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  1. Apologies, didn't mean you specifically. Meant documentaries that add nothing.
  2. Why was he going to WCW? Why was he contractually entitled to refuse? Bret was entirely blameless. Vince put himself in that situation. He got himself out if it too. It's been 22 years. Move on.
  3. tiger_rick

    Chippy Tea

    Got to have fish and chips on Good Friday. I don't like fish and could only have 1/2 portion of chips so here's mine. Bread home baked this morning too.
  4. Very strange story I'd forgotten from Jerry Lawler on the classic Steve Austin podcast. He claims that he first became a commentator when Randy Savage turned up on WCW TV and Vince was desperate for a replacement at short notice. He was on commentary on Superstars 2 years before that wasn't he? His version sounds better though!
  5. Remember that time Baron Corbin tried to be a heel on Twitter and then bottled it when he offended a serviceman? Fanny.
  6. Yeah, that made him look like a dumb fucker. It was so obvious.
  7. The answers will form patterns. In fairness, we don't need a survey, the problems at City are obvious but if you do want feedback to improve, you don't only ask your currently paying customers. It's why every service or product has an exit survey.
  8. Exactly. My football club, whose gates have fallen off a cliff, did the same thing. A survey of members. Rather than speaking to the people who don't go to find out why.
  9. I'm sure all the cool, smoking hot dudes on here can afford to be that picky. 😎
  10. From about half an hour in, Spurs didn't pass to another player in their kit so could well believe they were confused.
  11. Yeah but they gave the £50m for Kyle Walker to charity.
  12. I don't love VAR and never wanted it but that's some of the best use of it I've seen. Incidentally, from next season, that Llorente goal will be disallowed. Any touch of the ball by a hand or arm that leads to a goal will be handball regardless of meaning. On current law, it's the right decision.
  13. That's the only bit I disagree with. I'm a big fan of Murphy but he's not a big enough name to justify the point. It doesn't fit the story you just told or the one you'll want us to buy next time Riddle is on the screen. It just doesn't need it. Plus Dream scraped through the Riddle match for that very reason. He beat Murphy conclusively. Just feel the commentary is all over the place on this show. Like that little package before the main event that announced Viking Experience on Raw despite us seeing them as War Raiders earlier in the show. Bit messy.
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