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  1. The WWE writers have clearly seen how much we adore Sweep from the Sooty Show and are trying to tap into that. I hope Mercy the Buzzard invites all his relatives round to stay. A cousin from France, one from Australia...
  2. Well, it's nowhere as shit now and probably actually better than War Raiders too.
  3. Brilliant idea, he could fend them off with a highborn back-handed slap! Good episode, some great dialogue. As others have mentioned, Tormund killed it. 'Giant's milk' had me roaring. I'm glad Bran didn't tell Jaime he was the three eyed raven when he asked who he had become. Watching confusion and bewilderment on everyone's faces when he says that is wearing thin.
  4. @Mr_Danger nice one, cheers for that. I've already done one, so I'll head for the one you suggested next. Definitely give Witcher 3 a go, I think you'll really like it. The characters are excellent and it's far more humorous than similar games. Maybe give it a while though first if you've invested so much time and emotion in the other games you mentioned. It's like an adult Zelda game, in pretty much every sense (TITS!)
  5. I got this for my birthday earlier this month and me and my 7yo son have been having loads of fun with it. Sometimes it does feel a bit samey when most of the monsters and their camps are very similar, but it's still fantastic so far. Needs more caves though. I LOVE the climbing ability and the fact that you can climb pretty much anything- stamina permitting. Much better than the classic zigzag running up steep heels you get in Bethesda and Rockstar games. The fact that most weapons break easily, meaning you always have to be on the lookout for something new, is a nice touch too. Just done the first divine beast mission, the elephant one. Are there 'proper dungeons' later on in the game, ala OOT and Twilight Princess? It'd be a shame if these Divine Beast levels are the dungeon equivalents.
  6. Bloody hell, he looks in good nick. Fair play to him. Skipped legs day, though.
  7. Aye, it can completely wipe the value off of your account
  8. What the fuck is a Shkodran Mustafi and why does it need to exist?
  9. I dunno, even as an 11 year old I thought it was a shit name. I remember finding out he was previously called the Lightning Kid (from reading an Apter mag perhaps?) and thinking that was a much better name to go by.
  10. I used to call jobbers 'fall guys', which I think is a pretty apt term.
  11. Am I the only one drawn to the washing machine sitting outside the shop? The fuck??
  12. As serious as a nosebleed. Edit: still mulling over whether I should add Troy Deeney to that list.
  13. Aguero, Firmino, Lacazette, Olivier Giroud (<3), Aubameyang, Arnautovic, Callum Wilson. He's clearly no tap-in merchant, and his all-round game has improved a lot, but I think the above are some examples of more rounded strikers.
  14. They did really well without him while he was injured. The moment he came back, their form went to shit. Coincidence? Possibly, but it's something worth thinking about. Disagree with this. He's by far your best goalscorer, and one of the best goalscorers in the league (possibly world), but I don't think he's your best player. I'd say Eriksen is far more talented. Kane isn't as rounded as most top strikers in the league, but he has an incredible knack of finding space and finishing. His hold-up play has improved considerably for England over the past several months too, from which Sterling has really benefited.
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