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  1. Dead Mike


    Or so they claim. Everything changes when it's their local A&E that gets closed or one of their relatives that avoidably dies whilst waiting for an ambulance due to even more cuts. The whole 'they're poor already so they can't get it any worse' falls apart very quickly. The reality is that people claim it's a 'hit worth taking' as long it's someone else taking the hit.
  2. Really enjoying this podcast. Mike Perry was their guest this week & his interview made me do a bit of a 180 on him, always thought he was a bit of a prick but he came across as very self aware & quite likeable. Hope this podcast continues as they've snagged some good guests via the BT Sports endorsement.
  3. Dead Mike


    It doesn't matter though. Farage has been challenged but as you rightly say, he will just rant away, tell some more pleasing lies & most importantly,his supporters simply don't care. You could have the truth delivered in the slickest, most charismatic fashion & it won't trump 'We can't control our own borders & 3 millions Romanians are coming to get free houses while you all struggle to make ends meet'. This is 'post-truth' politics playing to an audience who are 'sick of experts'.
  4. Dead Mike


    I don’t think this is fair tbh. What we’re seeing with Farage is a situation where a politicians lies, dodgy private dealings & awful track history simply don’t matter to their supporters. It’s practically impossible to hold him to account because his supporters back him blindly, it’s almost ‘cult like’. How are you supposed to counter it? It’s easy to say ‘they’re not savvy enough’ but when you’ve got 1 side who can say whatever provable bollocks they like & it’s fine whereas the other side has to be squeaky clean then you’ve lost already. If you think the answer is ‘the left’ trying to beat Farage at his own game then that’s simply dumbing politics down further to ‘who can tell the most popular lies’ & the right wing will ALWAYS ‘win’ as they’ve got fear & prejudice on their side. Add to this the fact that the likes of the BBC aim to provide ‘balance’ to their shows so for every NASA scientist they have on TV you also have someone who thinks the moon is made of cheese, they’re given equal time & the cheesy moon theory is given equal weight…’It’s easy for you to say this Mr NASA but there’s a large number of people who do believe the moon is made of cheese. Are you calling them liars? Do you think they’re stupid? Etc etc?’
  5. Disappointing for an old school Jericholic like myself. Y2J looks like he stinks now.
  6. I get this but I don't need is to see the exact same thing for the Nth time. The way they handled Spiderman's origin in 'Homecoming' was perfect, succinct & didn't just feel like a rehash. I might be the minority & people may want to watch the same thing again? 'Tell us a joke we know'
  7. No issue with the casting of Pattinson, if they're going down the young Bruce Wayne route I really don't need to see his mum getting shot again though. Hopefully they jump straight in & just accept that we all know the origin story.
  8. Even better if Jones beat DC at heavyweight, was going to drop the belt but then Brock announced he'd like one last superfight & DC got side-lined whilst Jonny Bones gets a mega-payday.
  9. Walter Matthau had a great face
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