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  1. I quite liked Austin's heel run other than the total bollocks of this guy who was shafted by Eric Bischoff and WCW suddenly joining the Alliance, which made no sense at all. But I still get a kick out of some of the stunts absoloute cunt Steve Austin did tbh.
  2. Yes! Until I finally got internet access, for years I genuinely thought I'd missed an episode or something as suddenly landing on the USS intrepid with a stars and stripes pullover and being cheered like the second coming of Hulk Hogan just made no sense to me.
  3. I was reading something recently about Shawn Michaels' reticence to turn babyface after Wrestlemania 11 and it reminded me of how I never 'got' his 1995 face run as a 10/11 year old kid. I think I must have missed the episode of Raw where he gave Sid the "night off" and got powerbombed 100 times or something, but I can remember him being sold as this massively popular "good guy" all of a sudden and just unable to fathom how this poncy twat was suddenly being cheered, sparking off the worst and terribly aged merchandise that's ever been produced. It was honestly several months until I finally bought into it to any degree and grudgingly went along with the whole thing while Vince was verbally wanking him off (was still gutted when he beat Bret at WM12 though... the twat). But Tatanka in 1994 is my ultimate mecca. Tatanka was my favourite wrestler through 1993 and I genuinely cried when he got screwed over by Ludvig Borga/Yokozuna and the undefeated streak was broken. I was never one to cheer heels or anything, so his Summerslam heel turn against Lex just left me in a massive quandry. I remember spending several months, as he slid down and down the card into mediocrity and being accompanied to the ring by DiBiase, just refusing to sell the fact that he was a heel. It wasn't that I wanted to cheer a heel Tatanka, I just refused to acknowledge it.
  4. Although it was obviously a work, it sure didn't feel like it to me watching in 1996. I suppose that makes it as good a promo as any. "I owe it all to my WWF fans and I won't be going anywhere. I'll be with the WWF forever." Awks.....
  5. On one level its a really good video. But on the other hand, going hand in hand with all the OTT coverage, are we meant to feel sorry for Liverpool fans or something? I can count a few FA Cups, League Cups and Champions League over the past 30 years. Not too bad if you're a supporter of 99% of clubs that have won fuck all over the same time period.
  6. That's £20 in the collection jar then.
  7. Nah, if it was down to her earlier misdemeanours then she would have been canned earlier in the year even before getting the title. I'm sure it was a contributing factor, but it sounds like yet another case of Impact stupidly putting their trust in shitarses that will end up letting them down.
  8. What a charmer eh?... https://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/1191718-dave-crist-heat-impact-wrestling-talent-locker-room?fbclid=IwAR26OB7jZrhU6yIpNPe4ZiI6fkZsFEBAyoYqVzUoCnL3ZtTvGZE2ddEAh0g
  9. Its also fucking weird tbh. I'm 36 now so a fair bit older, but I can't imagine having sex with a 16/17 year old now or for the past 10-15 years (notwithstanding the fact that they wouldn't want to anyway).
  10. Its not just the wrestling for me but the people you're able to share it with. While I got into wrestling for the same reason as everyone else (the early 90's craze), it was my taid (grandfather) who kept me watching. He was a fan from the World of Sport days and was a bit gutted when it got taken off the air. So when I started bringing back these tapes to watch at my grandparents' house a mile down the road, although I'm sure it wasn't the same for him, he seriously got into the American and mainly WWF stuff. They didn't have Sky but more often than not I'd end up taping shows at home and watch them with him there as I just enjoyed having someone to watch them with (other than my Dad who would gladly point out every fake or choreographed spot thinking I'd stop watching this shit if he did it often enough.) The funniest thing was that he genuinely thought that wrestling was a shoot. I can't tell you how much more fun that makes watching a show as a child and young teen. So yeah, you can count pretty much every PPV from 1993 to 2001 in some way, shape or form, and countless other Silver Vision tapes I managed to buy or borrow from the 1980's I often wonder if my (obviously unfair) "Everything was great pre-2001 and everything was shite afterwards"attitude isn't at least partially down to his death in mid-2001, as much as me heading off to University the following year and getting out of the habit of watching for much of the "Ruthess Aggresion" era which doesn't really hold much nostalgia for me as a result. But in terms of actual feelgood moments, and I know he's somewhat tainted now, but its hard not to like the Hogan/Sting match from Bound for Glory. You could see it coming a mile off, but who cares?
  11. Hardly surprising that Trump's big buddy has a Laissez-faire attitude to the whole thing.
  12. Probably not articulating this fully in the way that I'd like, so apologies for that. But I've always found, and honestly its always bothered me since I first had access to the Internet as a late teen, that internet wrestling fans have been over represented by weirdos and socially backward/awkward types who often have very weird and/or juvenile attitudes towards sex or women in general for that matter. In a way it shouldn't be a surprise that a proportion of these weirdos find their way into the industry at some point and end up acting out on their unsettling wants and needs. But surely this "paying your dues" bullshit has to end for good? What is it but an excuse for vets to pick on and take advantage of the eager, and often over eager types, who are desperate to gain a foothold in the carniest of carny industries that's totally unregulated to all intents and purposes?
  13. Probably in the minority here, but I think that cinematic wrestling is shit and that Boneyard match is an appalling way to end a glittering career on.
  14. Yup, and considering his age he can still go. Although from what I've seen of him he's also booked in a bay to protect his failings, which are understandable given his seniority.
  15. She's since deleted her post outing herself as the victim, so I've amended mine to respect her wishes.
  16. Eh? its an observation that NWA are left with a massive void to fill whereas for other companies we're talking about lower to mid card wrestlers on the whole. Its not a commentary on their respective misdemeanours.
  17. Well that would partially explain its popularity falling off a cliff then.
  18. Of everyone implicated thus far, its fair to say that Dave Lagana's departure will have a bigger impact on their respective promotion than any of the other names.
  19. This can't be swept under the carpet, surely?
  20. For all the high and mighty talk of straight edge wrestlers and recreational drugs/heavy alcohol use being a thing of the past, it proves that wrestling is as scummy and sleazy an industry as it ever was.
  21. I honestly can't be doing with this kind of shite. I know I'm stuck in my ways, but I cant take any wrestler seriously who chooses to look this way. As kids we used to laugh at British wrestlers who were way bigger.
  22. No messing about with the Warlord. What's 30 years eh?
  23. This made me smile more than it should.
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