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  1. chokeout

    Full Time Dad

    It can't just be me that thought the UKFF Dad nicknames were back? But seriously, do it. Nothing to lose and everything to gain
  2. chokeout

    Jerry Lawler is the Greatest Wrestler of all time

    It's the perfect combination of lime green and shocking pink
  3. Woooooooooooah. Planes, Trains is wonderful on loads of levels. It's got that perfect balance of John Hughes comedy / sentiment
  4. chokeout


    If you want to go down the DSLR route then you're in a similar price bracket to Chris B. What sort of stuff is it you want to film? Vlog, location stuff, interviews, candid people shots?
  5. chokeout


    Honestly, you won't regret it. The options open to you now, compared to using a phone, are amazing and the 50mm will give you that depth of field that DSLR shooters use. There's a 1001 videos on Youtube giving tips on starting with DSLRs but if you want any tips or are getting stumped by anything, make sure you give me a shout. I'm filming a talking head video for a corporate job tomorrow, I'll happily chuck a 750d with a 50mm next to the main camera if you want a sample of what you can get out of it?
  6. chokeout

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    I've still got some shows (2 singles and a tag....every. Single. Show. ) I filmed for Orig back in about 98/99 with him doing live commentary. Always loved him randomly shouting 'kayfabe' into the mic to end the match. Pretty sure it's Blackie as the Rock and someone else doing a Goldust ripoff but he had to be called Goldfinger ( despite having Goldust written on his back in massive letters) because Orig had recently got a cease and desist letter from WWE for using the characters and the old WCW ring aprons.
  7. chokeout

    UKFF Photography Thread

    If you're looking at doing a lot of landscapes. Have a look at getting a cheap ND filter set, lets you get more detail in the skies and take longer exposures. Can get a set off Amazon for about a tenner and opens up a lot of options for cool shots. Did a vintage shoot at a decommissioned Nuclear Bunker on the weekend. Was great fun and a little bit different
  8. chokeout

    Super Furry Animals appreciation thread.

    Something 4 the weekend is one of those tracks you can't help but smile listening to and takes me straight back to school. They seemed to be the support act for every big Indie gig in the late 90s and were the default response to the question 'Oh, you're Welsh, you must like Catatonia?'
  9. chokeout


    Entry level dslr ( canon 600d /550d / 700d) with a 50mm 'plastic fantastic' lens is the go to for starting off with a DSLR. If I were you I'd get the camera second hand from CEX, they still give you a 12 month guarantee so it'll last as long as a new one and you can put the savings towards the lens / a mic.
  10. chokeout

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Oh I'm not saying it doesn't happen and the big one a few years ago was people intentionally hacking female celebrities accounts ( which was mainly just fishing emails that got people's passwords and by all accounts was a small pool of people doing it and sharing the info) but when we've been to comms conferences and it been raised the sheer volume of cases where photos have 'got out' or accounts have been entered it's by people who know/ guessed passwords based on personal knowledge And have/ had a connection to the victim
  11. chokeout

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Nobody takes nude selfies for themselves. They take them and send them to their partner. Sadly when relationships break down some people are dicks are share those photos on to friends. Not saying that's what happens in every instance but it's way more likely than 'hacking' Theres also intentional revenge porn, because, again, some people are horrible human beings.
  12. chokeout

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Most of the time when stuff like this gets out it's because it's been shared on, not hacked. Im assuming these are the ones that Joey Axl got blackballed for sharing last year?
  13. chokeout

    UKFF Photography Thread

    Soooooo. Exactly one year after taking the first photo, I finished my photo challenge. I aimed for 52 portraits and ended up with over 80. The quality is a bit up and down but i've actually enjoyed a year of random photos and am trying to plan what to do this year (maybe a landscape challenge) (Sorry about the double post, Keith x)
  14. Finally got round to seeing Mission Impossible: Fallout after missing it in the cinema. It’s just non stop. Not just one of the best actions films of the year but easily of the last 5-10 years. Also doesn’t go the route of shaky single cameras for the fight scenes, like every film since the Bourne Identity, which was a welcome change. Cavill should be Bond, dude oozes charisma and looks like he could snap you like a twig if he needed to ( might just have been because he was standing next to Tiny Tom though)
  15. chokeout

    UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2

    If Gus wins and Jones tests positive, Does the fight get ruled a no contest? Or is it only a victory that gets quashed?