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  1. It amazes me how Macho dropped so much muscle mass in such a short space of time. Spiderman was filmed in, what, 2001/02? Yet by 2004 for his brief appearances in TNA, he decided to "wrestle" in a jumper and chinos.
  2. That's great isn't it? There's something magical about Rock n Wrestling and the whole 1984/85 time period. I often find myself going back to those TNT episodes as its a time just before the WWF became really big so the production isn't always as polished and crisp as it later became, and there's plenty of throwing shit against the wall to see what works, but that's what gives it its charm really.
  3. Not likely to broadcast on twitter that he has a bent cock that's all foreskin is she?
  4. Nice Liverpool cap and jacket combo.... Definately what you want to wear to court.
  5. It feels at times that the style is trying to be everything that the Attitude Era wasn't. For all the AE's short matches, lots of talking, promo time and storyline development and appealing to as big an audience as possible, the industry has morphed into longer matches. a bigger emphasis on workrate and scripted promos and trying to wring out more cash out of the smaller but more obsessed fanbase that's left. Not really sure I envisaged that 20 years on, 2002 ROH would be having such a big impact on the industry, given that at the time I considered ROH to be wrestling with all the f
  6. There are some bumps that wrestlers think look more impressive than they do (because they actually hurt whilst not looking all that spectacular to someone who's never stepped in the ring). You raise a good point about how unnecessary the knees bump into the steps was, for example. I'm not sure how much more impressive that bump (which became routine after a while) was to joe public than being thrown back first onto the steps, but it certainly caused more long term damage. If anyone's taking a bump just to "pop the boys in the back" then what's the point?
  7. Woodburn still has hope I reckon. Harry Wilson had a disastrous loan spell at Crewe and it was looking like his first cap (a 2 minute cameo against Belgium to stop England nicking him) would be his last. But he was somewhat of a late bloomer, so you never know. I'm more worried about the GK situation with neither Hennessey or Danny Ward getting any games. I must say this all seems a far cry from 2004-2010 under Toshack (poor bloke) when we were wholly reliant on Jason Koumas (of Tranmere and Cardiff City fame) for any creativity and routinely calling up League One and even Conference
  8. Bad News Brown challenged Andre the Giant for using a racial slur didn't he? I don't know the validity of the story of Andre refusing the challenge, but this was 1980 before Andre was really fucked, so you'd have to think that Bad News was a bit of a hard nut (or crazy) to even go there.
  9. Has this independent contractor bollocks ever been tested out in court? I'm sure that US employment laws are way more heavily skewed in favour of the employer than most European countries, but still....
  10. Well, hasn't it fallen off dramatically anyway, shedding several millions of viewers over the past 20 years? The whole industry has shed the casual, mainstream, fanbase and is pretty much restricted to hardcore fans nowadays isn't it?
  11. I don't think its a massive shock to anyone that the WWE uses its past glories to its advantage, in this regard. I find it tiresome beyond belief how everyone signs for WWE and bang on about it being their dream and having been a lifelong wrestling fan. Its reached the stage where I'd find it more admirable if someone entered the business after a failed American Football career and didn't really care about it other than the pay cheque tbh (which launched many a successful career in the 80's and previously), but it works for them I suppose. Using the same argument, I wonder how man
  12. Seems an incredibly foolish move at a time when there’s another company run by a money mark willing to pay top dollar to talent, not to mention the possibility of maintaining a good income working for the second tier promotions (Impact, MLW, NWA etc) and indies on the side. If he’d have done this 5 years ago then fine, the wrestlers were fucked for alternatives, but the timing is odd.
  13. I (briefly of course) met Hogan at a meet and greet before a TNA house show in 2011 (?) and had a quick photo and handshake. I remember to this day how massive his hands were. If that's the basis then I can't fathom how big Andre's were.
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