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  1. Was so disappointed to go back a page and not see an actual photo of a super ripped 50 year old Devon he'd posted.
  2. Loved happy Brock with the briefcase, it's such a perfect role for him, better than champion, it's a great reason to have him in the background like an end of level boss who will suddenly appear. Liked Heyman's comment about the champs auditioning to be the one good enough for Brock to bother with, made Brock sound epic, never mind the fact that one of them beat him a month ago. Really hope he doesn't just cash it in soon and then leave a question mark over his future, would be fun to have him tied to something for a bit, I'm sure they could come up with some Brock MITB stuff that would shift some merch as well, he's had so many suplex city t shirts he could do with a new hook. 24/7 title was fun and I must admit to chuckling a couple of times, thought it could have done with starting with a bit more star power, like if the main event of the show was nearly everyone on the roster trying to get it before the guys higher up the card realised it was a right crazy ballache and left it to the lower card guys. Main event was pretty boring, if there are two champs I'd just as soon they weren't both slim, high-flying, fiery babyfaces TBH.
  3. I hope something about the actual army cunt that committed the assault rings familiar with someone and he's found.
  4. That was all I really wanted, I've said before I'm not really into endings for characters I like so her going off to become Jack Sparrow is great, I hope we see it one day. Episode felt incredibly rushed, deciding to kill Dany should have been something that snow was being tortured by for a whole series. Like others said it's kind of what I wanted to happen but way too fast. Couldn't believe Dany was just suddenly stabbed and dead and gone in seconds, it was like something out of a school play. Actually laughed at Bran being the chosen one as well. Best visual of the season had to be the Clegane bros spear to hell surely? Thanks lads for being the only place it was tolerable to read about GOT online and goodbye forever Neil. I thought this would be rubbish but it made me miss the show already (could've done with a tit or arse shot though) https://mobile.twitter.com/ultrabrilliant/status/1130529632061710336
  5. Is it common knowledge this is what Brock's daughter looks like? Fucking hell. If you've already seen her I apologise and offer this picture of "Baroque Lesnar" as a consolation prize.
  6. This is a discussion for a different thread. Batfleck > the others
  7. They actually said this show is bigger and better than Wrestlemania in the ads for it on the PPV last night which surprised me. I didn't think anything in WWE was as protected as mania.
  8. This is definitely true and on top of that I'm gutted I couldn't find those Tim Conway nudes I was searching for last week.
  9. The Israel entry is exactly what Sacha Baron Cohen's Freddie Mercury would've looked like.
  10. I absolutely loved Galaxy High, "Earth Stinks!" Really don't need to see a film adaptation though, it's great in part because it's an incredibly 80s cartoon.
  11. I'm not even an anime guy and the Berserk series is one of the best things I've ever seen.
  12. Ben Affleck as Batman is my favourite movie superhero, say what you want about Snyder but his casting of the trinity was amazing. I really hope Cavill comes back as well. I wish they hadn't suddenly given the project to Matt Reeves TBH. I'm antsy to see Batman on screen again asap cos he's my fave but it's looking more and more like the DC cinematic universe might not change as much as we thought with Aquaman being Huge, Wonder Woman coming back in a film that will no doubt be massive and Suicide Squad (with James Gunn and John Cena!) Looking like it will be more of a sequel than anyone expected. It would be a shame if Ben is the one big casualty, he definitely wasn't the thing that was stopping DC movies being what Marvel movies are, it was behind the scenes bullshit and constant changes at the slightest negative reaction. Aquaman is one of the most hated superheroes ever but everytime anything negative came up James Wan shot it down, showed a bit of confidence that he was making something good and it made a billion dollars.
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