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  1. Wow, what a find! Never knew that such a match even existed. Although the cynic in me wonders if they booked an iron man match due to the late 1992/early 93 roster being depleted as fuck and it filled out more time in a house show?
  2. Diesel using Mad Dog Vachon's prosthetic leg as a weapon. God I love Diesel's 1996 heel run so much. If the nWo didn't turn out how it did, it would have been a travesty to have been cut so short. Such a contrast to his bland smiling babyface persona that everyone seems to remember (and judge) him for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bd7Pk4X19M
  3. I hope they actually do a documentary on the 'Golden Era' of the late 80's/early 90's.
  4. I realise its probably marketing due to name recognition, but they really need to stop calling themselves Wales Comic Con if its not going back to Wrexham (or indeed Wales) anytime soon.
  5. There are so many mind-boggling and general shitty things that have/do happen in wrestling that seem to be classed as acceptable/normal within the industry bubble. Are there any in particular that infuriate you? One of those that has always bothered me is the act of purposely and maliciously killing job guys. It all seemed so unnecessary to me and just acting like a cunt because you could, another example of the chip wrestlers have on their shoulder because they participate in fake combat and always trying to prove themselves. The one example that always jumps out to me is how Yokozuna would land full force on job guys but land like a feather on anyone above a certain level. Ultimate shithousery really, showing no regard for someone employed to put him over and probably only did this as a side job to his regular employment. I'm sure there are countless other examples though.
  6. Not sure if this is a false childhood memory, but I could have sworn that Gordon Solie commentated on at least some of these shows? My main memory of these Eurosport bouts is Road Warrior Hawk teaming up with a Japanese wrestler and they were known as the Hellraisers. I hated him and couldn't understand why Animal had left.
  7. Supposed heels, the West Texas Rednecks, being cheered pretty much everywhere they went.
  8. TBH since you brought it up, I was way more interested to find out more about the alternative WWA show. Wow.... 1 Shark Boy defeated Frankie Kazarian Singles match 10:03 2 Konnan defeated Nate Webb Singles match 00:03 3 Buff Bagwell and Johnny Swinger defeated Norman Smiley and Malice Tag team match 10:00 4 Teo defeated Puppet Hardcore match with Midajah as the special guest referee 03:20 5 Mike Sanders defeated Joe E. Legend Singles match 09:12 6 Jeff Jarrett (c) defeated Nathan Jones Singles match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship 05:42 7 Sabu defeated Simon Diamond and Perry Saturn (with Midajah) Triple Threat match 16:20 8 Lex Luger defeated Sting I can only admire Lex Luger for having the audacity to insist on being paid after the amount of stalling in the main event! But while I bet this show would have been the ultimate shits in 2002, I'd do anything to go and watch something like this now.
  9. Not a match I thought that would ever exist tbh.
  10. Apparently the Observer is reporting that Goldberg is no longer competing at Wrestlemania as they already have too many part timers booked to compete. https://wwfoldschool.com/backstage-news-regarding-goldbergs-wrestlemania-36-replacement/ I find this a little odd given that time is certainly not on Goldberg or anyone else's side, and surely putting a big match back a year is a risky move? Its Wrestlemania, essentially a one off. Does it matter how many proper superstars part timers they have on the show? Pile them high, I might even watch it if that were the case!
  11. Don't take it literally. I was kind of implying that those who don't watch Raw in 2019/2020 probably don't watch Smackdown and/or NXT either.
  12. In fairness, half the forum hasn't watched an episode of Raw in years and has no idea who Cathy Kelly is. The only barometer of times changing would be no more discussions on Robocop in WCW or how big Batista's dick is.
  13. Watching the post-WM 12 episode of Raw and it just dawned on me how mad it is that Shawn Michaels' initial run on top (i.e from Wrestlemania 12 to 14) only lasted two years. Mind you, Vince's shit eating grin and practically wanking over HBK throughout this particular episode is nauseating as hell.
