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  1. The religious rights association of Trump as being a man of God vs Biden being an atheist heathen is another one of those bizarre leaps in logic. Seems to be more about abortion rights than anything - where of course "freedoms" go out the window for the right.
  2. Who wouldn't? ps. Congrats on using quote correctly this time
  3. I have a crush on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.
  4. LOL, these Conor fans are up there with Trumpers and election fraud for their detachment from reality - if Conor ain't motivated by this then he should retire. The ring rust excuse is perhaps valid, although even that is hilarious because that is his own choosing - three fights since 2016!
  5. OH YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN DUSTIN! I was screaming at the tele "Knock that fucker out" once he clipped McGregor. I don't think I've been happier at a victory. And massive LOL at Conor's ring rust excuse, fuck off man.
  6. I've made this several times - https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/spicy-braised-tofu Very easy, and makes for a tasty quick dinner.
  7. White vs Streamers - White has come in with a lot of big man talk, he's coming after the "nerds", he's watching them, got fellas sat outside their houses. He wants them the stream, go on have a stream if you think you're hard enough. Streamers though have the power of there always being another one, much like their supplies of Mountain Dew and Hentai porn. Streamers by overwhelming numbers
  8. Closing that thread was already good, seeing this thread is even better.
  9. I like Babish' videos when he sticks to his traditional material, the scripted voice over, but when he's more "freeform" he's fucking awful - a nervous wreck who comes off iffy to me. Watch any of the videos where he is with Sohla or any other channel he appears on. He strikes me as the type of guy who gets quiet angry, you know the type who'd be fuming because his girlfriend ordered the wrong kind of red wine with dinner but through gritted teeth would go "no its ok babe...just give me a minute babe...you know how I am about ensuring we get the right terroir of grape to go with mains babe...a
  10. Kay's Kitchen is hilarious. Chef John has an extremely annoying voice. I'm a big fan of June on Delish, Food52 (Sohla and Rick mainly) and Joshua Weissman has many good videos - his beginner sourdough is amazing and pretty easy.
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