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  1. I can totally see Usman finishing him this time around.
  2. Also says a lot when this type of show gets 7 pages of discussion vs UFC Fight Night's 3 pages.
  3. This super league just means that playing "Footballer Of The Year" on the speccy is more realistic. I'm all for it.
  4. Wow look at all those dollar bills. Must be like $100 there πŸ€‘
  5. neil

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    That was the scene that sent me crying to my bedroom.
  6. No-idea what that was all about, but seeing that fella get up and turn his back I can only guess he has virtually no MMA experience. Good ol' Japan.
  7. David loves McGregor and hates charities.
  8. The poster is better than these awful "jokes" you two are throwing out tbh.
  9. Wasn't he nobbing all the birds from TOWIE? Or did I just fantasise that?
  10. neil

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    The tear really got me
  11. I just had a bag of these https://www.caprichips.com/specialities/caprichips/chorizo The fried egg flavour was stronger than any chorizo. Not complaining though, these were delicious.
  12. I remember during the gulf war that they took all comedy off tele. Brutal times.
  13. As usual, all failed attempts at humour shared about this will be met with a suspension. You know who you are.
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