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  1. His physique was still insane when he came to WWF, but he was very much 'just a wrestler' at a time when everyone on the roster had these outlandish gimmicks and massive personalities.
  2. Fuck everybody hating on Khali's comeback, I thought it was ace. I love the big mad looking bastard. Also, everything about Jinder's presentation is absolutely quality. His look, his snarl, his music, his video screen graphics as he walks out, his lackeys and now he's got a big goon looking out for him too. I'm into it. He looks a bigger star than almost anyone else on the SmackDown roster. Obviously he isn't, he's only an average worker, but I applaud WWE for their efforts to try to build a heel with real heat and for rewarding the guy that turns up for work with the biggest muscles with a top spot. The match was actually halfway decent, they all worked their asses off in that shitty cage. That flag match though? Fucking septic.
  3. The facial expressions are bang on!
  4. Use the tapes to make your own furniture.
  5. Nah, you're alright.
  6. Does that mean he also looks like a bald baby Strowman?
  7. Love the comically big boots on him to emphasise how skinny he is.
  8. Home Depot absolutely ruins it I'm afraid.
  9. Keepin' It 100 is my current favourite by a mile, but with most episodes running two and a half hours it's completely fucked my scheduling of other shows. I used to listen to all of Austin's shows, most of Cabana's and a good few of Jericho's. Since I got into Konnan's show I've halved the amount of other shows I can find time to listen to.
  10. Think a fair few people had the same idea...
  11. I did follow TechnicallyRon for a while but got sick of him. Too much of a try-hard. Jimllpaintit is good though. I do actually follow the majority of stuff already mentioned in the thread so far. @wefail is another I like. Frankie Boyle is also great on there @frankieboyle. @90sfootballers is one that I know a few here would appreciate.
  12. To borrow a phrase from Konnan, this Jason Jordan angle (heh) comes across as super JoJo. Added to that I'm not at all happy that this would seem to be the end for American Alpha, as they were a big favourite of mine. Yet I've got mixed feelings about it all because I'm more than happy to see them doing an actual storyline for a change. So I'm interested enough to see how they play it out and whether this means they are keen to make a star of Jordan. I'd like to think that it will be revealed to be a scam and they use that to turn him heel, as a few others have suggested. Seems a logical progression. Outside of that, I enjoyed the Enzo and Cass stuff again this week. They are doing a decent job of building Cass up. Hopefully they move him onto something decent and get Enzo occupied elsewhere before the heat from this is allowed to fizzle out. I'm a fan of them putting Rollins and Ambrose together because it means that I can fast-forward through the dullest parts of the show far more efficiently now. Are Reigns, Joe and Braun all tweeners? You can add Brock into that question too, actually.
  13. I don't want to know how he did those sideburns.
  14. The immersive hotel thing sounds amazing to me, I'd definitely want to do that. I used to dream about things like this when I was younger and often wondered why they didn't exist already. The answer of course, is money. That's also why a lot of enthusiasm for this venture will turn to rage when it is eventually revealed just how prohibitively expensive it will end up being.