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  1. And in any future thread no poster is allowed to have more than 5 posts in it except for LPW account.
  2. I've always suspected that Angelina Jolie has terrible halitosis.
  3. Yeah it's shocking that the chicken breading on US KFC is not as good as UK UFC. I think the UK version is somewhat spicier or perhaps more salt. I don't know, but on a thigh piece in the UK you get fantastic bits of breading where-as in the US it's kind of just bland and gross. Fucking hell I'm drooling for some fried chicken right now. Also, you lot going on about Wimpy's. Get out of here. Always been utter shite and is merely some awful nostalgia trip you're fooling yourself with by going there. I think there's still one in Loughton. Fuck ever going to Waltham Cross, that town invented robbing grannies.
  4. I haven't had scampi nik naks in ages. Did have a couple of bags of scampi fries with some pints of McMullens AK recently though. Classic combination. That said, scampi fries definitely leave the fingers with a piquant reminiscent of a regrettable night of fingering a rancid tart down the alley next to your local.
  5. It's actually fairly common,
  6. pCc 2017...keep watching
  7. Hahaha, that would've been great.
  8. Happy England Elimination Day everyone. Please post any photos you can find of tear-smeared face paint, despondent lads with their hands on their head, and some English flags tossed on the ground.
  9. He was really good in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  10. Shitty news. Ziggy Stardust is one of my favourite albums. Bowie certainly had some shite in his back catalogue, but what a genius. So far ahead of where most artists were at the time he came out with stuff.
  11. I don't do shit about paid members anymore. Msg Moo...also with dick pic.
  12. I just got laid, but it turned out to be a bloody migrant. Conflicted right now. How dare they come over here taking our cum
  13. LOL @ you if you use the "fancy" UI for posting. You are a scrub-tier poster if you can't type in your own tags.
  14. Given the website name and the person who started the thread this was not what I was expecting.