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  1. Rod Hulls commitment to his bit was insane. He would attack anyone. I know him and Snoop Dogg is a real what the fuck moment looking back on it but then there's this...
  2. He never did grow into them ears, did he!
  3. He was a staff writer on it for 3 seasons and appeared as the 'celebrity guest' on an episode to replace Richard Prior so theres a whole episode based around him.
  4. All 5 seasons of the muppet show are coming to Disney plus next month, the first proper release for seasons 4 and 5. Amazing news, I just hope they aren't chopped to bits to avoid copyright on the songs. ... Also be interesting to see if they keep the Chris Langham guest star episode in.
  5. By accepting the pardon, and basically admitting guilt could he legally be described as 'thief and fraudster, Steve Bannon' in the press when mentioning him? Just wondering how easy it will be to publically discredit him when he inevitably pops back up to help Trump.
  6. Im shocked anyone still pays for Sky Movies. It's overpriced at the best of times for the newer stuff but considering there's been no cinema releases for nearly a year, what are people getting from it? From the look of things they have just staggered what came out at the start of last year so they have Birds of Prey coming on 13 months after its cinema release and that's about it for the foreseeable.
  7. Ahhh, no way. One of the first guys that stood out in the earlier shows because of his size and was in that mid range of 'slightly better than the generic tough guys' but got absolutely battered by the guys coming in who were legit fighters. One of the first guys I remember being taken out by leg kicks, against Marco Ruas. Wasn't he also one of the first victims of the Ruas footstomps?
  8. No problem, mate. If you make them, report back on what you think.
  9. They've announced they will be having fans at this year's event. Still in the middle of a pandemic and they are planning on selling out a stadium.
  10. Marinade the chicken in: 150ml buttermilk 1tbsp 5 spice 2tsp celery salt 2tsp white pepper 1tsp black pepper Chuck it in the fridge for at least an hour, but if you have enough time, 3 hours makes it taste amazing. Flour them in 4/1 mix of cornflour and normal flour (can just use cornflour) and 1tsp of five spice Sauce is 50ml dark soy 50ml light soy 2tbsp honey 50g brown sugar 10ml sesame oil 20ml rice vinegar 2 cloves of garlic (and the same of ginger, I just use pre made paste that I've blitzed in the blender)
  11. Shanghai chicken tenders with 5 spice batter.
  12. Say what you want about that game but it's map system was better than Cyberpunk and they really nailed the 'Paul walking like he's shat himself' animation at 4:25
  13. The two things that struck me about Wandavision 1) the attention to detail in how they've made it is amazing, not just for the set design or the costumes but fixed camera style for the first episode, the pacing and Paul Bettany absolutely smashing the sitcom delivery in the 2nd episode. 2) they haven't paced it like a netflix or streaming TV show. They didn't lay out what was happening and set up the new series and introduce the characters and have a payoff. The first episode had none of that. Compare it to one of the netflix marvel shows (I know, I know!) or, more relevent, The Man
  14. Just bring back the old public information films to scare the shit out of everyone properly. Covid can have the same level of fear for this generation as i have for stagnant water/ open water/ flying kites next to power lines in no time.
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