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  1. They are leaving money on the table if TNA don't give the NWA belt to Monty Brown.
  2. What have Jerry Lawler and Dave Meltzer's star rating have in common? They both go up to seven.
  3. After a binge watch of 90s AJPW during lockdown, I tried 1990s AAA and I gave up after a day mainly because babyfaces submitting really annoyed me. Why should I cheer you on when you quit as soon as a submission is applied. I don't care if its the first fall of a 2/3 falls match and it might be because you are saving yourself for the second fall. I think its really stupid.
  4. The Val Venis movie with Wally Yamaguchi's wife
  5. Tbf JR has been going on about time limits forever. In the pre-Conrad days of his podcast, it seemed that he would go on about that should be time limits in matches as well as asking whatever guest was on that week what he thought of CM Punk leaving WWE.
  6. Remember when that Elite vs Dark Order segment completely died on its arse at the end of 2019. 19 months later a 10 man tag between a face Dark Order and a heel Elite is going to blow the roof off the arena.
  7. Question about Cornette. He's publicly admitted that he has anger management issues. Has he ever seeked help for it?
  8. 3rd documentary/interview pulled from the Network just as its going to be shown in a short amount of time.
  9. There is no way AEW is leaving money on the table and doing Page vs Omega on free television 6 weeks before a PPV. If they break their record for PPV buys (159,000) by a thousand they rake in $8 million. Question is, what do they do for Fight For The Fallen. Page in a No. 1 contender match perhaps (maybe a gauntlet match and Page via the luck of the draw, draws No. 1 and ends up winning) or a Elite vs Dark Order match with Page getting the World title match if Dark Order wins.
  10. I'll add Sting winning the title at GAB 1990. I saw the VHS from this event in Discount Video in Birmingham Pallasades when I was 11 and everything from Sting's mega theme at the time which WCW changed to "Man Called Sting" because WCW everybody to Jim Ross' commentary to the post match celebration and Sting marking out when he saw the firework mural of himself was mesmerising. I don't collect wrestling collectables but when I saw his figure from that Bash a couple of years ago I bought it. Only one question comes from that night. How stupid is WCW to have messed Sting up?
  11. The most thing to take from this isn't whether a storyline can continue. The most important take from this is that Jimmy Uso can fuck right off.
  12. Is Drew's new gimmick that he's a history teacher?
  13. Tbf it's not like when The Rock returned in 2011. I'm not it's the smartest idea to have someone who isn't good at the wrestling in a Money In The Bank match. It could be a recipe for disaster. Also, Zelina deleted her "I support unionsisation" tweet
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