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  1. Stick [ spoiler ] at the beginning of your post, then [ / spoiler ] at the end. Delete the spaces, I added those so it wouldn't actually work and you can see how to post in them.
  2. Definitely more along the lines of the first one- on the streets, everyone has fuck all and trying to make something out of nothing and as several years have passed you have a new generation of slangers. Asher D is ok but waaaay down the pecking order in terms of characters you'll become invested in here. Some brilliant performances in this.
  3. Just finished Top Boy...
  4. Without Ben Foster, it could've been a lot more. He kept quite a few out. Yeah, cheers to Watford for not turning up with that side last weekend. Pricks. In other news. Matteo Guendouzi is fast becoming one of our most important players. I love him. Took responsibility and drove the team on yesterday to pick up the win. There's something very Vieira-like about him.
  5. First game of the new league season today (and my first league game ever in charge) and a routine 6-6 draw. Fuck me, I'm exhausted after that. I'm going to end up like Joe Kinnear if it's like this every week. 5-3 down at half time, we scored 3 goals in the last 5 mins with the equaliser coming from the last kick of the game. Our keeper got upset because he really wanted to come out on pitch so we gave him a run out in the final few mins and he grabbed one of the goals. Extremely proud of them, they didn't stop working until the final whistle. We lost 7-4 against the same side in a friendly last week. Had to run over to the parents at half time and politely ask them to not give the players instructions i.e. telling them when to shoot, pass, dribble etc. Lo and behold, it made a big difference. Imagine trying to play a game of football and there's almost a dozen parents telling you what to do whenever you have the ball.
  6. Jaq is brilliant. Hopefully this series helps launch her career much like series 1 did for Letitia Wright.
  7. @Mr_DangerHow similar is it to the previous AC games? I've just had a look at some screen shots and it looks quite removed- almost more along the lines of Skyrim and Witcher. I'd be down with that, because the AC games started to get seriously repetitive. Black Flag was an exception because they added so much more into that game (sailing, deep sea diving, exploring little treasure islands, naval battles). Did you play the last one, set in Egypt?
  8. My 9yo daughter loves it, it's been our little thing over the past week or so. When the youngest goes to bed, me and her sit down every night and watch an episode. It's bloody superb. I have 3 episodes left, I don't want it to end. I was worried it wouldn't live up to the first two series but I'd say it's even better. I might change my mind when I eventually go back and watch the old ones, but the new series really is good. Is it eligible for Emmy nominations? Because I'd throw Kano right into the mix. He's on another level in this. Little Simz has put in a good performance for someone with little acting experience. I adore Ats and Stefan.
  9. Wonderful, nice and cheap. Was expecting Nintendo to ramp it up seeing as they charged loads for a bloody Tetris game in this day and age.
  10. Fuck yes! How much is it? My Switch is in for repair at the moment so I'll make sure to get that as soon as I get it back.
  11. 100% yes. Call it beforehand and make sure he agrees. It's not hard, half of everything out there is called. I know this from doing it for 12 years. During a tag match once, somebody on the outside grabbed me and said 'piledriver?' to which I replied 'fuck off!', so it didn't happen.
  12. Plus Roblox is awful. I'm not a fan of Minecraft but it's not a terrible game. Roblox is tripe, my kids put hours into it. Love the fact that somebody's list of their favourite games makes Tilde angry. Christ.
  13. He's an absolute nob. Main reason he's selling up is because he was accused of taking cocaine. Bit weird that you sell a club on an accusation like that when you strenuously deny it, eh? He's gotta be telling the truth. Does this look like somebody on the powder?
  14. That's only reserved for those visiting sick relatives and for taking seriously injured folk to A&E.
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