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  1. Sorry to hear that, Baz. Hope you’re doing ok and have people around you to talk to.
  2. When the Office was first on they mentioned that a few times and there was an interview with her asking why she changed her name. I love the interviewers logic that Davis was the fake showbiz surname and not Carrott
  3. 205 are knocking it out of the park with their matches recently. It's a real shame WWE aren't willing to give them 15 minutes on the main show to do a crazy spotfest / Ladder match in front of casual fans to get some eyes on them.
  4. Don't care if you like Marvel or not, I love how little they have shown of the film, it's out in a month and they have given us less than 3 minutes of actual footage from the film over two trailers, no big action set pieces and almost zero context to any of the shots. I honestly can't think of the last time a big blockbuster did anything close to this.
  5. In his defense, this is the man who talent spotted Joe Beasley and Cheeky Monkey at a Hoseason's holiday resort and insisted they go on Knowing Me, Knowing You.
  6. Simon plays the smiling desperation perfectly. The child Alan was terrifying (but doesn't fit with the format of the show. You could get away with it more when they were supposed to be his indulgent Peartree Productions shows) but is a great call back to his references to the teachers he's had in previous series. That dummy he was whacking was far more unnerving. The running joke about his inability to time walking and talking is still great as well.
  7. Chuck him in the 'Best work was with a co-writer who filtered out their shit' pile with Peter Kay
  8. It's been a weird targeted campaign because they tried to pitch the film as a strong female character, headed by a strong, vocal female actor, which morphed into Marvel trying to be 'SJW' and people trying to review bomb the film before release on Rotten Tomatoes, i'm assuming for being pro woman. When the website removed the negative feedback it was portrayed as Disney censoring opinions (despite RT being part owned by Fox) For clarity 60,000 reviews were left for Captain Marvel in less than 12 hours, compared to 53,000 for the entire run of Infinity War. I doubt she's being replaced because it's making silly money for a character most people have never heard of and she's doing random press stuff like turning up at film screenings in a Captain Marvel hoodie and handing out snacks In summary, a group of very fragile people on the internet have spent a lot of time trying to derail a hollywood movie and spread false rumours because the main character has boobs.
  9. An unreleased WCW game for the NES has apparently been found from 1989
  10. That's great news. I love Code Veronica, it seemed so big compared to the previous games, probably just because of the appearance of the mansion later in the game and seemed like such a leap from the previous games. The 3D cameras were terrible though, even more so if you try and play it today. It gets extra points for being the first game i loved having the VMU with on the Dreamcast.
  11. Completed Resident Evil 2 as both characters over the weekend. My god, it's great. They could have easily cashed in on a bare bones remake but the effort that has gone into is is something else and it looks stunning. Loved the little nods towards Romero with the wrinkly look of some of the zombies and they did really well throwing some jump scares in by hiding the zombies round corners (something that was missing when they went from pre rendered graphics to 3D) Wonder what the chances of a Code Veronica or Nemesis remake are?
  12. Alien still looks far better than films half its age. The Mother set is a product of its time but the model work and set design are beautiful.
  13. Original still holds up really well, except the David Warner scene (ironically because the effect doesn't stand up to being shot in bright daylight and could have done with some smoke and mirrors) Gregory Peck was ace, wasn't he
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