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  1. I'll give it a go. I like Greg Davies and don't mind Daisy May Cooper and Noel Fielding. I'm just glad they didn't bring Phil 'HOW FUNNY AM I WHEN I SHOUT FOR NO REASON' Jupitus back.
  2. My mum, wife, daughter, younger sister and a lot of my friends are Spurs fans. I don't discriminate.
  3. I think Liev Schreiber is the name I've seen most people mention/want for a Benoit biopic. David Harbour was great in The Newsroom too. Really enjoyed the show.
  4. And that's a big reason why Pep has not won the Champions League for a decade, and also why City haven't won the FA Cup year after year. When it comes to two-legged ties and knockout games, in game decisions/tactics is king. It also speaks volumes that his former apprentice is really shit at that part of his job at Arsenal.
  5. I'd say 1-2 Switch was more like Wii Play, but even then nowhere near as good. Multiplayer on the Switch is good, it can definitely recreate (and better) what the Wii had as the joycons have motion controls. There's no nunchuck, but you use another Switch controller instead as they both have control sticks on them. Mario Party, Mario Kart and 51 Worldwide Games are favourites in our household.
  6. The fact that I've never fucking heard of her perhaps?
  7. As funny as that was, the funniest thing this weekend was West Ham sending on 'Nobes' in the 95th minute to miss a penalty, the silly fucks. Serves them right.
  8. You're absolutely right. I think Nintendo have missed a trick by not trying to replicate some of that new-found market as they did with the Wii. I'm convinced a new Switch version of Wii Sports would be a huge success, and perhaps the same with a new version of Wii Fit.
  9. That void has been filled by Nintendo Switch. I can't see this doing well. The games look like the bargain ones you can already get for the Switch or on your mobile. And at that price as well, no chance.
  10. And you have the audacity to call southerners poncey!
  11. It's mostly air as well, very low density. The outside is too hard. It has nothing on focaccia.
  12. It doesn't look bad, but why Frogger when Crossy Road is far more relevant these days?
  13. They're cousins? You're right, she is also lovely. I reached that conclusion after watching Kingsman for the first time.
  14. There is no hardware in the world that can cope with that fucking Gilbert Gottfried voice.
  15. Shirine Boutella, Algerian actress starring in Lupin
  16. Some cunts have been replaced by some other cunts in a reshuffle of cunts.
  17. Well, as if it wasn't obvious from the ad, it's been confirmed that it is indeed Leigh Francis playing her nan. Fucking HELL this looks awful
  18. Get in there Daniil! What a fantastic weekend for tennis. Suck it, Novax.
  19. Fucking hell. I love tennis, but my god it's like watching a drawn-out penalty shootout. My heart can't deal with this shit. Chuffed for Emma. Without dropping a set! Fernandez can hold her head high after this tournament- she doesn't know when she's beat. What fantastic careers these two could have if they kick on from this.
  20. I think he means the types that call Murray all sorts of anti-Scottish slurs when he doesn't win a grand slam. And there are loads out there. 'She's Romanian' was trending on Twitter the other day 😒
  21. She's fantastic. She didn't lose outright at Wimbledon either, withdrew due to breathing problems. She hasn't dropped a single set so far in the US Open, which is remarkable. Fingers crossed she pulls it off! Djokovic is a massive cunt. It'd be a shame if he overtook a great ambassador like Federer in grand slam titles.
  22. Just read through all of this- regarding the players that are either banned, in quarantine or are being fined after reporting or not reporting for international duty over the past couple of weeks. What a ridiculous and convoluted mess. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58512628
  23. I might stick with 21, because my team were less shit then.
  24. Isn't it strange that Brazil, who have given zero fucks when it comes to Covid because their president is a fucking wanker, suddenly decide they have to quarantine four Argentines after the match had started. Dodgy bastards.
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