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  1. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 188 (Nov 17th)

    Head says Bader heart says Mir. Would Bader not be one of the favourites? He's on decent form & should handle most of the others who are in the twilight of their careers (to put it nicely).
  2. Rizin FF - New Years Eve MMA!!

  3. Rizin FF - New Years Eve MMA!!

  4. Rizin FF - New Years Eve MMA!!

    NYE event in Japan? Just another 27 fights to be added then
  5. UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs Gastelum - Nov 25

    I think you're overlooking the fact that he's just a bit of a mad bastard. When Bisping's fight career is done & dusted then you'd have to think he's got a job with the UFC for life? I know they're known for treating their employees like shit but he's been a fucking trooper for them.
  6. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    It was always the Ritz, which is still a pretty big venue for a band who were niche as fuck in their heyday (nearly 20 yrs ago). Sound Control holds a few hundred, it's a great venue but a big step down. I remember when Baroness downgraded from The Ritz to Gorilla! Wank for them.
  7. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    Reckon this is more likely downgrading due to sales. Be interested to see where the Manchester show ends up?
  8. Minor News & Random Shit

    Cocaine's a hell of a drug.
  9. UFC 218: Holloway vs Aldo 2

    Helwani reckons Aldo is the frontrunner but it's not a done deal yet. Best choice IMO (for reasons outlined above).
  10. The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Metallica aren't rumoured for the 3rd, the smart money is on Guns & Roses. Yes, most people go for the headliners, that's why festivals put the majority of promotion behind the top acts.
  11. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    Ditto. It's really a testament to how much of a bell end Cody G is that it's made me root for TJ Dillashaw. Lest we forget
  12. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    I don't think holding Bisping down & dominating him that way is a viable strategy. I reckon GSP will be looking to trade jabs for a couple of rounds, try & get Bisping's distance measured & then come in with a big overhand shot. I think Bisping takes this without too much fuss.
  13. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Absolutely. The idea that success is measured by how much you draw is an entertainment thing rather than a sporting measure. It's the same as Hollywood stars measuring success by opening weekend box office. Nobody gives a fuck how many replica shirts Pele sold.
  14. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Nobody ever remembers the money. When people are talking about former greats how much they drew, PPV points & all the money stuff is never brought up. It's about who you beat, how many title defences you had, the close fights, the questionable decisions, the big KO's etc. I doubt McGregor wants to be remembered as the bloke who had 2 titles stripped from him because he refused to defend them.