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  1. I've got pretty much every John Carpenter soundtrack. His two recent albums 'Lost Themes' are absolutely gorgeous. The It Follows soundtrack works nicely for fans of similar too. There's a really nice hour-long mix of some of Carpenter's themes here: https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=230
  2. Yeah, that made me laugh a lot. As a way of rolling with the Marty Scurll stuff, it was handled nicely, and the five hour phone call with Shawn was awesome. Love the ongoing Statlander/Cassidy 'romance' too.
  3. Well worth doing. The movie is very worth it too, and is great too. Infuriating and difficult, but really good.
  4. He took long enough doing it that his beard grew in and went grey.
  5. Pay him whatever he wants to make more Twin Peaks. The last season was sensational.
  6. Louis CK has let himself go since he was outed as a scumbag.
  7. JR genuinely cracking up repeating Excalibur's "He's assessing!" was great. Came across so authentic. Holy shit, but Darby Allin/Pac was good. Brutal as hell, and Allin needs some wins, but so much fun.
  8. I'm in the habit of watching it on Thursday evenings. A couple of years ago, Wrestlemania becoming roughly 3 days long finally killed off my interest in watching anything live late-night. It's become so easy to watch things on-demand that I rarely watch anything live these days.
  9. Pretty sure Edge was slaughtered for ages for his at the time. Justifiably too - I remember people referring to it as the 'running hug'.
  10. Definitely this. I'm hesitant over a second show, to be honest - a one-hour recap show would be preferable, mixing match highlights and 'Road to...' stuff. That stuff needs to be on TV.
  11. Chris B


    Vegetarian rather than vegan, but the Linda McCartney mozzarella 1/4-pounders are really good. With chinese food, they're usually pretty good for vegans, but check what does and doesn't have fish-stock in it, as some of their sauces do - this also goes for Japanese, particularly with Miso soup and similar. Most places will have vegan options, but the fish-stock is something that gets easily overlooked. On the other hand, a bunch of places don't have any actual prawns in their prawn crackers - it's always worth checking
  12. I think it was just a Dad Joke, and the kind he'd say more usually about a guy. 'Person X has kids... Person Y probably has kids they don't know about' is a boring dad joke, but usually meant pretty harmlessly, and it probably sounded harmless to him to make the same joke about a woman, when it's blatantly absurd. Unfortunately, he did it about someone who has had her sex life turned into a very public story, and has been treated poorly by a lot of people. Wrong person, wrong time, wrong joke - at that point, it doesn't matter how he meant it. It was a dumb thing to say, and she's very right to expect an apology.
  13. I've assumed it to just be a height joke.
  14. While I'm iffy about them using alcoholism in a storyline, they're doing some interesting stuff on Being The Elite, which is clearly tied into the main TV story between Hangman and Omega. Basically, Page is drinking more heavily, although it's clearly because of his anxiety, depression and imposter syndrome. He was at a point where he could have been helped (having had a schmaltzy but awesome pep talk from Jimmy Valiant), and he reached out to Kenny. Kenny's annoyed, but wants to help (by making sure Kenny gets back to the hotel safe)... but then he gets distracted by the Bucks and forgets. We finish off with Hangman clearly feeling abandoned and rejected, looking for Kenny. They're clearly putting some of this into the Dynamite story, and they really could do with recapping more in the show. It's growing on me though, and I'm liking the depth it's giving Page - even if it's just a heel turn, there's more thought to it than most. I know BTE gets a bad rep on here, but I do find it rewards in the long run. I enjoy most of the stories they do, even while the skits are hit-and-miss. The Dark Order stuff on there is more fun too, with it being a bit of a whodunnit as to who the members are. I'm not sure how they can integrate it more fully onto Dynamite, but it could really help their storytelling. EDIT: Caution to anyone starting - the first section is an absolute wind-up. While it fits into what they do, and I find it funny, it's going to piss some off. Which I also find funny, to be fair.
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