look does have a bit of a minstrely vibe to it.
  5. Nope, I thought he was incredible back in NXT, he was genuinely interesting and exciting in a way that no wrestler to come through that system had ever been before, or has been since. It was an opinion pretty much universally shared on here too. The character had so much depth and nuance to it that it was clear as day that Vince wouldn't have a clue how to to book him, which was proven to be true. Now that he's out of that system I would love to see what he may do somewhere else. Of course, if he wanted to carry on doing the Fiend thing, that's another story.
  6. Blows my mind that people don't want to see what Bray Wyatt could do in AEW. The greatest wrestling character and best promo of his generation before he got the main roster treatment. Some fans have such short memories.
  7. Red Velvet continuously being pushed into prominent spots despite being fucking crap probably isn't helping when it comes to crowd reaction.
  8. 'Redeemer, my man. Redeem Deez Nutz' is the best line in a promo in forever.
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