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  1. Nefarious means for me, dont know how you can see it officially but don't pay too much for it. It only came out a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Money Plane. Edge the wrestler is forced by Kelsey Grammer to rob an illegal anything goes casino on a plane. It felt really cheap, not as knowingly stupid as sharknado or something, more like one of Hulk Hogan's 90s films where he's in a crew of soldiers of fortune. It was ok but just felt a bit half arsed. I enjoyed seeing Denise Richards in it for a minute and was mostly indifferent to seeing Joey Lawrence from Blossom.
  3. I really loved Colossal as well, I'm a bit prone to substance abuse and fucking shit up for myself and I'd just got dumped by the love of my life when I saw it, it really spoke to me at that time, haven't been able to rewatch it.
  4. I getting vibes of a tougher version of Sooty's handler.
  5. I'm glad they still break out that old The Doors rip off "the end is here" Armageddon song occasionally, it was put to good use to open the show. Lumis is great.
  6. I watched a film and the only thing I knew about it going in was it had Scott Adkins in it. I certainly deserve whatever I get for making that choice, I don't know if there's a truer b movie star working today. Legacy of Lies is one of those Eastern European straight to video thrillers where every scene is either in a nightclub or a standoff with high powered crooked Ukrainians. It was watchable if you miss late stage Steven Seagal films but too unimaginative and predictable and actually also didn't have enough fighting in it which is the worst thing of all.
  7. Yeah I loved them both. Didn't realise brawl in 99 was by the same guy until after I watched it but I was not surprised. Also the guy should get credit for doing 2+ hour films where the length doesn't annoy me, I could have watched 99 for another hour.
  8. Brawl in Cell Block 99 (Vince Vaughn in prison as the toughest man in the world) One of the only films I really wanted to see that I hadn't seen yet and I enjoyed it a lot. Vince's character had the stupidest motivation ever for his actions, the whole thing was so dumb but that's ok because it's a grindhouse style, violent prison b movie. It's cool that extreme gross out violence is like a stylistic choice now, I always enjoy watching a film and suddenly there's an eye popped out or a grisly compound fracture and you're like; "oh, it's gonna be one of those" This is one of those.
  9. Sad to hear about John Saxon, I've had a man crush on him since I was a small kid. Still, anyone would be lucky to be that good looking and live that long.
  10. Mattel have done the WWE figures for years and they're pretty good at keeping everyone in scale, they've done dozens of "legends" throughout their various lines, so except for a couple of people like Benoit and Owen you could have a collection of nearly every important wrestler or whoever you wanted in scale with each other. Within the Mattel range there's a couple of main lines, one is a bit more posable and expensive than the other but they all work with each other.
  11. The adults in it look even worse.
  12. I watched 4 seasons of Bojack Horseman over the last few days. It's quite introspective so it was a bit bleak watching that much of it after spending months alone but I guess l got something from it and it was pretty funny and clever too. It wasn't perfect and sometimes it was a bit boring or silly or tried a bit hard. The animal character designs were brilliant throughout. Fancied something a bit more light hearted so I watched a load of Big Mouth which I think is great. Kids' sexuality is a touchy thing to do a comedy about but it's done so well and it reminds me of being a disgusting 12 year old.
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