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  1. I dunno how to break it to you lot but based on the average life expectancy of a standard pro wrestler, Rene Dupree is almost certainly dead. RIP.
  2. I get you. Just wondering if I'd missed something. I don't know that much about him really other than the obvious sports connections and what little I've seen of him in the press since this was announced. I like his social conscience that's led to showsin aid of gun violence and community in Jacksonville. Seems to have decent moral fibre for a rich kid. Financially, you're probably right. Seems to be kept busy by his Dad without risking the family money. Has made a lot of mistakes running Fulham and probably will doing this.
  3. A few of the In Your House series were. I don't know why but I recall seeing it on the colliseum video section of history of WWE years ago: Winter Combat 1996 (aka In Your House #4 & #5) (WF157) Spring Explosion (aka In Your House #6) (WF160) Wrestlefest 1996 (aka Beware of Dog) (WF162) Tour de Force 1996 (aka International Incident) (WF164) Slamathon 1996 (aka Buried Alive) (WF166) Wrestlefest 1997 (aka Taker's Revenge) (WF172) Maximum Impact (aka Canadian Stampede) (WF174) Rampage 1997 (aka Badd Blood) (WF176) Terminators 1995 (aka IYH #2) (WF502) Mega Matches 1996 (aka Good Friends, Better Enemies) (WF504)
  4. Cody said a while back that it was sorted. remember his "better deal than WWE" quotes. Obviously ITV4 was speculated on. So either they just haven't announced it or it's not done. Neither situation being at all clever. In reference to anything in particular, Keith?
  5. Does 2 in an alley qualify as an orgy?
  6. 14 years ago. Be people watching who weren't born.
  7. What we need is an angle where someone wins the belt and promises to restore the credibility it had when it was held by Mr Perfect, Bret Hart and Randy Savage. They've not done that before... They still do. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't watched wrestling in the last 20 years. They don't mean as much because of the massive over-exposure of the product caused by 300+ hours of first run TV and PPV a year. PPVs themselves, gimmick matches, etc have all suffered and always will. But their entire TV output is driven by title belts. Very few stories are told without them. It's certainly not driven by stars because there aren't any. It's a lazy cliche to say the belts don't mean anything. Take them away and you've got absolutely nothing left.
  8. Props that tell all of their stories and create all of their drama. There shouldn't be such importance on them but there clearly is. That's why they keep adding more and more.
  9. PS didn't look that bad. It was very simple in it's style and never really deviated but it was far superior to the rest of the non-WWF mags you'd find in the 90s and the content was miles ahead of FSM which was, with a few exceptions, style over substance. I was gutted to finally give up buying PS after what must have been 12-13 years of regularly reading but I just couldn't stomach Fin's dominating opinion anymore. His failure to recognise what is popular and why and being incapable of accepting that things he doesn't think are perfect work for others just irritated me along with his ridiculous nicknames for things.
  10. More throwing around of this lazy opinion. Aside from the really peripheral ones, the belts are the most important aspect of their show. They dominate all of their story telling. Nothing that isn't related to a title means a thing these days. Title changes make shows feel meaningful. Nothing else does.
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