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    Chippy Tea

    Cue Scorch saying something about Northerners getting surf and turf wrong.
  2. neil

    Chippy Tea

    We haven't touched on the absurdity of putting a beef flavoured sauce on fish.
  3. Christ I haven't posted in here in a while have I? Ah well. Back with a BIG ONE for @Astro Hollywood Track 8 - "Here Comes The Fuzz" by Jim Davidson Ah, problematic thumbnail and all on this. Yeah its Jim Davidson doing disco. Quite a catchy tune, strong Boney M vibes. I imagine Jim really got into with black face and a wig with beads on it to really get capture the feeling when recording this.
  4. neil

    Chippy Tea

    I've seen worse in this thread tbh.
  5. Thank God that lad came in and lifted his legs up. Saved his life didn't he.
  6. He's making so much coin from talking absolute bollocks on a podcast twice a week that he can do whatever he feels like. My only hope is that the UFC start to notice that he absolutely isn't needed anymore.
  7. Like most things in a relationship it comes down to figuring out what is acceptable for the both of you. Other peoples experiences can't really dictate how you should feel about things, there are things that some people are comfortable with that others simply aren't. Best to just communicate with her, in a calm way, about how you feel and why it makes you feel that way. One of my early relationships we did NOT do that and it basically just built up into suspicion, mistrust and animosity between us in that kind of "you two are fucking bonkers" way, unsurprising it fell apart spectacularly.
  8. Whether it's an act or not doesn't really concern me. Just think, much like Colby, I want to be a fan based on fighting ability and style but the personality is nauseating.
  9. Absolutely, it was a glorious day when the new Littlewoods catalogue showed up.
  10. neil

    Gig Etiquette

    Reading in the late 90s was cracking. The campsite was a warzone though, I remember walking around at night and the low level smoke from campfires (including god knows what but almost definitely plastic) was absolutely brutal. Definitely only something I could do in my teens. Even moving onto the more snobby but infinitely more comfortable All Tomorrows Parties was desperately needed even as a 21 year old.
  11. Strickland moving into Covington territory as far as fighting skill vs personality.
  12. One thing northerners do well is a big naan. Several years ago I went to a place in York that had a challenge meal, basically just a large balti with a massive naan. You already know your boy finished the fuck out of it.
  13. When I was in school there was a kid who claimed his dad had it and said he would make tapes of it for a couple quid. Of course it was total bollocks.
  14. neil

    Gig Etiquette

    As a 6'7" fella I have generally tried to stand in places with the most minimal impact to others, typically on the sides, against walls, poles etc. When I was younger and more apt to get up front yeah I probably did "ruin" some peoples nights but also back then was going fully into mosh pits and I don't think being tall in a mosh pit really causes much in the way of blocking someone. That said I vividly remember some gig I went to where I was standing towards the side of a pole, around the middle of the venue. I duck out at one point to get a drink and this troll of a person at the back grabs my arm and goes "oi tall people like you should be at the back, I can't see", there were at least 15 rows of people between me and her. I said I'm already standing next to a pole and if she wanted a better view to move up front to which she goes "I don't like being surrounded by people". I just rolled my eyes at that and walked off. Most other cunt behaviour I've seen at gigs comes from drunk men, and couples. The men have a tendency to sexually assault women having a grope here and there of people crowd surfing etc or slamming in to them and saying it was just the mosh pit but you can tell there is something darker going on. My go to move was normally to casually trip those cunts up at some point or just wreck them in the mosh pit. Couples tend to just be annoying - someone wanting to be on someones shoulders, sloppily snogging in front of you, and these days trying to take an "usie" meaning you get to awkwardly be a witness to them shoving a phone in your face as they capture their love in front of the band that you're trying to see.
  15. I mean EVERYONE was laughing about Flair doing the Ric Flair thing but you know, bloody woke warriors HAVE to take offense don't they? If we can't have a ruddy bloody laugh at a man sexually assaulting a female at her job then what can we laugh about?
  16. I saw someone wearing a t-shirt that said this on it the other day, I was absolutely pissing myself at them
  17. When your own reps quote is: then you know for a fact that he got snubbed and lost it
  18. Triller is just the embodiment of everything that is wrong with society.
  19. I heard about Sean Gannon passing from my BJJ academy where he occasionally trained. I never interacted with him that much, but my instructor was a big fan of him, and Sean always seemed like a nice guy to me. I do know that he got absolutely fucked by the corrupt Boston police department for reporting a corrupt racist cop.
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