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  1. They're already pushing her pretty hard. She's dropped the magician/showgirl look in favour of being something of a dominatrix within the Dark Order. She's very, very green, but she's got a lot of presence. Obviously, she's stunning, but she carries herself like a star and that means more.
  2. That post by @BomberPat has got me thinking, as it covered a lot of good ground. I think they're aware that their women's division needs work and are embarrassed by it. Unfortunately, they're ending up treating it like they're a bit embarrassed by it, and downplaying it a bit. If they thought it was a strength, they'd push it hard - but because they're clearly not, it comes across as a lack of confidence. If they start presenting it more as a big deal, it'll feel more like a big deal, and that'll help paper over some of the cracks while they do the rest of the work behind the scenes. They
  3. Considering he played Moriarty, not really. To offer more than sarcasm, the best Sherlock Holmes on film is Basil Rathbone, Peter Cushing or Robert Stephens.
  4. I'd hope Tully, Arn and Jake have been kept as safe as possible, and that this hasn't spread as far as it may sound.
  5. Chris B

    NJPW World

    I think the idea of a spoiler thread is a good idea. Either that or just anything to do with finishes and points being in spoiler boxes. There are so many matches in the G1, I daresay some people might want to be pointed to the highlights, and that's less useful if results accompany them. I'm already pissed off that NJPW's youtube channel has stuff come up with results in before they put English language versions up. It's actually nice that there's enough interest in some parts of wrestling that such things might matter again. It feels like years of WWE have slowly battered some of us int
  6. At least Jim Ross never got his Undertaker nickname to take off, or you'd be settling down to a nice glass of Booger Red.
  7. So, Chris Benoit vs... ...stupid game.
  8. Someone on twitter described Scott Adams as 'the most divorced man in history' and it sums him up far too well.
  9. Probably worth reminding everyone that if you want to make uploading images easier, it's one of the perks of being a paid member. Along with the porn sub-forum.
  10. Chris B

    NJPW World

    Just a request before it starts, but can we keep to spoiler rules in here? With it being days between Japanese and English language uploads, it could be an awkward one. It's my first G1 and I'd like to talk about it, but avoid spoilers at the same time.
  11. She said she hadn't watched BTE yet. I only mentioned it because I thought it was a promo rather than an interview (my bad). I was looking at it more as a thing of AEW being sensible and having her take part in promo classes if she's going to be doing anything like that at all. I could be wrong and it wasn't her, but there were people on Reddit etc noting both her and Luchasaurus (unmasked or possibly wearing a human mask) there.
  12. In the latest BTE, they show a clip from a promo class (with Eddie Kingston), and Sue is part of the class.
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