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  1. Don't worry, I've read the books and I have no idea what he's talking about. Although he should know that the thread title clearly says 'no book wankers'.
  2. That's a bloody superb summary of politics on Twitter. Or, Twitter in general. Nail, head.
  3. Simple, yet still funny
  4. Absolutely not. Couldn't give a fuck that were beat Bayern and lost to Chelsea. I hate the International Champions Cup and the faux-importance bollocks it brings. That said, it's good to bring the teams to parts of the world that normally won't see these teams and players live. Doesn't stop me giving zero fucks about the games, though.
  5. I think out of all of the top teams, they have no obvious weakness in their starting XI. I wouldn't really look at improving that as such. It's the depth however, that's where they need to invest. Wimmer isn't that good and also looking to leave and Dier isn't suited to CB- therefore when one of the Belgian defenders are injured it affects the team in a big way. All of the big clubs need 3-4 decent centre backs, more if they're playing 3 at the back. Spurs are playing their second consecutive season in the Champions League and were pretty dreadful in it last season, they need a bigger squad to compete on all fronts. If Kane is out, they're absolutely fucked unless they win penalties for Janssen to put away. Their first XI is as good as any in the league, perhaps even the best (I feel physically sick saying that), but their second XI is perhaps the weakest out of the top 6. Chelsea had the best XI when they won the league a couple of years ago but didn't have a deep squad, they were blessed with few injuries and consistent form. The following season, with a few injuries and when some (well, most, in this example) of the players' form dropped, they were fucked. It's a squad sport these days, not a team sport.
  6. He'll start well, but then get injured before the end of August and will be really shit when he eventually returns months later.
  7. They blatantly threw in a 'kerniggut' (knight) reference in one scene between Shireen and for he's a brave Sir Davos.
  8. Daniel Levy talks about Spurs' lack of transfer activity: http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40722879 I'm getting this strange feeling of deja vu, perhaps another club from North London saying virtually the same thing ten years or so ago whilst paying for a stadium. All we need is a comment about wanting to give younger players a chance instead and they've gone full Arsenal 2007... Uh-oh!
  9. Pissed myself fucking silly at Euron arriving onto that ship like Johnny Depp in a pirate movie, and then his 'give your uncle a kiss' quip. What on earth is this character and how did he end up here, he's providing some comedy value that's for sure.
  10. Gooooo green ranger go.
  11. And Ipswich!
  12. @Cod Eye They're excellent knock-offs, with the logos and proper case and everything. I doubt anyone would notice they're fake whatsoever. You need to pick ones that don't have logos in their pics but say in the description that logos are included. Check the reviews too. It's definitely a risk, but I've been ok so far and for the small amount it's worth taking. They don't stay on there for long, but more appear from other buyers quick enough.
  13. You don't get many playing two up front these days. Some are starting to do it more and the popularity of three at the back helps. Monaco and Atleti have often played two up top lately.
  14. True, but I'll they're not going to get a player anywhere near as good as Kane just to play second fiddle are they? Look at every other club's second choice striker compared to their first choice. Real had arguably the best second choice striker, and he's just left them so he can establish himself as first choice at Chelsea. @johnnyboy I bet the intern handling the Spurs Twitter account has that image ready to go whenever there's a penalty. "Go on Vincent, it's your time to shine. Smash it down the middle"
  15. You're not going to get much better than that for someone that knows they will barely get a run-out behind Kane, though. Janssen in fairness scored like 135 goals in his final season in the Dutch league, and he's proper wank.