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  1. I don't think the switch to BT has done them any favours in terms of visibility tbh. My 8 year old nephew likes WWE but that's only thanks to me offloading my old Xbox 360 and games. I know everyone didn't have Sky back in the 90s either, but it just doesn't seem like a very visible product in shops or popular culture. For folk my age it'll always be "Hey, are the Bushwhackers still in it? Used to love the Big Boss Man me."
  2. I don't think they'd be setting any ticket sale records ala Summerslam 92. I'm conflicted as to whether they'd even sell out Wembley in this day and age.
  3. That's just beyond parody isn't it? Jim "Queering doesn't make the world work" Hellwig.
  4. Sting (52) v Hulk Hogan (58), Bound for Glory 2011. Love that match. Not the most technically sound nor crisp, but fuck it, worked for me.
  5. They'll notice when Raw starts getting sponsored by Werthers Originals and Michael Parkinson offering life insurance....
  6. Because that's exactly the same thing isn't it...
  7. I think the way they handled Bobby Eaton’s death may have swung things. Noticed a marked change from that point on.
  8. Its tiresome how everything has to be seen in the prism of WWE v AEW and that you have to be 100% committed to one and detest the other. Its not Argentina v Brazil ffs.
  9. I wonder where there'll get any Owen Hart footage from? Is the old Stampede library up for grabs? I know he wrestled a few times for WCW but, of course, even that's owned by WWE these days.
  10. It clearly doesn't make it right, but I'd hazard that Cornette's take isn't a million miles away from the typical wrestler mindset. Think he summed it up reasonably well.
  11. Makes no difference, but imagine going to those lengths to try and discredit a woman whose story’s been corroborated by countless people on that flight. Still, this will be the get out of jail card some woman hating wrestlers and fans have been looking for 🙄
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