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  1. Everyone talking about how dangerous and unpredictable Gage is supposed to be, but let's face it, it'll be Juvi that drops Jericho on his head.
  2. My god that entrance for Page and The Dark Order was a thing of beauty. Just perfect.
  3. I wonder how many felt tip pens it took to draw on Chavos new main event hairline.
  4. Never said burn through them and not everyones dream match is the same. Not everyone Bryan wants to wrestle (and I'm assuming him signing away from WWE is because he wants to wrestle certain people or styles as mentioned when they initially tried to resign him) is a potential main event programme, same as Moxley facing Nagata recently. You wouldn't want a month long programme if he decides he wants a 15 minute comedy match with Orange Cassidy.
  5. Keep Bryan away from the belt. Have him doing the open invitational /I'm the best challenge (which sadly won't be him calling himself the best in the world if grumpy Punk is on his way in) great excuse to cycle through dream matches, give some random the rub and chuck him a few non contracted Japanese / Mexican wrestlers to tick off his list
  6. I hope it starts with the audio of that time Stephanie compared the 9/11 attacks to her dad being done in the steroid trials. Really set the mood for an even and balanced production.
  7. Merzbow is right, just the angle because of the plug. Both are first gen, bought at launch so I'd be shocked if the both still work. Might look at getting one modded with an optical drive emulator. Just going through and changing the internal batteries on everything. Gamecube is up and running already
  8. Finally the Glenn Close action figure I've always wanted.
  9. Even after all this time if you'd asked me what cart would be in it I'd have had a 50/50 chance of guessing between no mercy or goldeneye.
  10. Went to fix my parents roof and while I'm there they said they'd be clearing some stuff out and found 'some of your old games' I'm now giddy with excitement at firing these up.
  11. That's bullshit. I was looking forward to their awesome red button coverage.
  12. Bryan full time (and letting him off to do Japan and Mexico and whatever else he wants to do) and Punk in for a Lesnar style contract of popping up when needed for a high profile feud then going away, would be the perfect scenario. I can't help but think its a total waste of money getting them both in at the same time. A Venn diagram of casual / WWE fans that they would attract would have a massive overlap between the 2 of them. You'd at least want a 6 month gap between the 2 of them coming in, if not more
  13. Ray Winstone trying to do an accent is worth the ticket price for Black Widow
  14. If you want to try more curries but dont want to do the Meal kit subscription, try tastesmiths, fresh ingredients and spices but you can chuck the packs in the freezer, just need to get your meat / veg for them and they are lovely.
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