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  1. @MerzbowBecause you're a hippety hipster and thus more likely to know about trends. Nope. I have the same problem as you. Although she claims she 'likes Arsenal and Spurs' which is the footballing equivalent of a spoiled ballot. Does yours say 'Tsktsktsk, a lot?
  2. I fucking knew you'd know!! Yep absolutely. Much more palatable than the majority of Instagram idols. I think it's only fair that I do. Share the pain I suffered from wearing Hi-Tec whilst the rest of my class was rocking Reebok Pumps.
  3. Who knows what a VSCO Girl is? My 10yo now claims she is one. It's a fashion/youth subculture that has gained traction this year. Very laid-back Californian vibe about the movement- eco friendly, wear overgrown t-shirts, low maintenance hair and makeup, surfing jewellery etc. I'm expected to spend £30 on a Hydro Flask water bottle for xmas (will I fuck) because that's what VSCO girls use. I bet Merzbow knows.
  4. Napoli have sacked The People's Eyebrow after an abysmal 4-0 win, which secured them a place in the CL 2nd round. I'd happily take him. We'll probably end up with Paolo Sousa, though. We're basically Watford now.
  5. Eh? That projection shows Labour LOSING 31 seat compared to the last GE...and the Tories gaining 22.
  6. Add me to the list of those massively fatigued by this. Three general elections and an EU referendum in 5 years is bad enough, even worse given the results have all been shit.
  7. Tim Curtis is innocent in all of this if you check his Twitter, but there are loads of others posting this message, some instances where the 'bot has broken'
  8. 100%. As many others have mentioned, AEW is in desperate need of hosses, and Kruger looks like a beast these days.
  9. That wasn't my point. My point was that absolutely nobody saw that appointment coming.
  10. Nigel Pearson set to be named Watford manager until the end of the season. That's a massive shock, gotta be up there with Joe Kinnear taking over at Newcastle on the 'what the fuck' scale.
  11. Fucking state of his get-up, bootcut jeans?! Awful.
  12. No. You look at the players they have and compare them with Sheffield United and Crystal Palace, they should be doing far better. I mean, they're even below Arsenal for fuck sake. Embarrassing.
  13. It's almost a home tournament for England. IF we reach the final then the only games we will play outside of Wembley will be the 2nd round and quarter final games.
  14. My artist of the decade was Billy Joel. Now I like a bit of the pianoman now and then, but this is further evidence that my wife needs a bit more variety with her musical tastes. I discovered 676 new artists in 2019, but I really vibed with Dave. What u sayin @SuperBacon Top artists on my account this year were: 1) Ed Sheeran (wife & daughter) 2) Cassius (me) 3) Queen (wife & son) 4) Chemical Brothers (me & daughter) 5) Jess Glynne (fuck only knows) Most listened to songs of the decade are God's Plan, Despacito and WAR MACHINE BY KISS!
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