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  1. Couldn't agree with this more. Jones was always the Python that summed up the very British farce of it all. Labyrinth was a great example of his humour, listening to his one liners in that you can go back to Monty Python and say 'That's one of his lines/ That's a Terry Jones sketch'
  2. I hated Super Smash Bothers on the Gamecube, played it twice and thought it was the most shallow, generic fighting game I'd played. Got it on the Switch for my brother last year and have to admit it's a lot more fun than I thought and there's a fair bit of depth with how you play with each character. Still not the untouchable classic some people claim it to be be though
  3. No massive surprises there. Joker will probably win a bunch that it doesn't really deserve. As long as the greatest living cinematographer Roger Deakins wins, and Knives Out or Parasite gets the screenplay nod I don't care. I'm looking forward to some good old fashioned fan-boy complaining because Robert Downey Jr didn't get shortlisted for playing Iron Man (edit: which in no way, shape or form does he deserve)
  4. ...Nah, he can't be using a discussion on ethics to humble-brag, surely. I hope nobody bites... *nobody bites* ... Never change, Maxwell.
  5. Worked backstage on that show and he was the nicest, most down to earth guy you'll ever meet. Didn't say no to anything and ended up filming a power rangers spoof for the Sci Fi lot.
  6. This is hypnotic. Biggest selling games of all time.
  7. It was equal parts terrifying and lovely.would like to see a Sunday evening series and had some cracking one liners in it.
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