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  1. neil


    My mouth got dry just looking at that
  2. neil

    Best crisps?

    All the brannigans flavours were/are amazing. Tomato ketchup crisps are underrated. In the north east parts of the USA you can get this Canadian brand called Humpty Dumpty that make an All Dressed Up flavour which is a tremendous mix of ketchup, bbq, salt and vinegar and sour cream and onion. So incredibly addictive.
  3. neil


    White meat only? ffs
  4. Great main event. Khabib is just a monster, you could really see Poirier get dejected after catching Khabib with that punch in the 2nd and not be able to finish it. The guillotine in the third looked promising but Khabib kept mobile enough to nullify it. I really felt for Poirier in the post match speech, clearly he'd given everything and had felt unable to do much against Khabib and that was destroying for him. Khabib vs Tony is the only fight I wanna see next. Get any talk of McGregor out of there.
  5. neil

    Chippy Tea

    That looks damn good, couple points taken off for the box.
  6. Yes I've had two. One on my knee and one on my shoulder. The shoulder one meant I went in the tube head first which is a bit claustrophobic but they gave me headphones and I just relaxed and closed my eyes. The machine is a bit noisey but it's really not a bad thing, was done in about 30 mins.
  7. neil

    Chippy Tea

    Stop shitting up this thread. If you're thinking "is he talking about me?" the answer is yes.
  8. Fire away and someone might answer you. This is a place where everyone can make suggestions, moan, and talk about the UKFF. READ THIS THREAD FIRST or get your head beat ANYONE WHO IGNORES THE BELOW WILL GET SUSPENDED FOR 48 HOURS For the love of Christ, do not ask non-forum related questions in here.
  9. See the original version here. Remember to use search as much as possible.
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