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  1. Depending on who you believe they couldn't be bothered getting the episodes translated so just wrote their own plots based roughly on what was happening on screen.
  2. That sketch was my first thought while that was happening.
  3. Barry continues to be one of my favourite things on television and I'm shocked at how good an actor Bill Hader is coming from a comedy background and the supporting cast is perfect. Despite it getting darker, last weeks episode with the Tae Kwon Do instructor and his daughter was one of the funniest things I've seen this year. Oh and NoHo Hank!
  4. Jesus Pictos. What's with the passive aggressiveness? I've not said anything like that
  5. I meant ITV AEW is as far from mainstream as you can get but you would think that as a company ITV would want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, including lapsed fans or just the curious, not just existing hardcore fans.
  6. He got arrested but never charged then tried to sue the woman who accused him, for defamation and lost when the court decided she was telling the truth. He did a runner when he got landed with the court costs and had been living abroad ever since.
  7. Don't be deliberately obtuse 🤔 You're comparing buying a Sky Box Office PPV from the biggest wrestling company in the world, during it's biggest boom period (ignoring the fact that even at the time people really, really didn't like paying that much for the UK only PPVS) Keep in mind, since that point in the UK we've had free WWE pay per views, free TNA PPVs and WWE has totally changed the benchmark by offering their biggest PPV and a months worth of extra content for 9.99. If the market leader is charging that then you can't really justify a mainstream company charging 50% more, in a market that is historically reluctant to pay and used to free content
  8. £14.95 for a niche wrestling PPV on ITV. You'd think they'd set their price points more in line with a UK audience
  9. i can't see past Ghost and the Wildlings coming in for a big save during the battle after that goodbye.
  10. My dad has asked me to take some random pics of the North Wales coast where he lives so he has something to paint so I took the camera out to get a few shots on the beach and used it as an excuse to take some long exposure shots. Was great fun and a little different.
  11. They are identical to normal sets, usually with more steps on each page though, to cut down on the manual size. I'll take a pic if you want when i get home? The only issue I ever had was in the earlier sets the pieces weren't sorted in bags in stages (bag 1, bag 2, etc) so with that Super Star Destroyer I had a box of literally thousands of unsorted grey pieces. It was a nightmare to get them in any order. Don't think that's an issue with the newer sets though.
  12. I hope you’re already planning your next one.
  13. They announced a Vision and Scarlet Witch series for the Disney+ streaming channel before EndGame was released so we'll be seeing him again. They've said it's set in the 50s so think it might be a 'what if' stand alone series based on one of the weird Vision miniseries where he has a family.
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