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  1. The numbers thing has become annoying quickly. The Football Manager abbreviations grate on me too. We had a lad turn up to 6 aside and tell us he was a "CDM". It's fucking 6 aside mate, you're everything except goalie.
  2. I enjoyed Luca when we watched it with the kids. Strange concept, as the often are but well explained and delivered. Animation was stunning and the friendship between Luca and Alberto was charming. Thought the scenes where they were building the "Vespa" were very funny. A really nice film. Watched Palm Springs too. That's a great film. Concept was a bit of a surprise, I'd read that Nyles and Sarah get stuck together at a wedding but didn't realise it would be in such Groundhog Day fashion. It's really, really well done, it looks great, the dialogue is smart, Andy Samberg is his brilliant self, the support casting is tremendous. Just a great piece of business. It really flew by.
  3. Elevation is such a fun show. It takes me back to the likes of Velocity and Metal. Not shows you have to watch, you're not missing much if you don't, but when you do it's a fun, easy watch, you'll see your favourites wrestling and winning, you'll see some new people or the same "jobbers" sometimes, you hear from different voices on commentary in a relaxed amosphere and it's just a bit of fun. I think Elevation is a level up on those shows because it's intertwined a bit more with Dynamite, storylines continue through people actually appearing rather than just being highlights off the main shows, and the wins are given importance that they never really had on WWE's C shows back then.
  4. I think it's just the name for the non-title match. They've realised that they are so reliant on having a non-title match to beat the champion and set up a title match, they've given it a name to stop the ridicule. This Brock Lesnar quote was doing the rounds, I don't know if it affected this decision:
  5. I get that the PPVs are probably better if you don't subject yourself to their TV every week. However, I've said this before - I'm only interested in matches because of the build, the anticipation and being invested in the outcome. Fair play to anyone who can watch a PPV and be happy with some 3* and 4* (re)matches that don't matter, genuinely good for you. I think those people are such a minority though, which is why they can't do PPV anymore and they don't tell us how many people watch their shows. You'll get the occasional hit off the marquee alone but month in and month out, people won't watch because they just don't care enough. That's a massive issue that they don't appear to be even trying to resolve.
  6. Don't suppose we're supposed to take away anything serious from Uncle Roger videos but I've only ever considered fried rice a side dish on an order from the Chinese so it's interesting to hear him talk about it, albeit in character, as a main meal his Mam would make. I make it quite often. Always do the rice in a morning or the day before and stick it in the fridge, so it's a quick, delicious thing to turn around. The missus enjoys a big portion of that on it's own or sometimes with chicken, and the kids love it too. Anyone use MSG? I might get some and see what the fuss is about.
  7. Sorry for the DP, but if anything fits the "things that make you feel old" thread, it's the fact that Goldberg's kid now looks like this:
  8. The fake sound they added to "enhance" Drew's entrance still had Michael Cole's commentary in it. This fucking company. Not only desperate control freaks but incompetent ones.
  9. It was pretty much the end for Bret but the SummerSlam 1997 finish to transition to the Taker/Shawn feud is the best finish and transition there will ever be. Just magnificent booking, delivered perfectly.
  10. Completely agree with @Arch StantonI shuddered this morning reading the trending news. Cannot abide this fucker. Atrocious look and overrated work. Get that WWE contract signed, bay bay.
  11. Mad that they booked themselves into a corner to create a cliffhanger last week and the best they could do to get out of it was have their big hero scribble his name on someone else's contract. There's some creative licence because Wrestling but resorting to this utter nonsense in the biggest match you have available is painful stuff. Defended Cena's promo last week and then it's all shooty bollocks this week.
  12. Looked for this thread to post about these so odd that this is the last post. They're called Tayto Craft. We picked up the Cheese and Onion ones today and they are excellent. Great flavour and not quite as "hard" as the Piper's, etc.
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