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  1. Wolves have their very own Portugal shirt now... Pretty nice, especially since it's hard to see the betting sponsor.
  2. Giggs' record as Wales boss isn't bad at all so far, you happy with what he's doing @PowerButchi?
  3. "You've gotta get them up there, girls!"
  4. It's amazing how many of those adverts have stats that aren't actually all that impressive.
  5. Free shipping though!
  6. Portugal home is gorgeous, as is Netherlands away.
  7. Not surprised they've dropped it already, it's awful.
  8. That was 'Smart' Mark Sterling, an indie worker who comes from the same school/promotion as MJF, who works with Matt Cardona and Brian Myers on their wrestling figure podcast. I thought he did tremendous on Dynamite, I hope they keep him around as prominent part of MJF's entourage.
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