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  1. This is like my 4th topic about Superhero movies, sorry I'm obsessed but thought you might want to see these. Green Lantern's suit will be entirely CG for the whole film, it's all post production, on the set Ryan Reynolds is just wearing a grey bodysuit with light markers on it. I don't want to sound like a fag but I think it's a shame they did that with GL's suit because Ryan Reynolds definitely has the physique to wear skintight lycra. I hope it looks better in the movie than on that pic. that picture of Thor pisses me off, I know Hopkins is a big star but having him massive with Thor looking scared in the background with his hammer drooping down is no way to reveal a character as intense as thor, also Thor doesn't have bare arms, WTF? is that dude even muscular enough to play Thor? Also all the armour looks cheap and I hope Thor and Loki wear helmets in the film like they do in the comic. Why does Thor look scared? He should be gritting his teeth and swinging his hammer!
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