  14. Ric Flair and Roddy Piper winning the tag titles at Cyber Sunday 2006. Clip - https://www.wwe.com/videos/spirit-squad-vs-ric-flair-roddy-piper-cyber-sunday-2006-world-tag-team-championship-match I know they were way past their prime and looked like shit by then, but I was screaming at the TV begging their opponents to give up and give us this feelgood moment.
  15. Yup. There's one (RF I think) shoot interview where he refers to Russo as "Vinny Roo" and claiming they get on fine. Hilarious. On the Omega stuff, I couldn't give a shit how much MMA training he has. If you act like a geek and are booked like a geek, then guess what? I'm probably not strictly AEW's target audience but always thought that the whole point of wrestling superstars were for the sad bastards who watch this shit to have someone cool to admire. While anime etc is an underculture that's probably more acceptable than it once was, come off it! I know that loads of wrestlers these days are boring bastards who'd rather play video games than go out and get bang a shitload of ring rats, but I'd rather not have it shoved in my face just the same.
  16. This may be a weird thing to say, but I don't half find those "Property of WWE Performance Center" t-shirts to have a sinister ring to them.
  17. I'm going to say that Demolition were underrated, which may be a strange definition, but I can't help feel that they were quickly thrown into the dustbin of history once the LOD turned up. In my book Demolition were much better than the Road Warriors in that they had a better look and both Eadie and Darsow individually and as a team were capable of better matches in the ring. LOD never looked big enough, especially Hawk, to get away with no-selling to the degree that they did and were a bit too formulaic for my liking. Its a shame that Demoliton are persona non grata by the WWE these days as they were a huge part of the late 80s and early 90s, and considering the WWF's footprint back then to being slightly on the wane by the time LOD came along, arguably as big if not bigger stars at the time. I know they were designed as a rip-offs of the Road Warriors, but the New Rockers were better than the originals too.
  18. I haven't had the network for around 18 months until signing up again under a new email address to get a free month two weeks ago. TBH at the moment I'm enjoying the documentaries on the old stuff so that should keep me going a while as the Tom Magee/Bret match, Lex Express 3 hour documentary etc weren't there last time, and some of the Table for Three's are ok. I have zero interest in the new stuff, the closest thing to the current product I've watched is the documentary on Seth Rollins fucking up Sting's neck (which shockingly is 5 years ago now!) But I may keep it going for a few months as a change in circumstances means my and the Mrs' work patters don't align like they did, giving me more time on my own to watch socially unacceptable stuff like 1996 episodes of Raw.
  19. I hate the McMahon Helmsley era, which was pretty much 2000 wasn't it? 1997 shits on 2000 in my book.
  20. I gave it a go as there was nothing else on, making it the first WWE show I'd watched since Wrestlemania 2018. I'm finding it hard to articulate how it felt coming in fresh and not knowing many of the wrestlers, but the product just came across as incredibly 'fake' (as silly a term that may be to describe a wrestling show.) The promos seemed to involve a lot of standing around and some downright terrible acting (even for wrestling standards), with the opening segment taking an age for all the players to be given their own entrances and the angles were pretty childish too (yup the dog food). I know its a highlight show and its probably unfair to judge anything on an hour's highlight show (which is probably catered towards kids), but definately came out of it with a a feeling of "who the fuck watches this shit?" in all honesty.
  21. Always guessed its because alcohol is seen as something 'edgier' over there. Teenagers, due the higher age restrictions, look at it as some kind of unobtainable narnia and doesn't seem to be as engrained in their culture in the same way as it is in the British Isles and parts of Europe, for example.
  22. This is a particularly niche complaint I know, but am incredibly squeamish when it comes to messing with eyes to the extent that I couldn't ever consider getting contact lenses. I won't lie, not a fan of this eye stabbing shit at all and can't wait until this whole stupid angle is over, worked or not. Yuck!
  23. I did childishly giggle when Martel says that he's "dressed to trill" though.
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