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  1. Yep series 3 is on there
  2. I'm 34 and have a degree in film. Don't worry there's jobs out there ( if that's the field you actually want to work in). Try looking at comms jobs in the public sector. A lot of companies are bringing stuff like that in house to avoid paying agency rates but brand them as digital media jobs. Also look at getting in touch with design and marketing agencies about working for them on a freelance basis. The majority of agencies have in house design teams but offer media production services ( design agencies will say they can do anything then figure out how to afterwards) then just hire a freelancer to do it and pay them. I've had near full time work from freelance jobs in the past just from a couple of design agencies.
  3. Patrick Stewart is also best mates with Brian Blessed. They grew up together. The 3 of them together is a tv show waiting to happen.
  4. The last one made over $1.5 billion. There's no way it wasn't getting a sequel. They'll make them until they lose all the major stars or one bombs spectacularly.
  5. He's the Peter Kay of politics. No new material in the last 15 years.
  6. Just had a cup of tea with Michael Sheen in our office. Lovely fella (and far more Welsh in person, which is obviously an excellent thing)
  7. I watched it last night. It's fucking dire. Like someone was sat at home watching Jonathon Creek, wishing they would do a cross over with Hustle, but with proper actors
  8. Excitement level for this is at silly levels
  9. You've just described every review of Raw, ever
  10. It's gone the way of Lost now. Directionless episodes held together with the hope that something better will happen, six episodes of content, spread over 22 weeks and fans reading more into the quality of the show and it's writing than is actually there (see also, Dr Who). I hope Frank Darabont wins his lawsuit and takes them all to the cleaners
  11. Looking at how many tickets have shifted so far they might have to end up lowering the ticket pricing if they do more shows I really can't understand the logic of charging more than the local promotion when they are using the exact same talent
  12. They didn't. I mentioned at the time that they wanted an 80s action film vibe so they just hired the stars and didn't bother with a script. They should have chucked a few quid at Shane Black to write it and it would have been something special. Also l forgot all about that Conan film. Now I'm sad
  13. £45 to watch wrestling in the Guild Hall. Christ!
  14. So many years ago I worked as a baker to pay my way through uni. Last few months I've been getting back into breads, sour dough and, more recently, cakes. Turns out cakes are still a piece of piss to do and I've been playing around more then anything. Anyway I made myself a chocolate and caramac cake. I am now thinking of other things I can 'cake'
  15. I've not read it in a while but Justin Roberts' blog about Connor, Warrior and the Connors Cure stuff just after he was released showed up WWE for being media savvy pricks ( to the surprise of no one)