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  1. I always feel sad seeing some of these X-Division guys working their arses off and pulling off some fantastic moves, just for the dead Impact Zone crowd just to sit there with their arms folded. I think its even more pronounced after the hot crowds in India. They have to get out of there, they even sat there like gormless bastards when Scott Steiner walked out.
  2. Get the man a Big Boss Man cap. Next mission is getting hold of the two girls with Ultimate Warrior facepaint who started arguing amongst themselves on who's corner Mr Pefect was going to be in. Makes me feel disgustingly old when I realise this was 25 years ago though...
  3. As expected, the difference in production values in just 5 weeks from Wrestlemania 1 to the first Saturday Night's Main Event, is pretty staggering tbh. You've gone from a dimly lit MSG, to something we more closely resemble the WWE/F with. It does make you wonder how much the company has Dick Ebersol/NBC to thank. Pretty funny seeing Kevin Dunn's name on TNT's credits as the assistant director too.
  4. Exactly. I've migrated recently from my staples of Austin, JR, etc to the Lapsed Fan and the Place 2be Nation's reviews of older shows, which I'm enjoying at the moment (as far back as 1984).. I have a 50 minute each-way journey to work most days, so I have quite a lot of time during the week. Other than Bruce Prichard and Schiavone's, which I listen to most weeks, I only really bother with the others if there's a really interesting guest on. There's more than enough podcasts out there to suit everyone's tastes. A little surprising the WWE, or even GFW, hasn't jumped on the bandwagon.
  5. There's something about it all that leaves a sour taste in the mouth though. especially seeing how Alberto has almost been goading the WWE to release her so she can join him on Impact.
  6. Hmm, even with a film about her in the works? I know this would be her third strike, but its not like they're not capable of finding a way of swerving it.
  7. Strange though, as Thunder only ran from 1997-2001 whereas they've managed to get all the Nitros up.
  8. I'd rather they start adding WWF Superstars (the proper one, not the C-show rehash a few years ago). Easy watching, 40-45 minute episodes with plenty of squash matches and historic angles.
  9. I've been working my way through the 1984 TNT episodes and into 1985, the idea being as I was born a week before the first episode, see how many years (choosing one episode a 'week') of WWF weekly TV I can get through. What's interesting, obviously not watching at the time, is how modern the product actually was back then compared to my earlier perception. I'm not sure how everyone else feels, but having only seen Wrestlemania 1 as a standalone show until now, it felt almost stone age in its production with a dimly lit MSG and very little in the way of build-up videos etc. But the weeks leading up to The War to Settle the Score and then Wrestlemania, are tremendous. Loads of hype videos with Hulk training Mr T (and Mean Gene) and the Andre v Big John Studd feud. Its given me a whole new perception of the Rock and Wrestling period, whereas the production/coverage of the actual wrestling itself is way behind the studio stuff and other segments. By Wrestlemania 2, the coverage of the matches themselves seemed to have advanced light years (influence of NBC with Saturday Night's Main Event?). I highly recommend giving TNT a whirl, specifically Jan to March 1985 if you don't fancy the whole hog (but don't miss the last episode of December and the wedding episode).
  10. On the whole, I think he adds more than he detracts. But he can be an annoying fucker at times. The mark also seems to fund the show through his mortgage business.
  11. Yeah, Conrad was being ridiculous there. He often gets flustered and accuses Bruce of being evasive, but I don't think he was being difficult at all on that occasion.
  12. I love Roddy Piper, but I always felt that routine where he started punching like a boxer looked so phoney as he was nowhere near connecting with any of them. Bret obviously had a great working punch, so did Jake the Snake in fairness. Scott Hall usually gets a lot of praise for his, but I always thought it looked more like an open hand slap.
  13. Apparently, on David Penzer's latest podcast, Jarrett confirmed they'll be taping some One Night Only shows in Vegas.
  14. You make some good points. But they seem to acknowledge Ring of Honor and New Japan, which is my biggest bone of contention. Granted, ROH etc played a part in the story of Daniel Bryan, but no more than TNA did with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and arguably to a lesser degree, Sting. Probably a conspiracy theory, but is Vince McMahon's grudge against Jeff Jarrett a factor in why they showcased Dixie all of a sudden?
  15. I've never understood that. Because if you were curious in the slightest at what they were upto, in this day and age, how long does it take to look someone up on Wikipedia? FFS, I spend hours of my working week looking up what obscure TV characters from my childhood are upto these days. I'm not sure how you can say they've been "rightly ignored either." Because either TNA is/was so shit that you can reference them and take the piss as much as you want on TV, or they are regarded as something of a competition and you don't acknowledge them. Surely you don't purposely ignore something that you perceive to be laughably bad? The biggest offence is definitely the DVD documentary releases which pretend they sat on their arse at home the whole time they were working for Dixie and co.