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  1. As a kid I could get nowhere on this game, it was far too hard and confusing for me. Fortunately I was able to get quite a lot of fun out of it once I learned about the infamous WE5T ONE 0000 0000 cheat code from one of the Sega magazines of the time.
  2. A million?! I know you love him, but come on. He looked a bit less shit than before.
  3. Even the people that love the superhero films wouldn't actually put any of them near the top of their best films ever lists, would they? Not on here at least. Maybe I'm giving this forum too much credit?
  4. I bought their Rheinbacher off the back of this thread and it's great. Will definitely be making it a regular purchase.
  5. This is the UKFF, there's bound to be some wrong 'un on here who's going to come in and tell us that's how he's made tea his whole life.
  6. This more or less sums it up for me. You're wasting your time trying to enjoy watching wrestling whilst adopting a strong moral code. There would be no good wrestling left for you, pretty much all the best ones were wrong 'uns. Wrestling has always been escapism for me, I can separate it from reality and live with that quite happily.
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