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  1. If Miro doesn't mention that he had sex with his wife in the car then why did we have the stipulation. But he was so motivated when he saw one of his fans being treated the way he was that he got to the ring quicker than usual. It shows how much he cares about his fans making him a great babyface
  2. Is Andrade's gimmick that he's cos playing the owner of Fulham FC considering the amount of managers he's going through.
  3. The match is a no dq match taking place in a steel cage that can rip your skin to shreds and both teams absolutely despise each other but lets make sure one member of each team should stand in the corner at all times and that teammates should slap hands because that guy will be illegal otherwise 🙄
  4. They should have had a tournament with the winner getting to play Mei Ying and just call it the Mei Ying Classic
  5. As the MLW thread has been woken up. I feel duty bound to say that the Battle Riot match from 6 weeks ago was fucking awful. The masked Contra guys might have been the worst wrestlers I have ever seen
  6. Did he blame Shawn Michaels for both things happening?
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