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  1. Covington strikes me as a very frustrating person to fight, both in his personality and his style of fighting. Just someone who is very hard to get anything going against. Was pretty disheartening seeing Woodley going against him, every fight I want to see Covington destroyed, but also realize against many many fighters it simply isn't going to happen. Woodley is done, he needs to retire. This feels like the 3rd fight where he's CLEARLY been losing and just takes the approach of throwing less strikes and being less aggressive. Covington's shit post-fight was gross and I'd like to see
  2. neil

    New-Look UKFF

  3. I know there are a few fans of Kunt here, launching a podcast
  4. Nice one @Chest Rockwell - many congrats! Had no idea you were expecting, I only come in here for the side-on pics.
  5. neil

    Chippy Tea

    Only two slices of white though?
  6. Ain't that the truth, it's a simple premise, here's a thing I liked, then something happened, now I can't like it. Not "I don't like wotzits, never liked em, disgusting".
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    New-Look UKFF

    I don't mind it, although not a fan of how narrow actual posts are now with the thread stats sitting there - thats a snazzy feature but I don't think it has much real value on an ongoing basis.
  8. Hahahaha, this is glorious. Just the other week I was explaining to a Yank coworker of mine about how much they love a hi-viz jacket in the UK.
  9. neil

    Top Twitter

    He runs like I'd imagine Kenneth Williams to
  10. God bless Viz. Vastly underrated.
  11. neil

    Chippy Tea

    Very under rated addition.
  12. I can't imagine sitting through 5 rounds of Waterson/Hill
  13. neil

    Chippy Tea

    Was that sausage introduced to the fat?
  14. Donkey's years ago now, but I was a fresh faced 17 year old who just got a "dream job" working for an IT company. In reality I was just taken advantage of by a couple of Tory cunts who ran a shitty IT company. However, this was around 97/98 so the internet was still fairly new, there were lots of places you could learn about all sorts of naughty things that people didn't know about, and operating systems would be vulnerable for ages with bugs. The best was a program I'd found, I don't recall what it was but it was along the lines of a ping of death type tool, that would cause a BSOD on an
  15. Same here. I turned it on late and caught the main event and that was about it.
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