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  1. This shirt is absolutely gorgeous
  2. I was watching a bit of Everton VS Pumas last night and their players wore a black GPS sports bra - also with CAZOO plastered across it - underneath it. Made the new shirt look really, really shit.
  3. Yes!!! That's exactly what I said to my wife and daughter after we watched some of the prelims tonight! It's bloody ace, the tracks look really cool.
  4. Yep, I imagine the wealth of knowledge and experience they can share is invaluable too. The work on the training ground between the keepers and goalkeeper coaches is massive, and having a thoroughly experienced 3rd choice keeper there must be a big boost.
  5. On second thoughts...let it stay! https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jul/25/france-usa-mens-basketball-olympics-tokyo-2020
  6. Watched some of the prelims before I went to bed and then watched the final this morning. Fantastic stuff, so glad Jagger Eaton didn't win gold- took a bit of a dislike to him after his insistence to show his abs after every run. Loved Milou and chuffed for Horigome after a difficult start to the final. Love the fact that they aren't perfect athletes. They drink Coke, eat shite, some have a bit of a darb on them and they're generally down to earth dudes. Absolutely! It's brilliant. Moar street sports!
  7. Double post your mum Thanks to Superbacon and Kool Keith, I've been rinsing the Discovery+ app on Sky for the past hour. It's fucking ace. I've gone from handball to table tennis to - wait for it - SUNNY D 3 ON 3! My word I didn't realise this had been added to the Olympics. They have music pumping throughout the match. love the fact they're adding more street sports and sports from California Games too. He's hoping footbagging makes an appearance! Hopefully there's a small sided version of Football added one day. I suppose the dilemma will be deciding which one (5 a side as we know it isn't as popular outside of UK and Ireland). I guess it will only be a matter of time until Futsal is added, but I want boards damnit!
  8. There's some offer along those lines that I've completely ignored to date as I never thought I'd need Discovery+, but I definitely have a reason now that BBC aren't showing much.
  9. That opening ceremony huh? I know it was always going to be understated given the circumstances, but blimey it was shit.
  10. France and Argentina losing aren't particularly big surprises, neither have assembled strong sides for the Olympics. I can't believe how many of the Spanish Euros squad are at the Olympics though. Let them rest!
  11. Yeah, Japanese football fans are notorious for cleaning up the stands at the end of matches too, so it's clearly from a young age. However I was more referring to Chinese rather than Japanese.
  12. You're fucking joking. How he hell did that prick manage that gig? He's a horrible man who has spent the past 20 years harbouring resentment towards his former club (Arsenal) because he's not considered a club great. Great news about Alex Scott though. So many offended white men are now switching to PES, or whatever the new free version is going to be called.
  13. Didn't Rio end up with even more debt after the Olympics, because the cost of hosting it is so much greater these days that it outweighs any increased income?
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