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  1. Got shown quite a few times on BBC back in the day then disappeared without trace, to the point that for a few years, pre Internet, I thought I had imagined the whole film and my brother said I was full of shit and it didn't exist. That wasn't helped by it apparently having half a dozen different titles when you look for it online. Still vividly remember the monster 'reveal'
  2. There's been 112 episodes of it and they have found nothing, just bits of wood and metal from a plot of land that has has every square inch churned up so many times that they can convince themselves that everything they find shouldn't be there. It's madness. Imagine being tricked into the watching the next episode by their clickbait endings over 100 times.
  3. Watched the remake of The Magnificent Seven last night. By no means a masterpiece but its a lot of fun with a belting cast and it's always great to see a popcorn western that doesn't take itself too seriously. I know since Unforgiven people have strived to show the grim reality of the old west but there's a time and place for Denzel riding his horse through a window then using it for cover. "I do believe that bear was wearing people clothes"
  4. American copyright law has quite wonderful fair usage clauses which means you could happily use WWE footage without their consent in small sections throughout a documentary to support a wider narrative. My guess is that WWE didn't provide any of the footage featured ( the crowd shots from the Over The Edge PPV are obviously taken from a VHS rip)
  5. The remake of Dawn of the dead was a pleasant surprise, helped by James Gunn's involvement but he's been pushing the same speed ramping, OTT colour correction and quick cuts for every film since 300 Man of Steel was a joyless slog. How do you make a Superman film that slow and depressing? He also managed to sink not one but two billion dollar franchises with a single film in Batman v Superman.
  6. Imagine how drab and boring a Snyder superhero film with noone telling him to edit it down will be.
  7. He doesn't need to be in it, he's got the worlds greatest book cover
  8. Woodyatt, Nail, McFadden, Le Vell, Kemp, Lawson, Blackwood, Wolf off of Gladiators, Burnside.....shit just got real.
  9. Time to post my Kevin Webster video again!
  10. Gatso for obvious reasons. That shit got weird very fast. Was it dangerously that became a beer bore and would just list the names and ABV of everything he was drinking? Who was the user that joined up to say his girlfriend had been injured getting into the ring at a show and it just got more and more bizarre? Roger and his hasbro collection in the attic. The thread is lost in Internet lore now.
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