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  1. "Send the buggers back" - live version.
  2. Feel bad sometimes about some of my childish "flaming" online in the past but pleased I've told that cunt what a cunt he is when I've had the chance.
  3. I think there's some truth in that. I've watched a few of his media press conferences and while he's very likeable most of the time, is really gracious, gives the performers a ton of the credit for being the real stars and comes across as a big fan of everyone, he will very quickly react to anything he thinks isn't right, isn't shy of pointing out when something was his idea or when he was responsible for something happening and is generally just very to the point. In fairness, I don't think anyone does what he does without being able to stand up for themselves. He's not stupid, he doesn't suffer fools and he's not going to be walked all over by anyone. He's also not shy of telling people how good he is at stuff. I quite like him. Or to be more precise, I've seen very little to make me dislike him.
  4. He should bring back the shitarse 50 and just have Roman Reigns in 50 times.
  5. Nah, that's not true. Billionaire Tone is very consistent in his use of the 18-49 numbers as being important. WWE have in the past stated the same (though I think they use 18-34). It's fine if you don't think he should. In his position, I'd probably shut off from it too tbh, but he's not making it up as he goes.
  6. I don't see their tweets but there was no joking on the show. Steiner played it perfectly. I agree in general that it's usually horrible and lazy (think they just did it on Raw with Big E and McIntyre too) but this was fine. Another of their forgotten little whims, they changed non-title matches to Championship Eliminators or something for about 2 weeks a few months ago. Again, because they're aware of their overuse of it but have no intention of actually fixing the real problem.
  7. In fairness, Steiner 2.0 references in the backstage segment that he "knows how this works" so it was actually self-aware which made it better than it usually is. Plus his work and his trash talking is so good that it worked completely.
  8. Such a confusing presentation. The colours and graphics, some of the characters and that studio audience are pure kids TV show. It could be Fun House if there were prizes to be won and a quiz and a race. But there are backstage attacks all over, elements of bad language, a mob style kidnapping. It's a strange feel. Ironic too, them WWE stans will hate this, right? Check out Steiner 2.0 on this show if you see nothing else. The kid is like nothing they've developed in 20 years. He's like a wrestling version of Billy's Boots. He's put that sensational singlet on and become a crazy motherfucker straight out of 1989. His work is so good and his mannerisms and jaw-jacking are sensational. Halloween Havoc next week. They've brought back Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. More proper WCW feels. Good stuff. Fuck me, that Joe Gacy shit is terrible. I could have written that promo. It was just stringing together a ton of current buzzwords with no understanding or meaning. Just needed a "gaslighting" to top it off. Cora Jade has never been on a skateboard in her life before this, right? Looks like a Dynamic Dude out there. Tony D'Angelo is great. If they don't go overboard, he's gonna be brilliant. Hopefully we see the family build. "FORGET ABOUT IT" Lot of quite bland tag teams on the show that make a lot of it pretty skippable. Their work is basic and to bd honest, really boring. Matches need more energy. It's letting down a promising little show at the moment. 2 hours is unnecessary too but sure everyone has known that for years.
  9. Daniel Garcia has been signed to a full time contract.
  10. It might not be a novelty but they are the legends they have who can still go. Edge/Rollins is the blow-off to the second biggest feud on Smackdown inside the cell. Big E/McIntyre would be a PPV main event on it's own. Lashley's the previous champ taking on a legend in Goldberg. The Smackdown women's title match is big for that division and the tag title match is two of their best 4 teams. I'm not interested in watching it but it's what they have. These are pretty much all of their biggest names.
  11. Well there's Lesnar, Goldberg and Edge for starters. The comparison to UK PPV's is absolutely ridiculous. Reigns vs. Lesnar is the biggest match they could possibly promote not containing The Rock. It's bigger than their Mania main events.
  12. Yes, that's a fair point. Though the presentation and celebration has already happened, the open top bus parade comes later. Absolutely no comparison between thousands of fans lining the streets for a glimpse of their heroes and the absolute dreck we see on wrestling TV though. Point stands, it's a fucking horrible trope I never want to see again.
  13. High on the list of things I never, ever want to see in wrestling again is the "Championship celebration". Is there another sport on the planet where the celebration doesn't happen afterwards but is saved for the following Monday/Wednesday/Friday night to fill a segment? Always dreadful.
  14. I'm all for some Billionare Tone skits. With his mates Y2Gay and The Lunatic Minge.
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