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  1. It really is stunning how wrong they got it.
  2. There's been a few articles about the quality of the subtitles and how they lost some of the subtlety in the translations, with Ali's storyline being even more poignant in the Original korean, which I don't think I could have handled
  3. I just want the show finishing with the Dark Order lifting up Hangman in a nod to this.
  4. God damn it. Its exactly what everyone wants but I was praying for an in ring "I'll see you.... At Full Gear" with a thunderous pop and Kenny and Don losing their shit
  5. Oh Devon, it was such a disappointment. Genuinely felt like a third installment of the Rob Zombie films at times.
  6. Halloween Kills is so, so disappointing. Its hard to believe it was made by the same people who made the last one and ignores everything that made the Carpenter film great. No fake outs, no jump scares, no playing with expectations, just gore. I have no urge to see the next one which is apparently already filmed.
  7. My rating of sequels seems to be based entirely over how often they were shown on TV in the 80s so Temple of Doom is the best because it always seemed to be on BBC1 on the Sunday afternoon slot growing up (followed by the Muppets!), Empire Strikes back was on ITV on Christmas Day, with a childline banner running across the bottom which I recorded and played to death so was defacto the best. In fact the original Star Wars never seemed to be on terrestrial TV and had almost mystical status before the VHS re-release. Same with Aliens, I must have seen it 20 times before I even saw the original and only knew of it because my Dad told me about it. Aliens was, in my head, the greatest action film ever made. Superman 2, even with the shit reshoots, comedy and man in a wig pretending to be Gene Hackman and Spiderman 2 have never been bettered.
  8. I'm doing it this week. I'm up to 5 and I really don't want to have to watch it again. The Rob zombie ones annoy me. The first one was almost an OK film but you'd think such a big horror fan would have stayed clear of trying to add a back story to Michael. The whole thing of Michael just being evil and wrong is so much more effective than Zombie finding a reason to pop his wife in the film and giving Myers a troubled homelife.
  9. I like everyone in that but it looks like dogshit
  10. I rewatched Trick R Treat last night. It's criminally underrated and the talk of the studio intentionally sinking it seems to make sense, which is a shame because it really could have relaunched the horror anthology films with that sly wink to the camera that the original Creepshow did so well. I really don't think the studio realised how close they were to having a bankable franchise character with Sam either.
  11. They just need to hire the group that made Horrible Histories / Ghosts to start churning out scripts for Muppet films. Yonderland was as close to classic muppets as anyone else has got.
  12. The 80s and early 90s were such a crazy time to grow up watching films for the first time. Horrendous hack jobs on films with huge chunks removed so they could be shown pre watershed. The classic examples being Romancing The Stone which was on ITV at 8 and cut to shreds with the classic ITV dubbing over all the swearing and then bang on 9 they just left it all uncut, as if anyone young watching just went to bed, and Robocop, which was edited to be shown on a Saturday afternoon to promote the TV series. Even the post watershed version never had the scene where the gang member crashed into the toxic waste. It blew my mind seeing that for the first time (after only seeing the still on the back of the VHS cover)
  13. Pepe and Bobo fully justify the existence of Muppets Tonight and I'm so glad Pepe became top tier. I enjoyed Haunted Mansion, mainly because I'd recently watched the documentary about it on Disney Plus, otherwise most of it would be lost on me and it felt like the older frantic Muppet stuff. Wrong voiced Kermit can do one though.
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