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  1. Leaving aside from the sheer fucking madness of finally turning THE chosen babyface star for the first time in nearly 20 years when there are no crowds, what do we think finally caused them to do it? Is it the ratings sinking so low that they're desperate for any buzz on Fox? Did Roman refusing to work during a pandemic cause Vince to fall out of love with him? What do you reckon?
  2. It is cool, isn't it. My brother went to an NXT House Show in Illinois or Wisconsin last year and sent me some pics. When I googled the venue and saw all the pics of what was essentially a very nice town hall, it blew my mind a bit.
  3. About time Hacksaw got the belt(s). Should have gone over Shawn in 93.
  4. Enjoy your thoughts each week, Linus. This is the only one I really disagree with this week. Probably up to the last PPV, I'd have been right with you but since then, they and Tully have looked great fit. There's merit in your last point though because they've not looked better in AEW than they did in that superb tag match that opened last week's show.
  5. Aye, he seems like a massive tosser. He gets by on the fact that the Paedo set the bar ridiculously low and the subject matter interests people. I can't think of anything that's aged worse than the wrestling shoot interview. I used to eat them up, that peak behind the curtain, all those wild stories, etc. But as i've grown up, all these tales from these fucked up, seedy manchildren turn my stomach a bit.
  6. You can get them all over now. Normally dinosaurs or mermaids or something. The kids have had them loads as party favours when they used to be allowed to go to parties.
  7. The numbers will dictate whether they can wait that long. They obviously think what they've done this week will slow it. Doesn't look at all likely to me. If it did slow it, then a brief lockdown over half term would make sense as schools are closed anyway and normally people would be out and about a lot with the kids. Yesterday's numbers will terrify them.
  8. His name came up on a pod i was listening to this morning and I had to have a think about whether he was still alive. Odd timing. Can't be much to say about the Road Warriors/LOD that hasn't been said. They just had IT. Incredible look, size, aggression. They made an instant impact on you. I'd never heard of them when they turned up at SummerSlam 1990 and yet I was instantly a fan. Sad news.
  9. Love the idea that this horrible sounding and looking shit actually gets better if you really watch it. Ah.
  10. It's definitely a grower. Life's too short to wait for shows you don't like to get good though. I keep thinking about trying to power through This Country but then realise it doesn't really matter.
  11. Not baked for a while. Did these today. Biscoff filled NY style cookies. Have choc chips and Biscoff crumbs in the dough and Biscoff spread in the middle.
  12. Changed next to nothing but scrapped indoor team sports which will absolutely cripple us as a football club. Can still sit in the pub almost all day though. Bastards.
  13. Wheeler Dealers is great. I've been re-watching a load of them. I prefer the ones from the UK when there was at least a pretence that it was about turning a car for profit. The ones since it moved to the US are still interesting but it's not nearly as fun. I noticed Schitt's Creek won a load of Emmy's the other day. I only started it a couple of weeks ago when I resubbed to Netflix. It's a perculiar show that takes a bit of getting used to but I'm in love with it now. Blasted through 3 series in the last week or two. My missus didn't watch the beginning so just catches bits when I'm watch
  14. Anyone listen to OVP pod? They're really good on Twitter, posting little videos every day of stuff that happened on this day. Enjoy this one from yesterday of the first time Austin stunned Vince, it's still magical. They collab with prolific UK tape collecter Landy, who also posts gems on Twitter. The pod is OK. They've got a good formula. each pod is three parts. The first part is whatever chosen topic they've got for the "season", the second part is a ranking segment with a best and worst 10 of something and the last part is a review of something random. One of them calls WWF/WWE "WF" w
  15. I really wanted to see Jerry Lynn vs. Mr JL.
  16. Put together a three match card using only wrestlers who share your initials. You can have as many guys as you like on the card. Opener: Rich Swann vs. Ricky Starks Fast paced opener. Swann wins, crowd go wild. Ron Simmons vs. Rick Steiner Squash match. Big Ron kills the dumb fucker. Main: Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat I'm the jammiest bastard on here, surely? Beat this match. Tempting as it would be to just rip off Mania 3, I want to see it in 1989, face/face. Savage with the roll up win this time.
  17. The rumour was that they were planning a new Nation of Domination type group but not really in agreement on how it would work. That seemed to be born out by them using Ron Simmons and Mark Henry briefly on TV. What they've ended up with isn't anything like the NoD but give nthe lack of clarity in the ideas, the pandemic meaning guys were available and unavailable at varying times, particularly Apollo Crews, I don't think it's unfair to say they've stumbled upon this act. I've only seen a few highlights so can't really judge but they absolutely look the business, that's for sure. Whether it's g
  18. The problem with that attitude is it normally leads to every heel becoming an absolute fadge. Goes back to Steve Austin in 2001, if not further. Guys who are hard as fuck babyfaces are suddenly chicken shit heels because they're so one dimensional in what they present. There are exceptions but they tend to be spooked by those guys getting cheers. That's never a problem, the opposite is. Book your faces well and you can cope with a heel some fans like.
  19. Much better on mobile. Not tried desktop yet.
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