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  1. I also loved young Hitchcock and Scully, I really like the young Scully actor from a superhero show he's great in, looking forward to seeing him lead the new Jack Reacher show. I still like Brooklyn 99 but think it's certainly had lots of the same problems as most shows that last forever. I thought Pimento gave it a much needed shot in the arm when he first turned up. I do wish Jake and Amy would have split up cos I just think it would be funnier.
  2. Still came across better than Hardeep Singh
  3. Looks like the pythons are ready brother.
  4. Can a mod close this thread til December 1st please
  5. I'll tell you why he did the film but I'm warning you, the answer is the blackest comedy of 2020
  6. I watched a double bill of right fun stinkers last night; Unhinged with Russel Crowe as an angry fat bastard in a car. The Fanatic with John Travolta as an obsessive fan with a learning disability. If you only like films that you think are good then there's no point watching these, but if like me you sometimes enjoy stuff for other reasons like it's so stupid or preposterous that you can't believe it then they're both a fun watch. Russel Crowe is so fat in Unhinged it's unbelievable. The Fanatic was hilarious, what a weird stupid film. John Travolta is so ridiculous he
  7. The Devil All The Time I didn't know anything about this when I started watching it, not even who was in it, I assumed the whole film would be about Bill Skargard's character so I was surprised when the story kept totally shifting for the first 45 minutes. It's like some kind of 50s/60s dark, religious backwoods version of Pulp Fiction with its interconnecting storylines and shit. I thought it was really cool and even though it had so much stuff going on it ended up being pretty tight, it is quite bleak though. Also I hate Jason Clarke's face
  8. Imani Coppola - Legend of a Cowgirl I used to love this on the box: music you control in the 90s.
  9. I don't know who that lady is but I've seen Final destination and she's going to die soon.
  10. What is up with this? I haven't eaten anything like this for ages cos all my old relatives are dead but someone bought me a box of Quality Street last week to say thanks for something, it was a lovely gesture that i appreciated but I thought he bought a dodgy bag that had been in the sun or something cos they tasted like shit.
  11. Does anyone check anyone's profiles anyway? what's even there? I think once I went to someone's profile on purpose, every one of the hundreds of other times I did it it was by accident
  12. I just watched this and thought it was so funny, I'm not the biggest traditional stand up fan though so I tend to like the subversive stuff. It's free on YouTube as well
  13. I really like AJ with his mysterious associate, the visual of them together is great. I bet AJ is glad they're not on the road at the moment, I imagine trying to not get spotted in airports and stuff would be a right ballache if you were travelling everywhere with a 7 foot black guy.
  14. This was great, I love a tight, cheap B movie with a fun premise; Child's Play but Chucky is a drone is a pretty easy comparison to draw. It's quite tongue in cheek but plays it just straight faced enough that you can kind of play along that it's a proper horror film for the most part but the climax is ridiculous. It took me a while to find and download, no idea if it's streaming anywhere.
  15. I still prefer Dr Jones, the upvote was for the second part ofthe post
  16. Doctor Jones was much better. I found out recently that the Santana/Rob Thomas song Smooth was ranked the second most successful song of all time (whatever that means) by Billboard. And now it's stuck in my head.
  17. Not the sort of thing you remember when you hate watch 2 seasons of something in 18 hours I'm afraid
  18. I heard there was recent but already cancelled series called Kidding about a legendary kid's puppet show presenter having a crisis. It stars Jim Carrey and is produced by Michel Gondry. I was excited to watch it cos I love kids TV and puppets and stuff, and with Carrey and Gondry I was expecting an imaginative feast of epic proportions. I watched both series in 1 day and I hated nearly everything about it. I don't regret watching it because it's rare that I actually dislike something so much in such detail, but I do regret watching it alone because it would have been fun to bore some
  19. Danny Elfman has a new song! He hasn't done anything like this for so long.
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