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  1. When do the latest episodes of NXT UK air on BT? I've seen they repeat throughout the week but wanted to series link the new eps.
  2. 'Whaaaa....my hair's so messy'......My heart bleeds for you lads!
  3. @SuperBacon You’re going to this on Saturday right? Stage times if you’d not already seen them? If Manchester is timed/scheduled like this I’ll be well chuffed as I couldn’t give a fuck about the drum & bass stuff so I’ll be able to get an early train home. Fingers crossed there's no pull outs!
  4. Dead Mike


    I've never had a Fray Bentos pie. I appreciate this is the 'Eatclean' equivalent of being Amish but the tin & the fact they're always £1 has never inspired confidence. They do cheese & onion ones now too!
  5. It’s frustrating when you see how other countries so close (geographically) to ours can adopt approaches to public services, education, prison & rehabilitation etc. that work far better than ours for less cost. The sad fact remains that the cultural difference between the UK & other countries is a million miles away. Brits would rather have stuff that doesn’t work that they think should, rather than proven policies that we don’t ‘like the sound of’.
  6. Many do because they've seen the way dentist services went, who the people donating to the Tory party are & many MP's links to private health operators. That's even before you count in the number of Tory MP's who have publicly championed an insurance based system (namely the former health secretary!). This wont happen overnight, you'll see an increase in services no longer available for 'free' on the NHS (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/nov/29/revealed-nhs-plans-to-ration-34-unnecessary-tests-and-treatments) & GP services getting harder to access. It'll be a case of 'You can wait or pay a small fee for the premium service'...This simply creates a two tier system which impacts the poor & elderly. Again, look at the access people get to NHS dentists now, now apply that to the other health services. You might be lucky & have easy access to an NHS dentist? I don't.
  7. Has it? Great news...got a link? I mean, I've seen Johnson wanting to put in law the amount of money that'll be given to the NHS but I've seen absolutely nothing to say over what period of time that money will be spent, if it will go on front line services or whether it'll be syphoned into bottom lines of the likes of Serco, G4S, Care UK, Virgin et al? I suspect you've seen a tabloid headline claiming 'It's all OK' & decided to believe it. No?
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