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  1. Wrong Screenshots

    The Neverending Story (1985)
  2. Blimey! They're still alive

    If a bomb went off there, Panto season would be fucked.
  3. Wrong Screenshots

    Rocky (1976) Rocky 2 (1979) Rocky 3 (1982) Rocky 4 (1985) Creed (2015)
  4. Wrong Screenshots

    How I Met Your Mother (2014)
  5. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    He was almost certainly still under contract then. From what I can remember he was signed to a 10 year contract on silly money. I'm sure the initial reports were 10years / $10million which would have taken him up to 2005/06. The amount also led to a lot of speculation that the angles they put him in were trying to force him to quit.
  6. What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Watched the first series yesterday after the recommendation. Loved it. Managed to be warm and genuinely funny and the relationship between the leads is great. Does it stay at the same quality all the way through?
  7. I've not seen it yet but did notice it's been added to Amazon Prime so i'll give it a watch.
  8. I really don't get what people see in him. Even when people say 'oh x is amazing' and I disagree, I can usually see why they like them. But with Ben Wheatley I just see self indulgent wank. Kill List is legitimately one of the worst films I've ever seen.
  9. 5 star wrestling

    Exactly this. If anyone is promoting and not breaking things down into 'this person costs x and will sell us this many tickets / shift this much merch' then they are doing it wrong. Even if they were only paying him £500 which, lets face it, they aren't, can you honestly say 50 fans are going to turn up and pay a tenner a head to see Jack Swagger? At least with Mysterio you know you'll get kids and parents through the door (although there's still going to be the argument that with his silly fee and flights it's still a massive loss leader). Even if you took out all the money from the equation and it was booked right, how much would a win over Jack Swagger be worth to one of the UK talent?
  10. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    You have to send a postal order and a stamped, self addressed envelop to the Paidos address and then best Butch in hand to hand combat.
  11. Today I learned...

    Today I learned that professional old man Dick Van Dyke has a mild obsession with special effects, taught himself 3D animation and created CGI effects for Diagnosis Murder in his house.
  12. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    It's very possible. The illustration work I do at the min is all done like that. I usually draw something by hand then scan it and draw over it in illustrator. It's very easy to do.
  13. Peadophile Hunters

    True but he's got the holy grail of twitter handles @hatesnonces simple, yet to the point.
  14. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    I have one at home and a smaller one,pretty sure its that model actually, at work. Depending on where you get it from you can get Corel Paint and some other programmes free with it. I use mine a lot for photo touch ups and sketching but....... and its a big but, i can draw with a mouse. If you've never used one your eye instinctively looks at your hand and you need to ignore that and look at the screen and it'll take a while to get used to the new hand/eye coordination . They are amazing for editing images in Photoshop because you can set them to pressure sensitive, like a real pen so blending becomes amazingly simple and you'll get far better results. Windows and Mac have built in recognition of them so they should just be plug and play and you're off on any software you usually use.