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  1. There's outrage aplenty on Twitter too, but then again there's outrage about everything if you look for it.
  2. It's still a load of bollocks though. BUT...Will Ospreay is a grade A wanker all the same.
  3. Looks like he inadvertently tagged a cricketer into that tweet rather than one of the wrestlers.
  4. Me and my wife have been watching The Good Place. Everyone was right about it falling off a cliff by the third series weren't they? The 2nd series was ok, but I don't know what the show is supposed to be now we're halfway through the 3rd series. It has lost its purpose without ever having good humour to fall back on. Proper shit now.
  5. Did you know Flatliner is only 23 years old?
  6. Uprising 1 is a good shout to start off with, but I'd recommend Revival first to set the tone. It's been a while since I watched it, but seeing as it was produced for Bravo on tv, I'd imagine they give a bit more background to the main wrestlers on there than Uprising would. The first event I watched/attended was Crunch 2002, then I watched Revival on the telly and then went to Uprising. The Old school/new school rivalry reached its conclusion not long after Uprising if I recall and the main storyline then turned to Alex Shane/Ulf/Nikita VS The Family, which was tonnes of fun. Also another reason to start with Revival, so you get the Alex Shane/Scott Parker initial feud.
  7. That genuinely looks like something @Gus Mearswould love for some reason.
  8. Well, that's my evenings sorted this week
  9. Maybe they're terms of endearment in French?
  10. I think growing up in Wales definitely is different, which is why I specified England. It's definitely a posh boy sport in England, I think we had a similar discussion a while ago on here. I didn't mean exclusive in a physical aspect, because you're right in what you say in terms of there being a position for everyone, but for the other reasons I outlined.
  11. The thing I hate about Rugby Union is that it seems to be so bloody exclusive (I have no problem with the sport itself). Not just in terms of participating in this country (generally you need to be a bit of a posh boy in England to get anywhere), but in terms of progressing the sport globally. The three Southern Hemisphere teams took a while before finally allowing Argentina to take part in their precious little annual round robin tournament. The trophies for individual matches within a tournament are a load of bollocks too and it's the same old teams that play each other all the time, every year. Yes I know Japan have progressed quite a bit, but the big swinging dicks of Rugby Union aren't going to let them grow too much are they? But yeah, at least it isn't Rugby League (which is just for Yorkshire really, isn't it?).
  12. Isn't that called 'fighting spirit' in Japan?
  13. Not only was he a terrific goalkeeper and one hell of a presence, but he's one of the best on Twitter these days. I like to think that the below - taken from his Wiki page - is evidence that in 2001 he just went on a massive pub crawl.
  14. My god, that entire Sligo farmer bit at the end is the highlight of the series so far. Their faces when they broke out into Come Out Ye Black & Tans. Coogan did a great job in that second role.
  15. Yep Chrome on S8 here too, and it's still pissing about.
  16. Same here. I started typing a reply to Rey Piste earlier, got three words in and then decided it would be shit and tried to click another link but posted it accidentally. So I then had to frantically edit it into something eligible, and thus started a conversation about having the volume on even numbers.
  17. I only found this out today, not from reading this thread but I noticed North Macedonia when browsing through the current UEFA nations and thought 'what the fuck'? Also, are Czech Republic officially known as Czechia? Hasn't really caught on, has it?
  18. Even numbers and 5 being the only acceptable odd number when it comes to volume settings there, good stuff.
  19. I can honestly say I've never watched a WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. I have watched one or two of the speeches on YouTube, but I really don't care enough to watch the event. Does nothing for me to be honest.
  20. I've exchanged the odd message with Max Rathbone on an online wrestling forum.
  21. I mean obviously I'd want us to finish 3rd AND win the Europa, however that would be a brilliant 'next best scenario'.
  22. Fucking hell, it's haunting how much he looks like his old man.
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