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  1. Not at all, you can have an opinion. Even if it's nonsense such as your belief that DJ doesnt understand how the UFC works. Funnily enough not all great fighters are great promoters. It's almost like the promotional responsibility lies with the promoter. The clue is in the title.
  2. Yeah, he obviously doesn't have the robust understanding of how the UFC actually works. Unlike you. You're missing a trick here Daz, you should be offering your expert services to fighters like DJ, Aldo & other fighters who you've claimed 'don't get it'. Maybe then they'll be able to achieve to your levels. Unbelievable.
  3. With a slam like 'Cockwell' I'm sure they'll keep you around just for your rapier wit.
  4. Stayed spoiler free. Thought it was pretty pants overall. The entrances & the production elevated what was a very average show, it was waaaay too fucking long & the main event was utter crap. Shane & AJ were good, got me invested & had a fun match against the odds. Owens & Jericho was good. Pop for the Hardy's was immense & brought a real sense of spectacle & Goldberg/Lesnar stole the show with a great match, perfectly done & exactly the right length. Main event simply wasn't a good match, having Reigns turn on Taker (did he really though?) would kind of make sense given that they could now pretend people are booing him because that's their desired reaction...'Look, see! That's what we wanted all along, he is good' but it didn't even feel like that. It's not like Reigns walked out flipping off the crowd & laughing at having retired Taker. It was just shit.
  5. Perfect, thanks
  6. Without spoilers....Is Mania worth watching & how long did the show run for? Ta
  7. Nakamura is advertised for the NXT tour in June. Unless they're working people to make his call up a surprise?
  8. Well, if it's in The Sun!
  9. Sorry, I was referring to whoever Hardy's opponent is going to be, not Hardy himself. If the UFC told a top 5 ranked fighter who didn't have anything lined up that their next opponent is Hardy in a Fox headline fight it wouldn't necessarily be a bad offer.
  10. It's a two way thing though. You can't simply say give him a big if it's London or Nottingham as his opponent has to agree to fight Hardy first. I just can't see why anyone with a decent name would want to fight Hardy? At the most a Diego Sanchez or hell, even a shot BJ Penn. There's not always the choice. Look at Bisping as a prime example, he just fought who they put in front of him. He made no qualms about wanting better opponents than the likes of Denis Kang but that's who he got. A headline fight on a Fight Night card on Fox isn't that much of a shabby prospect.
  11. House of Pain are touring. Tickets on sale this Friday, I'll be at the Manchester show.
  12. Sisqo is on that tour too......'Thong th-thong, thong, thong' There's a new, free mixtape out by Everlast feat Sick Jacken & produced by Divine Styler. It's called 'Warporn Industries' & it's really good. Get it here - The track with Big Daddy Kane is a beast.
  13. I'll obviously watch it (I sat through the whole of Kimbo/Dada ffs) but this Wand/Chael fight is utterly tragic stuff. Silva shouldn't be anywhere near a cage & Chael is going through the motions for cash. It's a bit grim.
  14. XS Malarkey? Spread Eagle is the pub, not sure of the promoter. Aaah, OK. Sweet deal. I've only ever seen Munnery once & he had a bad night but I heard his last show in Manc at Gorilla was excellent.
  15. XS Malarkey?