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  1. The Thick of It line, "disconnected to the point of autism," has never been more apt than to describe those weirdos who seem to talk up Chris Benoit at every opportunity. Just come across a FB thread trying to justify a Hall of Fame induction. Fuck me, really? He was a boring cunt anyway, as well as having murdering his family. The mind boggles.
  2. Impact some weeks and ff through an episode of AEW for the Chris Jericho bits. Have sacked off NWA and haven't watched more than 2 mins of WWE since the Goldberg/Undertaker match in Saudi.
  3. All I've heard today (and during the campaign) is that Corbyn was toxic on the doorstep, but I genuinely don't know what it is about him that people would have reason to dislike to such a degree. I've seen some acquaintances share the usual guff on Facebook of him being a terrorist sympathiser or a bad photoshop of Diane Abbott apparently wearing not matching shoes. Really, is that the level of argument? Now being of somewhat of a Welsh nationalist persuasion and not automatically falling on the side of "our troops" in every conflict, I may not be looking at this as those who may be from a more mainstream viewpoint. But I can't find anything that would qualify Corbyn as being a terrorist sympathiser other than some casual aqquaintances with a lot of poetic license. Does the right-wing press still hold so much sway? God, I can't even fathom how the working classes would regard the likes of Johnson, Rees-Mogg et al as having their best interest at heart. TBH there's a part of me that hopes that Brexit is as big a disaster as we all expect it to be, as it would serve a lot of people right. Its just a shame for the rest. I'll probably be allright whatever happens, people get the government they deserve I suppose.
  4. Under new boundaries and fewer MPs, that will make it even harder for the opposition.
  5. If you're looking for some value in the betting markets, Labour are 4-1 to gain Arfon. From what I'm hearing its not looking good for Plaid with a big turnout from (mostly non-Welsh) students at Bangor University. Crazy odds for a seat with a 92 majority in 2017.
  6. Those pages are the worst. I know that everyone likes a bargain to a degree, but its packed full of people who expect to pay fuck all for quite expensive items. It infuriates me while making me laugh all at the same time.
  7. This tactical voting lark is an interesting one though. Around here we have Labour furiously campaigning in Arfon (a Plaid Cymru held seat) including a Corbyn visit on Sunday, despite all polls suggesting they have a tough fight on their hands to defend their seats in north east Wales from the Tories. Yes, without a hint of irony, this week we see Labour figures urging Plaid to stop campaigning in Wrexham or else they'll let the Tories in. Its all a bit of a mess tbh.
  8. Plaid and the Lib Dems have officially stood down to help the Greens in the Vale of Glamorgan (nudge, nudge). But everyone knows its really to help Labour try and oust the Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns.
  9. Impact's Throwback Throwdown is on 5Star at 11:30pm tonight. I haven't watched it yet, but its been getting some good reviews online and sounds like a bit of a Southpaw Regional Wrestling type thing. Basically its the Impact roster cosplaying an early 80's promotion. Spoilers: https://www.f4wonline.com/tna-results/impact-wrestling-results-throwback-throwdown-298286 https://www.pwinsider.com/article/131724/complete-impact-wrestling-report-the-single-greatest-most-unique-and-fun-episode-in-years-as-impact-throws-back-to-the-80s.html?p=1
  10. I can appreciate fully that what he did was wrong and it was not feasible for him to continue. He should know better tbh and seems to think that the fact he's a Democrat and hates Trump and guns to be some kind of defence against everything. That said, he will be a massive loss to the product as I enjoyed his commentary and loved having him as a voice on the broadcasts that was a genuine carry over from the original NWA. He was a huge contributing factor as to why I enjoyed the show so much and, at this stage, can't see anyone filling his role and all the criteria he brought to the table.
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