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  1. I think the episode lost me when Jon killed Dany. Not that I was against that as a story, but I wanted them to either shock me with the outcome (Oh shit Dany killed Jon!) or work through the suspense of Jon maybe getting merked by Dany for a while longer. I found the follow-up from that of Greyworm bringing Tyrion to the "council" to be very weak - the whole unsullied and dothraki were just like "yeah we'll chill here by the thousand while you guys work out who is replacing her"?
  2. Yeah this is one of those things were people purposely overreact. Much like the world cup public viewing etc.
  3. Was a great episode. Wonderfully shot and some great storylines in there. I will say that as far as the "poor writing" goes I did find the Dragon vs Crossbow to be pretty weak, I mean last week they get fucked up easily and this week unstoppable. Hound vs Mountain was great.
  4. neil

    Chippy Tea

    I enjoyed seeing the chocolate sponge(?) with tin of custard decoratively waiting there
  5. I've watched the last episode twice and I still don't understand the whole Jamie leaves thing.
  6. neil

    Crazy Vince

    What on earth was that accent Vince was doing?
  7. I absolutely don't remember seeing them tbh
  8. What do you mean by dying off camera though? The episode ended literally when Arya killed the Night King, so we haven't really seen shit. I could very well see someone like Jamie getting up and going to Brienne and then discovering that she actually got grievously injured and is on her way to dying, that's an "on camera death".
  9. I've been pleading for him to die since Season 1.
  10. I have a feeling the next episode starts with someone, possibly Brienne, being found dead.
  11. Fire away and someone might answer you. This is a place where everyone can make suggestions, moan, and talk about the UKFF. READ THIS THREAD FIRST or get your head beat ANYONE WHO IGNORES THE BELOW WILL GET SUSPENDED FOR 48 HOURS For the love of Christ, do not ask non-forum related questions in here.
  12. See the original version here. Remember to use search as much as possible.
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