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  1. I heard somebody mention recently that Ilja Dragunov is the first Russian-born wrestler signed to WWE. Is that true? There must've been one Russian at some point? Looking at those billed from Russia: Uncle Ivan- American. Nikolai Volkoff- Croatian. Boris Zhukov- American. Kozlov- Ukrainian. Peter Orlov- Moldovan. Lana- American/Lithuanian. Anyone in developmental before from Mother Russia? Must be somebody.
  2. Bloody hell. The word legend is thrown about a lot but fully justified for Kobe. He was THE guy for a generation. Jordan, then Kobe, then LeBron. I remember when him and Shaq tore shit up for fun in the early 2000s, they seemed unstoppable. RIP
  3. This. Copy @Gus Mears old trick (I think it was him) by having curtain samples sent to them.
  4. They sound like fucking losers. Tories, no doubt.
  5. Yep it reads that way. I work in the leasehold industry and whilst it's a whole different animal, there are some similarities between leases and deeds. If your deeds make no mention of the door colour bollocks then you're fine. That might just be an informal agreement between the residents at some point. Is there some sort of resident's association? Would advise against this unfortunately. From my experience they've given bad advice in this sort of field many, many times because property ownership in this country is so archaic and often defies common sense. Not against CAB in general at all, but in this field they're not great. Legal advice would definitely be my suggestion if you want clarification about the lawn. You might find case law will help you in this respect, as it's odd to insist on keeping a lawn given how common patios are these days.
  6. That's the most Merzbow line ever posted. Here's a cracking mix from Nero which is an electronic music journey from the 70s through to the 2010s. Some excellent tracks in here. From Kraftwerk to Human League to Leftfield to Jamie xx.
  7. Ole has incredibly lost more games than he's won- that's a damning stat if there ever was one. Sacking him (which they should anyway) won't fix things alone- there is still this massive void between him and Woodward that HAS to be filled. They need a Tixi- desperately. Woodward must stay because on the commercial side he's been brilliant for United- but he needs people beneath him on the footballing side.
  8. I still can't get over just how good the first few tracks are. How many albums can boast the first five tracks as all being shit hot? Chicane's Behind The Sun is another that comes to mind.
  9. Lumberjack is on there too, a collaboration with Kris Menace, and it's fucking ace. @Onyx2 Tron Legacy Reconfigured is outstanding. The Pretty Lights remix of Solar Sailor and M83's version of End Of Line are my favourites. Electronic music, christ where do I begin? I could have thread upon thread for all the different kinds of electronic music I'd recommend. Let's go for some albums first. I'll avoid the more obvious ones (Daft Punk, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Justice etc) because A) you should damn well already listen to them and B) others have probably already recommended them. Here goes: Chilled Electronic music Air- Moon Safari. A classic. Unmistakably French and cool as fuck. Stand out tracks: All I Need, Kelly Watch The Stars, Sexy Boy M83- Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. Beautiful atmospheric electronic music which incorporates it's fair share of strings too. Stand out tracks: Midnight City (obvs), Wait, Echoes Of Mine. SynthWave and Retro style electronic music/pop Kavinsky- Outrun. What a fucking album. Nightcall (which features the awesome vocals of CSS' Lovefoxxx) thrust Kavinsky to the forefront of the scene after being used for the brilliant intro to the movie Drive, but the rest of the album is just as good. Stand out tracks: Nightcall, Suburbia, Blizzard. Chromeo- Fancy Footwork. Any of their stuff is worth a listen but this album is their best for me, Clive. Really got me into synthpop 12 years or so ago. Stand out tracks: Bonafide Loving, Fancy Footwork, Tenderoni. Needy Girl, from their previous album, might be their best track. Electric Youth- Innerworld. Utterly beautiful synthwave and another group put on the map by their association with the movie Drive. As a 'thank you' to the movie for their success, they clearly pay homage to the film in the track The Best Thing. Stand out tracks: The Best Thing, Runaway, A Real Hero. Classics Crystal Method- Vegas. One of my favourite 90s albums, includes tracks you've heard in so many places over the years- usually