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  1. I thought you (Nostalgia Nonce) looked a bit like Rick Wakeman when you posted a pic with long hair years ago so you can add that to the "oh fuck off" list.
  2. In the first ever bit of comic book casting news no one in the world is going to complain about Paul Dano is the Riddler.
  3. Another great episode. Damien Sandow was really good, I think he fits into the style well. It's going to lose a bit for me when it starts to be the same people every week. It was cool seeing Ken Anderson and Colt Cabana but it would be really cool if we didn't see them again for 6 weeks, or if they did a 3 month run and then we don't see them for a year. I'd love it if it was booked more like the territories or Indies like that, with a roster of regulars but people dropping in and out all the time. Dunno if it would be fair or feasible though. I like the Women's champ, I don't know her but she does a good enough job of carrying herself like a champion that I can buy into her being the one to beat. Women's wrestling goes well with the retro style, looking forward to seeing who turns up.
  4. I was pretty fat as a teenager and someone once said I looked like John Candy. As much as I loved John Candy I was gutted, I was a 15 year old virgin and he was already dead of fatness.
  5. The Day Shall Come was awful, not really my bag anyway but I thought there'd still be a few laughs but nope, the best thing about it is it isn't long.
  6. I loved Jocephus causing trouble the whole show and calling out James Storm only to get squashed by him, it was as perfect a classic wrestling angle for the retro show as the title match was. With the popularity of GLOW they could have a great colourful retro women's division, I'm sure some guys would hate it but it's what I'd do if I were Billy.
  7. One thing that disappointed me about Joker was that it didn't really have any surprises, if I had written how I thought the film would be just before watching it it would have been 90% accurate. I think it would have had more to say if Gotham (TV series) had never existed. Showing a deeper look at Gotham city when Batman is a kid while a different interpretation of a famous Batman villain causes trouble is enough of a tenuous tease as it is, never mind the fact that they did it for years on a shit TV show. I don't think making it nothing like the comics is as clever as Todd Phillips thinks it is either and I also really hate the normal name and backstory thing to begin with. I love mysterious characters and I think they could have come up with something much more wild and imaginative to showcase the Joker. Phoenix was great though, would be cool to see him play a version of The Joker that gets to fight Batman.
  8. Loved the war rooms, that was hilarious, especially the aforementioned Robocop. I was gutted about Bayley killing those puppet guys, maybe I'm that other poster's little girl. Can we please calm down on the Simpsons references, fucking hell.
  9. 55 year old vegan Doyle Frankenstein, I think that's the only proof anyone needs.
  10. The second one looks like he has hair.
  11. The latest comedy central roast (Alec Baldwin) is ok, I don't love them but always watch them because it's a comedy event. There are some amazing burns on this one but mostly the usual shit. The only reason I even mention it is because I was completely alarmed to see Robert De Niro was on it, both roasting people and sitting there on the stage being slagged off, it was fucking bizarre and his gay joke to Sean Hayes was so stupid and old fashioned it creased me up. Also Adam Carolla sucks.
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