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  1. neil

    My Kind of People

    Anyone able to find the intro to Michael Barrymore's My Kind of People? I could have sworn that it featured him joining in and singing a couple of lines, much like Cilla Black's Surprise Surprise but I can't confirm it. On a related note, one can only hope that Brexit returns us to those magical times. Give me a B list celebrity, an elaborate set with geometric strip lighting, an announcer introducing that celeb with a catchy but functional theme tune where they join in on the second verse and an hour championing the most mundane members of the public. Make it happen Boris.
  2. We really need downvotes back...for the joke...not the Keith 💓
  3. Wow the map of results on BBC is just a swarth of blue, unbelievable. Really weird election to watch because I seemed to mirror so much of the last US election with perhaps less shock. At least I'll no longer have to listen to my braying family going on about "how could them dumb yanks elect someone like Trump" anymore.
  4. Was just listening to that this morning. I really struggle to believe his story about being anemic given that in previous stories we've heard about how much testing and shit Sam Calavitta was doing with him. So its either that Calavitta knew and said "get on this" or the anemic thing is BS.
  5. Fire away and someone might answer you. This is a place where everyone can make suggestions, moan, and talk about the UKFF. READ THIS THREAD FIRST or get your head beat ANYONE WHO IGNORES THE BELOW WILL GET SUSPENDED FOR 48 HOURS For the love of Christ, do not ask non-forum related questions in here.
  6. See the original version here. Remember to use search as much as possible.
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