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  1. Always best for something to be on a subscription channel rather than free to air, eh? 🙄
  2. I'm somewhere in the middle on it. It wasn't bad but I didn't love it. I do love Carbomb's commitment to it though. He's always loved it and isn't for turning.
  3. tiger_rick


    They don't need to send letters anyway, they've always posted a picture of the letter on Twitter before they've stuck a stamp on it!
  4. Right people, right time, just the wrong location.
  5. Street Profits are ace. Anyone else in that spot on Raw would be death but fortunately those two lads have got charisma coming out of their arse.
  6. Watched a terrible film recently, as mentioned in the film thread, but was intrigued by the mention of ANZAC biscuits. Had a go at them. Beautiful biscuits. Oats and coconut give a great flavour and then syrup and sugar a chewiness. So easy too. I used a recipt off an NZ website as thought it'd be more authentic. Ingredients: 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup thread coconut 1 cup flour 1 cup sugar 125g butter 2 Tbsp golden syrup 1 tsp baking soda 2 Tbsp boiling water Mix all your dry ingredients except the baking powder. Gently melt the butter and syrup together, then take off the heat and dissolve the baking powder in the water and add to it. Then add to the dry and mix until a dough forms. Roll into balls of whatever size you want (I went for about big conkers), flatten to about 1cm on your baking papaer lined tray and bake at 180/160fan for 12-15 mins.
  7. Val was one of those guys who, when I became a massive smark, I was sure was being held back by his gimmick because he was a really good hand. I was a fucking idiot.
  8. When I was a kid we still got tangerines in our stocking every year. Can't remember when my Mam got sense and switched to the Terry's version.
  9. Tried to make one of those Korean Street food sandwiches you see on the videos with the folded egg, cheese and spices. Too much egg I think so it was a big sloppy mess but fuck me, tasted awesome.
  10. They pushed Bret initially at the height of the steroid scandal. His not having the look was exactly what they were after. They were always after a new Hogan without the conotations hence the Luger push. As much as they pushed Bret and Shawn at times, both were always as a result of them having no other choice because Luger, Yoko, Diesel, etc bombed. They were safe pairs of hands.
  11. He was considering a comeback with the WWF in 1996. The angle they ran where he screwed mero out of the IC Title was supposed to be a feud with HHH. In the end he went to WCW, probably because of the better pay, but also because the WWF enquiring about him working again alerted lloyds and they stopped paying him. It was a bit of a Michaels-esque injury although a couple of years rest probably did it the world of good.
  12. They clearly didn't think he was a top babyface. 1993 was the time to go with him if ever there was and they positioned him below Bret and then Luger. I think it was probably that he didn't have the chiselled look of Luger and he was an "old" guy in terms of TV time. Considering Bret debuted in the WWF well before him, when Bret took the IC Title off him in 1991, it really felt like he was the fresh young guy on the scene. And Bret was older than Hennig. I don't think he was a good enough promo though that's probably not that important given Luger never was and Bret was authentic but not exciting.
  13. Same. But they seemed like the exception then and the rule now. Maybe I am just getting old.
  14. There's a huge element of that I'm sure. I grew up on council estates in Hull where most were on the bones of their arses, so saw plenty of kids far worse than I was. But it still feels like a massive attitude shift, particularly from parents. And certainly in the context of the cartoon. We had one mother in the playground this week warning people about the school because her kid cut her hair with safety scissors. If that was me, I'd be bollocking my little shit for being so stupid. Not taking it out on the teachers. Loads of this divs about.
  15. Some of it has. I try not to be a suspicious old bastard because I remember when we'd hang around outside the shops at night with no motive or think i was funny to jump on someone's hedge or nick their milk bottles or whatever. However. and again, maybe just my upbringing but we didn't give people the grief they get now. Getting a bollocking off a teacher, a neighbour or, god forbid, a copper was a big deal. And I wouldn't have dared go crying to my Mam about it because she'd give me a kicking before she found me guilty.
  16. What's your problem with it? Because while it's overly simplified for effect, I don't disagree with it. Parental responsibility seems to be at an all time low. Whether it's teachers, neighbours, coppers or whoever, we seem to have a generation of kids who don't respect anyone or anything. Maybe just our part of the world, I dunno.
  17. Saw it all over Twitter last night. I've always loved the wrestlers having logos going back to the trading cards in the late 80s and the early 90s sticker books. Those are so fucking bad. There are only about 2 that don't look like someone played with Microsoft WordArt.
  18. If only people who watch it comment, it'll be an echo chamber.
  19. Don't be ridiculous. It's pro-wrestling. They've presented win/loss records, presented these brackets as if legit. That's their bag. Pretending they still won't hit all the pro-wrestling tropes is just desperately trying to be a smart arse.
  20. The stip that if Owens wins the unfair dismissal case, he gets to fire Shane McMahon has got to be up there with the most ridiculous things they've ever written.
  21. Proper brackets with dates and locations of all matches. That's presented like real sports 😉 Not the fucking Bucks and Lucha Bros again though.
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