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  1. Tend to read rather than post these days, but I re-read a lot of the Benoit Gold thread while researching a long-read I wrote about the Benoit murder-suicide. Lister has an article about it in the latest FSM as well, which is really good. Since it's now ten years ago this week, I was interested in what people's thoughts were about the whole deal now. Quite a few people have told me it led to them stopping watching (if not immediately, then a little afterwards), and I think that's understandable - it was kind of difficult not to think about. But it's also weird thinking that there's a lot of fans now that weren't around for it going down, who may not know much about him. Although WWE criticised Nowinski's concussion theory at the time (suggesting Benoit's dad was using it to excuse him of responsibility), they did take action on it by banning chairshots to the head and similar. And the resultant steroid scandal meant that they had to make the wellness policy more of a real thing, for a while at least. Looking back on it, do you have any thoughts on it? Did it change how you view wrestling? Have you been able to watch and enjoy Benoit matches since, or is that still difficult? Do you think there was anything else wrestling had to learn from it?
  2. I was just coming in to awkwardly go "gosh, I haven't posted here for a while, and I don't want to be all 'read my shit' but y'know, what's that? Yes, I'll go to classifieds' and then cry for a bit. So thanks for saving me that, Keith. I owe you a pint if we ever meet.
  3. Back in the 1PW Sterling James Keenan days, I never would have believed I'd end up liking Corey Graves as much as I like him as a commentator. He's their best by far and that video package made me like him even more. Fair play to him for the effort and hard work. That was outright inspiring.
  4. Is that specifically the title of your degree? Mine was BA (hons) Theatre: Acting (Devised Performance), which I've sometimes shortened to just Theatre. I'd be more comfortable shortening than changing. They probably won't check though. How much experience do you have outside of uni? I've found my degree subject has mattered less and less over time as I've gained more experience in my field.
  5. Pitcos, that was Mike Carey's Lucifer (a great series in its own right for anyone that hasn't read it - and incredibly different to the Amazon TV series). Some other recommendations of current stuff: Saga (Brian K Vaughan / Fiona Staples)- a space opera. Really good at times, if a little rambling. But it's not like anything else out there. Bitch Planet (Kelly Sue DeConnick / Valentine De Landro) - Women in Prison movie set in space. Dark and smart, with some pretty cool stuff going on. Criminal (Ed Brubaker / Sean Philips) - Each story is stand-alone (for the most part), with proper noir crime stories. Gorgeous artwork too. The same pairing did another noir series called The Fade Out. Transformers: More than meets the eye (James Roberts / Alex Milne) - I'm genuinely shocked how much fun and how smart this series is. I've hated a lot of the Transformers comics, but this is just enormously entertaining.
  6. My girlfriend wanted to watch some older wrestling yesterday, so we watched Wrestlemania IX. Both of us ended up cracking up at the ending. Knowing how seriously Bret takes himself, and how much he disliked Hogan, and how important being champion was to him, his first Mania main event ending like that is absolutely hilarious. They hadn't really ever done anything like that before, and they couldn't really have picked someone to do it to that it would have bothered more.
  7. I think that was in large part due to how terribly Dixie Carter came across. The ending of the show left a bad taste.
  8. Yeah, I was on it in 2010. Called a Daily Mail journalist disingenuous, although it was in defence of Nick Clegg, so it now feels less like a win than it used to. If it's still run the way it was then, it'll go something like this: You'll be there quite early. You'll then be put into smaller groups to talk over current issues - this could be anywhere. With us, in Lewisham, it was more or less in the lobby of the building. You'll be given cards to write a couple of questions on. They'll then collect the cards, and pick which questions they think are most representative. After this, you'll go into the room itself. They'll do a dry run to test stuff out, with members of the audience. It can be quite a good laugh. Then they introduce the panelists and Dimbleby runs through some basic rules. It's pretty interesting stuff, altogether. I really enjoyed it. Wear something clear and plain, so he can pick you out easier. And be prepared to have your hand up for a long time. EDIT - I don't remember any free food. I think there was coffee and the like.
  9. If Rollins wins the title, I could see Reigns being cheered if he wins, especially if they screw Bryan over earlier in the Rumble. My guess is something along these lines: Cena beats Rollins to win the title. Lesnar, furious, beats the hell out of Cena - then Rollins cashes in his money in the bank shot. Lesnar, still on a rampage, also beats the hell out of Daniel Bryan before he can enter the rumble. Whenever he comes in, he's easy prey for whichever heel eliminates him. Meanwhile, Reigns wins the Rumble, setting the match with Rollins, and the culmination of the Shield storyline. You then have Rollins vs Reigns and Bryan vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Throw in Sting vs HHH as a given, and the main question is what to do with Cena. At which point, if Undertaker is up for a match, it may be the time to finally do that one. It won't mean as much as it would have with the streak at stake, but the story can be that Taker wants to show he can still go. Or even have it as a retirement match - not even as an angle, but announce it in advance. Yeah, it's not capitalising on the streak being broken last year in the best way, but they've kind of screwed that up already.
  10. This would probably make a pretty good topic in its own right.
  11. I think it's Stewart himself, or at least his son. I'm sure he ended that bit last week with "... I watch far too much wrestling". Foley's been on the show a few times, and I'm sure he's used Zeb Colter clips before too. Stewart's a fan. He used to be into it, and he got back into it when his son got into it. He did a fun bit after Wrestlemania about the Undertaker losing the streak. There are some surprising fans out there - Alan Moore used to be a big fan, and quite a few comedians/comic-book writers are.
  12. Very fun (if uneven) series. Congrats to Mark Andrews who is talented and seems like a nice lad. But fuck me, Dixie Carter is an idiot. Right before she announces the winner, she talks about how hard her decision is. And the last thing she does is to list each of their strengths and her concerns. So the very last thing we hear about each finalist is their weakest point. These are your fucking finalists and your fucking winner and the last thing you do is put them down? The last thing we hear about Mark Andrews before he wins is that she has doubts about his stamina and she's concerned he might get injured? Could you imagine the winner of X Factor or whatever being told "well, I just don't know if you've got it" before they're announced as the winner? This is the end of a six week series. We should be hearing about how they're all amazing and how she can't choose because they're all just so good. Instead it came across as "well, if I have to pick one of you...". This is the most basic level of starmaking there is. What did she think she was achieving? How did she fuck that up? Overall,I've been impressed with the show. Standouts for me were Martin Stone and Dave Mastiff who is my new favourite wrestler. But fair play and good luck to Mark Andrews.
  13. Yes. It would be insanely bad timing with the whole Ferguson debacle in the news right now. They'd get torn to shreds in the media for it. One thing I got from reading the results (forgot to tape it - d'oh) is that they have some serious trust in Bray Wyatt. I don't think the Cena beating means they see him as disposable, and nor do I think they've decided he's going to be pushed down the card. More that they think his character can take that and recover quickly. I think that's a good sign.
  14. A nice extra touch - the communications manager for ALS is a guy I know from another forum, years back. He's a long-time wrestling fan, so he's been delighted to see WWE people getting behind it. He's also pointed out in response to someone else doing the 'just donate' argument that they've received an enormous amount of money as a result of the challenge and a lot more interest. It's done a lot of good.
  15. That's so odd, why on earth would they pretend a man who's nearly completely bald now was slightly less bald than he was 20 years ago? I'd assume to make his hair loss now more obviously different. It's funnier to make out he used to have a lot of hair and now has none.