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  1. Begun to get some traction. Had some people pushing the narrative that she was a liar, as proved by her apology, and that the lawyers aren't the best source. Also had someone dm me that WWE killed her and covered it up, which just goes to show how much people will try and prank even in situations like this. But most people seem upset and angry.
  2. Anyone have a copy of how Meltzer covered it?
  3. I'd include most wrestling journalists in this. It needs to be picked up by mainstream journalists. This isn't a Meltzer thing.
  4. Yeah, Omega/Jericho and Bucks/Lucha Bros have been built up more. Arguably, Cody/Goldy too.
  5. I'd already found the Saudi propaganda to be the last straw, but I'm very aware of how there's never been an easier time to switch to alternatives. It was tough to move away from 'well, I'm a fan of this specific wrestler', etc, but I've decided that if they know all this shit and they want to keep working for them, they're part of the problem. WWE have released a statement pointing out that Ashley Massaro emailed them after the lawsuit failed, apologising for having been part of it and that it all got out of hand. Of course, that's not the same as saying it didn't happen, and WWE haven't denied it happened. I'm really hoping this story gets picked up by journalists and they start being asked outright to deny it. They also rehired Maria Kanellis the year after Massaro's testimony. I don't think Jimmy Hart works there any more, but I can't see him ever rocking the boat. I almost tweeted Foley, considering his past with supporting RAINN, but who am I kidding? Nobody who has a stake in it is going to confirm this story.
  6. Looking back at some of the reporting, it looks like the details (which are hugely important for a story like this) weren't really reported - it was covered that she joined the lawsuit, was alleging a lack of care, and that she'd been sexually assaulted at a military base. Since 'sexually assaulted' can cover a lot of ground, you'd have to read the affadavit for the full details, and you'd assume you already have the key points. The seriousness of the incident makes this story stand out, and really should have been the headline.
  7. How was this not more of a story at the time of her testimony?
  8. I wonder if some of that is due to someone editing the lighting in the picture. When it's set for white skin, people with darker skin can end up looking much darker - if someone tried to compensate for that and did it poorly, that could have led to Cody looking so weirdly bleached out there.
  9. The 'independent contractor' thing - covering attempts to unionise and the lawsuits contesting the status. While it might sound dry, I reckon it could be really interesting.
  10. See, I'm seeing this as an exciting thing to drop. I'm hoping for more of an NXT-style show, with a handful of matches and angles/promos, with them doing whatever they hell they want to build up the matches outside of the show. You're right - it's not canon. So you can get as into it or not as you want - take it or leave it. If it adds to it, great. If it doesn't, it won't get in the way. I'd still love to see a post-match analysis panel put in - not as crap as WWE do their pre-match panels, but specifically to further stories/angles, and build up wins and losses and how they matter.
  11. I'm joking, obviously - but think about how Becky Lynch's social media stuff got everyone more excited than most of what they did on TV. I've got BTE on my regular Monday watch-list, and it's usually 10-20 minutes long, so it's not like it's adding huge amounts. If you're not showing everyone every week and trying to run 3 hours of storylines, it's not like you're trying to make up that 3 hours of stuff every week elsewhere.
  12. I'm interested in the 'less soapy' approach. It doesn't need to mean 'fewer storylines', but just fewer storylines that take place during the show itself. If they use BTE, an AEW channel and wrestlers' own social media as a way to build up storylines and interactions, along with 3-4 promoted matches on a 1 hour TV show, that could be a really interesting way to go. They can still show packages, have commentators talk about the build-ups, etc, and they can still run angles... but not with an authority figure setting up the show at the start of the night. And if they cut down on that during the show itself, that could make for more simple TV. Also, if wrestlers are doing more of their own storylines/characters, etc, that could mean the builds have more of a sketch-show feel than a drama feel, where they build stuff up in unconnected, different ways, but the TV show only uses what works for the show. Either way, I'm interested in what they do - I was sold on All In, sold on Double or Nothing, and very up for what they do next. I'm also hoping that Jericho wandering back to NJPW means the NJPW partnership is officially back up and running sooner rather than later.
  13. We talked about this a little while ago, but I misremembered/was drunk. Basically (and I haven't watched back this far, so may need to be corrected), The Bucks poisoned Adam Cole and Adam Cole is now dead. If memory serves, Kenny Omega tried to poison Cody, but Cody switched drinks, so Kenny accidentally poisoned Big/Fat Masa.
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