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  1. UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Have you heard 'The Mouse Outfit'? Recently got into them, their 2nd album 'Step Steadier' is my favourite of the 2. Ocean Wisdom's latest 'Wizville' is great. Maybe a few tracks too long but that's a common problem with underground hiphop.
  2. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    Clutch have announced a December tour. Going to Manchester the Friday before Christmas, one of the most reliable live bands on the planet IMO.

    No. Just used to say 'battered what mate?' whenever we were going in/past there. This is the fucker.....

    Years ago when I lived with a mate we sent another mutual friend to the (Chinese) chippy. My housemate had asked for ‘battered sausage & chips’. When our friend got there & read out the order the woman behind the counter seemed confused, shouting to the ‘chef’ in the back who came out front….’Battered what mate?’….’Sausage please’……’Erm, OK I’ll give it a go’. He was absolutely ages, finally came out of the kitchen & said ‘There you go, I wont charge you for it’. When he came back & unwrapped the paper there was what appeared to be a fucking giant fortune cookie resting on a tray of chips. You could literally pick it up & hear the sausage rattling about inside, like a greasy kinder egg. One touch of a fork & the whole thing shattered. About a month later my mate was in the bookies & the Chinese cook bloke tapped him on the shoulder winked & said….’It’s alright boss, I’ve got it now!’.

    If we had those late night train jouneys home would be (even more) horrendous affairs.