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  1. PunkStep

    Hollywood Rock

    When he first used that music (No Way Out?), I swear his intro video of the LA skyline lasted for 5 minutes. It was bloody fantastic.
  2. PunkStep

    Top Twitter

    I hope Natural Born Killaz plays throughout the entire duration of him hosting the bingo.
  3. PunkStep

    All Purpose Weather Moaning Thread

    To those cursing the warm weather and praying for summer to end in July- I hope you're absolutely delighted now. I hope you're standing outside in the rain and enjoying every last drop of it.
  4. Don't worry about the smell, half of the city seem content to neck their Katsu chicken curry from Wasabe on the Stansted Express home. I sometimes ate apples on the train home, however over the past year I'm scared to death in case I'm on a carriage full of Branqueys! A Branqfest, if you will.
  5. PunkStep

    Top Twitter

    Nope, nothing along those lines. There's no 'I don't like this tweet'. The closest I have is Report and then 'I'm not interested in this tweet', but the options I'm then given are to either mute or block THAT account, rather than turn off likes for the account that liked it. Hang on, I've just tried it for a different post (another liked tweet) and this time I can select 'I don't like this tweet'. It's now asked me if I want to see fewer likes from Hector Bellerin- yes fucking please. Hopefully that works, cheers. Weird that it isn't available for all liked tweets, though.
  6. PunkStep

    Top Twitter

    Yeah but neither are ideal solutions. I don't want to see ANY likes from people I follow, targeting certain words or blocking certain accounts won't remedy that.
  7. PunkStep

    Top Twitter

    That doesn't solve the problem at all, does it? It just provides feedback to Twitter so they can help tailor certain shit in future. I don't think you can turn off likes from people you follow, which is bloody annoying.
  8. PunkStep

    UKFF's tradesmen's entrance

    I can making a cracking Stroganoff. Beef or chicken, I'm not prejudice.
  9. PunkStep

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Not quite, we were Dial Square at the very beginning (which is part of the Royal Arsenal complex) before we changed to Royal Arsenal. We have an office there, so I visit the site every month. Many of the old buildings still remain, it's really nice (and much nicer than Woolwich in general, obvs). edit: yeah he must be talking about Chapman.
  10. PunkStep

    General politics discussion thread

    David, don't you or didn't you live out there?
  11. PunkStep

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Don't think there's anything to disagree with @SuperBacon's post there, nailed everything on the head. I thought it was very harsh to throw Guendouzi into the deep end, I mean of all games for him to make his competitive debut. I understand not wanting to rush Torreira into the team, especially with a game like this, but I'd expect Elneny to play instead rather than a French teenager that has only played a handful of top flight games in his life. That said, although his inexperience showed and he made some mistakes, he worked his arse off and was largely positive. Cech being asked to play like a modern keeper was hilarious and scary in equal parts. If we're going to play it out from the back, then it needs to be Leno. We don't really have the CBs for it though, other than Kos, who is out until December. It's going to be pretty worrying at the back this season. Liked the look of Lichtsteiner today though, made a big difference when he came on, and he's also a bit of a bastard- which we need. Bellerin needs to up his game to keep his place. City were so much better than us, the difference in speed between our players was ridiculous. And as Bacon said, they didn't really get out of first gear. Shitty time wasting on the 60 minute mark was surprising and disappointing from them. Oh, and fuck off with your shit @Fog Dude
  12. PunkStep

    Red Dead Redemption II

    Exactly. Fortnite may have its flaws, but the only advantage other players have over me is the fact that they probably don't have sausage fingers and have much better reflexes than me. GTA Online on the other hand is bollocks- I get owned because I'm not spending all of my paper round money on Shark credits or whatever they're called.
  13. PunkStep

    Red Dead Redemption II

    I fully expect an online Battle Royale mode to be part of the main game. They'll then make a killing from outfits, horses and possibly weapons (Rockstar don't give a shit about a level playing field as long as their coffers are being filled).
  14. PunkStep

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I've been really looking forward to the new season, in particular to see Fulham, Wolves and Everton. Fulham looked decent going forward today, and in theory they should improve each week as their team continues to gel. Their defence is pretty shite though, but that should also improve. Hennessey made some good saves and Palace made some nice breakneck-speed counter attacks. Definitely a penalty for Shirley though, which wasn't given. But hey, let's vote against having VAR eh, Premier League? I'm sure after the overall success of VAR at the World Cup there will be a huge clamouring for it over the course of the season. It'll be here soon. Wolves defence looked fucking awful. They've done a good job building an impressive midfield and decent attack, but the back four, much like Fulham, looks suspect. Richarlyson had no right to score that second goal so easily. Superb free kick from Neves and beautiful delivery for the assist, @Teedy Kay did I hear right that he only had 3 touches in the opposition area during the whole of last season? That's an incredible stat, shows how disciplined he is with his positioning. Can't wait to see him partner Lucas Torreira next season. Oh, your manager looks like Kimbo Slice. Based on tonight's highlights, Fulham and Wolves are certainly going to be a delight to watch this season. Apart from when they face the life-sucking, joy vacuum that is Man Utd. Other thoughts: Cardiff are going to get absolutely battered this season. Spurs' kit today was rotten. If Rafa keeps Newcastle up this season it'll be a miracle, and he should be rewarded with a job at a big club, like Chelsea.
  15. PunkStep

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I picked my FPL team the other day but forgot to choose my starting XI. So I log in a minute ago to see Vertonghen and Neves on the bench. Well that's that fucked already then.