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  1. It is to me, because Jerry Lawler was a star before the Attitude era and he still looked and certainly sounded and carried himself like one when he was behind the desk. Excaliber isn't a star, isn't at all familiar to the casual audience and in that cheap mask he looks and sounds like a smelly wrestling nerd. Be different if it was Rey Mysterio out there, but he'd be about the only masked wrestler in the world I'd consider to be big enough to get away with it.
  2. You can't be having a lad sat there with a mask on, it looks ridiculous. Especially when no fucker from the casual audience has a clue who he is or would recognise the mask from anywhere. It looks so tinpot. Jim Ross has to go too. He has a good mind for the business, so employ him elsewhere. I'm on his side when it comes to not enjoying a lot of the shit on the show, but it doesn't help the product to have him out there making it obvious.
  3. Kid Chameleon has been included on loads of the Mega Drive compilations across different platforms and on those shitty AT Games handhelds for years now. I reckon almost anyone with an interest in retro gaming has probably had a go on it by now. Agree that its a class platformer though.
  4. Always really loved the name Brutal Deluxe. Inevitably, there's a metal band that use it. Should be a wrestling tag team with it though.
  5. Ah right. I absolutely loved his podcast and for the first three years or so I never missed an episode, even when he had fuck all to talk about - I just found him so entertaining being himself. Eventually it did wear thin though and I started to miss more and more of them, especially as other podcasts made their way onto my subscription list. By the time he went on hiatus I was only bothering to listen when he had a major guest on, so I figured I'd probably missed an explanation.
  6. He's won four promotions to the Premier League, which is more than any other manager. Took Hull to a cup final.
  7. Gorilla press slams. Bianca Belair does a badass one in NXT, but hardly any guys do them any more.
  8. Pretty sure he's very aware of that, but even for a big name like Austin securing a decent interview each week isn't easy. I don't know if he explained the podcast hiatus but I thought it was because he felt burned out by two shows a week and the constant struggle to put out new content that was up to the very high standards he sets for himself. They will have lined up these new guests over the past few months, but it'll be tough to keep up week to week.
  9. One for @Keith Houchen This is gorgeous from Hummel.
  10. I can vouch for this one too, we picked it up as part of a 4 for £6 offer and I was surprised by how good it was considering Black Sheep were having a bash at such a hipster beer style. They've done a better job of it than most of the craft brewers whose beers will cost twice the price.
  11. Tourettes will always be the winner of 'you shouldn't laugh' discussions isn't it? The poor bastards. The Arthur Daley line in that video is so perfect it couldn't have been scripted any funnier. Big fan of 'your dugs got tits!' too.
  12. Chuffed to see the Monkey Island games getting some love in this list. Purely for nostalgia reasons, Monkey Island 2 might be my favourite game of all time.
  13. Absolutely love the DS version, I've probably put more hours into that game than any other over the past decade.
  14. I laughed at this very same thing today, reading about that Adidas story. Like you say, it's the fact that these massive corporations are so fucking naive that makes it funny. You struggle to imagine how the idea could possibly get all the way from conception to implementation without at least one person along the line saying something about how it really didn't go well when companies X, Y and Z tried it.
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