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  1. Probably belings in the telly thread alongside the LoD chat. Disagree? Check out 2m10s. Goosebumps.
  2. Not sure about eggy crisps. I imagine the smell when opening the bag is intense?
  3. 50p! No wonder there's so many fat knackers about. If Mozzers can knock them out for 10p each & still make money imagine the profit margin in Krispy Kremes? Absolute pirates.
  4. This feels like some willy waving, contractual thing where its a 'Co-Main' and not just the 2nd top fight on the card. Like bands arguing about their set lengths & logo sizes on a festival bill.
  5. There are no 'wrongdoings' in the traditional sense. What's a resignable offence now? Not provably lying. Not taking cash from foreign influences. Not gifting public cash to donors. As soon as the water even starts to get close to the Tories door and private polling suggests displeasure they can just revert to 'culture war' topics to bring back support. Flags, asylum seekers, protecting statues etc. A couple of headlines to rile everyone up & the majority are reminded why they don't like lefties again.
  6. If the electorate doesn't care they're being lied to what can you do? The lies, cronyism and inconsistencies have been highlighted, picked apart and questioned repeatedly at PMQs, on TV by Piers Morgan etc. As it stands many will tolerate being lied to as long as it upsets people they don't like. Until that changes nothing can.
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