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  1. This was, and will always be the king of the tinned breakfast. Discontinued when everyone became too woke for reformed tinned offal.
  2. Having dominated the evening meal market..... I did wonder if you could lift the pastry and crack in an egg prior to baking? Might ruin it.
  3. American Ninja 4 is the best one of the series.
  4. Lots of this! Seen a bunch of people complaining that it's the media's fault, as people obviously don't have the power of independent thought & are easily manipulated. Same people who claimed the tabloids didn't influence their vote because they'd done their own research.
  5. These are quality. Dead minty.
  6. You absolute beauty. Reckon tickets will fly for this.
  7. Solemn Brigham's debut solo album came out yesterday. I loved both Marlowe albums and whilst this isn't as consistent it's still absolutely worth checking out.
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