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  1. They would just sit better in the collection that way. I think there actually was a Ricky Morton Galoob prototype out there wasn't there?
  2. I want the Rock n Rolls Galoob style, not Hasbro!
  3. They aren't worth going out of your way for, they're just OK.
  4. Those Seabrook Loaded Fries are OK, the taste is pretty good for 'Loaded Fries'. Agree that the Walkers KFC crisps are basically just roast chicken flavour, but I liked the spiciness of the Zinger ones.
  5. Admittedly that did not look good for Zlatan. Should heed his own advice there.
  6. Zlatan's such a hero, even I'd be delighted to see that. Can't possibly dislike the guy.
  7. Fuck, I'm absolutely gutted about this. What a tremendous success he was on NWA Power, he got that gimmick super over.
  8. I'm really pleased for him, he'll have undoubtedly got a very handsome contract and they will make him feel valued there. In interviews he's done in recent years, including the Steve Austin one on the WWE Network, he wasn't afraid to say that he thought he'd been booked like shite throughout large parts of his career there. It's a bit too late in the day for him for a proper in-ring resurgence, but it'll be nice to see him wind down his career with a smile on his face.
  9. If he makes it onto the AEW video game I'll be delighted.
  10. I'd argue Reigns probably belongs in the same bracket of 'true superstar' as Batista, and could easily see him following his path into movies too. Other than him, I think you're right though.
  11. Lots of interesting faces posted in this thread, not many of them actually pleasing to look at. This should be the 'Disconcerting Faces Thread'.
  12. My favourite ever one of these was from 2011 when I was over at my parent's house and put the wrestling on their telly for a while. I wouldn't usually do that, but I think it was the week of the CM Punk 'pipebomb' promo and I was keen to see it. Dad: "He's a bit too skinny to be in it, isn't he?" Mum: "Oh I wouldn't let him sit on my settee with that greasy hair".
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