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  1. I absolutely hate this trend for shortening wrestlers' names, and from looking at social media reaction to the latest one, so do most fans. Have WWE ever given a justification for it? I'd love to know why they feel the need for it- because the only reason I can think of is that they think the fan base is made up entirely of morons too stupid to even remember their own surnames.
  2. I loved Konnan in WCW. I don't think I could tell you a single match of his I gave a fuck about, it's all about the charisma for me. He was all gimmick and catchphrases, but it still felt authentic, not corny. The modern comparison would be Enzo Amore. Over like rover and never went to wrestling school.
  3. It's a classic point n' click adventure. Some great voice acting in it too.
  4. The Scottish interview was undoubtedly the highlight for me this week. The rest of it still tries a little too hard to whack you over the head with the jokes.
  5. So pleased to see all the love here for the Usos. I've been convinced for a while that they're not just the best tag team in the company, but the best act full stop. Like Lorne Malvo said, I watch a lot of WWE TV as background activity, but as soon as the Usos are on screen I'm paying full attention.
  6. Disappointing to lose that, because going level with Spurs would have been an incredible achievement, but I saw this result coming given Arsenal's home record and the fact that we've already had our fair share of luck lately. You know it's not always going to go your way and today it didn't. That ref was definitely too fat for top level football though! Can't remember the last time I saw one with a proper belly like that.
  7. I was genuinely gutted to hear the news this morning. Like many of us here, I'm in that perfect age group for The Prodigy to have been a huge influence during my teenage years, and beyond. For all the 90's nostalgia in the thread, the band are still class to this day, still with a sound entirely of their own. I've been listening to their latest album a lot lately and it's great. I only saw them live once- headlining The Other Stage at Glastonbury ten years ago. Nearly everyone we were with wanted to watch Blur but me and one mate fucked them off to see Keith do his thing. The field was bouncing, it was fucking brilliant.
  8. To be fair, the few times I heard JR tell the story was as evidence of how much of a strict disciplinarian his father was. It had been JR's fault the pen had been left open and the pups were inbred and so his father had made him kill them as a punishment. It's a horrible story and I don't think I've ever heard him tell it with any fondness. The cruelty came from his father.
  9. I'm a huge Partridge fan and I enjoyed this, but didn't absolutely love it. I felt they tried to force the funny a little too much and I'll agree with BomberPat on the format complaints.
  10. I love Porky's obsession with JLingz so much! A draw was a decent result for United today, given the circumstances. Apparently that was the first Premier League game in over a decade to have four substitutions before half time. Rashy was an absolute warrior for battling on for so long on a bad leg.
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