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  1. I've seen bits and bobs, I've not followed it as in watch the full shows, I watch The Takeovers, however.
  2. TheToeSucker

    Chippy Tea

    an hour. An Hour to get there, collect, and then an hour to get back.
  3. TheToeSucker

    Chippy Tea

    it's the only chippy around me that's worth eating, tbh
  4. NXT seems kind of meh to me these days, Like I haven't followed it in years, do people just wrestle for the sake of it? Or is it like RAW and Smackdown?
  5. TheToeSucker

    Chippy Tea

    ….I live in a country town. And it is an hour, I have timed it with my phone. I walk through a park.
  6. TheToeSucker

    Chippy Tea

    It comes in a paper bag, and then a plastic bag. So I suppose the heat of the food keeps itself hot
  7. I was on the verge of tears when they showed actual footage of Sharon. She was beautiful wasn't she?
  8. two hours on USA Starts in September. https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/wwe-nxt-usa-network-debut-september-18-290466
  9. The guy was a complete twat to her as well.
  10. And all she had to do was fart on camera and embarrass herself.
  11. TheToeSucker

    Chippy Tea

    I walk an hour for chippy, and it stays warm, amazing
  12. TheToeSucker

    Chippy Tea

    And I'm quite picky, so I know if I go in the store, I can choose what I want and I know i'll get it, rather than relying on a computer, that may get it wrong or they'll ignore.
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