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  1. I haven't seen anything but I think Joe and Ricochet was great.
  2. Where are you on being offered a rose for a quid?
  3. Genuinely no idea who that is. So I searched Michael Hayes on Twitter and got a dick pic. Always hated Doc Hendrix.
  4. He really doesn't. I think he's being overly-protective because some on here will jump on you for fuck all. Nothing odd about thinking breast implants are narcissistic is there?
  5. The meat man is the bloke on the market who sells a bundle of meat in a bag for a tenner. Tom Stade did a decent stand-up routine on that on Live at the Apollo a few years ago. Feature of a bad pub is a bloke wandering around selling huge blocks of cheese he's nicked from the supermarket. You know you're in a rough area (or all of Hull, ho ho ho) when they have security tags on the cheese.
  6. Didn't pull the all-nighter but did spend three hours before work on Friday and six hours after on this! Result below. Differs from above but: Top left - Maids of honour. Traditional lemon recipe Top right - Mint brownies. So pleased with these. I left the batter in the fridge all day Friday and cooked at night and it makes for an amazing fudgey brownie. Several people told me they were the best brownies they've ever eaten which made me so chuffed if I'm honest. Middle left - Cornflake tart. Really enjoyed making this and it was pretty easy. Fell apart a bit on cutting though. The cornflakes weren't sticky enough. Room for improvement. Middle right - Victoria Sponge. First attempt at this and it was really good. Proper Victoria sponge consistency and a really delicious buttercream. A fluke but who cares!? Bottom left - Lemon Drizzle - Done a few of these now. Worked well. Bottom right - "Rocky road" or fridge cake or whatever you want to call it. Chocolate hob nobs, marshmallows, honeycomb and white choc ships in melted milk and dark chocolate. An easy one to get in the fridge early. A successful weekend I think. We made about 1000 hot drinks and sold as many hot butties off the BBQ as well as all the cake that was left after out volunteers had taste tested everything!
  7. I'd never seen that show but saw the Punk match on a comp recently and loved the set. Can't have been many non-Mania shows since that didn't have the same bland look.
  8. I'd imagine they're talking about reach. Definitely not talking money. Never seen any figures for what AEW are being paid but it's gonna be peanuts compared to WWE. It's great for them that they have the opportunity to be seen and great for fans but it's a business and it's about the dosh. If they convert big viewership into PPV buys and everything else then great but it's not better. Don't blame them for saying so, it's a hype business. Surely no one sensible believes it.
  9. Outstanding thread from this random gobshite on Twitter. Sharon Watts as wrestlers.
  10. Of course they are. Crazy to think otherwise. Spending huge on content outside of sports. Despite losing high profile football, the prices still rise. Plus it's a business more diverse than just TV. It's clearly successful, unfortunately.
  11. Amazing stuff. Truth wearing a jacket and tie with no shirt is gold. Ian absolutely spot on about it. Simply and beautifully shot.
  12. tiger_rick

    Chippy Tea

    Raspberry Coke Zero is incredible.
  13. tiger_rick

    Chippy Tea

    Dandelion & Burdock with a chippy tea.
  14. I'll watch and pay my whole £9. Looks a nice card for a secondary show. Some guys on there I like, some I'm intrigued by and a couple I've never seen before. I've enjoyed whatever AEW has been up to this point, as I'm sure you've gathered. The only shame is the lack of big dudes knocking each other about. I'd love AEW to use Jim Ross to go out and start recruiting big thick guys with athletic backgrounds.
  15. tiger_rick

    Chippy Tea

    I used to despise Diet Coke. After a year of it, I can't understand why anyone would drink full sugar soft drinks. They're evil.
  16. tiger_rick

    Chippy Tea

    Where's the pattie? Not doing it right.
  17. Dustin was wrestling two years and he was brilliant. Then he got better with age. Was never afraid to try stuff. Never took himself too seriously. Had a couple of periods where he was a bit fat and unmotivated but always got himself back in shape, back in a job and back working better than people half his age. He's world class.
  18. I love this old picture of some kids in Hull. Amusingly captioned "Dad, what did you do before the internet? "
  19. I think it's a good match but I sulked all the way through it the first about Savio Vega. Said before that it was probably a blessing that HBK missed it but had he been there, I think it would have been a classic.
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