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  1. Steve, I think we might be able to PES our way through this thread...
  2. Serves him right for naming his sports stores and gyms after himself, the egotist. The fucking Tory wanted a minute's silence at all football matches after Thatcher died. Thoughts on that @Frankie Crisp?
  3. It's definitely cheaper than it could've been (Covid price?) given his talents. I don't think Graelish would've been the answer either- overpriced and again too much money for somebody that wouldn't necessarily improve your front three (and definitely not a touch on Bruno if he's played in midfield). Sancho will clearly improve the front three, there's no doubt about that. I was expecting a shrewd Shaqiri-esq signing or two. Does it leave them with much to bring in another decent midfielder, or do they persevere with Matic or McTominay to play with Pogba and Bruno? Do they improve their defence?
  4. Jessi jokes aside they absolutely need more quality in those positions, but I'm still surprised they're going all in for Sancho. That's a massive outlay. Maybe you should just take Mkhitaryan back. I'd much prefer that option.
  5. I think this is the solution. I'm stunned by the Sancho news. Yes he's top class and yes they lack depth in those forward three positions- but I thought the Rashford-Martial-Greenwood axis was working really well and any players brought in would supplement them. A £100m player isn't supplementing anyone, he's benching Greenwood. I suppose if the option to sign a potential world class player arises, you do it before anyone else does.
  6. The best guest appearance was from this very year- Joe Pasquale in Doctors https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000g76n
  7. Basketball jerseys are vests, right?
  8. Yes, there was a caramel variety with a soft centre.
  9. Where are your fucking vests?
  10. Current Tory MP and former minister arrested on suspicion of rape. I presume we are unable to speculate who it is as per the 'not now boyo' rule https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53625829
  11. DHGate. Loads of classics in there.
  12. Have you ever been in Bear magazine?
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