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  1. Anyone watched this? Thoughts? Was gonna catch up with it tonight as the wife is out but the lack of interest on here isn't filling me with confidence
  2. Not really, it's a win all round. Like I said before, a rising tide raises all ships. Rousey/Nunes is the perfect example, the return of Rhonda & her star power sold itself yet the decision was to also put all the promotional emphasis behind Rousey. There's an argument that if you're dictating the result (ala WWE) and your sole aim is to promote that individual then that's a good move. This bit them in the arse big time as they'd put all their effort into Rousey & they were left with a champion who many were ambivalent about. Rhonda didn't need 100% of the promotion because her stock was already up there. I just feel that that the UFC are (were?) soooo good as putting together promo packages etc that not spreading the focus is a bit self defeating. Not that I'm losing sleep over it or anything.
  3. It's both. The whole point of promotion is to give customers a reason to connect with the product, if that reason isn't apparent then use a different angle. Not everyone is going to be a Mcgregor as he's an anomaly. There was a time when people weren't on board with Cerrone, JDS only really starting getting love after TUF & people saw what a sweetheart he is & warmed to him (dude doesn't speak a word of the queen's). As it stands everyone's taking the smack-talking route & it's boring. Couture & GSP didn't become massive draws via that route, they were promoted on their respective strengths. The aim is to push the UFC over the individuals, regardless of what you're promoting the same core idea. Every music festival wants to be in the same position as Glastonbury, it sells out before a single artist is announced. Every comedy show wants to be The Comedy Store, where people don't care who's playing they're buying a ticket because they trust in the brand & it'll be good. Brtiwres shows putting all their weight behind a big foreign import compared to Progress who sell out before matches are announced. This is the aim & I feel the UFC have moved away from this & are in a (avoidable) position where they risk the fighters becoming bigger than the brand. You can claim it's up to the fighter to promote themselves but IMO it's not mutually exclusive, it's still the promoters job to promote and moving away from that it's just a shirking of responsibility.
  4. Ubiquitous 90's trailers you say? I'll see your 'Dollman' & raise you..........
  5. The fact people are pinning the UFC's hopes on a returning Conor or Lesnar highlights the route cause of the problem. As much as MMA/fight sports are based around individuals the selling point needs to be the fights & the organisation. They can still shift tickets over here based on it being a 'UFC event' but the tide has/is definitely turned & it's all their own fault. It was highlighted in the build up to Rousey/Nunes, they chose to completely ignore Nunes and put all their promotional spend & efforts behind Rousey. People already knew who Rhonda was, people already know who Conor is. Give the rest of your contracted talent some attention & focus on the organisation as a whole. A rising tide raises all ships.
  6. Yeah, completely agree with Lamby. This is the fight that Weidman should be taking, I don't want to see people taking one-sided (in MMA terms) 'gimme' fights in order to build themselves back up. Every fight for someone at Weidman's level should be a highly competitive affair & Gastelum definitely has a chance here. When you look at Weidman's losses they've all been against top flight opponents & to me at least, certainly doesn't mean he's a fighter on the slide. The Mousasi result was certainly weird & felt like Weidman playing the game a bit but that was just one of those unique events that happen from time to time. Looking forward to this, could be belter & I don't see it going the distance.
  7. Yeah this suck IMO. Justin has put himself right in the top of the rankings & now to tie him up with a series of TUF seems like a complete waste. Like Cheapheat says above, either give TUF coaching gigs to older fighters who can build up to a marquee bout at the finale or someone who's injured but can still keep their profile up. Alvarez & Gaethje will be rubbish as coaches for TUF, just let them fight.
  8. What's wrong with being sexy?
  9. People berated him for being a 'weak leader' then moan when he starts firing people for ignoring the whip. He might as well do what he wants as he's gonna get pelters regardless.
  10. Surprised to hear that tbh. It's been practically universally lauded, was looking forward to it.
  11. Essentially Maia's last title shot against Anderson. Silva waiting to counter & Maia reluctant to engage because he didn't want to be countered & KO'd Griffin style. A stylistic nightmare & Anderson knew that he could sit in the corner & do nothing and still be champ. I don't think this will play out like that tbh. Maybe the first round but once Woodley tires a bit then this all Maia's imo.
  12. Jesse Taylor's a bit good isn't he? I know TUF can often be a 'big fish, small pond' scenario but he made short work of Hayder. I know we've said a million times how TUF peaked years ago but I've enjoyed the shit out of this series. Cody being such an utter bellend has even managed to make TJ seem vaguely likeable.
  13. I'm at 2000 Trees too, not been before but we heard so many good things we decided to go this year as a family. Can't wait.
  14. That's wank. Surprised he was only 42 tbh.
  15. Congratulations