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  1. Poor Randy and Edge, they've been doing a great job of building up a proper Wrestlemania match while all this shit has been going on. Edge didn't do the Saudi show did he? He was holding out for that big mania return and now it won't even be in front of a crowd.
  2. Were Randy Savage and Gorgeous George a real couple? That would be the best wrestling shag to see.
  3. It made my day when I saw there was a new little doc about Dennis Rodman's WCW run, I loved Rodzilla when I was a teen. It was surprising to see so much plaque on Bischoff's teeth in his horrifyingly close up talking head segments, I though Easy E was a brush 3 times a day kind of guy.
  4. As a kid I accidentally disturbed a wasp's nest in a park while eating an iced lolly and then ran around with a swarm of furious wasps buzzing around my head like a cartoon character. I got stung a bunch of times on the head and tongue, because I'd been eating a lolly they were all in my mouth like Candyman.
  5. Hasbro have just put a bunch of 80s GiJoe episodes on YouTube to help you get through isolation. It's three complete multi-episode stories which is cool because with stuff like this you often just get a random assortment.
  6. Nice recommendations. I don't have Prime anymore but they had loads of awesome Conan rip off Barbarian/sword and sorcery B movies on there when I did. Ator the Fighting Eagle is the best one, his lady warrior sidekick is great.
  7. That's awesome of you JB, you're a good Au for sure.
  8. Vanguard one is much more over than Matt Hardy with me, they should have just used Vanguard and some stuff Matt filmed at home for the build-up until they had an audience again and he could debut properly. Having Matt go full nonsense immediately with no crowd was brutal.
  9. I hope the reason Corbin killed Elias was so he can move onto beating Goldberg at "Wrestlemania"
  10. It's pretty cool that there's a feud, PPV match etc between John Cena and Sabu but it is weird as well.
  11. They are really stupid to debut people now, Brodie and Hardy are big signings and having them go out there with no crowd is ridiculous. I can tolerate these weird Covid shows but nothing of note should be happening on them, WWE are having a similar problem with having to build up Wrestlemania despite all the limitations.
  12. Today I learned Paul Hollywood is only 5'7. No offense to shortarses but I'm a bit disappointed as I thought he was a big bear type dude.
  13. I also read cracked yesterday, I hate that site now but that was a good article.
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