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  1. neil

    Humane Head-Ripping-Off Machine

    Awful thread
  2. neil

    Super Furry Animals appreciation thread.

    I never got into SFA. Out of the Welsh scene in the mid/late 90s I was a massive fan of 60ft Dolls. A really powerful trio that never got the recognition they deserved. They were the first real gig I ever went to. Saw at them as the legendary London Astoria 2 (RIP) back in like 1997. Other bands supporting were Jocasta, Honeycrack and I think Dustball.
  3. neil

    Alex Jones is going down

    Wonderful decision!
  4. neil

    Chippy Tea

    Battered diseased labia
  5. neil

    Grub's Up

    Anything that isn't on this list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_restaurant_chains_in_the_United_States
  6. neil

    Grub's Up

    Killing me seeing so many awful US restaurants being posted
  7. neil


    Happened at Heathrow today too. btw my fish and chips was merely ok...the fish was either overcooked or had been sat around for a while as it was quite dry
  8. neil

    All Things RAMSAY!!

    Just flirty bants aint it lads?
  9. neil


    Lets see some motorway service breakfasts
  10. neil

    UKFF Dolt of the Year: 2018

    Hahahaha I forgot about that
  11. neil

    UKFF Dolt of the Year: 2018

    lads I don't think Armitage Shanks is Mab...why else would he post on Mab's profile page? https://ukff.com/profile/10065-mab/ case closed
  12. neil


    This cunt flying their drone over Gatwick is really impacting my ability to have a chippy dinner in the next couple of days. Fuming
  13. Fire away and someone might answer you. This is a place where everyone can make suggestions, moan, and talk about the UKFF. READ THIS THREAD FIRST or get your head beat ANYONE WHO IGNORES THE BELOW WILL GET SUSPENDED FOR 48 HOURS For the love of Christ, do not ask non-forum related questions in here.
  14. neil

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    See the original version here. Remember to use search as much as possible.