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  1. I've always been more of a Mortal Kombat guy than a Streetfighter one. The original MK was the best until Mortal Kombat Trilogy came out because the ones in between were ruined by not having both Johnny Cage and Kano in them.
  2. Was shocked when the mask came off earlier, she had been one of my faves and when I saw who it was I felt so bad for her. I think I know who the duck is too, put guesses in spoiler tags just in case. Duck might be
  3. I only watched The Masked Singer because I was curious about the costumes but now I'm totally hooked on the intrigue, did not expect that.
  4. My friend pestered me to watch Berserk for ages (The series). I finally relented and agree it's one of the best things I've ever seen in any media, I was blown away.
  5. Digging this weird Hot Chocolate song about weddings. The riff and vocals are crazy. Hot Chocolate - Confetti Day.
  6. Paul McCartney's other ex also has a veggie food company?! What the hell.
  7. I've never been at all impressed with vegetarian bacon so I don't normally bother with it (the quorn one is particularly wack). I tried the "cheatin" fake bacon a few days ago though and it was amazing. I haven't eaten meat for years so maybe I've just forgotten what bacon tastes like but I thought it was great, shame it's more expensive than the real dead pig version.
  8. Chest is going to say something other than coffee because he's a big baby.
  9. I remember that, I was a huge letterman fan as a teen and he used to always slag off the film for the "red wig" the actor portraying him was wearing. The book it's based on was a pretty good read at the time too.
  10. It's amazing that Joel Kinnaman is so bland he can still come off as dry in a film with Clive Owen in it.
  11. Did you get that "Toss a coin to your Witcher" song stuck in your head? It's been going round in mine since before Christmas.
  12. I was really enjoying the Watchmen TV series, some of it was as good as any of this type of stuff I've seen. I really hated the last episode though, it was bad enough that it left me thinking the show was average on the whole. Season 2 of Titans was great fun, it was unforgivably stupid loads of times but it was still a much better watch than any of the "Arrowverse" shows. Iain Glenn as Batman is something else, he's so far out but it's the only way it could work with the tone of the show and he cracks me up. Also Dove is amazing.
  13. I've forgotten how to use the forum, if you like Ray Liotta please go back a page.
  14. I hope you like Ray Liotta I prefer more imaginative outlandish stuff to real life dramas but when I was a young teen I saw Dominick and Eugene on TV late one night and I thought it was really moving. It's about brothers played by Tom Hulce and Ray Liotta, Tom has a learning disability and works as a bin man to put Ray through medical school. They get caught up in some shit and it goes very melodramatic in a really 80s way. Tom Hulce was wonderful, I always wished he'd made more films. There's another Ray Liotta film I remember liking, it came out in 2004 when I worked in a video shop and I've never really heard anyone talk about it. It boasts the incredibly generic title Control but it's a cool, very of the time straight to video thriller about a death row inmate given experimental drugs to fix his mind. I knew a girl who worked in a coffee shop and she said once Ray Liotta came in and he was the sexiest most charismatic man she'd ever seen and she was weak at the knees and dripping wet as soon as he looked at her.
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