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  1. And they have to demonstrate why the employees in question cannot work in order to get the furlough funding from the government
  2. He likes all the shit ones from great franchises.
  3. Fuck yes. I'm aching to play through the Galaxy games again. They were ace.
  4. Yeah what Loki said. @tiger_rick sounds like they're taking the right piss here. They're just essentially cutting your salary, you might want to look into that to see if they can do that. I know you'll consider yourself lucky to still have a job, and you're right given what's going on, but that doesn't mean firms can take the piss. They can't have their cake and eat it. We're putting some on furlough at work, and are covering half of the shortfall, so that means staff will get 90% of their salary (and not work).
  5. I was going by my thoughts at the time as a 9-10 year old. Even then if there was a clean finish, most of the time it was via a finishing move.
  6. I liked the Owen/Bret finish because at the time it looked like he got lucky, which is what you wanted from a clean finish with Bret going for the big one later. Disagree with the Bret/Bulldog finish, though. Even as a kid I wondered why Bulldog got a lucky win rather than using his big running powerslam. To protect Bret of course, who would then be catapulted into the WWF title picture straight after, but would it have mattered?
  7. Fuck me I'm in awe of your manliness
  8. Microsoft are very late with their Games With Gold announcement for April. Obviously this will be, in some ways, due to Coronavirus but I wonder if they've been working on getting some really good games for their customers seeing as they're stuck at home. The GWG games have been mostly shit for a while now. Side note- how obsessive are Daily Express in trying to get clicks for GWG announcements? Whenever I use Google to search for the latest announcement, there are loads of clickbait links to the Express, ultimately saying nothing because the announcements haven't been made yet.
  9. Well isn't this a shocking revelation And having them pay 400% of the retail value for them in the long run. Those that couldn't afford them would spend MUCH more than wealthier folk would for the same product- thus increasing the ever growing gulf between the rich and the poor. Yeah, decent company.
  10. Shitehouse Bright House have folded as a result of so many customers unable to meet their monthly repayments, due to Coronavirus. Good. The fuckers prey on the vulnerable and plunge them further into debt. Nasty company.
  11. I hope it's just some bug but in the event it is the dreaded virus, remember there is a very VERY high chance she will be fine. Finger crossed for you. Don't blame yourself for this- it could've sat dormant with her before she was stuck at home and plus even if you brought it back, it's very hard to completely avoid given the current situation.
  12. I'm 3 episodes into the latest series. It's one of those shows where I forget just how good it is until I watch another episode.
  13. In these times where hygiene is paramount and in fact life-saving, of course they are "essential"
  14. I started playing this the other day, it's really good. Apart from the shitty cutscene at the beginning (does anyone really care about the Animus shite?) and the viewpoints, it's so far removed from the Assassin's Creed games- which was much needed. The way your level determines which weapons, missions and bosses you can access/realistically challenge make this game more reminiscent of The Witcher.
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