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  1. I knew there was a book on Dutch football on here you recommended and forgot was it was called, cheers. I've read Cruyff's autobiography, which is as brilliant as he is ingenious, but my god he just wanted to row with everyone all the time.
  2. I'm talking about in terms of age (both 29), both homegrown players and it seemed like yesterday when they were still considered young players. And both Herts boys.
  3. Would our equivalent of this be Jack Wilshere taking over as our manager? That's blowing my mind. Part of me would absolutely love it.
  4. Binface being level with that wretched twat Laurence Fox is good to see.
  5. If argue that City's training facility is the best in the world of football, certainly in this country. I mean, just look at this:
  6. Levy here with a heartfelt apology to the fans there, like an abuser that doesn't realise they've done any wrong.
  7. Apparently we've now withdrawn. You'll have your own thread at this rate, Spurs!
  8. This has to end with Ceferin killing Perez with a crossbow while he's taking a shite. I can't wait to see his face after this has all fallen through. Shove your Galacticos and Super League up your jack danny, you Iberian Sepp Blatter.
  9. Fucking hell- so many clubs pulling out of the Super League tonight- then you have the bombshells of Ed Woodward and Agnelli (Juve) getting the push! Fuck all of these 12 clubs, bunch of coward wankers the lot of em.
  10. It's not great no, but at least it's not closed off. It's not entirely about who wins it- so many teams have given so much by having good runs in the competition. Look at Atalanta and Roma in recent years. It's not pretty much the same teams having a go either- last year you had Leipzig and Lyon reach the semi finals, the year before you had Ajax. The number of teams that have reached the QF stage over the past 20 years is vast (in future it cannot be more than the same 15 plus 5 invited teams that might get lucky). Couple that with teams emerging as forces, others falling into an abyss, and s
  11. FIFA are paying lip service to UEFA by making empty threats here, if it was actually FIFA that made such threats. No chance in hell they'll stop players from playing for their national teams.
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