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  1. I think I joined in 2005 after lurking for a year and can probably count on one hand the amount of bad experiences Ive had on here. Even back when the forum had a reputation for piling on in arguments, I never found it as toxic as most other places and the bad uns never really seemed to last long before disappearing. It's been part of my working day for most of my adult career to stop what I'm doing and have a skim through here, to the point that it's been a running joke in the office that I was 'probably pissing around with something for the internet' if they looked at my screen at Christmas when I was making avatars, or editing Chas and Dave highlight videos. I've made some great mates, ended up working with a fair few of you and chatted regularly to even more. It's still hard trying to explain to my gf when she asks why I log onto a wrestling forum, despite me never watching wrestling since she's known me. I've tried, but talk of chippy teas, cheese on and why a real apology should be delivered in a black turtle neck just seem to confuse her more.
  2. From the same day. Him getting angrier and angrier as the wrestlers took free photos with him in the background
  3. A 'smaller' Β£100million budget with a match for marketing 20% of first dollar gross (essentially 20% of everything it earns, rather than the classic sneaky studio % after the film turns a profit) Neither of which is out of the ordinary, although the 20% is high. The OTT ones are: The studio cannot release any other films 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after the movies release and have to guarantee a 100 day theatrical window. Disney are currently trying to reduce the window as much as possible, moving from the same day for Covid releases to 45 days now. Paramount and Warner are doing similar. This means that, depending on when the film is released it will be the studios only new income for a 6 week period, which would just about be acceptable for something with mass appeal but the film is a drama about the Manhatten Project. I'm assuming they'll aim for the quieter end of the year / Oscar nom time but can totally see why bigger studios basically told him to do one.
  4. He's obviously pulled his hair plugs too tight with those ponytails and broken his brain.
  5. Totally off topic and the polar opposite of this discussion but Nolan seems to have lost his mind with his demands for his next film. Having people call him out for Tenant being so meh seems to have broken him.
  6. Michael Caine made a career of being a paycheck actor, rarely turning down a job, regardless of how shit it might be. Most famously he wasn't available to collect his Oscar for Hannah and her sisters because he was off fighting a shonky looking shark in Jaws The Revenge. https://www.imdb.com/filmosearch?role=nm0000323&job_type=actor Ironically its only since his involvement with Christopher Nolan and the Batman films that he's been more picky with roles (still makes some shit mind)
  7. I'm a bit gutted the interviewer didn't push Dreamer about his opinions and ask if he'd be happy if Flair did that to his daughters. But seeing what a mark Dreamer is I don't think I'd like the answer.
  8. First thing I think of every time he's mentioned, especially this scene which is how I now imagine him talking.
  9. Not what I was expecting at all but I love the tone of the trailer. Hopefully the series keeps that balance.
  10. Surely you'd compared tickets to tickets or gross to gross. Such an odd comparison. Why not compare them to the buys for Mania. I'm sure it would be just as impressive that the shows made them more money than all but the most successful Manias
  11. The Hawkeye TV series is hopefully going to tie things together more than the other series and looks to be more grounded in the film universe. I know they are all supposed to be connected but Loki and Wandavision felt like they could exist on their own because of the lack of interaction with the existing world. Hawkeye seems to connect straight to the end of Black widow
  12. Anyone got a sweepstake on what injury Tito will claim he had coming into the fight?
  13. Edit: only just noticed the nightshade in the background. crazy attention to detail.
  14. Tonight's entertainment.
  15. It looks like Konnan disguised himself as an 80s nerd.
  16. Absolute insanity this wasn't the end of months of build up on a PPV
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