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  1. Been scanning some negatives from the medium format camera (to avoid doing other work) Really can't beat the look of film, although it will always be a pain in the arse to shoot with.
  2. I wonder what the criteria for a suspension for Coffey, rather than being fired is. Seems odd that he's the only one that wasn't sacked off. Was he accused of something less serious?
  3. I'm assuming it was when they accused him of calling them 'pikey' which is a racial slur.
  4. Attack. Discredit. Release secrets. Did he get his media training from Scientology?
  5. "Upon discovering she was 16, it would appear that I continued with the conversation"
  6. I love the Lost Boys for what it is but he was far from a good director, very much a jobbing director in that 80s music video style and massively over achieved and fell into a big franchise ( which was a poison challace of a job with all the studio interference to make it marketable to kids, something that is still very relevant with the recent Snyder cut debate.) and tried to do dark and gritty to get away from it with limited success. Saying that, he always seemed like a very cool guy in interviews and A Time to kill was a very good film.
  7. A company has come out and confirmed Will Ospreay blacklisted Pollyanna
  8. It's a terrible apology and the fact that he's only doing it now because he's being called out in a list full of wrong uns is more telling of his personality than anything else.
  9. A fantastic, classically trained actor that could try anything. He'll always be Pod from the Borrowers though
  10. Well that Alex Shane one is horrific.
  11. It's heart warming to see how many people are calling him out again on twitter again for being a shit house
  12. https://twitter.com/ExposeWrestling The floodgates are open!
  13. Probably a combination of the dire ratings and because they made such a fuss of hiring Heyman and Bischoff to head up the writing of both shows and, in less than a year, have sacked them both off.
  14. Uncharted 4 is massive so that gives me hope. I finished Uncharted: The Lost Legacy last week, its a great addition, the storyline isn't great and the baddie seems massively under written when you compare it to Uncharted 4 but it's a lot of fun. The one thing Naughty Dog do great is the mechanics for characters just chatting to each other during exploration. Just driving around and there's random conversations that don't feel forced and if they get interrupted they go back into it without a jarring start. They do get caught up in the 'open area means theres going to be a big firefight. tall grass means you're going to have a stealth bit' but thats the nature of the game. To me it's the perfect version of the Telltale games, storyline driven games but with more gameplay and fun in between the plot development
  15. Latest edition for the office
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