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  1. I think Trump will lose, but they going to paint it as a crooked election and try their best to overturn it. Unless the public collectively turn on them, meaning GOP voters actually get turned off not just angry democrat voters, then it's going to be absolute chaos. I'm sure they'll be riots and all sorts.
  2. Fucking hell, look at that thing. Does it even work? Looks like it has a gap where you could crawl in and actually use it as a shelter.
  3. See it a lot with hostile architecture - governments paying to have ugly shit installed to stop the homeless sleeping there. But put that money into homeless programs? Nah.
  4. I bet my pride in the discord chat yesterday on Whittaker winning by decision. Came out looking like a million pounds didn't I.
  5. Make it old school and have a one night tournament for it. Throw in Gaethje, Poiror, Ferguson and McGregor. To keep it really authentic McGregor can win a match and then retire.
  6. McGregor getting an immediate title shot makes me feel ill
  7. Don't worry, that ref was just about to raise his legs. Thats the cure-all to any martial arts injuries.
  8. Khabib had mumps during his training camp as well...MUMPS?!?!
  9. Khabib seems very much a man of his word, so unless something changes (blessing from his mother?) I just don't see him coming back. GSP vs Khabib in paper sounds thrilling, but at this point its been too long in my opinion. Lets say the did set this up for 2021, then you're looking at a 39/40 year old GSP who has fought once in EIGHT years. Yeah I know there is always talk about how Georges still trains blah blah, but come on, its really not a prime vs prime matchup. And is GSP really going to do it at 170? 185 seems like a push for Khabib. If Khabib did come back I'd like to see him
  10. Terrible joke execution to be honest. "The bass player for the Beatles" - you're having a laugh mate, thats like saying "The guitar player for the Jimi Hendrix Experience". If he'd gone with Paul McCartney then the joke would've been slightly better. However, a much better reference to pop the music boys in the back would've been: Lauren Murphy just choked out the drummer for The Monkees
  11. neil

    Chippy Tea

    Reminds me of when my cat throws up
  12. neil


    Haha, those posh cunts in Epping ain't gonna like those lorries rolling through the town centre.
  13. neil


    Could've just opened a can of Heinz chili beans mate.
  14. Fucking hell, glad I checked what time this was starting today as I had it in my head it was going to be at the usual US time.
  15. It makes sense to me. Leon is a forgotten name at this point, but clearly he not only rates himself highly but he has wins over more names than Chimaev. Perhaps Edwards sees this as an "easy" fight and a chance for him to get back in the spotlight by soundly beating someone that people are anointing as the next big thing. The matchup reminds me of Corey Anderson vs Johnny Walker.
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