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  1. You do wonder if this whole teams not co-existing in WWE is a result of Vince's world view of "don't trust people" and "everyone is out to get you"
  2. When Arn finds out about this he's going to set fire to Cody’s house isn't he?
  3. Does this mean we're going to see more Bunny and Penelope on our tellys now?
  4. So apparently Rob Sexman was a either a Joey Ryan burner account or at least something Joey Ryan was involved in.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if Tony Khan turns up on commentary during the first match and says "Obviously not watching Smackdown but it'll probably end in a DQ so tell your friends to watch us instead"
  6. So Arn talked about shooting people last week and now he's setting fires in people's gardens. He's turning into a one man Grand Theft Auto remake
  7. Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning
  8. My biggest take from this is that people over the age of 60 are watching the WWE developmental show.
  9. He's one of those guys who buys stocks apparently. Basically he's Cameron Grimes but he got his money without it being a fluke. Gut feeling tells me he buys out Private Party's contract and it ends up bring Rush vs Hardy down the line.
  10. Relying on written reports at the moment. I have one question. Why does Sonya Deville dislike Naomi in storyline? Has it actually been explained?
  11. That brings a new meaning to the term "shooting on someone"
  12. They say wrestling isn't educational but today I learned that you should never go anywhere near Arn's car
  13. The guy in the shirt and tie looked like someone that they picked out of the crowd
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