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  1. Who even says Cain is working a full time gig? Maybe it's just a one and done with Brock? I can't see him fitting into WWE much
  2. ITVs broadcast of Dynamite is edited, no promo vids, the MJF match is completely missing.
  3. Oh I see, we mistaking going away heat for actual heel heat? Cool.
  4. It can only mean one thing. Wrestling fans are dumb
  5. Cody looks after himself, looks good, and is a good wrestler. Jericho is fat, out of shape and relies on internet memes like some boomer
  6. I dunno, I like my wrestlers to look hunky, Cody, you could set a watch to his body
  7. So he could hit the gym then, Couldn't he? The Lazy cunt
  8. I can see why Chris Jericho would be world champion, but why is he in his current form. Hit the gym, lay down the vodka and I'll agree with you.
  9. I can see why, I just think he looks like a old pathetic drunk.
  10. I'm confused, I thought AEW fans liked work rate. Not sure 60 year old Jericho is that.
  11. Ah yes, that's the time that he and Steph were trying for kids, and he had to quit the cycling. Jericho's just a old boozer
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