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  1. chokeout

    Stan Lee RIP (1922-2018)

    If you get the chance hunt down one of the books on the history of Marvel, they are great reads. His history with Ditko and Kirby is a little murky and there’s arguments about how involved he was with some of the creations but there’s no denying that he *was* involved with some of the most iconic characters in comic book history. He also made himself a character, talking to the readers directly, making the staff at marvel part of the comics and was one of the first guys to realise there was money in selling character licences. A huge part of my childhood and a genuine pop culture icon.
  2. chokeout

    25 Years Deep: Favourite Moments

    Dana calling in Randy to get the belt off Big TIm. The build up to Tito vs Ken. The first big fight feel for a UFC fight. Anderson Silva's path of destruction before the crowds turned on him. Special mention to the finish of the Chael fight, the whole build up of him dismissing triangles, dominating for a drawn out decision and losing how he did was just wonderful. A genuine rollercoaster ride of a fight. UFC coming to Bravo! After years of catching fights through friends who were buying off traders we had UFC PPVs on tv, just in time for the explosion of The Ultimate Fighter. The Ultimate Fighter. Those first four seasons were just a great time to be a fan. The first season was just what it needed to be and had a final that changed the company forever, the second season gave us Matt Hughes being Matt Hughes, and annoying the hell out of me (I still wasn't over him getting the win in the dodgy Carlos Newton finish....I'm still not). 3 gave us Tito vs Ken (again) TUF 4 was the pinnacle for me. Not the best for fights but for characters and the outcome, it can't be beaten. Special mention to season 8 with Big Nog and his Team (Stankie!) being the greatest coaching team of ALL TIME, Mir making me genuinely despise him. Just never mention their fight UFC 100 as an event, ending with Mir getting turned to mush. Bisping having an almost perfect ending to his career.
  3. chokeout

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    The comparison comes from cinema historically being the most popular and profitable form of media for the last century, so the most popular film is, or has, by default been the pinnacle of media (from a profit perspective). It's probably the biggest shift in entertainment since cinema began that games are 'out-selling' them or that an industry that has been around for 30 years is earning those numbers. Obviously, like you say, they aren't directly comparable and there's things to consider like the cost of creating it and the turnaround time (It cost the same as Infinity War to make but Marvel have made almost the entire MCU in that time) and how many games are actually reaching those heights. There's still a very real argument that film is still a far biggest industry and always will be imagine saying a game would make that much money, even during the height of 80s arcade.
  4. chokeout

    It's today then ... (Trump thread)

    I love how quickly stuff like this can kick off. The pro Trump supporters are now claiming the videos saying it's fake are fake. Those that admit it are comparing it to the incident when one of Trumps aides pushed a supporter. It's all madness
  5. chokeout

    It's today then ... (Trump thread)

    Give him time
  6. chokeout


    The edit didn't take too long. Sync'd all the cameras and did a multicamera edit. It's the best 2 takes merged into one. Most of the post was done with Magic Bullet looks on an adjustment layer. The only bit that took a bit of tinkering was Graham, the older actor, had asked for the lights from passing cars. I had originally just attached one of the small LED lights to a light stand and rotated it but it so too dim to stand out so I made them in After Effects and just dropped them in where they would fit.
  7. chokeout

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    That's really unfortunate placement of the YouTube icon in the thumbnail. Dave Perrys Games Anal
  8. Jack Lemmon was great in pretty much everything he did. Of course his greatest achievement will always be that he gave us Chris Lemmon, who played the sidekick in Thunder in Paradise.
  9. chokeout


    Noise reduction now is amazing compared to just a few years ago, both in camera and what can be done in post. This was a (very very) quick dialogue scene with 3 locked off cameras for part of a dialogue showreel, 4 takes and the only lighting was from a couple of smaller LED lights that we could fit in the car and a reflector on the floor. The only downside was that there isn't enough light on the car interior which is a beautiful vintage car (pic of it below), with the front seats taken out for room. Start to finish, including editing, it was probably all done in 6 hours. Would love to redo it with better lighting and some more movement from the car.
  10. chokeout


    Fantastic @Chris B. Sounds like its just the noise in the shadows, which you'll always have, being amplified by the tv. Just out of curiosity what was you ISO / shutter speed when you were shooting the scenes around the table?
  11. chokeout


    @Chris B Can't see anything from the settings that would cause the issues you mentioned, although i can see noise in the screenshot. Just a quick one that might work. When you are playing it through your tv have you changed the source to a PC (when you select the input on a tv, eg 'HDMI1' there is usually a tools or settings button and you can tell your tv what that HDMI is connected to; PC, Blu Ray player, Satellite, etc). , something like this. If that doesn't work, then i think you're probably right that it's a combination of a few settings, lower shutter speed and the frames being slightly off in the render could cause slight blur and ghosting. Edit: If you have any of the footage online or a little clip i'll be happy to run it through one of the monitors and one of the projectors in work to have a quick look
  12. chokeout


    Could be a number of things: Crappy HDMI cable / The computer or TV is controlling the output/input wrongly. Easy to dismiss but it can have an effect on the quality of the footage being shown. quickest one to rule out. If possible play it on the screen via USB to see if it makes a difference The tv / screen may have a picture mode that is trying to boost the brightness and contrast of the footage, which would also add a lot of previous unseen noise, frame blending and other shenanigans into the shots Changes during editing. If you can screenshot your export settings I can have a look to make sure it's nothing that's been done when you've saved your final video. Codec and mbps can really change how it looks on a larger screen Heavy colour grading can also look ok on screen but really add to noise when your raw footage was shot with less than 4:2:2 colour as it's got a far more limited palette to make those changes.
  13. chokeout

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Looks like Ted Rogers in a dress
  14. chokeout

    WWE Crown Jewel

    And they’re more profitable than ever so sadly won’t give a shit.
  15. chokeout

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    On a side note to this. An old photographers trick for doing corporate headshots was to flip the photos because the subject sees it as how they 'really look' (due to mainly seeing themselves in a mirror and instinctively likes them more. Doesn't happen as much today in the digital age but i know a few people who flipped proofs when they were trying to sell them.