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  1. Plus a rare appearance of Seth Rollin's actual laugh.
  2. It ends up feeling a little sketch-show at times, so it's inconsistent, but when it's good, it's amazing. The stuff with the 'CPR' doll was incredible, because it can only have happened one of two ways, and either is funny.
  3. Chris B


    http://theconversation.com/fact-check-do-tourists-visit-britain-because-of-the-royal-family-88335 From the verdict on that page: "There is an absence of data as to whether tourists go to the UK specifically because of the royal family" Yeah, overwhelming right there. According to this, tourism has been up each year since 2010. https://www.visitbritain.org/nation-region-county-data And also at that time of year. https://www.visitbritain.org/latest-quarterly-data-area In fact, it's gone up each year, whether or not a royal wedding happened. Except for 2008-2010, which was a time period in which, for some reason, tourism was down. Which is really weird because we had a royal family those years as well.
  4. Chris B


    Better than any you provided. And you already acknowledged that the people visiting would be visiting anyway.
  5. Chris B


    Also, it immediately causes enormous issues in Northern Ireland and with the border, and the longer that can be avoided, the better.
  6. If you haven't watched since his BBC days, it's worth trying to check out the stuff he did on Sky, along with the books. I find current Partridge hilarious, but it'd feel like a bit of a sudden change if I hadn't seen the last few year's worth of stuff. There was some very funny stuff on the latest episode, but it was the weakest so far. The smile he gave after whacking the dummy was hilarious, though.
  7. Also, one of the kids says he told them that if the FBI found out, they'd BOTH go to jail.
  8. It's been all over social media. You might want to take a look at where you're finding your news from.
  9. They were groomed kids. It's pretty much brainwashing.
  10. A quick google suggests this was put about by comicgate websites like ComsicBookNews. Is there any real basis for this?
  11. These aren't contradictory points. He can accept that Jackson abused other boys, even if he wasn't a victim.
  12. Weinstein's career is over and he's about to go to court. There's not much to discuss right now, but it'll probably blow up again once he's in court. If Jackson was alive, his career in ruins and about to go to court again, the Neverland doc probably wouldn't be of as much interest. It's almost like the media goes on public interest. "That Harvey Weinstein is good friends with other high profile people shows he has enlisted their help to cover his back" might be the dumbest sentence ever written in this forum.
  13. Also, a quick search of the Weinstein film suggests that it didn't have anything news-worthy in it, as it didn't try to show anything 'new'. Whereas there were new allegations and information in the Jackson one. Since the Weinstein case has pretty much nothing to do with Jackson, I'm struggling to see why conspiracy-theorists might zone in on 'them' in Hollywood and someone with the surname 'Weinstein' and try to portray them as puppet-masters of ... oh, wait, I got it.
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