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  1. Total Divas is the best product WWE currently produces. By a country mile.
  2. Yeah, Rashford was brilliant tonight, he ran his bollocks off for two hours and fully deserved his goal. He really should have had a few more though, to be truthful. Almost set up the most showboaty goal of the season too, which would have been a treat. I was convinced we were going to get knocked out by some soft late equaliser in those last five minutes though. Almost pinched a hole in my sofa.
  3. Can't believe the timing of this thread. I watched that same episode of Father Ted last night too and had also pissed myself at the 'Fucking hell' bit, so much so that I had to rewind it and watch it twice. It is indeed, just perfect.
  4. Never heard that story before, that's awesome.
  5. Loved everything about Drew's return other than the fact that he appears to have a head-kick finish now. Do we really need any more head strike finishers?
  6. Yeah, the poster is absolutely stunning.
  7. We saw The Force Awakens in 4DX and I really enjoyed all the gimmicks, but my mrs made similar comments about feeling beaten up afterwards. The chairs do shudder quite a bit. I'd say it's worth doing once for a major action blockbuster like Star Wars, but I wouldn't bother again unless it was a lot cheaper.
  8. Spurs only need eight points from seven games to be guaranteed to avoid St Totteringham's Day this year, so surely they won't fuck that up. I reckon they will seal the deal against Arsenal at White Hart Lane at the end of this month.
  9. What makes you think Apollo Crews is getting twenty minutes of TV time on Raw?!
  10. A new Dizzy game 'Mystery World Dizzy' is available to play for free in-browser (downloadable ROM for NES emulators also available)...
  11. I fucking love that passing-the-bear-hug spot that Heavy Machinery do. They look great together and have got off to a very solid start these past two weeks, getting decent reactions for a couple of big guys with no internet points.
  12. That big gun battle saw about a hundred people running around firing semi-automatic weapons non-stop for about five minutes, most without seeking out any cover whatsoever. Looked like about five people died. Nobody shot the tiger. What a joke. It was an abysmal series when it's all said and done. Not a single truly likeable good guy any more, we are left with only the funny quips of the cool bad guy to brighten up any episode. Sounds familiar doesn't it? I've descended into hate-watch territory now, which sucks after over six years invested interest in this.
  13. Thankfully he praised Rashford at the same time, he seems to like him. Martial not so much. In any case, I think Jose sees Hernandez as a different type of player to both. He wants him as a super-sub.
  14. Jose talking up Chicharito big time in his presser today. Fucking hell, I'd be over the moon if he brought him back to the club in the summer. One of the most likeable men to ever play for United.
  15. When we went to Amsterdam we stayed right in the centre in a perfectly serviceable and affordable hotel and still got round all the museums with no bother. Think we walked most places, don't remember using public transport so if we did it can't have been a problem at all.