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  1. Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.

    I think we all want to see what @Cannibal Man comes up with as a tattoo fix for this.
  2. Today I learned...

    What the fuck...Peter Serafinowicz voiced Darth Maul?! I know him from tonnes of things (he's bloody funny) but I never knew that tidbit.
  3. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I don't even hate City to be honest. I think the Chelsea years eventually made me accept that the game has changed. I probably hate them less than the other top 6 teams.
  4. Wrestlemania 34

    Yeah that was panic stations because half of the big names were injured. The build-up to Mania that year was bloody terrible.
  5. Wrestlemania 34

    It's not just you, it seems they haven't really kick-started the hype yet. Maybe the two ppvs are being a massive hindrance this year and they'll go 100mph after Sunday (and even more after Fast Lane).
  6. I don't think many are claiming him to be the best thing since sliced bread, are they? I thought it was more a case of a really well-booked feud that has the fans invested in him. He's definitely a very good wrestler and an excellent babyface. He garners sympathy very well indeed.
  7. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    That's exactly what it'll be. If you owned a game on the 360, it is available to download on your Xbone as soon as it becomes backwards compatible.
  8. He's tight with EVOLVE and their head booker/owner Gabe Sapolsky is now a WWE employee in a consultancy role.
  9. Of course we are, between now and April they'll find a way to set up the match for Takeover New Orleans.
  10. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Who the fuck thinks a 0-0 draw away in the CL knockout stages is 'job done'? What a silly bastard. Away goals in this competition are absolutely vital. An early goal from Sevilla at Old Trafford and they're fucked.

    It's remarkable that by putting a bowl of iceberg and sliced carrots, Pizza Hut can refer to that 'sideboard of death' as a salad bar. That salad bar alone deserves to be in this thread, because that shit will kill you.
  12. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    He seemed so petrified of the Chamber that I thought he was actually going to poo himself. That was shit writing. He's a bad ass that shouldn't be scared of any person/structure, write promos accordingly.

    Why do I get the impression Gus would be all over that?
  14. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    He probably is, but at least after Monday they've done enough to make you question the result, which is more likely to put eyes on the event.
  15. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Fortunately I fired up the Xbox and managed to 'watch wrestling' instead (if ya get me playa). The gauntlet match was excellent, and the decision to have Raw in that format was a bold and rather inspiring one. They tried something different and it worked, they gave us an episode of Raw that I think fans will remember for a very long time. The Rollins/Reigns part was good, but the Rollins/Cena portion of the match was the real highlight. Fantastic drama. I started to lose interest a bit around Miz/Balor, but Strowman piqued my interest again. It's opened up a previously foregone conclusion and like others I'm no longer 100% certain that Reigns is winning this Sunday. Kudos WWE, a memorable match and episode.