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  1. He's so good at this. Also, I loved the anti-climax with Cutler terrified they'll find out for the last week, and it just turns out Nick watched BTE "for the first time ever".
  2. Nick Jackson blackmailing Brandon Cutler (because he's finally watched an episode of BTE and found out he betrayed them two years ago) had me in stitches. It was the way he kept talking to the camera, heeling it up.
  3. Ric Flair mentoring Andrade (for example). Tully Blanchard mentoring the Pinnacle. Arn Anderson mentoring the Nightmare Family. Jake Roberts mentoring Lance Archer. Sting mentoring Darby Allin. I mean, that's a year of stories.
  4. That's Kazuchika Okada. He's genuinely incredible - amazing wrestler and dripping with charisma. One of his biggest assets is being able to have brilliant matches in his opponent's style. He has had a series of amazing matches with Kenny Omega. To some mocking, as you can imagine, they got six and seven stars from Dave Meltzer, which means he regards them as the greatest matches he's ever seen. Even if people don't know him, with the right presentation, he'd immediately come across as a huge star. That said, I don't believe that'll happen.
  5. Some have suggested it's a paternity leave thing. It might be. It also might be misdirection and Meltzer is falling for it. Worst case scenario, it's not like Kenny has to lose at All Out.
  6. Odd thought, but "not the main event" doesn't mean "not the title match". Punk/Danielson vs The Young Bucks sounds like a main event as well, for example.
  7. Omega told Meltzer recently that he was feeling significantly better following stem cell treatment, so that combined with Hangman about to become a dad might just mean Kenny holding onto the title a little longer than planned. Doesn't mean anyone has to take it off him before Hangman. It would be great for it to happen at All Out though. That said, there would be something incredibly funny about Daniel Bryan of all people winning a battle royal to challenge and being booed because he's not the person people want to challenge at the big show.
  8. This has been stuck in my head since I saw it last week. Absolutely stunning film. The acting is top-notch, but what's amazing is how ambiguous so much of it is. Outside of one line, they never really batter you over the head with stuff. Some of the morals and humour are there for you to work out - there's one scene that is either funny or absolutely horrific. And the ending is joyous or awful depending on how you interpret it. Struck many, many nerves with regards to its portrayal of men not communicating about things as well.
  9. It's also not just Christian and Matt Hardy, and us being expected to care because they've done it before. It's tied into a whole bunch of other stuff - Hardy's got his group, and his logic and reason for being pissed off at Christian makes sense. Meanwhile, everyone's expecting Christian to turn on Jungle Boy sooner or later, so there's storylines going on there too. And it's tied in with multi-man matches, angles, etc. So there's plenty of smoke and mirrors around the Matt Hardy/Christian feud, and the assumption is that it's going to lead to something that's more about getting Jurassic Express over. That makes it all easier to enjoy 'oh hey, these guys are still pretty good at what they do'. The nostalgia element isn't the main part of it - it's just one of the ingredients. And it was in the midcard, where it should be. And they're being portrayed as 'hey, they can still go' rather than 'THEY'RE BETTER THAN THEY EVER HAVE BEEN', while we can all see that Matt Hardy's legs no longer bend.
  10. Was about to say pretty much this. Also worth remembering that he turned himself in, too. It's precisely because he's hit rock bottom, owned it and took responsibility for it, and seemed to turn his life around, that people seem to respect him. He's clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he's clearly fucked up enormously in his life. But by all accounts, he's a pretty humble guy, very nice to people and those that know him seem to be rooting for him to have some success. And while he's never going to be a credible main-eventer in a major company, him being featured at all is a pretty big thing to happen.
  11. Also, they're not reliant in the way that WCW were. While Bischoff clearly talks a lot of shit, the pressures from the network at the time sound ridiculous. And they saw Hogan and a handful of others as stars (as did Bischoff, actually). So they had more control because them not appearing meant more. Khan has set up enough stars and enough main (or near main) eventers that if a Punk or Moxley tried to put him over a barrel, they don't have the same leverage.
  12. This whole thread of the Steiners is amazing, but this bump - Jesus Christ. Absolutely terrifying.
  13. Wil Wheaton is now older than Patrick Stewart was when Star Trek: TNG debuted.
  14. Like they don't have enough poisonous creatures.
  15. Cody vs Malakai Black is giving me Good Omens vibes.
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