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  1. Well you've gone for them to win in 90 minutes AND after Extra time.
  2. Assuming he's at the very least half decent, and that it's Man U knocking on the door, why would Swansea be letting him go for that much? Don't they know how easy it is to pull Ed Woodward's pants down?
  3. Spurs have lost 13 (fucking THIRTEEN!?) Premier League games this season, that's over a third of their games and they are still comfortable top four finishers because the rest of the chasing pack are so fucking useless too. I'm not having that the Premier League is brilliant this season, the standards outside of the runaway top two are poor. Spurs also lost four games in the Champions League. Liverpool also lost four games in the Champions League. That's eight defeats in the competition from the two finalists. Shocking stats really.
  4. I don't know why anyone thought that was impossible tonight. Absolutely fair fucking play to them for getting it done, but it was clear they were always going to be able to cause that dodgy Barca defence problems. They really should have scored a couple in the Nou Camp (even United gave them a fright over there for five minutes and we couldn't create chances against Huddersfield). I had a tenner on Liverpool going through tonight, I figured I might as well try to monetise the impending misery. Paid out 150 quid. City are going to fuck it up on Sunday aren't they? There's a grim inevitability to it.
  5. Hope you can get Curt Hawkins attention with that, he'd love it!
  6. It is, but if Gary Neville can get away with doing it on live commentary, then we can all feel somewhat validated for doing it in the privacy of our living rooms.
  7. This was a great listen Kaz, nice one. Brought back some good memories! Would be very interested to listen to more of the same, there's so much to go into with the story of 1PW. I've still got my 1-Up Games exclusive Jakks William Regal mint in box!
  8. That's some crazy dedication to such a niche. Some of the best looking customs I've seen.
  9. Unlucky mate, but what a fucking goal to win it.
  10. Just watching a bit of this on FreeSports, first time I've checked it out. Fuck me, the production values are dogshit. Is it really so difficult in 2019 with all the tech and industry talent available nowadays to put together a title sequence that doesn't look and sound the same as it would have done on public access TV in 1999?
  11. I'd love to see a heel pull that kind of routine with today's Raw audiences. Would be great for Sami. Think the heat would be tremendous.
  12. More than half the women's roster are crap in the ring, that's being generous too. Billie's a tremendous entertainer, the funniest promo on the show. That's way more important to me.
  13. Drew's a total dullard in the ring and on the mic and his Just For Men beard looks ridiculous. I haven't been interested in a single thing he's done since coming back to WWE.
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