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  1. The volume of traffic going through Abergele and along the A55 was worse than May bank holiday. I really don't get the logic leap from 'Lockdown' to 'Holiday' absolute bellends. The only saving grace of my mum and dad being in North Wales was the low number of cases there and I was gutted I couldn't get to see them but they seem happy enough in the house for the last 10 days but there's no way that volume of people isn't going to cripple the hospitals round there almost instantly.
  2. Looking through his filmography now and he's a great example of that generation of Directors that made a career from video shops. A Very specific budget of film with box artwork to stand out for rental. The Dentist, Reanimator, Fortress, Robot Jox. Even if you never saw them people of a certain age can probably tell you exactly what the video case or trailer was like.
  3. The broad strokes of the no one will get evicted will be interesting. There can't be an eviction without bailiffs so I'm assuming they'll stop them at the court level which is fine because people need as much help as possible but there's also the very real scenario that someone can be given their full rent through universal credit, not bother paying it and the landlord will have no comeback.
  4. The moment you strip out that many of the norms and the conventions of wrestling you'll unintentionally start to reject it as a viewer. It happens any time someone tries to over produce wrestling or changes the format of something drastically. Fans are so conditioned to a classic hard side / ringside camera set up that anytime a new angle pops in it takes them out of the match. It'd be jarring for a match but for an entire show without any drip feeding of the style first, it'd be insanity. It'd be the wrestling equivilant of the uncanny valley.
  5. time to dig out the classic 'using wrestling moves in real fights' thread
  6. They've joked for so long that you're only ever performing for one person in WWE that I just want Vince sat directly in the middle of the hardside camera, berating everyone loudly, as he fights the urge to sneeze, his sad old man eyes getting glassier and glassier.
  7. Cornette really was untouchable when it came to promos. 6 minutes, 1 take and manages to explain 4 gimmicks and makes me want to buy a ticket....and then he gives himself a nose bleed.
  8. Anything happens to anyone in the next few months we know who to blame
  9. My dad loves his cooking and will happily make most things. His only limit is vegan food which he still views with suspicion
  10. In slightly more sensible news. I live about 2 hours from my parents who are both in their 70s. I don't want them going out any more than they need to because they both have health issues so am looking at getting them a Hello Fresh subscription. Has anyone used them or something similar. Would you recommend?
  11. It's time to bring back multiple venues! 3 smaller venues running ala Mania 2...or hold it over 2 days (which they should be doing anyway with the amount of matches they keep putting on the card
  12. I can confirm this works (allegedly)
  13. Foolishly went to Morrisons yesterday morning to do some shopping. 45 minute queues snaking up the aisle with people stacking their trolley with toilet paper, only to get to the till and be told its a limit of 2 packs per person then kicking off and leaving their stuff and storming out. Saw it happen 3 times in the space of 10 minutes. The people not bulk buying just breezed through the self service section. What i'm trying to say is I hate people.
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