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  1. Dead Mike

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    They've said there'll be 2 'heavy' stages which wont clash. One will be headlined by BFMV & the other isn't announced yet. I suspect the 2 punk stages will be the same? But yeah, you'll likely get to see 8 bands but if it's 8 belters that's well worth the £60 IMO. I'm hoping The Menzingers are headlining their stage so I sit at the Impericon stage until watching them close the day.
  2. Dead Mike

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    Are you seeing a PT regularly or was it just an induction thing? If you've got the cash I'd recommend 1 session with one a week. I've been going to the gym regularly for a while but only started with a PT last November & the difference is staggering if only just for motivation & removing the excuses not to go. I booked myself in for 8am every Sunday with him & it stopped me from drinking on Sat nights as I knew even a couple of drinks would make the session unbearable.
  3. Dead Mike


    Brutal honesty. They were sold an undeliverable fantasy by Tory spivs & their tabloid pals. We don't 'hold all the cards', they don't 'need us more than we need them', the unfortunate reality is we're a serviced based economy with very little domestically owned manufacturing. We put together (mostly) foreign parts for foreign companies who are based here as a gateway to Europe. The very real problems people are facing aren't because of the EU, it's because of successive UK governments & the EU has been a handy scapegoat which plays well into peoples existing fears & the British exceptionalism. It'd likely be a bitter pill to swallow but it's the truth. It's as likely as me waking up tomorrow with an 80's Bon Jovi barnet though.
  4. Dead Mike

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Just booked tickets for Leeds. The run of Turnstile – Cancer Bats – The Bronx – Gallows is tremendous. Add to that The Interrupters, Millencollin & The Menzingers and it’s pretty much the perfect one-dayer for me. I just hope the clashes aren’t too horrendous.
  5. Dead Mike

    Old people say funny shit

    I once had a t-shirt with Richard Pryor on it. My nan said 'Is that Daley Thompson? Or just one of the other ones'. It had 'Pryor' under his face.
  6. Dead Mike

    Upcoming Fights You Should Be Watching!

    Didn't even know Swagger was making his MMA debut so cheers for that! Completely agree on Bader too, he was one of the fighters who people seemed to really dislike on here but I never had any issue with him. He was a bit of a LHW gatekeeper in the UFC for a while, the bloke who people would be matched up against before going to the next level but in Bellator he's really excelled. Maybe a case of 'big fish, small pond' but he was my pick to win the HW tourney (I cant be arsed to go back through the thread but I promise this isn't revisionist bollocks). Hoping he KO's Fedor in the 1st.
  7. Dead Mike


    Think this is the same one Matt Goss & Olly Murs use
  8. Dead Mike


    100% this. You're fooling no fucker & it just comes across as a bit desperate. My hairline was always pretty fragile so as soon as it went a bit 'tennis ball' at the temples I shaved it straight off. No looking back.
  9. Dead Mike

    Who do people say you look like?

    When I was younger with glorious hair - The singer from Hanson Now I've lost it (and have my specs on) - Eddie Hitler
  10. Dead Mike

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Yeah, this was apparently bollocks and it's You Me At Six 😣 I used to listen to TNM but sacked it off after Beez scammed a load of fans for money and had a meltdown on the Download Forums when people started calling him out for it. It was a shame as he introduced me to tonnes of my now favourite bands but in the end he's just a scummy little rat. He's apparently running an Indy wrestling promotion now which should be an ideal fit for him.
  11. Dead Mike

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    2000 Trees are announcing the first 33 bands tomorrow. Heard rumblings that Weezer are the first headliner
  12. Dead Mike

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    The Vanishing - Peter Mullan & Gerard Butler play lighthouse men on a remote Scottish island in the early 1900's. After finding a washed up boat, a body & a chest it all goes a bit awry. Really well acted & tense with refreshingly believable reactions to sudden violence. Think 'A Simple Plan' with more facial hair & cardigans.
  13. If true that's fucking bollocks. There was nothing in the first fight that warrants a rematch, no unanswered questions & that's before you even mention Ferguson. Khabib vs T Ferg is the fight that fans* want to see. *me
  14. Dead Mike

    Chippy Tea

    2 battered sausages? Wild man!
  15. Dead Mike

    Standup Comedy

    For me? Not really tbh. When a comedian is talking about something I think it has to assumed it's a joke. An audience can usually tell as well due to tone, body language & context. The examples that spring to mind are Chubby Brown saying 'These fucking asylum seekers...' then deliberately pausing to give his audience the chance to jeer, Or Bernard Manning ending his Embassy Club shows with 'have a safe trip home & remember, keep your friends white'. Neither have a punchline. But on the flipside Chubby & his ilk are playing to smaller & smaller audiences as societal attitudes change.