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  1. They get a slight bump from Big Bang every week but no more than say 50k. Havent watched AEW in a few weeks, nothing is drawing me in at the moment. Have they given up on the Elite story already? Is Jericho still stinking up the show?
  2. When chatting with a bunch of "this will be easy" people at work today this was my prediction and reaction. Southgate HAS to go after this tournament. His tactics are woefully outdated and he is getting the worst out of a fantastic squad. That Cole Palmer still hasn't kicked a ball yet is criminal.
  3. The most alarming thing about RAW was just how bad Damian Priest is at promos. Even his backstage one the likes of Balor did a great job and he came off as a bad actor mumbling his lines awkwardly. Has he always been this bad?
  4. They have published their annual statement and makes very interesting reading. They are owe £461,000 in debt over the next year - having racked up £380,000 in debt in 2023 an average of £16k per show loss. Hope this isn't another 1PW coming.
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