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  1. TBH there's only too much wrestling in the world if you allow there to be. I don't understand why some fans feel compelled to watch Raw, Smackdown etc every week if they don't enjoy it and haven't done so for several months.
  2. What makes me laugh is the WWE's narrative that it was Vince vs Ted Turner. In reality, other than a general wish to get one over on McMahon, Ted Turner paid very little heed to what WCW did on a day to day basis. Other than commissioning Nitro (and that meeting with Bischoff where he panicked, which we've heard about a million times), you hear of very little input from Ted Turner himself. He liked the idea of having wrestling on his networks, but that's basically as far as it ever went.
  3. I see nothing wrong with having a show like 'Dark' for those who want more product. Personally I have no interest in watching it and if I started to feel like I had to in order to keep up with the promotion I'd be just as likely to jack in AEW altogether. In years gone by, at the height of the Attitude Era, you could happily get by with just watching Raw every week without having to bother with Superstars etc.
  4. Never minded Bischoff tbh. Most of the animosity towards him stems from years of WWE "He tried to put us out of business" propaganda by every crying talking head on seemingly every single documentary they've ever done. Hypocritical twats. Either that or for constantly calling Meltzer a cunt.
  5. Vokes isn't mobile enough for my liking. Moore seems to be almost, if not as good, in the air but can also run the channels. The style over the past two games has been way more 'back to basics' but Bale and Dan James running the wings and picking up Moore's scraps seems to be working.
  6. Any Wigan fans on this board? In Wales we all think that 27 year old Kieffer Moore is now the best thing since sliced bread (after Hal Robson-Kanu), yet he hasn't scored any goals for the Latics this season and was working as a part-time lifeguard during Euro 2016. Who'd have thought that a 6'5" Championship clogger who can run a bit was all we needed all along? He was superb against Slovakia and Croatia. Thank god he has a taid (grandfather) from Llanrug.
  7. That's my biggest problem with Impact at the moment tbh. The product is much better now that it was during the late Dixie reign when we all hated the Impact Zone. The problem is that, either due to shit production or sparse crowds (possibly both), I really struggle to get into the shows. Now I'd take the Impact Zone, with an 800-1000 reasonably excited crowd who got in for free, over a few hundred paying customers in a Vegas casino where you can hear individual voices and a group of 1-2 fans trying to start chants. The NWA crowd was no bigger than most Impact tapings, but it sounded 10x better.
  8. Reckon I'll carry on with my usual tradition in these Saudi shows of ignoring the current roster shite and tuning in for the last hour to catch the banged-up proper superstars making fools of themselves in the main event for a few quid.
  9. I haven't been a hardcore fan since a brief period in 2010 when the Bret/Vince and HBK/Undertaker really sucked me in (the nostalgia nonce that I am). But in fairness I can understand why the prior alternatives wouldn't have appealed to many. It is true that I've watched more Impact Wrestling than anything else over the following years, but since the bottom fell out in 2013/2014 and all the proper stars like Sting, Angle, Hulk etc all left, I can see why shows in sparse, dimly lit "arenas" wouldn't (and didn't) appeal. Same goes for ROH really and New Japan is pretty fucking niche, seriously bordering on "sad bastard" territory if we're honest about it. While I find the WWE's over glossy production a massive turn off, the supposed alternative of NXT is way too workrate oriented for my tastes. I realise I will never again find a product that truly caters to my tastes, which is basically 1992 WWF in perpetuity, but I've seen enough in AEW to keep me interested so far. Its a nice mix between a "big time" production and comforting/nostalgic/reassuring voices from my youth (Schiavone and Ross), without being ridiculously over-produced. Coming as basically a casual fan these days who's not really exposed to much 2019 indie or "workrate" wrestling, I thought this week's Young Bucks v Private Party match was fucking immense. I'm sure that in reality it probably wasn't even the Bucks' best match this year, but you get the picture.
  10. Ordinarily I'd see this as a negative. But thinking about it, the WWE owns all the WCW trademarks and still has a number of NWA/WCW alumni under contract or legends deals. I could see how this could be beneficial but I don't trust the WWE to leave anything they are closely associated with enough autonomy to not come across as a Kevin Dunn/WWE production.
  11. You mean to tell me that the show was held in an arena and didn't feature Austin Idol?
  12. What an easy hour's watch that was. I loved the swift matches, which were perfectly adequate, and the continual storyline build. Definitely my kind of product tbh and the sort of thing I've been craving for a while now. I know everyone shat on the NWA when Tim Storm won the title as a 50+ year old, but they have made a great job of putting him over. Reckon I'm in the minority here but always been an Eli Drake fan and felt that he fit right in. Nothing at all wrong with an old school presentation meshing present day wrestlers.
  13. I despised this so much at the time. I have no rational reason in 2019 for doing so, but it pissed me off as a 9 year old.
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