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  1. You know, I'm the complete opposite. I know next to fuck all about the current product but I looked at the wikipedia page last week the thought of AJ Styles v The Undertaker intrigues me, and any Bill Goldberg is a positive in my book.
  2. I actually don't think it'll be that bad. And all considered, given that no-one can go anywhere and are basically housebound, the viewing figures will be tremendous. From the snippets I caught from Smackdown (out of morbid fascination more than anything) the interview and in-ring talking segments come across as much weirder and more phoney than the matches themselves. A match heavy show like Wrestlemania will be about as good as a behind closed doors show ever could be I suppose.
  3. WCW Jericho was his best by a country mile.
  4. I'm shocked that For the Love of Wrestling hasn't been cancelled yet. In the current climate, can you think of anything worse than two 7+ hour plane journeys (and all that recycled air) only to end up in a room shaking hands with hundreds of people (wrestling fans for that matter... Ive seen some right smelly looking bastards at some shows!) for two days in a row?!
  5. Interesting editing of last night's hour long hour AEW airing on ITV1. It featured a (long) Moxley/Jericho promo, backstage piece with MJF, video package for Nayla Rose and the handicap main event in its entirety. Kind of think that given that the ITV1 audience is going to be casual as fuck (even at 11.45pm) they need to highlight more wrestling and less talking.
  6. 133.3% recovery surely? The Big Boss Man mustn't have been home as he would have surely have helped too, given it happened in his jurisdiction?
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