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  1. https://puzzgrid.com/grid/44257 My effort.
  2. We're forgetting that it's not necessarily going to be a WWE Hall of Famer. My money is on that Tony is going by the Observer Hall of Fame metric That means only one thing. Riki Choshu is All Elite
  3. This is one of my major dislikes of modern wrestling. Apparently we not allowed to get heat anymore 😞 Also the "Hall of fame" signing is Kurt Angle. It has to be. He just became a member of the Conrad Universe and Conrad and AEW are obviously friendly. It makes sense Talking of Conrad. The "Turkey Tits" line made my laugh, I don't know why but it did
  4. If you had said that Lashley would beat Miz in 3 minutes to win the title 24 hrs ago. I would have thought awesome. But the way they got there was awful. One thing that annoyed me was the countdown clock. Kayfabe wise what would have happened if the clock went to 0 during the Naomi-Nia match? Is Brauns gimmick that he's Father Dougal. Poor Braun doesn't understand why he's been suspended or the difference between the WWE and Universal title. I'm expecting Shane to tell him the difference between small and far away next week. If we have two Randy Orton, does that mean double t
  5. Videos taken off YouTube because of new deal apparently. Could have dien with some notice though but maybe legal reasons were the reason it was so sudden
  6. Type in the words Bull Nakano Aja Kong into your YouTube search engine. Thank me later
  7. But did Bad Bunny get to the UK number 1 slot with their first 4 singles like B*Witched did?
  8. The following has happened since the Money In The Bank match when the final shot was Otis and Asuka holding the briefcases. Otis lost the briefcase to Miz when Tucker turned heel on him. Tucker has wrestled two matches on television since, one being a 38 second loss to Ricochet. Otis has turned heel and is Shorty G's tag team partner. Asuka went from being a entertaining act to quite possibly the worst RAW women's champion since the 2016 brand spilt. This company really doesn't know how to book professional wrestling anymore
  9. Sasha fanboys/girls will never buy that you can watch better female wrestling just by typing All Japan Women into your search engine.
  10. It is the opinion of the of wrestling fans of today. I swear the average IQ of fans under the 25 is below 80
  11. I'd be concerned if any of the 5 picked for the $1 tier didn't kick off.
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