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  1. More a case of the latter. Zidane clearly isn't a fan, that was evident at the end of last season. With him back in charge there's no real future for Bale there. He didn't acknowledge the Real fans at the end of their final league game this season today and who can blame him- he's had nothing but shot from the fans and media out there. He's had a bit of bad luck with injuries since joining but overall he's done fine and played well.
  2. I remember when he signed for them, before Sheikh Mansour took over, I was incensed that Arsenal didn't make a move for him. We were crying out for a defender and a defensive midfielder (when aren't we?!) and he ticked both boxes at the time.
  3. The stupidest spot in wrestling actually happens in almost every match. The Irish whip. What a load of bollocks. Just think about this logically and apply human physics for a moment. Somebody grabs their opponent and pushes them into a set of ropes. They turn and land perfectly, giving a catapult effect. How in the fuck would this happen in real life?? The gif above from Santino mocks and exposes the entire spot for what it is- bollocks.
  4. Dad second from right wins in the football boots stakes. Unless that's a pair of Kaisers dad second from left is wearing...
  5. Does Michael Cox do anything talky then? I really like his book In The Mixer and his Twitter account is worth following.
  6. One of Randy's quads is the same size as both of Nakamura's.
  7. Wait, what? He does realise R-Patts (come @ me) is a man, right? Or does he think him playing Batman is giving in to all of the women because they liked Twilight, or something? Either way, he's a twonk.
  8. Plus, he smiles too much and doesn't spend most of the time - irrespective of who's playing - getting angry over Paul Pogba.
  9. I'd rather have two million (Vintage Baz!) pundits than two sexist dinosaurs though to be fair. Sky do tend to stick to the same pool most of the time- Carragher, Neville, Redknapp, Souness. They mix it up on The Debate, where Liam Rosenior always comes across well (and Geoff Shreeves comes across as an opinionated bell end when his job should really be to mediate the discussion).
  10. There was a thread on here a couple of years or so ago about this...I'm sure it wasn't the normal job thread. There was some really good advice in there on this matter, I'll see if I can find it. But you can't change jobs- we then won't get good Sky deals from you!
  11. I used to want to see the likes of big clubs like Leeds and Forest in the Premier League to give it 'more prestige', but now I couldn't give a shit. I just want to see good football and a variety of styles I guess as well- therefore I'm intrigued to see how Sheff Utd's unusual set-up will fare next season. If you only have the historical 'big teams' occupying the PL spots all the time it become too inclusive in my view. I love the fact that Bournemouth are in the Premier League- it gives other small clubs hope that with the right model they can achieve something special, plus they play attractive football. I liked seeing Brighton promoted but quickly changed my mind after being bored rigid by their turgid style- hopefully the new manager changes this. Other clubs have proved to be fascinating additions over the years- Swansea, Wigan and even fucking Stoke being just a few examples. In other news- RLC could miss the Europa League final after injuring his ankle during a friendly against New England Revolution in USA. What a stupid fucking time to have a friendly.
  12. I hope that in response to this, the studio making the new Sonic movie redesign Sonic to look even more shit. That'll fucking learn them.
  13. I haven't listened to the album yet but I really, really like MAH and Got To Keep On (assuming they are both on the album)- so I'm looking forward to this. But yeah, like Chest, I haven't listened to any 2019 albums so far this year. Shameful.
  14. Ugh, him overpowering Triple H with his pushes really annoyed me, especially when the faintest of torches to Earl and he'd dead sell it like a mother. Awful.
  15. I didn't even realise season 5 was in the works, great stuff. It'll be on Netflix next month apparently. Andrew Scott, Antony Mackie and Miley Cyrus to appear in this series.
  16. I really can't recall any reason why Vince didn't want it, which probably means there wasn't one. OR it could've had something to do with his WBF/Lex love-in, but then again you'd think Vinnie Mac would love Steiner's physique anyway.
  17. Absolutely, he covered this on one of his Something To Wrestle podcasts. Him and the others (I'm guessing that would've just been him and Pat?) were really on board with it, having him win the Rumble and be crowned the next star at Wrestlemania. That would've been ace in my books. It was Mania 9 I think wasn't it? Vince poo-pooed the idea eventually. My god, he'd have had a much better shot at becoming the top guy than Lex did. Scotty was super over with the WWF crowd back then, the pop he'd get from the Frankensteiner and he was a lot more likeable to fans. Lex always looked smarmy, whereas Scott looked like a true representation of a young, bright future (much like Bret - who wasn't even young - did too).
  18. He was a terrible awful. Did too much to draw attention to himself during matches (I get that sometimes it was the booking that dictated it, but it wasn't always the case). He's wrestling's Mike Dean.
  19. Good fucking lord, I didn't know this existed. Hebner is a shit ref, JR is no longer a decent announcer either. They shouldn't have brought either of these two on board. Thumbs down appointments I'm afraid.
  20. Let's hope Derby or Bielsa do the job then. This half of the draw was always going to be the 'of, fuck off' side. West Brom and Villa- nah you're alright thanks.
  21. And the same applies with every other show that has existed. Sopranos> everything in that regard.
  22. I had to edit because you posted just before I posted my reply to Superbacon, so it looked like my post was aimed at you until I edited it brah
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