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  1. Well it has been ages since I've had a date which your comment to my attempt at a light heartened got me really upset about, so thanks c**t
  2. Tony Schiavone compares the rubbish logo to a vagina which is 100% accurate
  3. As you can probably believe, people are calling BS on this.
  4. The "Sudden Death" match was blatant false advertising. Everyone hates Matt Riddle is the most realistic storyline WWE have done in years Who's the face in the Wyatt/Orton feud? Ricochet is a jobber and that sucks As a newbie, I'm going to play on the safe side so I'll do a spoiler box on the big revelation on RAW so no one gets upset with me
  5. The serial killer is just terrible. Loving Thatcher in NXT though. His gimmick of the sadistic teacher is awesome. His matches are an acquired taste perhaps but as long as he's torturing people in Thatch as Thatch can, I'm in on Thatch. Now, all they need to do is not have him losing by submission to anyone for ages and we'll be fine *Checks NXT results* Oh 🤦‍♂️
  6. Wouldn't be surprised if Kenny wins that it's announced a couple of days after that Moxley is defending the IWGP US title at the Tokyo Dome. Also, after the "gentleman's challenge" it wouldn't be the biggest shock if Omega uses a weapon on the road to victory.
  7. Loved the Omega/Moxley stuff from Omega doing the "my dad can beat your dad up" stuff to Kingston putting it in Mox's head that it might be Omega that organised the beat down last week and Mox listening to his former friend who he still wants to be friends with, to the stuff with the silhouette to the moment when Mox put the belt on the floor and Omega put his hand on it. I didn't mind the Cody/Taz stuff. Felt like Taz was using the WWE troupes to say to Cody "you're more like them lot in New York than you want to be" trying to get under his skin which worked with Cody mentioning his son
  8. The song Tupac, Biggie, Dre and Jay Z wished they had done
  9. I'm guessing it was to prevent the audience asking "why are Southern Justice here?" Guessing this is the right place to talk Survivor Series as a whole? Put my thoughts into a spoilers box in case
  10. 1980s All Japan themes are massively underrated Riki Choshu's theme is just perfect
  11. If it is Page, that'll be the stupidest booking decision in 2020 and that's something in a field including Evil winning the IWGP Title, Retribution and the Tucker heel turn
  12. Finally got round to listening to Booking the Territory and I have a new candidate for worst wrestling podcast. Gave up when one of the trio spent a couple of minutes comparing various sex acts. The whole show just stinks of "look at me, I say edgy things" which is all well and good, but they aren't even funny when they are being controversial.
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