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  1. They could be slurping on each other and it'd still be better than Vince McMahon's words filtered through Michael Cole or Mauro screaming for two hours.
  2. The ones I mentioned mostly. I'm not saying Corbyn did or it wasn't in the manifesto (which no one was bothered about bar the headlines) but all we've done this last few years is demonise the people who voted leave and we've ended up in a fucking dire situation. So I'd be looking to learn from that. Brexit obviously exists outside of normal party politics so is a difficult one but Labour had a leader known to favour leaving the EU who campaigned half-heartedly for remain and has spent the last three years on the fence and then when it's come to election time, remained on the fence. He's a right-wing headline writer's dream. On the one side you had Johnson huffing "Get Brexit Done" which we all mock but that was enough to appeal to the leave demographic. I feel the same. I want to see a party ruling who put people before pounds and pence and look after the most vulnerable in society. But we're not going to get the chance to do that without gaining support from a wider range of people.
  3. Can vouch for that. Hull is very similar. The Kosovans and the Poles are about as ethnically diverse as it gets. Agree with Pat though. It's similar to what David has been saying for a while. We (assuming we're the left) have to be careful about further isolating people who swing right and pretending that there aren't real concerns and real issues that are driving all these "surprising" election results. Otherwise Labour will continue to lose for a very long time. These people are in for a surprise anyway when it turns out that Brexit isn't going to suddenly end diversity and immigration (unless they all decide it's shit here and go elsewhere). As much as I am for migration, Labour has to appreciate the apprehension in most areas, especially when you factor in that Labour are generally not as good economically and don't keep employment as high (by fair means or foul). This is something I've noticed from acquaintances who have surprised me by going Tory. How much they care about "scroungers". It's another thing that's easy to scoff at but the Torys have done a very good job of kidding people into thinking they are the party of the hard working while Labour are handing out free rides. Then labour come up with a 4 day week... Even without completely changing the ideology, you have to change the personalities. It's not news. It's nothing we've not been saying on here for years now. Corbyn is poisonous to a lot of working class voters. Diane Abbott, as much as I defend her because the abuse she faces is abhorrent, is a laughing stock. It needs a clean sweep. Brexit will be off the table in 5 years which is a bonus because Labour have been fucking dreadful on it.
  4. Absolute vermin. If I woke up on the same side as them, I'd jump out of the window.
  5. The right are just as bad but he does have a point. If places Thatcher destroyed voting Tory isn't the final wake-up call we all need to realise we can't just keep sticking our nose in the air and assuming it's a minority of knuckle-dragging racists on the other side. I agree with Pat somewhat that the response shouldn't be kneejerk. There are a lot of people who have voted Tory for the first/only time to get Brexit through. In five years, their view of the world will be vastly different, especially if it goes to shit. I disagree on moving back central though. The only elected Labour government in my lifetime was "New Labour". That's just not a coincidence.
  6. A lot of this areas voted leave and are now backing the party they see as been able to deliver it. It's a one issue election, always was.
  7. They've absolutely shit the bed. Worse than I could have imagined. No point crying about it. Just have to get on with it. Starting with a new leader.
  8. There us a pop when Randy Orton cashes in on Daniel Bryan. What a bunch of fucking morons. They might replace Starrcade 98 as wrestling's dumbest crowd.
  9. Fuck sake AEW, there's no place for nepotism in the wrestling business.
  10. Incredible thread. I'm going to really settle into it later. Immediate takeways: Constantly forget The Miz was world champion and won at Mania. Want to forget again. Mark Henry retirement angle is the angle of the decade. No doubt about it. Probably. What a motherfucking mess they made of all three members of the Shield post break up. That SummerSlam finish involving Jon Stewart is the worst of the last ten years.
  11. Just a bit bland this week I thought. They kept everything moving towards where they're going (Jericho/Moxley, Cody/MJF, Spears/Janela, Dustin/Hager) but none of it was done in a particularly interesting way. Liked Moxley crushing a jobber, Luchasaurus getting a big win and focus, the continued tease of a Page heel turn, MJF on the mic (always) and chaotic main event. They need to bin the win/loss shit. It's rubbish. Sammy G has lost every match. That doesn't particularly matter, he's a cocky twat who's association with Jericho keeps him relevant but don't hammer home that he's a loser. If you're going to have number one contender matches that don't take into account rankings or wins and losses then fine, but bin them.
  12. I love this thread. just says everything i wish I was clever enough to say. What a pity it's not as widely seen as a front page of The Sun.
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