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  1. Bob Backlund was probably the first one I ever noticed. In retrospect, he wasn't even that old, but he just felt like such a colourless old man from this bygone age in amongst the cast of strange and larger than life gimmicks. Flair would maybe have been the same but they boiled both down to a one dimensional character that sort of fit. Hogan and Savage in WCW, pre nWo, have always felt weird to me. Especially as Hogan was off the gas and on the Pastamania at the time. It's just such a strange visual that I can't get over. They're like knock off action figure versions. Most old dudes WWE have brought back for actual runs since 2000 have looked out of place. Tatanka and Animal are good shouts. Hogan and Piper were five years past being past their prime. They're small fry compared to a Jim Duggan though. That one's just inexplicable.
  2. Only because it screwed up the quote. I'm definitely blocking him.
  3. I've got some games from Eurosport. Bloody Statto providing atrocious commentary from his bedroom for most of them.
  4. Someone just forwarded this on WhatsApp:
  5. Bulgaria v Germany and Romania v Argentina are Bret v Owen and HBK v Razor from Mania 10. Al Owairan's goal against Belgium is Austin winning the belt off Michaels. Roberto Baggio is Mr WrestleMania. Alright, the final is Trips v Jericho from 18 but you can't have everything.
  6. 1994 is a ridiculously under-rated World Cup. Either because England didn't qualify or the games being on late at night is my guess but it's rarely mentioned and it was a belter. Particularly the knock out stage. 1990 is probably still my favourite. Objectively, I know it's atrocious, but its complete nostalgic heaven. The first tournament where I was utterly engrossed from weeks before, watched every possible minute and loved the wave of optimism that built as England progressed. 1998 is the complete World Cup. The kick off times were ideal, though England v Tunisia at 3pm on a working day was probably a nightmare for many, there were tons of great games, the best players in the world were out in force and there were notable stories galore. Brilliant stuff. In retrospect, 82 and 86 were very good too but I'm too young for 82 and I pretty much only remember collecting the Kinder toys and Panini stickers for 86!
  7. There were loads of videos on YouTube from March 25th so think so.
  8. As long as Jezza is safe, I don't care.
  9. TNA at it's peak drew nearly as many viewers as Raw does now.
  10. We put about a third of the company on furlough yesterday and sounds like most of the rest are going on today. I'm currently exempt so will be working on my own. It's so shit. Insignificant compared to ill health and people dying, I know.
  11. Has everyone in the world learned the word "furlough" this week?
  12. Not sure if you're serious or just point scoring but either way, I agree. These shows are so fucking pointless.
  13. That's the thing I want to see most in WWE and the thing I want to see least right at this moment. Honestly, could anything get more fucking pointless than this Mania? Everything in the world is being postponed for months or cancelled. And they still insist on running their biggest show of the year in front of no fans, pre-taped because the City is going to lockdown and now without their biggest full-time star. It's shambolic. Imagine being stupid enough to pay for it!
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