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  1. Totally agreed. I get they want to prove they can do it, and they think they're providing something important - but they should have stopped after once. Should definitely stop now.
  2. It was a really nice change of pace. The Star Trek stuff cracked me up, as did the stuff with Sammy and Brandi. I'm not as down on the Vince references - if there are casual viewers, it'll go over their head. But it isn't entirely working by any means. I'll give it a few weeks though before fully writing it off. It's a shame Kenny/ Sammy wasn't in front of an audience - I enjoyed it a lot, and it would have felt very different with an audience. Oh dear, that closing segment. Absolutely awful and hilarious. The Vanguard One stuff and the teleporting was incredibly funny, and if it had been half as long, they might have just got away with it.
  3. If her main fear is about what happens to her if she gets it, it might be worth talking about the individual rather than the large-scale. On an individual basis, your odds are great. You'd have to be a bit unlucky to get it. You'd have to be more unlucky to show symptoms. You'd have to be even more unlucky for the symptoms to be bad. You'd have to be really unlucky for the symptoms to be really bad. And you'd have to be incredibly unlucky to be life-or-death. On an individual basis, her chances of being on the better side of all of those is pretty damn good. And the more careful she is, you are, and those around you are, the better the chances are. What we're bad at is scaling up and keeping proportionality. It's difficult to think about, say, just how busy the London Underground is at any point in time. We can see that our carriage is busy and we can easily understand how busy the train is. We might be able to scale up to a train on each line being similar. But when we start to take into account all the trains on each line, it gets really complicated. Then all the people getting on and getting off... these are numbers we're not used to comprehending. And it's the same with this virus - it's difficult to make sense of on a personal basis. And because we have such huge networks, it feels very close when a friend of a friend, or someone close to someone you know a bit, gets it - whereas it's more down to just how many people you know. The Excel centre etc is being used because the numbers are enormous - but that's separate to your personal odds. Not sure if any of that will be reassuring, but it might be useful in terms of keeping some proportionality and avoiding catastrophising on a personal level. EDIT - this doesn't mean be complacent. It's exactly because your network is so huge that you have to be careful - the odds of you infecting people are high if you have it, and the odds of that leading to someone getting it badly are even higher. And you don't know if you have it.
  4. This type of information is reckless during a toilet-paper and tissue shortage.
  5. Neil, that's horrible. I really can't imagine what it must be like for everyone. I'm so sorry to hear that.
  6. The power of Hulkamania is stronger than any of us thought.
  7. I went to walk and get food in my part of London, and it was noticeably quieter than usual. Not deserted by any means, but most people I passed had food shopping with them too. Lots of masks as well. Not perfect, but definitely a step up.
  8. If you like it (and more people walked out of this than any audience I've seen before, so it doesn't work for everyone), it's going to be immersive as fuck, considering the basic element of it is about two people having to survive isolation.
  9. In kayfabe, I reckon it depends if there's been an offensive move on the outside. Like if the heel twats the babyface with a chair on 8 and gets back in, that inteferes with the babyface's ring-out time so it restarts it when the heel comes back in.
  10. I saw it all in one block at a cinema screening with the director doing a Q&A. Kept everyone's attention for the entire time. One thing that makes it even more interesting from a UK perspective is realising just what a big deal OJ was, which we never really got here. The director was lovely - I asked about the American Crime Story series that came out at the same time, and how he felt about the timing and content. He avoided seeing it, but had heard it was also really good. He got the oscar a couple of days later. As a companion piece, the American Crime Story series is interesting too - doesn't cover quite the same stuff, and goes more into some of the stories around the other people involved (like Marcia Clarke having topless holiday pictures published by the press). Between the two, it's an astonishing coverage.
  11. Right now, people are doing this for strangers, let alone mates. Right now, you're a high risk, so literally better them than you.
  12. It's tough in London because there are just so many people. My partner and I went for a walk on Saturday in Alexandra Palace park (it's just up the road from us), and we took the quietest route we know. We'd normally see around maybe a dozen people on that walk - this time, it was at least 5 times that. I can't fault people taking their kids out, but the groups of 4 or 5 20-somethings hanging around and walking side-by-side was infuriating. This week is going to be scary, as more people start showing symptoms. Make sure you're all taking care of yourselves as much as possible, especially from a mental health point of view.
  13. I bet he charged the Rumble as a separate match for each person he faced.
  14. Have they changed up how they're presenting it? Are they adapting?
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