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  1. They're not using lives as bargaining chips, he and the councillors that make up the GM region are trying to protect jobs, families and children. The big questions should be why the government aren't just making the decision if the situation is so grave (Answer: it's because they want other suckers to take the rap) and why they're having to fight over a few million quid to protect communities while they can spunk 12 billion on spreadsheet systems that don't work.
  2. I call bullshit. No fucking way he's 32.
  3. Have you ever negotiated anything? That's not the way to get what people need. Andy Burnham didn't make this decision unilaterally either, maybe read up about it or something.
  4. Someone report Butch's account being hacked. The real Butch would have said Barry Darsow.
  5. Really enjoyed watching Everton so far this season. Great manager has them playing really well. Their fans though. So bitter, it's unreal. Funny that everyone is wondering why Pickford wasn't sent of for that appalling challenge and why Mane's sleeve was offside but yet Liverpool asking for clarity is somehow ludicrous. Everton's second goal was tremendous, by the way. Great move from back to front and a classic piece of centre forward play, pulling onto the little full back and then towering above him. No fans PL era continues to be mental. Goals and gaffes galore.
  6. Ready To Rumble is brilliant. It's awful, obviously, but it knows it is. The script is appalling. The characters have the depth of a puddle. The casting is baffling. But it adds up to the guiltiest of pleasures.
  7. He struggled pre-Lockdown, wasn't much there. But when they came back, he looked by far our best player for a few games until he was crocked. Takes a great free kick, has a good range of passing and likes to be involved around the box. Presses high without the ball and sets a good tempo. There's a good player in there, games can just pass him by sometimes. Pretty sure we'd have paid that for him if we'd stayed up.
  8. Aye, definitely a matter of opinion. Nothing you've written there except Reigns vs. Big E, which was already there pre-draft, has any appeal whatsoever. Rollins and Mysterio moving across together just seems insane. They seem to have been feuding since 1987. Can't imagine anyone finding anything enjoyable in either. I love Big E but him and Reigns doesn't scream Mania main event and clearly nothing on Raw does. If they can get The Rock back, they must. Shit as that is for Big E.
  9. I still think it was a terrible idea executed appallingly for the benefit of no one. I was probably crying at the time about it killing WCW but looking back, it's clear it didn't really matter. WCW was always dying from late 1997. Loads of things accelerated their demise but their mentality, lack of patience, lack of new ideas, financial commitments, etc were always going to do for them. Arquette seems like a good guy. I've never held it against him. Pretty sure even he didn't think it was a good idea. Just Russo having no ability to do anything other than "shock" people.
  10. Light relief from scouse Mike.
  11. That Smackdown roster looks dreadful. Not without talent but the talent there is have all been round with each other before. There's nothing fresh there and there are loads of completely tired acts. If they make TV that some find compelling from that lot, they deserve some credit.
  12. You just talking about Perry's eyes?
  13. No, not really. Just my point was only relevant to the first bit. I wasn't hugely disagreeing with you as as you said, you made the point yourself. Just that it is logical IMO. No big argument.
  14. I was going to say that. Someone mentioned Dynamite Kid earlier in the thread. Case closed.
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