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  1. Awesome thread, nice work wand. The perfect choice for #1, that fight had it all, amazing action, brutality and heart.
  2. I do. Been doing it for about 2 and a half years now, got a blue belt that I barely felt I deserved. Mostly find I suck but thats part of the process. The place I train is pretty chill and am lucky to have a coach who is a 4th degree black belt who is just insanely good but also an extremely nice person.
  3. Such a bizarre fight from Sanchez, the cornering was bizarre, very reminiscent of Edmond Tarverdyan, he didn't seem to be able to do anything against Pereira. The DQ sucked and I feel like Diego will have his rep tarnished from it, but having listened to him talk on Helwani's show where he said he wouldn't take the fight if Pereira didn't make weight pretty much told me as soon as it happened that he'd take the win rather than fight on. On the one hand I get it, he was clearly down and was going to lose a decision, so why continue? But it was pretty obvious he could have continued.
  4. Reyes on Helwani going on and on about how he won the fight and was just being cautious in the last round because he won. Seems pretty dumb to me if that what he really believes.
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    Chippy Tea

    Who said you can't good fish and chips in London? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6yTx17stE4
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    @Porkchopcash if you have nothing of value to add to this thread then stay out of it
  7. It's even more insane working in the US. First you have much more visibility into the next door neighbor, for example 99% of the time the stalls are like this: Also Americans don't have the same levels of British shame, so they'll happily grunt and groan, unleash loud violent farts and a lot will happily take a phone call while shitting. Worse is that they'll strike up a conversation at the sink because they don't care at all about exiting the stall at the same time.
  8. Anything about jesus helping them KO someone
  9. Fire away and someone might answer you. This is a place where everyone can make suggestions, moan, and talk about the UKFF. READ THIS THREAD FIRST or get your head beat ANYONE WHO IGNORES THE BELOW WILL GET SUSPENDED FOR 48 HOURS For the love of Christ, do not ask non-forum related questions in here.
  10. See the original version here. Remember to use search as much as possible.
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