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  1. I know it's commonplace for fans to moan about their owners these days, but fuck me I don't half feel for you lot. The potential for Newcastle to be a major force again is there and Carrier Bay Mike is standing in the way of that. Dave Whelan was right about him all those years ago.
  2. I liked it, but I was always a Final Fight guy (no pun intended). Probably because of Mike Haggar, what a character. Did he ever make his way into any of the Street Fighter games? I know the other two did (the weird convict incarnation of Cody that threw potatoes at people was shit).
  3. The Norfolk Arms, Sheffield. Fuck me, this place. For my brother-in-law's stag do we went to Sheffield- which is known for it's pretty decent nightlife due to the number of students up there. I went there for a night out with the Rotherham office in a previous job and remember it being a cracking night. We stayed at a Travelodge and the nearest pub was the Norfolk Arms- which matches the description of the pub from Kaz's original post. A 'proper pub' in every sense of the word. It stank of really cheap bleach that I haven't smelt since the 1980s- completely unfragranced 10p a bottle stuff that is no doubt designed to get you high enough to help the local muggers that keep the bar busy. You had the strangest collective of regulars in there too- most with their teeth missing. Probably from drinking the bleach on the floor. You'd find a good few people sleeping on the benches in there too. You also had a 'meat man' standing outside most of the time. Some bloke with supermarket carrier bags full of various meats, trying to sell them off to anyone that entered the vicinity. Is this a thing anywhere else, a meat man?? You also had some bloke trying to sell tubs of Quality Street which he probably lifted from the nearest shop. It was proper grim. If you leaned on the bar, you needed somebody to detach you from the stickiness. By the way, there seem to be a few establishments in Sheffield going by this name. It's this one. On Google, where you have Q&A for places, one of the questions is 'Why is it being boarded up'. I fucking wonder. The reviews are awash with 'proper pub, proper people' etc. The 'proper people' in question couldn't stop staring at some of the guys in our party, because they were black. When they did stop staring, they would ask if they had any ganja on them.
  4. Interested in seeing Loki's. I'm hoping due to his involvement in the industry that his top 10 might be from a different perspective to the rest of us. Also, anyone saying 'no point putting a vote in because they won't make the top 10'- do it! You never know, plus it's always interesting to see how others have voted and the variety of games picked. Who cares if they make it high on the list of not. They'll make for better reading than my boring predictable top 10, that's for sure.
  5. Is she the Irish lass? Also, why am I saying lass just because she's Irish?! But yes, she is lovely. I saw her on that programme where a bunch of celebrities have dinner together the other night.
  6. Now THIS is a thread I can get behind! I like the IIconics and Billie is the Michaels of the duo. She's bloody great entertainment, a real gobby Aussie equivalent of an EastEnders character. And there's something very enticing about her...
  7. Kofi VS Dolph for the big one and you're giving it a miss? This is all for you!
  8. I'm not gonna lie, I get ridiculously excited if Convoy comes on the radio. Like how that guy reacts to Ante Up in his car in that old video.
  9. Great to see Jack Storm with the boys in that Drake wedding pic above. Was best man apparently.
  10. The main theme is fucking ace, have it on a few of my Spotify playlists. GTA 1, 3, VC, SA & 5 had incredible soundtracks. 2 had its moments, 4 was ok.
  11. They're cunts too. Spineless ones at that. But Tories are still the bigger cunts.
  12. Don't be a prick, he's put something positive in there about Lionheart. He hasn't gone Lance Storm by any stretch.
  13. PunkStep

    Chippy Tea

    Well spotted! That's a brilliant book
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