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  1. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Almost, and that's even if £50m really is our budget. Even if it is we'll probably free up some more funds by selling Ramsey as well, unfortunately.
  2. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    That means nothing in terms of him being our first choice keeper. I'd much rather keep him as back-up to a few keeper than Ospina. You'd imagine a younger keeper will learn plenty from his experience. Leno perhaps?
  3. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Wow, where did that come from?? I'd spent the past few days conditioning myself that somebody with only two years of being an assistant was going to be our manager, so yes this is a welcome surprise. Trophies in 5 consecutive seasons, has managed some absolute egos, and is the most successful manager in Europa League history- just what we need! Obviously a load of fans on Twitter aren't happy. This fucking fanbase, there's no pleasing them.
  4. PunkStep

    Smackdown - the Billion Dollar Baby (new TV deal announced)

    What were/are they getting from USA for Smackdown in the current deal? That's quite a long deal as well. Just goes to show how little ratings matter these days in the grand scheme of things compared to back in the day.
  5. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Is he joining the UK Pitbulls?
  6. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Where else is he likely to go though? Allegri is staying with Juve, Inter won't change now they've got a CL spot and Milan are happy with Rino for now. Your lot are probably the only realistic option for him.
  7. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    How fat was Grant Holt, Nicko? That's the question on everyone's minds. In other news, Roberto Martinez has left Radja Nainggolan out of his PROVISIONAL Belgium squad. What a fucking weapon that man is. Still, great news for England!
  8. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    They do, but the players are choosing to leave instead. Good for them. If the likes of Jay Emmanuel Thomas had done this years ago, they may have fulfilled the potential they had.
  9. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Spot on Cod Eye. I'm glad we've been losing youngsters to Benfica, Barca and others recently rather than constantly sending them out of loan to Birmingham to eventually release on a free, and see them disappear into obscurity. It gives them much more hope for the future, and for England.
  10. PunkStep

    Jamie Oliver

    They must have different priced stock for small independents, because you only ever see prices as part of labels for soft drinks in newsagents, small convenience stores etc. They don't have them on bottles sold in supermarkets strangely enough, and the prices have remained the same. Bizarre. Maybe this might finally deter you from drinking twenty fucking litres of the stuff every day???
  11. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I think it's just a bit too soon, but if England were to take a wildcard youngster with them, then it'd be him or Sancho. Then again, our previous young wildcard selections have hardly paid dividends. I really don't think Southgate has bottled anything with his squad, coming back to this topic. He's resisted the urge to take Joe Hart, Wilshere, Lallana (due to lack of game time) and Livermore. Hell, most managers would've had the urge to recall Rooney as well given the lack of creativity in the squad. Phil Jones is there because it really had to be him or Smalling (I think he made the wrong choice out of the two) to add experience to the defence, and we're certainly not blessed with good defenders at the moment. Joe Gomez seemingly would've been there if he wasn't injured. Delph is there due to his versatility after a solid session cosplaying James Milner at City. Ashley Young has had a renaissance season at LB. Not a huge fan of Henderson, but it's hard to ignore the fact that he could be a Champions League winning captain next weekend. I can't really explain Welbeck, although he does have a knack of scoring for England. This is still the youngest England World Cup squad of all-time (according to World Soccer magazine I'm reading as I'm bored shitless still in hospital), with 6 players currently 23 or under. We have some incredibly exciting young players coming through, the sheer amount of success we had in the FIFA and UEFA youth tournaments last year are evidence of this, but it's hard to justify taking players to a World Cup that aren't clocking up minutes in a top league. And those that have been doing so and are good enough in their position, such as Alexander-Arnold and Loftus-Cheek, they're in. This tournament has probably arrived a year too soon for the likes of Sancho (who has only recently started to get game time at Dortmunda) and Sessegnon (who one way or another will be playing PL football next season you'd expect). It's even earlier for the likes of Foden, Mount, Nketiah, Izzy Brown, Brewster, Nelson and so on. There will be more of this crop at the Euros in two years time (which in some ways, is a bit of a home-soil event). Let's hope they either force themselves into contention at club level (as the Liverpool boys are doing) or take a risk and move abroad for further development/game time, as more are bravely doing these days.
  12. PunkStep

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    You can destroy Casiraghi's career all over again!
  13. PunkStep

    205 Live

    The thing is, hardly anyone that watches remembers his stint as 'Showtime' Percy Watson and those that do surely don't give a shit. There's nothing 'showtime' about his dull, spare wheel announcing and the nickname isn't synonymous with him as 'The Body' was with Ventura, nor is it a gimmick that he is/can continue with like Jerry 'The King', so what's the point?
  14. PunkStep

    Jamie Oliver

    I think your local shop have used it as an excuse to ramp up their prices across the board. It definitely won't be Pepsi's doing- for the non sugar Pepsi products that is. They'll have ramped up the cost price for standard Pepsi no doubt. If Pepsi had raised the non sugar product prices, the major multiples (supermarkets, major pharmacists etc) would've followed suit (or even contested it to the point where Pepsi would change their minds). Plus, PepsiCo would probably have trading standards on their case.