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  1. I’m always behind most people on Dynamite as I just wait for the ITV4 showing, but how great was it to see Tully Blanchard back in the ring? Considering how his top flight career came to an abrupt end 30 years ago, its poetic justice in a weird way that he ends up eventually (presumably)going out on his own terms. What I like about AEW is they have no problem at all with bringing the vets back and featuring them. J.J Dillon is 78 years old! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but its so refreshing to see what still feels like a “big production” wrestling show, yet the pro
  2. Personally I find Darby Allin too small by far to be featured in the spot he is.
  3. That's true. Just because there are SOME wrestlers that don't look like they belong in a wrestling ring, doesn't mean you tar the whole roster with the same brush.
  4. Bret Hart had the ability to make wrestling look real enough that even my wrestling hating Dad had to grudgingly concede he was good. That's good enough for me. I daresay that if the modern working style more mirrored Bret Hart matches than 2004 Ring of Honor, its popularity would be greater than it is now.
  5. I suppose the question is if its too late to rehab the allure of a 49 year old Paul Wight after being so lazily mismanaged and booked as almost a regular sized wrestler for most of his WWE tenure. Scandalous really. What he has on his side is that due to his sheer size, no one is expecting him to perform any flashy or even athletic moves. If booked right there's no reason why he can't be protected and extend his career, just looking menacing compared to some of the midgets already on the roster could be a spectacle in itself. But how that matches up with him presumably cracking
  6. Getting out of bed at the very last minute then ending up in a mad scramble and stress filled drive somewhere because I’m running late. That extra 10 mins in bed is never worth it.
  7. New tapings planned? https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/02/28/report-nwa-tapings-scheduled-for-march/ Sadly, to me it feels the NWA ship has sailed. It was exciting and innovative at first, but the roster has been decimated. Losing Cornette from the commentary booth, a genuine link to the original NWA, also had more of a negative effect than many will admit imo.
  8. Most overly long matches if I'm honest. Having grown up on squash matches, where the highlights were the entrance and finisher, there are only select few (usually iconic) long matches that I've gone back and watched. I often wonder if I'm a 'wrestling' fan at all, as everything surrounding the business and character development has always interested me so much more than the mechanics of what goes on between the ropes. If its two NXT types or no names I don't know/care about just having a 25 min match just for the hell of it, then I can always be counted out.
  9. I'm the opposite. In fact, the in ring quality is among the aspects I care about the least. Although one of the very few kids at school still watching by 1995, I was more than aware that popularity was down the toilet. You couldn't find any merch in shops, no one was talking about the WWF and shows were being held in high school gyms and tiny convention centres. That said, going back to watch the whole year not that long ago, the shows were a breeze to watch. The build up to WM11 was light years ahead of the show itself and you even had midcard stories playing out such as Horowitz/S
  10. One of the major criticisms of WWE is that it creates way too much product for anyone with a life to keep up with. Not sure I'm on board with AEW looking to produce two TNT and another two Youtube shows every week. Seems way too much. https://whatculture.com/wwe/tony-khan-reiterates-plans-for-a-second-aew-tnt-show-to-premiere-in-2021
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