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  1. Dead Mike


    Vince Cable has claimed the PM said 'the people voted for pain' when asked about the economic impact of No Deal. Fucking madness if true.
  2. Dead Mike


    Labour will oppose the SO24 debate on the A50 letter. Parliament have an opportunity to take control of this & avoid chaos & Corbyn says 'No'. Because he's a useless prick & is as much of a hardcore Brexiter as Rees Mogg & Co. Labour enabling avoidable job losses, nice one. EDIT - McDonnell now saying they'll support it?!?!? Arse/Elbow?
  3. No benefit to the fans? Do you not realise how many interim title fights they're going to get to see?
  4. Had some friends round for tea so made a bunch of indian dishes. Keema peas, chick pea masala, cauliflower & spinach bhaji, tandoori chicken thighs & king prawn madras. Served it with lime & coriander rice & some home made chapatis. Only thing that annoyed me was that the chicken caught a bit so the skin was a bit black but it tasted good.
  5. Given that in his previous court case people learned that kids had seen him naked, been plied with booze & were shown porn I think that this was enough evidence to form a decision. Surely the question here is why, knowing this information is publicly available are people still defending him? Regardless of this documentary. Who thinks this behaviour is acceptable?
  6. Dead Mike

    Chippy Tea

    Cold doner meat the next morning is grim. Like taking a bite out of a fatberg & a reminder why most people only eat that shit when they're drunk.
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