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  1. Randy Orton live streams doesn't he? If anyone is going to tell them to do one, it'll be him and they'll just end up fining or firing someone from NXT to scare people. Let's face it, owning someone's likeness and real name, outside of WWE is the shakiest of shakey grounds, regardless of the independent contractor argument. Edit. Someone on reddit pointed out that Big E is filming 4-6 cameo videos a day at $125 a pop. That's a potential $200,000 a year and the women will probably be doing even better (because wrestling fans) Imagine being the one who had to explain how all this
  2. The best Venom film of last year was Upgrade.
  3. That's totally my approach to it. The justice league film that was released will always stand as an oddity of a studio taking what they can, handing it to a jobbing director and cobbling enough together to release it but at the highest level of big budget cinema. I just want to see a couple of the scenes that are used in both with the colour grading and filmed elements and try and figure out exactly how much stuff they had to tinker with and change to frankenstein a film together.
  4. There was rumours floating around well before he stepped down that they had sacked him off and there wasn't any waiting till he left involved before studio tinkering started. BvS massively underperformed and was a financial and critical disappointment and he started on Justice League while all that was happening. I'd be shocked if he wasnt fired long before he publically stepped away after the terrible family stuff. My biggest concern at the minute is that he really has no idea how to pace and structure a film and just films everything then figures it out in an edit (the sheer volume of
  5. After years of hype he's not released a trailer with any pacing or narrative. He's just released a collection of shots of 'new stuff' with a song from another of his movies over it. Never change Snyder. Suicide Squad looks like it could be insane fun. With the amount of characters in it I'm expecting the majority to be killed off in the first 20 min.
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