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  1. chokeout

    Big Brother is ending. Favourite moments?

    It's a travesty the documentary crew were fake and we will never get to see their weevil based terror
  2. chokeout

    Big Brother is ending. Favourite moments?

    Derek and Science were one of my favourite double acts in Big Brother. Derek: 'Do you understand me dear boy?' Science: 'Not only do I understand you, I overstand you!' *conversation ends due to Derek's confusion*
  3. chokeout

    Outstanding Names

    This was the name of the little lad that got called into the doctors before me recently.....Master Santiago Fernandez-Byron.
  4. The Predator. Some good bits but it felt like it had been chopped and changed and some of it was quite jarring . To the surprise of no one Shane Black writes some great dialogue for the team but it all seems to fall by the wayside about halfway in. The only screening they had was in 3D and it's waaaay too dark, way worse than Solo. Oh and the ending
  5. chokeout

    An 'All In' Thread

    He's the perfect indy gimmick. turns up, does some nob gags, you think 'oh it's the nob gag guy off of the internet....meh' then he goes off to the next promotion, never anywhere long enough for people to realise just how shit he is.
  6. chokeout

    WCW Raw - Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell

    It all could have been so much better if they'd managed to get Bischoff (I know it'd never have happened because he'd just had a failed attempt to buy the company and Vince isn't letting Eric get one over on him, scripted or not) to come out in the Shane role on that final Nitro. WCW fans get their pop, we get a proper Vince / Eric promo and you're not left with them being a heel group being led by Shane.
  7. chokeout

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    I watched Wishmaster last week, I have a proper soft spot for shitty horror. It’s like a really long, gory episode of the Twilight Zone.
  8. chokeout

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Scream 1 is...ok. It was lauded at the time for being meta but so many other films had done it before far better. The 80's was full of them; Monster Squad, Fright Night, Return Of The Living Dead. Night of the Creeps. But it was basically a love letter to mediocre slasher films. The sequels are all terrible. To the point that i have had to be reminded that there's a forth film, despite me having seen it twice. Wes Craven is very much in the Ridley Scott camp for me. Some cracking early work, mixed in amongst a lot of misses and some genuine shit.
  9. chokeout

    What wrestlers will look like in 20 years

    New Day
  10. Come on lads. The greatest horror sci fi cross over is Alien. It's a haunted house movie....in space! I do have a soft spot for Event Horizon though, although Paul W S Anderson hasn't made a decent film since and i'm 90% sure it was the fact he had Adrian Biddle as his cinematographer and a seasoned bunch of British pros sorting his shit out.
  11. chokeout

    General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread

    In what could be wonderful news they have announced that the remake of Big Trouble in Little China isn't a remake but a continuation/ sequel which could lead to a Jack Burton / The Rock team up. Goofy Action Kurt Russell in a blockbuster in the year 2019. It's the stuff of dreams.
  12. chokeout

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    During one of the many, many times Marvel nearly went bankrupt they would sell off anything they could ( they were a comic company so would throw out licences to anyone that would have them. As far as they were concerned it was all money they wouldn't get otherwise) so Fox got Xmen, Sony got Spider-Man, Universal got Hulk and Marvel were left with a bunch of characters that no one saw any money in, like Iron-Man. Marvel then self financed the first film themselves and made one of the most successful indepedent films of all time. They are now trying to get all their rights back. the contracts are insane though. The best example is the Fantastic Four licence. There has never been a successful FF film but they keep making them, because if they don't, they lose the licence. It's madness and led to the wonderful Roger Corman version that was made with the intention of never being released
  13. chokeout

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    Winter Soldier is a great spy action film. I get what’s being said about all films being judged equally but just because a film is from the popular genre of the moment doesn’t mean there won’t be some genuinely well made films amongst the dross ( and there is plenty of dross).Dont forget that Hollywood has always taken the easy route and churned out whatever is the most popular genre; literally thousands of western films in the 30 years they dominated the box office, but that led to people putting their own take on the genre and you end up with High Noon, Vera Cruz, Shane, Stagecoach or The Wildbunch. All different films lumped under the same banner.
  14. chokeout

    General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread

    Bond is that character where less really is more. You don’t need massive depths or to know why he does things and the films exist out of time. He’s a super spy that out-smarts baddies and charms exotic ladies.I don’t care if his dad didn’t love him. The only exception I will accept is that he shags about because Telly Savalis shot his missus.