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  1. Got 11/1 on a double of Faber winning & Ryan Hall winning via sub on SkyBet.
  2. TBH I knew tomorrow's event was on but hadn't really looked past the main card. My interest has definitely piqued now,
  3. YES!! That's the fucker. I was asking as I was wondering when he's fighting next, cheers dude. That's a fiver going down on a submission finish.
  4. People who pay more attention than me, help me name a fighter? - Think he's lightweight or welterweight, white American & a submission specialist favouring nasty looking leg locks & heel hooks. Apparently has trouble getting fights as people don't want to match up with him & he won his last fight quickly earlier this year. A quiet & unassuming type. Hairy chest. Ring any bells?
  5. Guess they had second thoughts when the producers realised his 'camp' was just a bloke eating crisps.
  6. Dead Mike


    Yeah, it's his smarts that did it, same with Osborne & Cameron. The fact they all went to Eton & were part of the Bullingdon club is just a coincidence. It's definitely not a case of it being a 'old boys network' & privilege. It's their savvy & intelligence.
  7. Dead Mike


    I agree, Corbyn has had the worst treatment in the media than pretty much any politician I can think of. We've got a right wing media though, it's to be expected & he's not done himself any favours either. He could get on any political TV programme whenever he wants but it means him having to answer questions on anti-Semitism & to justify (or even explain) his Brexit stance so he'd rather stay silent & just not appear. Not ideal for the leader of the opposition. Just last week we've got Boris Johnson & Jeremy Hunt both talking up 'no deal', Trump sticking his oar in while Jeremy is planting tomatoes with children in Macclesfield. Priorities innit?
  8. Dead Mike


    I'd say further to the right than that.
  9. Dead Mike


    Not really, it just means make changes that might see you actually being electable. That doesn't mean 'be more centrist', it could be personnel change or a change in presenting your ideas. If we're talking about Labour right now then the fact that they're not thrashing the Tories in the polls & Corbyn still has worse approval ratings than May suggests to me that some big fucking changes need to happen. However, that's just my preference. There's plenty of Labour supporters who'd rather live under the Tories for 5 more years & have an 'ideologically pure' Labour party than make some small concessions & be in power and have the ability to actually make change.
  10. Dead Mike


    100%.As I posted earlier, the last Labour manifesto was slightly left of centre with no 'hard left' policies whatsoever. How many voters actually read manifestos though? The majority let 'the news' tell them what's in it. The problem is that in politics (& especially in the current climate) it's perception that matters, not facts. This is anecdotal but my mum stood as a Labour councillor in the recent local elections (in Stoke On Trent), & for the 2 months prior to the vote when knocking on doors the resounding message was 'I've always voted Labour but I won't vote for Corbyn'. When pressed as to why most people couldn't quantify it. They'd bought into the media narrative & simply didn't trust him, to the point where they either weren't going to vote or would begrudgingly vote Tory.
  11. Dead Mike


    No, it doesn’t need to be someone more ‘to the right’ just someone without the baggage (rightly or wrongly) that Corbyn has. I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive at all. As far as Corbyn’s voting history & Eurosceptic views being publicly available, of course they were. This doesn’t mean that people actually looked it up or cared. You know as well as I do that in the current political climate facts & evidence play little importance in shaping beliefs. If this were the case Brexit wouldn’t be happening at all.
  12. Dead Mike


    I don’t think so tbh. The manifesto they published at the last GE was well received & despite the media narrative was realistic & miles away from from ‘hard left’ claims. As it stands I think it’s the toxicity of Corbyn that’s holding them back. He’s served his purpose, now they need a leader who the general public actually like rather than just a hardcore minority.
  13. Are BT charging for this? Not that it matters tbh, my stream on Sunday morning was spot on.
  14. Dead Mike


    I just want the Tories out & a Labour party that are actually electable. As it stands, they're not. This is provably not the case. Hence why loads of young people were shocked when he didn't oppose Brexit.
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