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  1. In Pacific Rim to protect cities from being destroyed they launch these "Jaeger" robots that just destroy the city.
  2. Yeah he never got banned, was a two week suspension iirc
  3. @wordsfromlee is correct. Bringing it back to Thatcher...anyone been watching The Crown on Netflix? Gillian Anderson is far too sexy to be playing Thatcher.
  4. Shogun looked like the your Dad on his holidays in Tenerife getting in a fight with a German over putting towels out early after a few too many bevvies next to the pool.
  5. 2 minutes in to the very first match of the night and I'm already sick of Joe Rogan on commentary. I did not miss him at all during the stretch of fight island events.
  6. I feel like there has been a recent trend of not just missing weight but essentially going "nah I'll fuck it off then" knowing you'll miss it by several lbs. No point exhausting yourself desperately trying to lose that weight when its not a title match. You know the opponent is basically forced into accepting because they want their show money and Dana won't be happy if they call the fight off. The fight goes on, sure you're going to lose some money but if you win then its not like you're further penalised, the fight is treated as if nothing wrong happened with it. But now you've probably got
  7. That is amazing. Drunken Bakers is a strip that I always feel uneasy about after reading and chuckling at.
  8. neil

    Chippy Tea

    Speaking of the US, not my photo, but this is probably the best fish and chips I've ever had in the country. At a pretty good irish pub in town: Definitely on the poncy side, inferior to most chippies, but superior to most versions which are more like fishfingers on top of McDonalds french fries.
  9. Not quite, the wedding was about 50 people, then half of them got it and spread it when they returned home leading to the 170+ cases. Some of the 328 million of them are yes.
  10. neil

    Chippy Tea

    I have had "fish & chips" in the US where it did come with crisps. So it can happen.
  11. I think it's all to enforce the narrative of a stolen election in the idiots that voted for him. The cognitive dissonance is just off the charts - these people are believing the presidential election was stolen but agree with the senate/house results...same fucking ballot. When I see stories like https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/09/us/politics/trump-pac.html about him starting a PAC to bring money in (keep some for himself obv) and influence the party going forward it informs me he knows he lost.
  12. No-one wants this to turn into a religion thread. Thanks.
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