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    ASDA continue to step up their game against Farmfoods. I posted their 'chip pizza' a while back, now they've added their own take on a doner meat one. Only 1700 calories in it.

    They've literally just put the food graphics at the bottom of the window up this weekend. Until then you'd drive past and have no clue as to what type of food they even sold.

    This takeaway has recently opened near me. Nope, me neither?
  4. Standup Comedy

    Correct, most Fringe shows are actually 50-55mins, however a lot more material is written to whittle down to that run time. Many acts do play the show every year, those that don't often do small solo tours (alongside circuit shows) on the years off (which still requires them to be writing new material). There's more comedians touring solo shows now than there's ever been. Most acts that are in the postion to do this (play the fringe repeated and/or tour) are 'mainstream'. There aren't many truly 'alternative' comedians working, the market has changed significantly & there's little public appetite for 'alternative' acts. EDIT - Just seen that you threw a wobbly & announced your departure so you absolutely won't be replying. Shame.
  5. Standup Comedy

    Very few? Apart from every comedian doing a show at the Edinburgh fringe you mean?
  6. Standup Comedy

    A new Tom Segura special has been added to Netflix, looking forward to watching it tonight. His first 'Completely Normal' is one of my favourites but I was a bit disappointed with his 2nd. Fingers crossed this is a belter.
  7. MMA Betting Thread

    Listening to the Rogan podcast with Woodley, can't check the odds at work but they've just said that Edgar is a big underdog against Holloway. Gotta be worth a fiver.
  8. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Maia maybe? From Wonderboy's perspective I think the Till fight is a 'nothing to gain, everything to lose' situation. He's still likely the #1 or #'2 contender so coming to the UK, fighting a lower ranked (& dangerous) opponent whilst also dealing with jetlag & a hostile crowd does little for his prospects. Unless they're chucking big cash at him for it or essentially telling him it's next fight then I get why he & his team might be reluctant.
  9. What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Watched it last night. The first 2 eps have been nigh on perfect for me. I adore this programme, it's as good as it gets. The balance of pathos & laughs was spot on.
  10. DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    I liked Kill List. I get why people might not. It wasn't amazing & the end was a bit clunky but it gripped me throughout. I liked the relationship between the two leads & the realistic portrayal of 'gangsters' (just people with families who could be your next door neighbour & you'd be none the wiser). The violence was sudden, shocking & again, very realistic.
  11. Post yer sneakers.

    Size.co.uk have just put 'further reductions' on their January sale. I didn't find much but from former posts I thought there might be some that appeal, noticed a few Adidas originals on there @Devon Malcolm
  12. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Can't disagree with any of that. TBH I think a lot of UFC fans are getting sick of the interim title situation & the stalling from McGregor. The reaction from his 'Beg me' & 'I'm making Diddy bread' comments were very different than I expected & in stark contrast from where he was pre-Mayweather. I think many simply just want to see him defend a belt. The fact that there's a lot of goodwill behind both Ferguson & Khabib now has changed peoples perspective a bit too. For the UFC it's no longer Conor or bust, they can let the division move on & if he comes back that's cool & if he doesn't & just wants to sell whisky or whatever that's fine too. He's not going to be able to fight anywhere else without their permission so crack on!
  13. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I saw on social media that they were aiming for March for McGregor/Ferguson & if Conor didn't agree then they were just going to strip him. Don't know how true it is (I didn't click on the story) but tbh I usually wait until I see stuff on here as there's tonnes of clickbait shite regarding MMA & especially McGregor. Insane run of fights though, I like Holloway but am really hoping Edgar takes this. Edgar is one of the greats, a class act & always awesome to watch.
  14. The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Ha! This tour has been on sale for a bit. I'm going to Manchester 2 nights after this date. His new single is good, sounds like it could've been on 'American Slang'.
  15. The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    I'd love it & I think Brian Fallon will be there but seeing as Fallon has already been announced for some Euro fests solo I don't think it'll happen this year. From looking at who's around Europe at the time of 2000 Trees I reckon it'll be out of - At The Drive In, The Offspring, Bad Religion, Alice In Chains, The Descendants & (at a push although I think they're too big) Deftones. If Gaslight get announced for some Euro fests then it's on.