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  1. Not at all different. It would have been Wade Keller or someone else in the slot Meltzer is in. There is an argument to say Keller was at a point in time better at the newsletter thing than Dave. His reporting on the steroid trial was arguably better than Dave's and the same could definitely be said for Wade's reporting on the end of WCW. Wade saw the end coming which was pretty obvious while Dave was blind to it. Dave Meltzer just became more relevant. Why? Good question. People care about his star ratings than they do Wade's. People care more about the Observer Awards than
  2. Better wrestler than his dad though judging by Backlash 2006 That heel turn from Judas though all those years ago
  3. Drake will probably claim free speech violations and cancel culture the moment he's fired. The other problem is there are quite a few people who agree with Drake's delusions. Read on twitter that Bobby Fish and Finn Balor donated to a fundraiser that Drake set up with the usual Qanon trademarks. The small talk that goes on backstage at NXT shows must be horrid
  4. I'm guessing it was a tribute to Atushi Onita with it being a defence of a Japanese title even if it really doesn't make much sense. I would have popped had it been the FMW remix of Wild Thing tbh.
  5. Meltzer has confirmed he's one. I imagine Bret Hart is one.
  6. Those who didn't like it seem to be of those who want AEW to fail or are not fans of women in general looking at their twitter feeds
  7. Kyle O'Reilly going for the Steve Buscemi in 30 Rock cosplay I see
  8. The wrestling industry by its nature is paranoid. I read stories that Vince thought FOX would cancel Smackdown if they didn't keep running so I can buy Tony and AEW thinking that TNT would cancel them if they didn't air new programming.
  9. After listening to the interview, I want to know more about the Hart brother on the fourth floor they were hiding.
  10. I seem to remember that WWE had the PC extras wear masks but still a bunch had the masks off because getting their faces on television was obviously more important than the health of their colleagues.
  11. FOX: So guys, we have a NASCAR race coming up on FOX which every car has a throwback scheme. So maybe, you lot can do a throwback show. Kevin Dunn: Awesome idea, we can have Hulk there and..... FOX: About that, Tucker Carlson has it in his contract that he has to be the most racist guy on the FOX channels at any one time so no Hogan. Maybe you guys can do the fist thing you had in 2003? Kevin Dunn: (Laughs) Oh, you're serious? FOX: The fans love that Kevin Dunn: You mean the WWE Universe FOX: Whatever. People love that Kevin Dunn: Yeah, that's not happe
  12. Isn't one of the bigwigs at Impact Don Callis? I'm sure he hasn't got a problem considering he's at AEW every week
  13. I think he's going for the "helping members of the public attempt trick shots" look.
  14. Jim Cornette would have a stroke reading that post
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