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  1. If they were going to get a rating like that, they couldn't have asked for a much better show to have it happen on. It managed to be both an easy watch and feel big-time. After a little while of Darby Allin not clicking as much as he could do, he looked like a massive star at the end of the show. The only reason I think Bucks/Death Triangle could have been shorter is that it was an opener, and it was a bit of a marathon of one. But it was really good. I love that the Bucks were wearing their ludicrously expensive trainers to wrestle in - it's a small touch, but truly dickish. Loved the pr
  2. I found this the weirdest, most unpleasant little film. It seemed to be a star vehicle for a comedian who used to be a reasonably big TV name in the 50s, and was basically trying to pull a Bernard Manning to stay relevant. It had one weirdly racist bit that I still genuinely don't understand - it's a gag that asian people have really dense bones, so are difficult to dismember? That one utterly baffled me.
  3. Actually, she did some topless modelling back in about 2010. Weirdly, the reason I remember that is that it came out as a story in the first episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that I listened to, and Meltzer was finding it funny that it had taken so long for fans to learn that she'd done it.
  4. No, they're not. They're 'privileged' absolutely, but that's not what people are talking about when they talk about 'white privilege'. 'White privilege' is more about not being as likely to be arrested or shot by a cop, or being not called to an interview because you have an 'unusual' name.
  5. The section in BTE this week with Kenny and the Bucks was good - while the agonised 'what decision will we make' was overblown live, it worked nicely in the video package here. But Kenny's promo was solid, and the suggestion that the Bucks will drop the tassles and crowd-pandering sounds fun - I doubt they'll make too many changes to their style, but I'm intrigued what full-blown-heel Bucks will be like.
  6. It's aged better as a decision with every passing year.
  7. This isn't coming from a 'how can you not have seen this show?' place - but I'd have thought Bojack would be very specifically your jam.
  8. Yeah, really sorry to hear about that, @DEF. Agreed with @Suplex Sinneron the toy drive point.
  9. Dude, seriously. Please. Simplify. If you didn't see the World of Sport reboot the other year, they tried to do everything in one show, and it was just exhausting. If you try to do too much in one show, you'll just make nothing memorable. From what you've said, you're good at one-to-one selling in the local market. If you're not marketing to hardened wrestling fans, you'll be aiming primarily at people who have never been to a wrestling show before. This means, to an extent, your first show should be as simple as possible in order to let people figure it all out. You would
  10. I have an LJN Mean Gene - it's particularly odd that they didn't do one with him, etc in Hasbro, when they did it in their first round of figures.
  11. Wrestling's making more money than it ever has. And at a time when ratings are falling for everything, pro-wrestling is falling slower than most. Weirdly, it's probably more valuable than it has ever been. But overall, fewer people are watching any specific TV show than ever before - people will dip in and out when suits them. Comparatively, wrestling is in pretty healthy shape. At the moment, AEW had a terrible ending to the biggest show they've ever put on, and are in the middle of a bit of a building period while their opponent puts on their biggest shows of the year. And are doing it
  12. Everything felt just a step off on this show. Not terrible or anything - just nothing really clicked either. Hoping Tyson will be done and gone sooner rather than later. Bucks going properly heel is overdue. This was a building show - if they can move in a better direction, it'd be good. I really want a Jungle Boy / Omega match at some point, ideally for the title.
  13. I think that kind of talk should be kept to the appropriate place, which is the regular movie thread.
  14. I enjoyed the hell out of Godzilla vs Kong, in a way that I didn't as much with Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It had a lot of charm, with Rebecca Hall and Kaylee Hottle in particular adding a lot to it. Rebecca Hall managed to put more awe into elements of the film than anything else. It also looks great from start to finish - the use of colour isn't subtle, but it is really nice throughout. And the fight scenes feel coherent in a way a lot of big monster stuff doesn't tend to. Hell, they managed to make [spoiler] seem like an asshole from the way they fought alone, which is really imp
  15. It's weird seeing any clips of Raw these days - the show feels unrecognisable to even a few years ago. That clip the other week of Riddle and Asuka... is there some context that I'm missing there? Riddle was excited that he'd found or replaced his scooter, and was going around showing people, and Asuka was genuinely excited and impressed that he'd done so and was oohing and aahing. It's honestly like they have no idea what human beings are. I get that Riddle is weird stoner dude, and Asuka is out there, but it's really, really odd writing. If Asuka being excited and impressed were a rever
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