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  1. Those who didn't like it seem to be of those who want AEW to fail or are not fans of women in general looking at their twitter feeds
  2. Kyle O'Reilly going for the Steve Buscemi in 30 Rock cosplay I see
  3. The wrestling industry by its nature is paranoid. I read stories that Vince thought FOX would cancel Smackdown if they didn't keep running so I can buy Tony and AEW thinking that TNT would cancel them if they didn't air new programming.
  4. After listening to the interview, I want to know more about the Hart brother on the fourth floor they were hiding.
  5. I seem to remember that WWE had the PC extras wear masks but still a bunch had the masks off because getting their faces on television was obviously more important than the health of their colleagues.
  6. FOX: So guys, we have a NASCAR race coming up on FOX which every car has a throwback scheme. So maybe, you lot can do a throwback show. Kevin Dunn: Awesome idea, we can have Hulk there and..... FOX: About that, Tucker Carlson has it in his contract that he has to be the most racist guy on the FOX channels at any one time so no Hogan. Maybe you guys can do the fist thing you had in 2003? Kevin Dunn: (Laughs) Oh, you're serious? FOX: The fans love that Kevin Dunn: You mean the WWE Universe FOX: Whatever. People love that Kevin Dunn: Yeah, that's not happe
  7. Isn't one of the bigwigs at Impact Don Callis? I'm sure he hasn't got a problem considering he's at AEW every week
  8. I think he's going for the "helping members of the public attempt trick shots" look.
  9. Jim Cornette would have a stroke reading that post
  10. Salina's next step will be interesting. AEW already have too many managers and factions and she might get lost amongst all the people there. NXT would be an interesting destination but I fear she'll end up in the same purgatory that Malcom Bivens is in right now. NWA or Impact perhaps?
  11. This would be funnier if she was one of the top female heels in NXT but she's not so it comes across as really weird Tbf that's a "they have too many people on the roster" problem. I think QT is massively underrated. He was great in the street fight against Butcher and Blade and whenever he wrestles on Dark those matches are very easy watches. I would say he's this generations Larry Zbyzsko but that'll probably get everyone bent out of shape.
  12. Apparently people wanted Jericho to fall on rock hard cement and cripple himself judging by the twitter and forum discourse this morning. The match itself was great until the "match beyond". Had they shaved 5 to 10 mins off the match it would have awesome. Tbf it's not an AEW problem but a modern wrestling problem. You can do epic without going more than half an hour. Watch Bret vs Austin at Wrestlemania 13 for proof on that. Also the timing of the final ad break was rubbish. It could have been worse though had the Kenny and Orange segment not gone an hour. Britt is awesome Ca
  13. Bruce Prichard: Remember that guy from Saudi Arabia we have that won the Battle Royal at Crown Jewel or whatever it was called. Well, he's won 49 in a row Vince: Goddammit, I'm not letting those Saudi's tell me what to do. He's losing on RAW. Also, make sure it's via DQ because that's you get heat pal.
  14. I did WCW had the Fusient deal gone through. Booked a Flair vs Rhodes father and son feud which produced a **** 3/4 match between Ric and Dusty according to The Wrestling Spectator. Then Ric and Dusty made amends and went on a tag title run. Game is a lot of fun but you need to remember to change the default option from 2 weeks in between PPVs to 4 so you can some proper momentum for the company you're booking.
  15. He's going to get paid, he might get over after all this and he's married to Penelope Ford. He'll be fine
  16. I would have had Nakazawa stuck in the window trying to get out. Mox and Kingston could have beaten him up and we see how the rest got out
  17. Those people are called WWE stans, they should really reevaluate what they are doing in life.
  18. The Indi Hartwell/Dexter Lumis romance is the worst romantic storyline in television since Jack and Kate in Lost
  19. The reason the ECW TV title was as big as the World Title was because it was in the hands of its biggest stars. The maddest booking decision of all time was RVD not being the guy to beat Tazz for the world title.
  20. Even if they can't clear Joe to wrestle, he's still the best announcer they have who isn't Wade Barrett. Absolutely bonkers that they've cut him. Also his second to last night saw him looking like a drowned animal. Would like to see the IIconics in AEW. Maybe Dustin and QT can do their magic with Kay like they have with Conti, Jay, Cargill and Baker. She has the charisma she just hasn't translated it to the ring. James is going to the NWA. Green in Impact makes sense. She's Deonna Purauzzo's best friend. Somehow Velventeen still has a job. That'll never happen
  21. Watching the stream last night I've come to the conclusion that WWE should have hired Lacey Von Erich instead of Adnan Virk
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