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  1. Wrong. The Toby is a national treasure.
  2. Just re-upped snacks from the Sklep. These taste like how I remember Tangy Toms tasting as a kid when they used to be properly laden with chemicals Also got these out of curiosity
  3. This sucks. I was a big FoW fan from when they first came out. Seen them a bunch and just revisited 'Welcome Interstate Managers' a few weeks ago. RIP
  4. That new Four Owls track is great. The one before was smart too, this album is shaping up nicely
  5. If I'd have known about the whole 'big cat' lifestyle 20yrs ago I feel that my life would be very different.
  6. It's odd as the HW division around that time is now spoken of as being the lowest point for the UFC but I've got fond memories of the Arlovski run that followed. The talk was all about the Arlovski vs Fedor dream match at that time.
  7. I loved that fight. It was the human equivalent of that Simpson's episode where Homer found out he was great at boxing because of his overly thick skull.
  8. Given every gig everywhere has been pulled a lot of comedians are ramping up online content (if not just to keep busy). Scott Bennett is doing a 'Live From My Shed' webstream tomorrow night at 8pm which you can find on his facebook page & should be reliably excellent.
  9. The closing of internal EU borders is going to play hell with supply chains. Namely food & pharma, lots of meetings happening at work today. Things are pretty crazy right now with people raiding the supermarkets, it'll get interesting should the replenishment deliveries dry up.
  10. I assume they're happy that as long as all the fighters are healthy, they can run the event in empty arenas & forgo the live gate. But in return get more PPV/advertising revenue as other sports are cancelled & more people are staying at home so they'll have a captive (literally) audience?
  11. Did you rate Ready or Not? I'm guessing so? Edit - Just noticed 'more'.
  12. I appreciate this is out of my wheelhouse given I only regularly watch Powerrr & the odd NXT UK but is it right to make comparisons between AEW & NXT? I was under the impression that AEW was pitched as an alternative to RAW? Whereas NXT is still just developmental (albeit quite popular).
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