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  1. This wasn't the one I've been trying to place but I've a memory of a cover that I'm sure stated 'Swayze - Stallone - Travolta' & it was all the shit brothers? The number of people who despite renting films every week, never seemed to understand the difference between cinema releases they've seen advertised on telly & what's out on video now was staggering. The bloke who owned the shop knew this too so he'd always get a few copies of whatever straight to video shite had boxes just like Twister or Independence Day & they'd always all be out. Some more good ones (I've linked trailers).... Gridlock'd - Tim Roth & Tupac star in a buddy move about 2 smack heads who decide to get clean after a friend dies. Tupac was really good in this & after playing wilder characters in previous hood dramas this was a more restrained performance. Thandie Newton is well fit too. Strange Days - Ignore the obviously dated 'futuristic 1999' stuff & this is a quality sci-fi whodunnit that was my go-to hangover film for ages. Written by James Cameron & directed by Kathryn Bigelow Ralph Feinnes is a sleazy cyber-porn peddler who gets mixed up in murder & corruption. Top quality cast, more Glenn Plumber & Skunk Anansie smash a cameo. Rosewood- John Singleton directs a true story about a black town that got burned down in the 1920's & the people who helped the residents escape. I'd love to know if anyone else has seen this & what they think? I really need to rewatch it as I remember loving it at the time & being geniunely surprised that it was straight to video (it tanked in the states). Solid cast with Ving Rhames in the lead with Don Cheadle,Jon Voight. Michael Rooker & Robert Patrick in support. Matinee- A lovely little family film set in the early 60's about a schlocky B-movie maker who wants to bring his newest creation to big screen whilst the US is in the midst of the Cuban missile crisis. John Goodman is wonderful as the lead. Perfect for a rainy Sunday A Simple Plan - One of my favourite film genres is 'normal people find something they shouldn't & it all goes tits up' & this is one of my favourites (also one of the first R1 DVD's I bought from the states as it wasn't awailable here). Bill Paxton, Bridet Fonda (miss her) & Billy Bob Thornton star & Sam Raimi directs. Paxton & Thornton are brilliant and Sam Raimi absolutely nails the tone & tension. Link here is to BBC Iplayer so you can watch it now & thank me afterwards.
  2. If you thought Aldi's branded knock offs were a pushing it a bit? The Sklep doesnt give a fuck about your copyright! These are essentially pizza Pom Bears. Smart
  3. Dead Mike

    Chippy Tea

    Salad cream?! Absolute tramps.
  4. Aware this is yet another film thread but recent posts from Devon & Scott M about Waking Ned, The Last Supper and the seemingly annual recommendations of Trespass got me thinking about other absolute gems i rinsed on VHS. Also, there's pretty much no new stuff coming out & all of these are gonna be better than that Eurovision toss COBB - Ron Shelton was the MVP of sports films for a good while but this (and Blue Chips which is also decent) went striaght to video over here IIRC. Tommy Lee Jones plays baseball legend Ty Cobb who in his old age hires a biographer to tell his story. It's told in flashback & TLJ puts in a great performance, especially as 'old man' Cobb. THURSDAY - Aaron Eckhart & Thomas Jane in an indie crime thriller that stood out in the wave of Pulp Fiction inspired indie fodder. A former criminal has set up a new life away from his past life but an old 'friend' turns up with a massive bag of smack & needing a favour. Mickey Rourke cameos & Glen Plummer in a supporting role adds extra 90's points. SURVIVING THE GAME - It's 'Hard Target' but more fun & with a miles better cast. Ice T (instant win) is a homeless man being hunted for money. Rutger Hauer is the baddie & also includes Gary Busey, Charles S Dutton & John C McGinley. I fucking loved this as a teen, it's a blast & features on the best/worst injury scenes since Carl Weathers just stuck a stump on the side of his (completely visible) arm in Predator. INDICTMENT: The McMartin Trial - A TV movie based on the real life story of alleged child abuse in an American nursey. Stars James Woods before he went insane & is a very solid courtroom drama with a decent turn from E.T's Henry Thomas. AMERICAN ME - Edward James Olmos directs & stars in what I'll lazily describe as a hispanic Goodfellas. Spanning about 30yrs it follows 3 childhood friends and their rise & fall in the Mexican gang scene in LA. This was a cult hit in the US and I've since heard it referenced a few times in rap songs and other films. William Forsythe is brilliant & the scenes in prison are brutal. BOUND - Gine Gershon & Jennifer Tilly star in a super claustrophobic mafia heist thriller. This was always one of my 'go to' recommendations for people when I worked in the video shop. It stands as one of the worst promoted films in memory which really pissed me off at the time. All the posters we had pushed the 'lesbian action' angle & we were sent extra 'WARNING - EXPLICIT LESBIAN CONTENT' stickers for the boxes. People who rented it expecting Electric Blue but were too shy to go into the adult section brought iit back pissed off & people who'd normally jump at a gangter thriller this good swerved it because they thought it was just soft porn. If you've not seen this then you're in for a absolute treat, plus it's got possibly my favourite Joe Pantoliano performance.
  5. So the strategy is for everyone to collectively pretend everything is ok now? Pubs and haircuts instead of bread and circuses.
  6. I bought some cheap USB drives from Wish to flog on Facebook. I knew there was something dodgy about this bloke this morning.....
  7. After not getting sued by Kronenberg I think Aldi are just getting cocky now
  8. That's good to hear. I'm looking forward to watching this over the weekend. I rewatched Clockers a few weeks ago and Lindo os one of those actors who's reliably great even when the material he's working with isn't.
  9. I'd rather nothing was 'cancelled' if I'm perfectly honest. It gives people too much ammunition and makes an issue out of something that usually isn't really much of a problem. I'd much rather comedy from a previous era be slowly allowed to die out. Let Jim Davidson still tour and sell his tickets 2-4-1 to dwindling crowds. I had Chubby Brown's agent contact me a couple of years ago to host a date on his tour. Nothing pleased me more than telling him I didn't think he'd shift 400 tickets (even if he likely would). Giving these fucks the excuse that they're being 'silenced by the PC elite' plays into their hands. Let them fail on their own terms. It's better for everyone.
  10. Dead Mike


    That's truly the saddest plate of food I've seen for a while .Good work. Looks fucking dry though
  11. He hasnt missed the point at all. He's amplified the narrative that this movement wants to 'erase and rewrite our history'. You've mistaken his intent.
  12. Agreed. When you're faced with an opposition who can, and want to control a narrative you need to ensure distractions aren't allowed to happen & focus is maintained. The issue is that there's plenty who will happily conflate a historic joke on a beloved sitcom with murdering an innocent black man. In their mind they're on the 'right side' of the argument, they're just not seeing it from the other side & are either ignorant of, or refusing to accept the current political landscape & size of the challenge ahead of them.
  13. Whilst this is true it doesn't really matter as the public perception is now that this is exactly what the BLM movement is about (they're just not saying it). My social timelines this morning read like an angry 'Points of View' letterbag.
  14. It's been a while but I'm sure it's a young Reese Witherspoon.
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