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  1. Yeah, say what you like about Vince but he can work. His match with the old sex pest at Rumble 2002 was brilliant fun. Almost everything with Austin, even the original Raw match that didn't really happen was just an incredible event.
  2. Notts County were relegated in 91/92 too. They're still non-league. That Oldham vs. Notts County was a top flight game in 1992 and could be a non-league fixture next year seems insane to me but then I have a hard time believing the gap is is 30 years.
  3. What a piece of class and a superb piece for both promotions on a respected outlet.
  4. That the one responding to Tony Khan mentioning him? I listened to that, first one I've heard in months. You're right, he's still an arse. Just take the compliment, Jim, there's no need to be all what-the-fuck about it.
  5. He definitely didn't write it but whoever did spelled Rory Karpf's name wrong so it's clearly not a bigtime PR push.
  6. Seems Keith Lee had a dark match and was introduced as Keith "Bearcat" Lee. It's a bit of a shit name but is probably a "tribute" to Bearcat Wright who is in the legacy HOF. I just don't get why they are constantly trying to find something for him. They re-did his music, they wanted Adam Cole to manage him, now they're sticking a 60 year old nickname on him. Not sure how they can need so many bells and whistles for a big, charismatic guy with a unique look. Anyone who actually watches this show is going to get two matches that could be PPV main events this week. Not going to criticise them for putting them on TV, we all know TV is king these days. I already thought the first one needed more advertising than just a few days so the fact that the other one had an hour or so is crazy to me. There's a PPV on Sunday, I think, so that's maybe why they don't want to advertise something for next week but they are just so bad at it generally. And when they do advertise something, it changes anyway. They really need to fix that to get people wet for what they have to offer.
  7. Don't worry @gmoney, I only discovered this about half an hour ago too.
  8. That's part of the reason I'm sure it's a penalty, he wanted to get past Coufal and get a shot away. And he'd probably score. There's no reason for him to cheat there. The Zouma one, I don't think he's particularly cheating. Zouma jumped in like the clumsy fucker he is and stopped him getting to the ball. If he just takes the contact, it's a pen too.
  9. His movement is completely natural there. Slowing it down exaggerates it, as it always does, but he's done nothing wrong. He knows the foul is coming because he's that clever, but he's done him and he's fouled him. It's a penalty. The Zouma one isn't, he threw himself down before any contact, though again, the contact was coming anyway because he'd done him, he just needed to wait for it.
  10. I listened to the Cornette interview with Evan Husney. There's nothing like hearing him talk to a normal person to really hammer home what a weird motherfucker he really is. Having an explanation of how stuck in the wrestling bubble these guys are from someone who can't function outside it despite having barely been in it for 15 years is really something. Interestingly, from the point earlier, he very clearly accepts that he can't tell the same jokes he told 25 years ago because they're unacceptable and the fact that he's told them and people have laughed in the past is no defence. Not what he said at the time, like.
  11. Can anyone explain how they can look at the video of the Vestergaard handball and not notice that Maupay has hold of his arm? Some proper shite VAR calls this weekend but that one is one of the worst I've ever seen. To some extent I get why they're not interfering with the Tsimikas trip on Benteke, the Wan Bissaka one on Soucek, the Coufal on Ronaldo and the Harvey Barnes offside. They're trying to go with the ruling on the pitch is right unless it's catastrophically wrong but it's still a horrible mess. And the one they really did overrule, the Kyle Walker penalty was an absolute joke. Probably wasn't a red, but it's a clear penalty. VAR is still shite.
  12. Really nice flicking through the #WWENewcastle hashtag and seeing people loving being at a show. This is the best though. Dominic Mysterio hitting the worst frog splash you'll ever see. It's hilarious.
  13. It wasn't over the car. Miro didn't want the car, he said in the build and on the show. Feugo put his car up toshow how much he'd give for the opportunity. Miro just wanted to finish the job. Terrific bit of business. I really enjoyed the match, I think it's a shame the live crowd didn't care as much and the ad break hurt the momentum. Miro was amazing though.
  14. Well done to Impact for their swift and correct response.
  15. Had a goats cheese and caramelised onion melt in a ciabatta last week that was food from the gods. My favourite thing about them in Hull is people who ask for a sea-a-batter.
  16. They don't need to do that. Have him come back and save the DO from implosion. He comes out, tells Omega the All Out shot was his and it was stolen from him, says TK has given the DO one shot at redemption vs. any 5 guys Kenny picks, DO win, Hangman vs. Page at Full Gear, 3 blokes cry about the ranking system, the rest of us piss our pants. The End.
  17. I've often wondered what the point of this show is given they tell these horror stories that everyone in and around wrestling already knows and and covers for. But something like this one has shown the real value of it because there are clearly a generation of people out there who only know Flair as a cuddly old man or a "bit of a card". There are plenty who think this story is about Perfect and Lesnar scrapping or X-Pac having his hair cut. Bringing it to the masses is a good thing and has real value. It will be interesting to see if there are any outcomes which seem to have been absent from all the other stories they've told, shamefully.
  18. Haven't seen the doc but it seems the air hostess credited Dustin with being the one who saved her from Flair but the doc didn't mention these other allegations so he's come out of it as the hero to many.
  19. This is from the Observer report of the lawsuit being filed. That last bit is insane and tells you everything you need to know.
  20. The problem with that is that Omega has to keep winning to have all these matches with these newcomers and I'm long past the point where I want Omega to win. I thought they timed the Young Bucks loss beautifully and I'm hoping they do the same with Omega.
  21. He shouldn't be used by anyone but like all of this stuff, it'd be purely PR at this point. These stories are all common knowledge and have been for years and it hasn't stopped WWE employing him or fans immediately begging for him to turn up elsewhere upon his release. I'm sure this is new information to some but most just do not care. Plenty of stuff is murky or alleged but lots is cut and dry yet so normal in that environment, no-one bats an eyelid.
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