in Hollywood movies that want to use something with a techno-ey sound (or FIFA 98). Stand out tracks: Busy Child, Keep Hope Alive, Trip Like I Do. Leftfield- Leftism. One of the greats of the 90s. Pioneers of the ambient and techno hybrid sound that would influence others for years to come. Their next album, Rhythm & Stealth, is also ace- especially Afrika Shox. Stand out tracks: Open Up, Original, Melt. Hidden Gems/lesser known albums Digitalism- Idealism. Part of the 'nu-rave' movement in the mid to late 2000s and one of the four main contenders as the 'new Daft Punk' at the time (along with Justice, MSTRKRFT and Simian Mobile Disco). This album has an alternative edge to it and has some post-punk influences. Stand out tracks: Pogo, Zdarlight, Digitalism In Cairo. Eric Prydz presents Pryda. Forgetting about Call On Me, Eric Prydz is the GREATEST electronic music producer of the past 15 years. He's incapable of making a bad track and is much more talented than his Swedish House Mafia counterparts. This album is a triple album I think- first disc was new material, second disc was earlier stuff and third disc was stuff in between. All killer, no filler. Stand out tracks: Waves, Mirage, Pjanoo. LEF- Ferry Corsten. A trance legend in his own right, like many trance producers in the mid 2000s Ferry decided to go a bit more electro and tech-ey. The result was this cracking album, which also has a couple of tracks more on his familiar trance style. Stand out tracks: LEF, Galaxia, Junk (which is essentially a remix of his trance anthem Punk). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TRACKS Alter Ego- Rocker Kris Menace & Lifelike- Discopolis Kris Menace- Waiting For You (Oliver remix) Trevor Something- Fade Away MSTRKRFT- Work On You NINA- Beyond Memory Busy P- Genie DJ Mehdi- Signatune Rival Consoles- Recovery Hyper- Spoiler (from Cyberpunk trailer) La Roux- In For The Kill (Skream's let's get ravey remix) CSS- Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above Underworld- Rez Bjork- Hyperballad Aphex Twin- Windowlicker I've stuck with stuff that doesn't easily fit into a massively well known and defined genre, so haven't even gone into Trance, House, DnB, Dubstep and whatnot. I haven't mentioned any Italo disco, new romantic/new wave, electro hip hop or any other pre-90s stuff either. I'll stop now because I could spend the next few days posting recommendations. I've spent the past 26 years of my life being obsessed with electronic music of all forms.
  10. I try to get digital where possible, because getting up and changing discs is an even bigger chore than putting the rubbish out.
  11. This is so minor it shouldn't even belong here, but I'm just putting this here because the two images used tickle me. Good ol' Flatliner. They said he's 42 though, I thought he was still only 24? https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/crime/gosport-wrestler-finds-knife-hidden-rowner-alleyway-police-wont-take-it-analysis-1372536
  12. Good shout, me and my daughter really enjoyed Yonderland. I liked the first series of Mad Dogs, especially the first episode where Ben Chaplin basically reprised his role from Game On, but thought it went crap. Save Me is actually another good shout, and I even liked Lennie James in it. Suranne Jones playing her typecast role of suffering woman got tiresome but I was impressed with Kerri Godliman. Where the fuck is the second series?!
  13. This is one of my biggest gripes with Sky. For all the money they throw at original comedy and dramas, why are they so fucking shit at making them? Mad Dogs was ok at best, but it went to shit. Fortitude started quite well and went silly. Falcon wasn't bad although it was only a couple of episodes and that drama about two doctors set in Russia starring Daniel Radcliffe and John Hamm was pretty good. But that doesn't read well from their hundreds of attempts, does it? Everyone else seems to be so much better at making shows. BBC, Netflix, the American networks- hell even Amazon can attempt a decent show now and then. Sky are hopeless. And the comedies- urgh. Dull as dishwasher 'feel good' comedies starring either Ruth Jones or Peter Kaye's mate from Corrie, shows that would fit perfectly into a 1990s ITV Sunday night schedule. My wife has watched a few of these shows and I've never seen her laugh, or even crack a smile.
  14. The Joycons are absolutely wank. I've had two repaired, one of them is already doing that weird 'pulling to the right' thing again and on another one the left stick no longer works as a button.
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