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  1. Why didn't Kane play today? I don't think it is. Anyway, they looked better defensively today. They're definitely playing with a much higher line so far, but maybe that's tactical in response to VAR coming into play? All teams are going to have to change the way they play, much like they did when the backpass rule came into play.
  2. Just watched that after flicking through the channels and noticing ITV4 were showing it. Cracking goal. Barca's midfield looked toilet. No Busquets, no Arthur, no Vidal and Rakitic came off the bench. A lot of pressure heaped onto De Jong who had a midfielder even younger than him in Alena and Sergi Roberto alongside him. Their attacking options aren't particularly deep either, unless they do bring back Neymar (which isn't looking that likely). Griezmann in, but Coutinho and Malcolm out. They're going to have a big fight on their hands this season.
  3. Which discs are they? Our BluRay player stopped playing almost all Disney BluRay discs about 2 years after we bought the player.
  4. That's not an uncommon opinion amongst old people.
  5. I watched Derby beat Huddersfield last week and he ran the show. In addition to the 2 nice goals he scored, he controlled the game and was often a threat. Really stood out.
  6. Probably is up north tbf, where 'the brew' is king.
  7. Haven't done this yet have we? Come on then. Top Six: City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, United Relegated: Newcastle, Sheff Utd, Brighton Champions League: Borussia Dortmund Top Scorer: Aubameyang Player of the season: Bernardo Silva Young player of the season: Mason Mount Best signing: Sarr (Watford) Biggest flop: Joe Linton (Newcastle) First sacking: Woy Surprise package: Norwich Which Brexit relic manager will be back in the PL by Easter?: Pulis Will Mike Ashley sell Newcastle this season? Will he fuck.
  8. I bet Jermaine Jenas did his brilliant crying face when he saw Pornstein report that the Dybala deal was off. That's the second best thing of the week. The best thing is Neil Custis getting all bitter and twisted at all the top British journos being poached by The Athletic and he didn't get the call. Edit: Jenas related Just look at his face! If you press your face to the screen you can hear The Sound of Silence playing
  9. 'If you're not moving forward, you're standing still' as they say. Everyone has to strengthen a little, even after a tremendous season. City just have and you could argue that they didn't need to either. Chelsea didn't after a couple of decent seasons in the past and they fucked themselves. Liverpool don't need to do much, just another squad player or two to add depth. They're light in attack overall. If injuries mount up at that end of the pitch, I don't fancy their chances.
  10. Mental past couple of days. Sky have confirmed that Tierney is having a medical tomorrow ahead of a move to Arsenal AND that we'll probably end up signing David Luiz. Where the fuck did that come from?! I'm not against it though, I have a soft spot for silly bollocks Dave. Lo Celso and Ryan Sessegnon expected to join Spurs tomorrow. United linked with Llorente...Christ. Zaha could move to Everton. Lukaku on his way to Inter. Nobody signing Coutinho or Dybala! Then over the rest of the month you have the Bale and Neymar sagas to reach a conclusion.
  11. PunkStep

    One good film

    He's only directed American Graffiti, a few of the Star Wars movies and that THX thing (his first movie).
  12. Andre was Giant machine, Bill Eadie was another and I forget the other main one now. I think Hogan did a Mr America thing where he was a machine on a couple of occasions where it was blatantly obvious it was him.
  13. That was a Premier League game! Poyet for me, loved that goal. Like a rampaging Daniel-san.
  14. PunkStep

    One good film

    Delete or consequences
  15. I'm fucking gutted they didn't go with the Juan Cena angle after he was fired in...late 2010? They could've had a mariachi band playing his theme and everything, it's perfect for that kind of theme.
  16. I started watching that episode last night. It was enjoyable, but 20 mins into it I started to wonder why it was called This Is Football and not The Rwandan Civil War! I presume it eventually links back to football again??
  17. Ole has repeatedly said that not only does he want Pogba to stay, but also that he doesn't think he will leave.
  18. The new one, I presume the first series is on iPlayer so I can start going through those too. I've been meaning to watch that Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan trip show too.
  19. I've started watching Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer's Gone Fishing and it's just lovely.
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