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  1. The Charlotte promo didn't strike for me because they kept having her switch between the hard camera and the in-ring camera like a fucking newsreader. It was well delivered and probably a welcome change for the character to just become a female Roman Reigns but it's just another thing that feels so inauthentic because of what they're asking of her. Charlotte talking into the camera in the ring would have been really powerful because they had done away with that sort of thing but not like this. Poor lass was back and forth with the director trying to keep up too. Much more effective if she
  2. We've all wasted thousands upon thousands of hours in our lives being wrestling fans. It's hardly a surprise that we're still interested, however much, in what the biggest company in the industry is up to. Those who aren't either don't come here anymore or post off topic.
  3. I think it's a combination of the length, and them never really being able to solve the conundrum of three hours every week, and Vince being more invested in Raw and constantly having his sticky fingers all over it. Smackdown has almost always been better since they split again. They'll do a draft and ruin it for a bit and then it'll settle down again. It's much easier to fill two hours and they seem to book far more traditionally and logically, which I can only put down to not having to cater to Vince's whims. Should add, I barely follow SmackDown at all. Can only put that down to i
  4. We all know that. And no one disputes it. But you're talking like everyone moans but still watches every week. Apart from @Supremo, who is a nutter, no one does. Practically everyone just reads about it, sees it on social media or dips in and out if there's big news or a big show. Hence the massive drop in viewership. And it doesn't matter a bit because traditional viewership is practically irrelevant.
  5. In fairness, you only have to go back a year to that Drew v Big Show match filmed after Empty-Mania and this was definitely better than that. Not sure Retribution joining The Hurt Business is going to live long in the memory, like.
  6. People were speculating about HASHTAG Raw After WrestleMania returns for Becky Lynch, Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe and Ronda Rousey. WWE:
  7. So Road To WrestleMania, WrestleMania Smackdown, WrestleMania Saturday, WrestleMania Sunday and now WrestleMania Backlash. Milk it, Vince.
  8. Have they actually renamed the next PPV "WrestleMania Backlash"?
  9. I was hoping it was Bo so that Bray could turn up as Funhouse Bray and do the whole two Doinks thing from Mania 9. We need more callbacks to the greatest mania of them all. Car Park in Vegas for Backlash please, Vince.
  10. I think I wondered recently what made them sour on the Edge/Roman match given there were no fans to react to any of it? You're right, it looks an incredible misread. I'd be more interested to know now. Social Media? Personal preference? Bryan being on the booking team?
  11. Thanks, I'm familiar with the concept. And in my opinion, a hyperbolic one, based on the reasons given.
  12. Sorry for your loss @DEF Ben Spiller is definitely a celebrity and I'm glad we all know and recognise him now. I hope someone does the great work he's been doing for 30 years.
  13. Come on, that's hyperbole. Apart from Mania 3 and the main event of 5, those first 6 are dreadful for anything but nostolgia nonces like us. Fiend/Orton was disappointingly OK for me. I wanted to see an absolute shitshow. It was the only thing I was looking forward to on Mania and it was just a match, tiny bit of hocus pocus and an Orton win. Randy looked great in the white gear. Decent couple of nights, I thought. Second night wasn't as good but I loved KO/Sami. Got to say, the WWE video package department are 7 star performers. Almost every match had an incredible epic video that m
  14. I didn't notice the piped in noise. It was very obvious on the NXT show, particularly the constant "boooo" that you rarely ever get from a real crowd but if they did it on Mania, it was subtle.
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