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  1. Photobox has got 50-70% off at the min so you can probably get something quite fancy looking for not much extra. Most apps have an option to auto fill the book if you're in a rush. One tip i've used for this in the past is copy all the photos you want into a folder, right click and arrange by date taken them select them all and rename to whatever you want. It'll auto rename them to rename(1), rename(2) etc. this means when you upload them to the programme and choose auto fill they'll all be in chronolgical order. Saves you a LOT of time if you've got hundreds of photos.
  2. The Return of Bruno says you're wrong
  3. Never forget that this was actually one of the internal Sony emails that was leaked during the Sony hack.
  4. Mysterio being so well done really makes me want to see Kraven the Hunter in the MCU Theres no way we won’t be getting Norman Osborne again sooner rather than later but Kraven with Vulture and the already hinted at Scorpion from the last film is the stuff of fanboy dreams
  5. About 20 years ago there was (I think) a Bleeding Cool article about how Warner Brothers didn't want to make a Batman vs Superman film because it was their two biggest franchises and they didn't want to halve their massive returns by combining them into a single movie. In that time Warner Brothers has managed to raise Batman to being one of the highest grossing franchises of all time, only to reduce them both to such a level that Wonder Woman and Aquaman are more marketable than them, which would be fantastic if they were creating new fan bases for those characters, but they have managed to make them both so toxic that new fans would actively avoid a film with them in as a group with solo Aquaman / Wonder Woman films outgrossing Justice League. It's madness. Snyder managed to kill two cash cows in one fell swoop, has a history of making shit films yet somehow people still think he may have made an unseen masterpiece.
  6. All versions of BvS are Snyder's versions. He was involved in the edits of the theatrical and Directors cuts. I still think he was long gone well before they announced his departure and had already been removed from the project by the time Joss Whedon was announced for BatGirl. He's excellent at making bloated, overly long and joyless films. I won't hear a word said against his remake of Dawn of The Dead though
  7. Remember when they said the first screening of BvS got a standing ovation from executives at Warner Bros...
  8. So glad I didn't get that mid credit scene ruined for me. Pure, wonderful, fan service. Loved it! The film felt a lot more low level and more like an old school Spider-man adventure, which was really needed after the last film
  9. A seagull once hit me full on. I saw it coming and everything but in a George Coztanza moment I assumed it would move. It didnt.
  10. Todd from Breaking Bad managed to replace him on my most hated list very quickly. Watching him,there's nothing breathtaking about his performance but i genuinely despised him by the end
  11. Hulk works so much better in short bursts as a supporting character. One of the biggest problems with those first two films was that no one cared what was happening with Banner, you were just waiting for him to turn into Hulk. Ruffalo as Banner is just as much of a character now, would love to see him make more appearances down the line. Find an excuse to get him back to Banner and being chased by Thunderbolt for not being part of the Sokovia accords or something. I'd watch that as a tv series.
  12. chokeout

    Glastonbury 2019

    Literally the first lad the camera cuts to makes me smell bullshit but fair play to him
  13. If there is any genre that should stick to short form 90min running times, it's Slasher films. How long can you drag out a single 'person in mask stabs people' plot for? (and I say that as a big fan of slasher films. Can't imagine anything worse than 20 hours of it.)
  14. Watching the pre-show for WWE events before a 4 hour PPV is painful but you can't say that after sitting through it you don't have a basic idea of why every single match is happening. That's the point of a pre-show! You'll see the same recaps and promo videos a couple of times and again during the main show. If it doesn't happen on tv then you have to assume that people haven't seen it! 2 shows in and no one has managed to explain who the librarian characters are. If they want to be the kings of social media and have all this online content then at least mention it on TV. Chuck a graphic on the screen and point them to the videos online.
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