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  1. Threatening spoilers and doing that are two totally different things. That's shit arse behaviour.
  2. Not even wearing trainers in the promo shot. 'Fuck it. Just rest them on his old man legs'
  3. Victim blaming a guy that got a kicking on camera. Christ lads, have a word with yourselves.
  4. Work on the fly...like being able to control yourself if you don’t get the finish you planned?
  5. The answer is Steve Blackman
  6. Bad times at the El Royale popped up on sky over the weekend. It really wants to be a Coen Brothers movie, but it's not quite there and has a few massive plot holes. But the cast is great and the scene where Jeff Bridges talks about his failing memory once again shows that it doesn't matter what material he's given, he's just amazing.
  7. 'As Time Goes By' ran for 13 years! A show thats entire premise was that Geoffrey Palmer had a face like a grumpy bollock
  8. Had to give Shelton Benjamin a lift in my car once because he refused to make a 3 minute walk to a venue. He refused to speak to anyone but did take a travel sweet off me. Saw Scott Steiner throw up in a bin. Delerious once got angry and tried to kayfabe me because I went over to him (unmasked) and asked him 'hey are you Hunter?' I had to stop him mid sentence to explain that I didn't know he was Delerious and had been emailing him back and forth for a few months with some video work as part of his day job. Many years ago I was leaving Rhyl Town Hall and Brody Steele was sat blocking the stairwell making a phone call to a woman saying he just wanted to hear her voice before his chain match tonight, in case the worst happened and he ended up in hospital due to lack of blood and was expecting at least one of the people in the match to end up in hospital ( or possibly worse ....pause for dramatic effect...dead) and how personal the match was. When we asked to get past him he told us to 'shut the fuck up while he talks to his woman for the last time' he later went on to have a textbook campsite show.
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