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  1. Is it the best event of all time yet?
  2. That's what I thought. What's often overlooked is that Owen was in the doghouse at the time and its quite feasible he could have been released over the following months, given his declining place on the card. As mad as it sounds, the WWF weren't exactly struggling for talent at the time.
  3. garynysmon


    I suspect that the Welsh nationalist vote was more of a factor in Ceredigion and Gwynedd, where it was seen as "un-Welsh" to vote the same way as Farage etc. I don't need much of an excuse to post this clip of Nigel Farage embarassing himself on BBC Wales mind.
  4. garynysmon


    Brexit also highlights just how weak the Welsh media (if we have one) really is. Any vox pop on Brexit will almost always have folk with broad valleys accents claiming that "we" are paying in too much to the EU, while blissfully unaware (or choosing to ignore) that Wales is a net beneficiary of EU membership. There are no Welsh-specific arguments for Brexit, only the same old Daily Mail lines of "taking back control" and what have you. Mind you, its also caused a crisis of confidence among the Welsh progressive and leftist circles who always considered Wales to be more forward thinking than some across Offa's Dyke, only to be totally flummoxed by Wales voting narrowly for Brexit. I grew up 10 mins away from Holyhead, where Stena is one of the largest employers due to the ferry port. But despite its status as a major EU transport point, the town was one of Anglesey's Brexit strongholds, while the remainder of the county (mainly Welsh speaking and rural) was more favourable to remain. I found this piece, and accompanying video, to be pretty heartbreaking tbh. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/holyhead-on-brexit-when-will-people-wake-the-f-k-up-1.3705798
  5. Daft twat seemed to inflict more damage on himself than Arnie.
  6. I wonder if the emergence of another big spending company will allow others to feel more free to open up in future? The possibility of being blacklisted by the WWE may not seem as bad a prospect as, say, 2-3 years ago.
  7. Having listened to one or two episodes, that's what I struggled with tbh. But I might give that podcast another go if its as good as everyone's saying.
  8. I usually follow the progress of young Welsh players, but must admit that I'd never even heard of him. Dylan Levitt is meant to be quite a prospect though.
  9. If you think your teams have it bad, one of my local clubs has just been given a 42 point deduction. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48344614?ns_linkname=sport&ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1EdZcWCztvYwcWayjrgRww7eOaNVBiDFf0QAZe8kxdM-k-7wdmdp9a23w The funny thing is that we're all chuffed about it as we hope this will finally get rid of the criminal owners. All I'll say is don't ever let Stephen Vaughan or his gormless son anywhere near another club..... cunts. This about sums it up their whole tenure I think. The stuff of nightmares.
  10. Couldn't agree more. My Dad was in the Welsh Guards for several years, thankfully finishing his service just before the Falklands War. But as he's told us on many occasions, joining the army was something he and his mates felt they were compelled to do as they had no qualifications and there were no real jobs around. It doesn't make them better people or even braver than your normal folk. I'm not very comfortable with the "Help our Heroes" rhetoric that has been more prevalent over the past 15 years or so, but this is nothing compared to that in the USA. I find it all quite nauseating in all honesty, and the WWE have been as guilty as anyone for glamorising "our fighting men and women" for years now. There's no conscription any more, no one is forced to join the military. They do so as they've chosen it as a career choice.
  11. Every now and then I subscribe to the network for a few months just for the ease of watching old TNT shows or PPV's etc without arsing around with torrents. If truth be known I've never really liked doing so as I feel it 'legitimises' their current product, which is about as far from what I enjoy as you can get. But after reading all of that? Good grief... Fuck 'em, just cancelled (again).
  12. At least I can go back to properly hating Real Madrid now.
  13. Genuine question, but is the WWE TV product a massive 'get' in this day and age? I mean in terms of the WWE network now being a thing and in comparison to its popularity in days gone by. Do that many people subscribe to Sky Sports just because they show WWE?
  14. AEW really are the Liverpool FC of the wrestling industry. They are doing all the right things and creating what we all expect will be an entertaining brand, and under normal circumstances we'd all love them for it. But fuck me, their fans aren't half annoying.
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