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  1. Favourite story of the whole thing so far, from the Metro: Guests at a house party that was shut down by police have claimed they were ‘unaware of the global pandemic’ because they ‘never watch the news’. Amid a crackdown on people breaking lockdown rules, officers were sent to a house in Basingstoke, Hampshire, over the weekend after several neighbours reported there was a party going on. When challenged over why they were breaking lockdown rules, the occupants responded that they were unaware of the restrictions. A Hampshire Police tweet said: ‘Officers attended address i
  2. Tried to use my 4 digit PIN with the Hogan card but it kicks out on 2.
  3. Just a classic cookie recipe. Probably came from the BBC site originally. The key is to cook from very cold so it doesn't just "melt". 150g soft butter, 80g light brown sugar and 80g granulated sugar, 2 tsp vanilla, 1 large egg, 225g plain flour, ½ tsp bicab, ¼ tsp salt and 200g l choc chips. Cream the butter and sugar, add the other wet stuff, then all the dry stuff, then the chocolate chips. If you want to freeze, I either make balls and freeze them in a plastic Chinese takeaway tub or form a big log and just take slices off it as needed.
  4. Raiders are now in Vegas in a new stadium.
  5. At least play up the gimmick. Start every post "I'll tell you who has died..." and then give us a run down of the sandwiches at the funeral ending with "he always was a tight bastard. God bless him."
  6. I keep some cookie dough in the fridge (ready made) or freezer (homemade). When the kids want a snack or quick pud, just slice some off, roll in your hands and then airfry 10 mins at 160. Still gooey but will firm up slightly. No mess.
  7. Nah, getting beaten 3-0, and that well, by a team in the bottom division is a proper tonking.
  8. There are any number of venues they could have used if they were desperate to get fans in. They're not, they're being responsible. Rare but true.
  9. WWE are still running that stupid Thunderdome thing to the detriment of their product when they could have had fans in some form for ages. I don't honestly think that's fair criticism.
  10. The only problem with RVD is that they pulled the trigger 5 years late. It was one of those desperate decisions they kept making in the two world title era coupled with the renewed interest in ECW rather than capitalising on a guy who was fresh and uber-popular in 01/02. There's absolutely no doubt though that it qualifies as "winning the big one". He took the (a) World title off John Cena in an incredibly heated environment. One of the best "home" crowd atmospheres they've ever had.
  11. UFC prelims aren't at all relevant to this. No more relevant than the early matches on a boxing card when 3/4 of the crowd are still in the pub or restaurant. Anyway, the ideal situation is a one night Mania, 4 hours tops.
  12. There are still no fans allowed at Los Angeles games. There's no way they're running there this year regardless. Plus their whole operation is currently on that side of the country, Tampa is a sensible choice for everyone.
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