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  1. Punk's great. He picked Keith Lee for "Who should win the Rumble?" Smart lad.
  2. My kids got a pack of these from home bargains (I think) before Xmas. They've not wondered where they all went (yet).
  3. Really good stuff from Becky here. Interesting debate. What do you think?
  4. They're Man Utd. There'll always be another Mourinho, Pochettino, Allegri, etc. It's probably game over for their current management structure although Woodward does seem bulletproof as long as the share price is strong.
  5. If the best bit of the game was on FF and not MOTD, you would be. That's the issue here. It's not that they're putting extra stuff on YouTube, it's that they're putting better stuff on than on TV. Stuff that better tells the stories than what's on TV. WWE do the same with their characters. On TV, they're fucking dweebs. On YouTube, they're the coolest people on the planet. Some of them anyway, not you Ziggler.
  6. Can just be twice as miserable about it next week.
  7. Bet he's a better worker than that fella who had the match with Michael Nakazawa.
  8. There was talk of AEW having a morning repeat. Not sure what happened to that. Not that it matters. WWE, AEW, NXT:UK and Impact all on terrestrial telly in some form and some still can't let go of their little pissing contest.
  9. Chelsea become first Premier League club to introduce a fully vegan kiosk https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51199199
  10. Is it the WWE reasoning of not wanting ten minutes of dead air for the crowd? Not that you couldn't fill that with a dark match or something but I can't think of any other reason why you would put your best stuff on YouTube. Not that YouTube doesn't do numbers but they're global. This stuff needs to hit home runs with your 900k+ viewers domestically too. It seems so obvious.
  11. There are at least four women in the picture. Not that it matters, what does anyone expect? this forum alone tells us wrestling fans love cartoons, horrific metal music, sniffing knickers, shitting and Eastenders. That they're a weird bunch is a given.
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