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  1. It's always been quite expensive. It was £15 a set in those old 80s Argos catalogues you can view online. I remember the technic sets being extortionate. The only real difference now is the added cost of licenced sets As far as best places to get it, There's no one place that's super cheap. Toys r us does a weekend in November with 25% off everything where people blitz the Lego section, they also price match and usually have more stock than other places. Smyths do big discounts as well. There's decent groups on Facebook to follow that get updated a lot.
  2. If she's not sure what she wants nip to CEX they sell 2nd hand cameras with a 24 month warranty and do some good deals. Can get a canon 600d ( still one of the cameras I carry for work as a back up) for £200 so could probably get a couple of lenses within budget and know you'll get at least a couple of years out of them.
  3. Conservative estimates seem to be a lot lower than that, around 3-4000. What would actually happen to them? Would they be honourably discharged? It's a shit storm waiting to happen because there's no way the lawsuits won't start piling up for discrimination.
  4. You'd have to be a full on idiot to put a spotlight on the Diaz's when you are opening the world up to MMA's biggest ever audience. I love them but if the boxing world is determined to still paint MMA as full of thugs and scrappers then you'd want the lads most likely to start throwing shit as far away from the cameras as possible.
  5. Needs more Pat Mustard
  6. As far as the Pepsi logo. There's a difference between the tattoo ( which they could claim falls under fair usage as part of a new, original artistic piece) and the company knowingly using the logo for profit. In theory Pepsi could attempt to sue but would have to prove that WWE or Punk have specifically tried to draw attention to the logo and profit from its use. The only other avenue they could go down would be that by association Punk or WWE have defamed or cost Pepsi money by a characters negative actions, although it would be almost impossible to prove.
  7. I hated it. The whole film was like that bit in Alien vs Predator Requiem, where they shout 'get to the chopper' and you immediately start thinking of a better film. No one wants to see a saggy old terminator with dodgy joints ( saying that I'm LOVING old man Arnie in other films) , they want to remember him as the unstoppable killing machine with half a dozen lines of dialogue and the second you start rewriting your own mythos you're going to annoy at least half your target audience.
  8. Just use the @ and start typing their name.
  9. So they have totally scrapped the story they already had for Flash? I wonder if they'll tie in the Superman: Red Son into that Mark Millar was saying they were talking about using it on Twitter would make far more sense then trying to make a solo film out of it Hopefully every time they lose an actor they just have Flash run really fast and bring in a new one.
  10. Can't link off my phone at the min but new Justice league trailer looks quite good. lanterns reference and a nod to the penguin and the reveal at the end ( which I called) makes me think we're going to get full on black suit Superman.
  11. Boon getting the number one spot will be like Doug Williams winning the top50 all over again.
  12. The dog was dressed like Steve Jobs?? Some people!!
  13. didnt know there was a new trailer for it coming out. Only 3 things I can see happening in it are more Aquaman coolness, villain reveal and ending with a Superman reveal. Is it still going to be a two parter. I thought that idea was scrapped ages ago ( I'm probably very wrong about that) my excitement level for it is so low. My old housemate worked on it and Wonder Woman and outside of wanting to see his name in the credits and the work he did BvS has just killed any interest I might have.