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  1. There's stuff in the comics that really wouldn't have worked on the series and I can understand why they have gone the teenage school drama route to pad it out, rather than straight up horror but it feels like its neither one thing, nor the other (they also threw in waaaay too many keys for a first series) Hopefully if it gets a audience they get a little more focused.
  2. I'd argue that they have never made a good film and I like The Matrix!. Much like Lucas with Star Wars, the majority of the memorable visuals were down to having amazing effects and fight teams that went above and beyond. Without the first time spectacle the sequels were exposed as shonky shite in record time. Much like Paul Anderson and Event Horizon the argument usually goes 'They are crap...but they made Bound' Oh and Andromeda Strain is amazing
  3. It's a great pub quiz fact that comes up every now and again. It's been sampled a few times by some very big names (Jay-Z for starters), I'd love to know if they ever saw any royalties from it.
  4. I love the constant references to terrible shooting in The Mandolorian. Star Wars becoming self aware is great (very mild spoilers in tags)
  5. TIL that when recording Reach Out (I'll Be there) they specifically asked the lead singer to sing it like Bob Dylan.....and now I can't unhear it
  6. The wording on the deeds makes it sound like restrictions that were put in place during planning for the properties, probably after objections / guidance from the owners of the existing properties on the street. They may well have a clause in theirs that says they can't paint their stupid door but you don't. The majority of places that have that level of control over the externals are ex-council. They usually have clauses to stop people adding their own doors and windows (some for uniformity, some because the council were solely in charge of repair/replacement of them) You usually only find out when someone gets told they can't paint a St George's Cross on their door during the world cup or bought their property on a right to buy and didn't challenge the wording on the deeds.
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