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  1. Yep been watching, the voice cast is amazing and it's been great that they didn't get bogged down in world building or explaining everyone's powers. Probably the best example of hitting the ground running for the superhero genre. I also like that the jump from typical superhero punch ups to graphic violence manages to remain shocking every time it happens.
  2. Meatloaf looks like he’s about to pop on a cowboy hat and batter some puppies in that video.
  3. Not the best first trailer but colour me intrigued to see how they retcon the Mandarin stuff after Iron Man 3 and the one shot. Also. I'm not one for OTT fan theories but this video raises some very good points about re-edits to remove a plot line From Falcon and the Winter soldier which would explain some of the crappy reasoning to the Flag smashers and some of the dodgy pacing issues.
  4. It's the drawback of trying to structure it more like a 6 hour film than a TV series, you aren't getting build up to a finale every episode.the opening fight was great and Wyatt Russell is showing some great acting chops but the change in pace was very jarring, I'm assuming next week will be the big fighty marvel ending, with a tease at the new lad becoming Falcon 2 and the mentions of the Raft have to be leading to Thunderbolts at some point.
  5. I'm so sorry for you, Def. What an absolute legacy to leave behind. What a guy!
  6. My only takeaway from the Fiend / Orton match was that they wanted the weird black stuff to drip down Bliss's face but there was a spurt that looked just like when Richie cut his finger off in Bottom
  7. Is he just a head? If he's not then he's half in his son there. Reminds me of of this classy Diana one that looks like it should be on a commerative plate in Viz. Who makes them!!!
  8. Now all I want from life is there to be a man in a change cubicle just off camera that has to come with the keys.
  9. What's the deal with Philip and Prince Charles? is it quite well known they didn't get on? Charles did the classic 'he didn't suffer fools' line in his tribute which is what you say when your nan is a prick to everyone.
  10. https://streamable.com/80dbbo
  11. Rudd worked at Baskin Robbins in Ant Man and now this. there's no way he isn't getting those sweet ice cream kickbacks. When Ghost busters 2 was released they had ghosts in a can. Literally empty cans. This is a vast improvement.
  12. Warner Bros: "Zack, we need you to make a 2 hour movie to release in the cinema" Zack Snyder:...
  13. The question should be why is there 4 hours worth of footage. I know some people have claimed it was originally going to be 2 films, which is bullshit, they were never filming 2 movies back to back and there certainly isn’t 2 movies of plot here. I think WB wanted it split up to release but there’s no structure (because Snyder can’t pace for shit) in there to split it into 4 parts, even the segments/title cards that are in there at the minute feel added in at random, there’s no way you could break that film down into 4 three act structures. Imagine watching an episode and 1/4th of it is Bar
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