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  1. neil


    I would definitely get one of those. I loved the Heinz Baked Bean pizzas.
  2. Nut shots in MMA have always made me laugh because, yes as much as it sucks to get hit in the nuts, here you have a couple people who will happily take punches, elbows, brutal submissions for 15 minutes but a hit to the nuts puts them down begging for mercy.
  3. Although not questionable, because it was very close, I would've given it to Hill over Gadelha
  4. It was definitely still *one to watch* for sure
  5. Yeah I agree about his corner, especially when he said his teeth were fucked. I feel like I remember Herzog checking on him after most of the rounds, in my opinion he did a solid job - hard to be a ref, pretty much always blamed for letting it go too long or stopping it too early. To me Smith looked just not in the fight pretty much after round 2, which I found unusual for him - honestly made me wonder if something else had happened, like the break-in, to throw him off.
  6. People are actually saying Herzog should've stopped it earlier? I get that Smith looked pretty fucked, but I wouldn't blame Herzog for it, ultimately Smith was still putting up defense and the fight was getting back on his feet and throwing some shots etc.
  7. Pretty much my experience with him too. I'd see him calling me every name under the sun and following me around the forum with that hate, but then see a PM from him calling me mate and being incredibly nice. It was strange and I just assumed he had legit issues.
  8. Some cunts gonna rock up here advocating for McCain Smiles with a fry-up aren't they.
  9. Same here, I thought we were looking at a black belt vs a blue belt. I was shocked when they said Rosa was a black belt. The constant transition from arm triangle to twister was amazing.
  10. Ah, the hate threads, those were fun times. I remember many whiny posters saying the forum was going to collapse because of them.
  11. Ah yeah that was him
  12. I feel like there was another unhinged promoter on here with the name Daniel, had been around the online wrestling scene for donkeys, like pre-UKFF and thought he was the darling of the forum.
  13. Sour grapes from Cruz...I counted, without watching the reply, at least 10 shots once he was on the ground with him just turtling and taking them. That's going to get stopped 9 times out of 10.
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