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  1. Tremendous work Geofferz, well done!!
  2. Yeah most probably, it'd be interesting to see if/how he can control Maia on the ground or up against the cage though.
  3. I wondered what happened to the Maia fight? That would've been ideal imo. A decent name who's legit as fuck and an interesting match-up style wise.
  4. 79p in B&M. They're absolutely buzzing
  5. The Conway album is decent. Anza is probably my favourite track, the verses on Lemon are great but I still don't like the chorus/hook of 'Lemon squeeeeze'. I was also happy to see Freddie Gibbs on there, I really rate his latest album. Completely agree that Westside Gunn is the weakest of the 3 but I think they know that, especially seeing as they didn't let him rap when Griselda did 'Fire In The Booth'. I've been listening to Black Josh's new one 'Mannyfornia' a lot, the production on it by Metrodome is right up my street. If you're a fan of The Mouse Outf
  6. Fairly similar experience to mine. I live in a town that was historically Labour but has swung back & forward before a Tory landslide last year, I door knocked & leafleted round Stoke as my mum was standing as a Labour councillor (lost to the Tories) & once I'd actually been having conversations with people & getting the same message repeated over & over I knew Labour had fucked it. As you say, it was ALWAYS older voters & the message was ALWAYS 'I've voted Labour all my life but I'd never vote for Corbyn'. These people look at voting Labour the way an ex-smoker looks a
  7. Loved that main event. Reem Vs Jon Jones is the fight. Winner gets Stipe.
  8. The problem with the 'if you don't like it then leave' approach is that it's largely fine for non-vital professions like entertainers. When you apply it to jobs like firefighters, nurses, teachers etc it's trickier because if they all decide to follow that advice we're fucked.
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