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  1. I only like the version with no snoop dogg.
  2. Tony Jaa getting an English language action movie trilogy, awesome news, I love that guy. https://www.darkhorizons.com/tony-jaa-turns-assassin-for-new-action-trilogy/
  3. I thought it was a good show, I like the ppv format they're doing now of just putting a few matches on the b shows, this one only had a handful and they were mostly pretty important storyline wise. Sasha/Bayley was great, I liked all the cell matches. I'm fine with Orton as champ, he's one of my faves and he's been as good as ever recently, was surprised to see him use a lightsaber in the match though. Poor Otis
  4. This thread should be locked. I illegally download everything. It's either a movie, a tv show or a documentary.
  5. What did we think of Borat 2 then? It was basically exactly as you'd imagine, more of the same but a decade and a half after the idea was first fresh. I laughed or watched it cringing behind my fingers enough that it was worthwhile but it didn't all work for me. Tutar was great, she was the highlight for me and could have a great future in comedy with a debut performance like that.
  6. Just tried these and thought they were amazing, probably my new fave veggie burger. They were so disgusting coming out of the packet that I had no confidence in them but they fried really nicely.
  7. I did used to bring these apple pie cookies to work and they were really popular but they're practically cakes tbh and people already know that Apple pie is nice.
  8. Green apple is a popular flavour in sweets, especially sour ones. Particularly in the states.
  9. Stephen Dorff MMA drama coming out next month, it looked ok but then after the revelation at like 1:50 I'm kind of sold on it now, that's pretty fun.
  10. If you thought the last couple of Die Hard films were as low as it could get, the new one is 2 minutes long, fucking hell Bruce.
  11. I thought it worked well having some wrestlers among the heads in the thunderdome, don't know why they haven't been doing it all along. Also seeing people do the YES hands thing on the screens was the first time it's felt like the virtual audience were remotely connected to the show, nice one D Bry. Hope Corbin gets something to do, he barely got mentioned in the draft. "When I was by your side when you won your first women's championship, who was by your side?... me" _Sasha Banks
  12. When I was at secondary school we had an assembly for the whole school and the deputy head of year played that song (it had just come out) in its entirety on the speakers because he thought it was so inspiring that every kid should listen to it. It was a cool moment I never forgot, I'm quite sentimental about that song, it's lovely.
  13. Auto Focus (2002) Greg Kinnear in the true story of a family man sitcom star in the 60s/70s who's so obsessed with shagging around and making sex tapes of himself that it brings about his downfall. Willem Dafoe was great as his sleazy desperate friend who's an enthusiast of early video technology and old school swinging sex stuff It reminded me of all the other biopics from around that time but the seedy sex angle gave it a bit of an edge. It was easy to watch but it wasn't particularly exciting despite the scandalous subject matter.
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