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  1. Labour just lost Blyth Valley. Madness. I’m going to bed.
  2. I spent a day with him years ago doing PR events. He was as eccentric as you'd hope, bounding around, telling me stories about punching people during a protest at a wind farm. He must have been in his mid 70s at that point. What a guy!
  3. All good now, buddy. Thanks for asking
  4. Sorry buddy. Thought I'd uploaded it. Its all done. I'll upload it when I get back tomorrow.
  5. Playing devils advocate the lingering shots are the best way to pad out a teaser trailer; identifiable images which don't go too far into the plot and are instantly recognisable to fans, I'd much rather than than every plot beat thrown out in the first trailer. I'd be shocked if the next trailer isn't full on plot reveals finishing in the big cameo reveals.
  6. I wonder how much those lads have actually been paid not to work since April. Their downside can’t have been that much.
  7. Best I've heard them in a long while. I'm off to see Mark Morriss again on Friday with Nigel Clark and Chris Helme in my bid to ignore all new music.
  8. Did you see them in the Ritz? If so I was there and am a little bit sad I've only just seen this by accident and didn't get to buy you an overpriced pint
  9. Sorry Noro virus put a stop to photoshopping. It's the summer winter of George!
  10. It's that time of year where i ignore my workload to crudely photoshop forum avatars....you know the drill
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