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  1. I have some memory about him maybe blocking some girl in her driveway with his car
  2. To be honest I tend to associate Oliver more with Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader. Which is a whole level of hatred above Buffalo Stance.
  3. Probably my worst dating experience was with this girl that I actually met in a bar one night. I'd gone out with a friend of mine and there was this tall (now remember I'm 6'7") blonde girl who was very attractive out with a friend of hers, and I was not the kind of person who did well chatting up girls in bars, but my friend pushed me into talking with her and things went well - we chatted until the bar closed and then had a snog outside. There were a couple of warning signs though - as mentioned she was with a friend, when asking how they knew each other they look at each other weirdly and s
  4. Oh another thing, here he is saying "40g of cheese" he then goes on to say "a builders mug of couscous". You fucking what mate? If you're going to be throwing out grams at least be consistent with it
  5. I happened to have the TV on in the background as I was working today. There is a channel in the US called "Tastemade" and they show Jamie's 15 Minute Meals. It's been a long long time since I've seen this cunt on TV so I watched one. Fuck me he is awful ain't he. For something based around making meals fast he don't half slow it down by using more words than he really needs, calling everything "bad boys", "plonk them right in", "add a wodge of", everything is described as beautiful, and for some reason he called basil "Mr Basil", seemed like he was going for a faulty towers reference but
  6. I've been doing a 50/50 split of sit down pees since my 20s. Honestly the stupid male stigma around not sitting down for a piss is ruining a lot of fellas lives.
  7. Where you getting this Rollers intel bAz?
  8. Jun Yong Park has an extremely obvious staph infection on his chest, how on earth do they clear that shit
  9. Legendary hair metal video vixen Tawny Kitaen aged 59.
  10. LOL, commonly called "the brazilian tap", you see it all the time in BJJ tournaments, a single tap or very light sequence of taps. Sorry but that is on Werdum, its a triangle, hold on to it until the ref steps in. Triangle is very different in terms of "holding on too long" compared to something like a heel hook.
  11. It all feels a bit like this was always going to be the path for Diego, ever since TUF he was the weirdo, bit of harmless fun but obviously this seems a lot more unhinged when he's paired up with another nutter. I haven't heard anything about this Dana White casting couch thing though.
  12. neil

    Turning 40

    I turned 40 last year and honestly the pandemic was a god send at that point. I generally dislike my birthday and hate all the attention and peoples insistence that you do something BIG - that just gets turned up to another level when you hit a "milestone" like 40. So the fact that I got to just chill on a beach and have a relaxing day was amazing.
  13. Yeah I had the first jab of Moderna myself a couple weeks ago. Each state in the US controlled their own rollout, but at this point you can get an appointment or even just walk-in to get a jab now. Problem now is that a lot of people aren't getting vaccinated so unlikely to reach herd immunity.
  14. My brother got Moderna a few weeks ago
  15. We're into the paranoid delusions phase now - can't help but feel this won't end well
  16. If you had to guess what the title of a Bruce Forsyth song would be I'd imagine you'd guess: Track 7 - "Chin Up" by Bruce Forsyth Yeah no surprises what this song is about. Keep your chin up coz Bruce has a big chin don't he. Although the video thumbnail highlights that Bruce has nothing on Jimmy Hill.
  17. Is Bonnar part of Fabia's "Team CTE" as well?
  18. neil

    Top Twitter

    I'm 40 years old and fart humour still destroys me.
  19. Track 6 - "Am I Just A Pretty Face" Here's the UK's camp Bruce Forsyth with an absolutely dreadful song Awful. He's more known for the catchphrase "Shut that door!", and had a song titled that which is actually far superior with lots of gay jokes thrown in.
  20. Track 5 - "The Harvest Of Love" by Benny Hill Here's cheeky chap Benny Hill dropping a comedy song, this even has its own wiki page. He's doing a yokel accent singing about farming but wink wink its about shagging aint it? As youtube commenter "Toby Banks" says on the above video "About time this song was here." Couldn't agree more. Also noticing a trend in that every song on this compilation comes from Pye Records.
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