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  1. My 6yr old at dinner.... 'I've learned about Dream Catchers today dad. They used to make them & give them as presents to babies and people who got married' 'That's nice. Who used to make them & give them as gifts?' 'The naked Americans'
  2. The takeaway item I've wanted to try for absolutely ages but still aren't available anywhere near here.
  3. I listened to the 13 & Monch album earlier & really liked it for the most part. It felt like an actual album recorded together, rather than a collection of tracks. I'll definitely be going back to it. The Verb T & Illinformed album that came out just before Christmas is really good. Stove God Cooks album is worth checking out. The album is a lot more experimental than this track suggests but it slaps in places
  4. Mavis was the fit one in Johnny Briggs.
  5. Signed up...given my terrible record at actual MMA betting this looks to be the cheaper option.
  6. Maddest thing is that he was guilty of conning Trump supporters & now they're celebrating him being pardoned?!? Definitely not a cult though
  7. Seems the Govt/tabloid strategy of getting the public to blame each other is working a treat. 'It's everyone else's fault & absolutely not me'
  8. At this point it feels like they're deliberately having the same argument repeatedly so that people get numb to it or to distract from Covid failures and Brexit consequences. Or more likely, both.
  9. I dont think they will tbh. There's maybe the chance that in an attempt to distance themselves from Trump, they throw him under the bus and try & push the 'lone wolf' narrative (like if he was a white terrorist)? Suspect I'm clutching at straws though.
  10. It's a few years old but I'd recommend this Tom Stade show filmed on tour at the Salford Lowry. He's one of my favourites & has been for quite a while. Also (@Keith Houchen) , Alexei Sayle is on the latest Richard Herring podcast although he didn't sound especially enthused.
  11. Because people see that the Tories being cunts upsets people they dislike. Spite is a great motivator.
  12. Dead Mike


    Yes...feel free to DM & I'll happily help with the bits I can.
  13. It's like what Lenin said... you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh... Donny: I am the walrus
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