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  1. Jack Russell's eccentricities are delightful
  2. I was always a big fan of Carl Hooper
  3. This thread was started in 2012 and is 1367 pages long. Someone start a new one ffs.
  4. Was the person who found and reported a new macro virus in the late 90s. I don't remember the name they gave it anymore. Thanks.
  5. Alyson Hannigan - terrible actor who yuks it up about as bad as Dustin Diamond
  6. It's a thread about music on the UKFF, so we're in the "UKFFers with bad music taste" posting stage of a the thread. You know the type, sits at the bar taking an hour to drink their CAMRA approved pint while saying "you know what mate, you look like the type to enjoy proper music, none of that Miley Cyrus crap, give me Alien Ant Farm any day of the week, you understand don't you mate?" to some person they've never met.
  7. You having a laugh? Glam metal has some of the highest technical proficiency in rock music. Watch the below and tell me you can keep that juggernaut of riffage coming while dropping the splits? Just wait until it gets to the solo where Michael Kelly Smith melts your face off with a sonic blast of hot licks.
  8. Kiss are the original RUDOS~! of rock. Amazing band.
  9. Big fan of Victoria Demontfort here
  10. The whole "arms not under the chin" argument is rubbish. It's harder to get the choke but still possible depending on arm angle etc. Also there is the jaw/neck aspect to the submission as well which is extremely painful - see Connor/Khabib.
  11. I wasn't a massive fan of the prodigy at any point, but I saw them headlining reading 98 and it was pretty mind-blowing, for someone who was into hard music at the time the prodigy were one of the hardest bands that played live. Gutted to hear this was suicide too.
  12. Watch this and then get back to me with a worse song
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