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  1. Messi scoring his 500th goal just goes to show how Pele's 'I scored a thousand goals' claim is a massive load of hairy bollocks. I don't care what the (disputed, obviously) records say, didn't happen.
  2. We'll be seeing you, Gus. Can't wait for that shitehawk Tim Lovejoy to blurt 'It's only Mohammed Elneny' as he smashes a 30-yard screamer in for the winner.
  3. Teedy and stumobir bang on the money re Corbyn, especially the stubborn comment. He's an old school leftie, of course he's not a pushover. The fact he hasn't had the backing of so many 'Labour' (if you can call them Blairites Labour) MPs and still insists on leading the party because the supporters voted for him is a testament to this.
  4. He scores when he wants, so they sing. He must be a man of little desire then.
  5. He did fuck all to be fair, forgot he was even under contract. Was a nice nostalgic moment setting him in the CWC but he looked pretty poor and going through the motions the one time I saw him on 205 Live (where he sprayed Kendrick with mist).
  6. Another trophyless season for Spurs. How long can this go on for? #PochOut #PochettinoWeWantYouToStay
  7. I think everyone on here (deservedly) loves Phoenix Nights, That Peter Kay Thing and his appearance in Corrie that time. It's the Geraldine shite, Max & Paddy, his stand-ups and his crap charity songs that are cack. But yeah, he's a brilliant dramatic comedy actor, always has been. So natural. My wife has been watching the 2nd series and I've caught some of it now and then, it's a nice little show. I should really go through them all at some point.
  8. Some brilliant replies to this. This is my favourite:
  9. Sean Mooney looks fantastic. Butch should tweet him and let him know in a couple of hours.
  10. The artwork on the Roach card is great. He's standing on top of a house (!) with Geralt looking you at him, scratching his head in confusion.
  11. If by 'you', you're referring to the local folk of Arnhem.
  12. Make the most of it, he'll have re-burned bridges by pissing off the entire staff by being a jumped-up self-important super serious prick as usual by the time we get to the next page. Good news that they've brought back Gunner though, always thought he had something about him.
  13. Yep, that's the first thing I did. Game getting involved is good to see. Wayne Bradford isn't happy as he doesn't like the Go Compare guy, but then again he doesn't like Muslims either.
  14. Crimson is back!! You can call these re-hirings a mile off.
  15. I have a few invite codes for the closed Beta for the Gwent game (as in the card game from The Witcher 3), Xbone. Slide into my PMs (not even sorry) if anyone wants one.