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  1. I record Raw, SmackDown and AEW each week and usually try to watch them in small chunks, as and when I find time, before the next week's episode records. Same thing for NXT on the Network. I usually skip through a lot of matches on Raw and SmackDown and only half pay attention to the bits that I don't fast-forward. I just like to keep up to speed with what's happening.
  2. Wellness policy violations don't necessarily mean failed drugs tests. I'm sure people have fallen foul of it in the past for daft things like failing to get some medication they were taking signed off.
  3. Love that post @Supremo Hit the nail on the head for me.
  4. AEW could definitely do with a few more big guys on the roster. They will have to be selective about how many former WWE guys they take on, but Harper seems like a bit of a no-brainer for them now.
  5. It made me laugh the other week when they did the old battle royale giant spot, with Billy Gunn doing the role of the giant. He does genuinely look massive compared to the whole roster though.
  6. PERV SPOOF BOSSES AXE WRESTLING is a brilliant headline though.
  7. I thought the PPV was a very strong show up until the Omega v Mox match, which was absolutely shite. Nearly forty fucking minutes of absolute shite at that.
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