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  1. It was only recently that I learned that was a cover.
  2. Their direct competition has managed to be so inept at handling a crisis that they've had to postpone the main event of one of their biggest shows this year because their champion has been put at risk. While that same competitor has also scrambled to put a big show opposite them. This isn't the Voodoo Kin Mafia making inside digs.
  3. That's pretty much how I've taken it as well, and it is a great story and example. However, it's a bit frustrating to have seen that article shared a lot more than anything about the actual movement at the time. It's a bit HOW THIS WHITE GUY SOLVED RACISM by helping this black equality movement.
  4. It should be on ITV on Friday night, but AEW+ is pretty good value on Fite.
  5. Chris B

    Chippy Tea

    This is reminding me of explaining the cultural impact of the newspaper strip 'The Broons' to someone. They asked 'So... is it funny?', and the answer was 'Well, no. But it's Scottish, and that's the most important thing.'
  6. Depending on how accurate it is to the Flashpoint comics, he might... (spoiler)
  7. Of course it was. I always think of it as Time Storm because, well, the big massive time storm that's going on. But it really is my favourite story, and Senior's art is incredible throughout.
  8. This idea that Quackenbush had no responsibility for the video editing is silly. He approved it and uploaded it. It's his personal representation of what he wanted to say. Acting like he had no say over it, as "he did not even edit it himself" is some pretty weak sauce.
  9. Furman was brilliant. He was basically given a kids' comic with disposable characters, and he didn't write down at all. He went in with big concepts, complicated stories and three-dimensional characters. It was hugely ambitious stuff.
  10. It's weird how it's being treated like there was this long, in-depth discussion of Quackenbush on this forum and that it's driven what's happened. When the biggest part of it has been so many wrestlers and people involved with Chikara resigning that it's had to close down. After that, it's mainly been reactions to the video. This is a weird conversation. In the meantime, I've talked in this thread before about how the culture has changed in fandom, and particularly in this place. Again, back in the early-2000s, 'she's a crack-whore' was an expected chant at a ring-announcer. Pile-on threads and wind-ups were pretty common, and misogynistic language was definitely more common. And yeah, as per the other post linking to it, there's a bunch of unpleasant stuff in there (including from me) and it's cringeworthy to look back on, even in the context of a wind-up. But there are two big differences: 1 - This is a fan forum. We're not owners, bookers, trainers, promoters, etc (well, except for the Bowlers and so on). We are, most of us, not in a position of authority within wrestling. And, as you'll have likely seen, at least one member who IS a promoter has come in for pretty heavy criticism. 2 - Learning and changing your behaviour doesn't make you a hypocrite. We've seen enormous changes in fandom and in culture. Change is a good thing. The whole point of #MeToo was how prevalent stuff like this was, and how much of a difference attitudes towards women made. It's about personal responsibility as well as expecting it from others. I've seen other people I know realise how we've all contributed to a toxic culture and have tried to change it. Part of this also comes in terms of what's now acceptable. Look at how chucklesome the "Flair in his robe on planes" story seemed to so many for years - just Flair being Flair. And now, most of us look at that and think 'ugh, that's actually really unpleasant and not how someone should act'. Again, though - there's been fairly minor discussion about what Quackenbush actually did. There's been more about how bad the video seemed to come across. You seem determined to have an argument that nobody is actually having. If people had been coming down from the pulpit in terms of 'he used homophobic language years ago, fire him!', you might have a point. But it's more the position of authority people have an issue with, and the overall way people talk about the culture he was a big part of. All you have to do is look at the response to Sammy Guevara in terms of accceptability and the past. Most are saying a severe slap on the wrist and learning is about appropriate. If it had been Tony Khan or HHH saying it, you'd be expecting them to be held to a very different level.
  11. The More Than Meets The Eye series which precedes this, and the Lost Light series are shockingly consistent. The rest is variable, but with some definite high-points. I have All Hail Megatron and have been meaning to read it for a while. The old 80s UK series by Simon Furman is worth looking back at, especially when Geoff Senior was doing the artwork. It was years ahead of its time, with lots of good character and atmosphere stuff. The later story, Time Storm, still stands up there as a really strong time travel story, with multiple versions of Megatron/Galvatron in the same place, with some of them having watched the same events happen multiple times, and being driven insane by them finally happening differently. This was one of the first issues I ever bought, and I read the series every week for years. The artwork is still some of my favourite from the run.
  12. There are a lot of characters, and you're diving partway into the story. BUT... it's still an easy, fun read and it's not a bad jumping-on point. It's a bit like jumping in on S4 of Star Trek TNG or something - you'll figure most of it out pretty quickly. In other news, does anyone know what the rights issues are that are stopping the animated movie from being shown in cinemas? The Prince Charles Cinema seems to be prevented from showing it, but I don't understand why.
  13. Yeah, let's maybe not diagnose based on a video.
  14. I watched the 2019 remake of Black Christmas (Amazon paid) yesterday, after a horror critic I followed talked about it being very underrated by a mostly male critic-base, as it was quite a feminist revision. It's not sensational by any means, but it is doing some interesting stuff. It would have probably fared better if it hadn't been called Black Christmas. Other than a few hat-tips, it's much more inspired-by than a remake-of. There are some effective bits in there, and it's clearly aiming at toxic male culture and campus date rape. And while it does it all a bit clumsily, I did find it pretty refreshing. When it gets it right, it works well, and could have been really good. The ending wanders off the map, but it's also pretty cathartic. Imogen Poots is really good, as she tends to be. Cary Elwes is fun in it too. So, overall, it's far from a masterpiece, but was doing enough interesting stuff to be worth the time. And I'm much more a fan of films that try and fail than ones that set their sites low.
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