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  1. tiger_rick

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Rare for me to watch NXT unless I've read about it in here and something has piqued my interest. It was a steady show but everything felt like it was going somewhere. Either very specifically, like the Richochet open challenge for this week, the Black/Gargano cage match for next week and the women's #1 contender match for the week after or loosely with the progression in the EC3/Heavy Machinery/Undisputed angle or the challenge from the two women to the two MMA lasses. They rarely waste a segment. I liked Heavy Machinery running out looking like they did. mostly because it might give Vinny Mac a heart attack if he sees it.Fair play, that huge lad does a good worm. My little peeve is the name The Mighty which is really shit. Who is this lad who is coming next week?
  2. tiger_rick


    I gave one away recently. We won it in a raffle but it never made it out of the box. Could never find recipes that I fancied but then I reckon I'm the answer to your question "Who isn't a fan of stews and curries?". Don't mind a casserole but that's easy enough in the oven.
  3. tiger_rick

    Random Thoughts III.

    The average is ......... too fucking long.
  4. tiger_rick

    Random Thoughts III.

    Jeff Hardy is longer.
  5. tiger_rick

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    The funny thing is they aired DDP/Goldberg on Nitro and did a massive number. Pretty sure that was their last ever win in the Monday Night War. For that reason, I don't think I'd agree that this show was a tipping point. it's culpable but business was still strong. then the finger poke of doom happened and things didn't suddenly drop off. Then they turned Flair and Hogan and things didn't immediately dip. Then they gave Nash the book, he presented his version of pro-wrestling reality TV and the crimes they'd committed ever since Starrcade 1997 came back to bite them very quickly. Shows like Havoc 98 must have run through the minds of fans who thought "Na, fuck this".
  6. tiger_rick

    The cookery thread

    Made Crumpets today. Seriously satisfying. Quiet easy too. Most of the "work" is waiting.
  7. tiger_rick

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    It's because the size of the audience is the only competition WWE has these days. WWE vs. Neilsen is the only battle. You're right though, it's clearly old news. Otherwise we might have Seth Rollins starting Raw this week talking about them 😉
  8. tiger_rick

    The cookery thread

    Think we've had UK Food on too much this week. My 4yo is singing their jingle.
  9. tiger_rick

    Developmental wrestlers who never made it

    My answer to this would have been the obvious ones. Guys like Ron Waterman, Steve Bradley and Sickboy who PowerSlam would always make sound like incredible prospects. I'd include them on TNM7 and my little fantasy promotions as these kick-ass newcomers who'd end up main eventing. I'd throw in guys like the Bashams and Matt Morgan too. Lots expected of them but although they made it to WWE and had runs lasting about ten times longer than they should have - they acheived nothing and their runs are so forgettable. Throw Rob Conway in there too. Jim Cornette's magic at work with this bunch.
  10. tiger_rick

    The cookery thread

    I don't have one. Thought about it recently trying to thinly slice potatoes. Will add it to my list. I've seen it on TV and used it fairly successfully before wgen I only needed half an onion but it just fell apart yesterday and I nearly cut my finger off. Realise I cut the ends off now!
  11. tiger_rick

    The cookery thread

    Cheers Onyx. I actually used that technique but the onion fell apart. Makes sense now, I'd cut the root off! Xmas jumpers look awesome.
  12. tiger_rick

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    I presume that's the bullshit Bischoff is coming out with these days? Fucking hell, that's sopainful I actually feel sorry for him.
  13. tiger_rick

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    That argument doesn't stand up when you're comparing it to a year ago. There hasn't been a revolution in 2018. The "obsession" comes from the fact the two biggest names in the history of pro-wrestling on TV decided they are the key indicator to the success of wrestling companies on TV. That hasn't gone away. Personally, I don't care, although is interesting to wonder whether there is a tipping point. Ratings always matter in TV. Even in 2018.
  14. tiger_rick

    The cookery thread

    Having a shit week but am at home with nothing to do so been doing a bit of cooking/baking. Made a batch of Marinara sauce yesterday from a "Subway copycat" recipe. It was really good although I'd grate the onion next time rather than slice as I'm shit at finely slicing. Froze a couple of batches and did one last night with Veggie meatballs and Mozzarella Charity bake sale again at school this week so I did my gingerbread. Do you like a soft Gingerbread or crunchy? Then did Brownies again. Mint Aero. This is a cert for Xmas.