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  1. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Fucking hell, £500! Has Arnie been taking tax advice from Wesley Snipes?
  2. DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Still not 100% sure what to make of Baby Driver. I had really high expectations after the universal praise that was heaped on it but I found the whole thing a bit disjointed & very smug. I totally get why it resonated with some people but it definitely didn’t click the same way for me. Maybe the weight of expectation played a part? It certainly wasn’t shit, Kevin Pacey, John Bernthal & Lily James were all really good & some of the car chases/stunt driving was impressive but I couldn’t shake the feeling that Edgar Wright was desperately trying really hard (too hard) just to make something ‘cool’.

    Regardless of hygiene, egg & tomato is a crap sandwich.

    Pressed veal? How the other half live.
  5. DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Have you not seen 'Behind The Candelabre'? I loved that. Saw 'Hidden Figures' this weekend, the true story of black women who worked for NASA in the segregated sixties. Excellent feelgood fare with a belting support turn from Kevin Costner. The bloke from 'Big Bang Theory' (never seen a full episode) is also in it & is decent too. Well worth checking out, especially if you dismissed it as being an Oscar baiting chick flick (or whatever bollocks people say about films).
  6. PROGRESS WEMBLEY: Biggest UK Indie show ever?

    Announce Sonny Onoo & I'll buy a ticket.
  7. UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    A mate put me onto Romesh Rangathan’s podcast ‘HipHop Saved My Life’ & it’s tremendous. It’s really reignited my love of rap in the past couple of weeks & put me onto some new(ish) artists I’d completely missed. Main one being a guy called ‘Ocean Wisdom’, his album is fantastic & he’s got skills. Grabbed tickets to see Loyle Carner next month too, not even listened to him that much but at worst it’s an afternoon out with the lads.
  8. General Election- June 8th

    I think it's more the fact that nobody wants the job right now (remember the leadership 'contest'?). All the top Tories are seemingly happy to let Theresa carry the poisoned Brexit chalice, wait it out & make their move after she's owned the fallout.
  9. Game of Thrones - Season SEVEN (No book wankers)

    I'm pretty much at this point with everything (Music, TV, sports) Since binning my facebook & culling loads of shit accounts I followed on twitter it's been a game changer.
  10. The Health and Fitness Thread

    Not really, as long as you've enough room to stretch out, lie on the floor with your arms & legs extended you're good.
  11. The Health and Fitness Thread

    DDP Yoga chief. 20-30 min vids & as easy/difficult as you want to make it. Pretty sure lots of them are on youtube.
  12. The Notorious v Money

    Wand spoke about this earlier in the thread. There's such a cult of personality around Conor a lot of his fans lap up & repeat all kinds of shit. It's nothing that' unique to Conor or that we haven't seen before ('Jon Jones has never faced a wrestler like Chael though....'). People get swept up & talk shit, see any pub during any bit football game. Easily ignored.
  13. The Notorious v Money

    Cool, didn't see that. I'd rather see Khabib but more than happy with Diaz.
  14. The Notorious v Money

    Don't think that disappointed at all. Conor put in a decent showing, landed some decent shots & impressed in the early rounds. Once Mayweather's game plan became apparent it was fairly one sided. It was still exciting throughout & it's one of those fights where everyone involved (inc the fans) can go home happy. I was also surprised at McGregor's tank running low as quickly as it did. I thought after the halfway mark he might struggle but after he went balls out, early on he paid for it. Back to the UFC for either Nate 3 or Khabib in Russia?
  15. The Notorious v Money

    Yeah, I'll get up Sunday morning & watch a stream. This is a curiosity for me rather than a 'must see' event.