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  1. The HHH and Kurt Angle feud should have led to Stephanie McMahon leaving HHH for Kurt Angle. It was the first time in a while, around that time, that it felt like they made a serious mis-step, and I still feel it cost them dearly - people were up for the next major development, and instead, it reverted back to the status quo. It was like the 'Higher Power' storyline, where the reveal was just back to what they'd been doing for a while. People were itching to cheer HHH, and while he'd been a dastardly heel, his long-standing protective nature around Stephanie meant the sympathy was there for him to turn babyface. And Angle was exactly right as the sneaky dickhead who was hilarious to watch. At the time, I knew a bunch of women who were really into the storyline who were really turned off by the ending - while that's obviously anecdotal, I reckon they hit on something strong with the storytelling and then struck out with an audience they'd been growing that they just hadn't had before. Over the decades, their inability to move storylines progressively, and their reliance on the same names has really hurt them.
  2. 9/11 - I was living in York at the time, working in an internet cafe (which dates it as much as anything else). I'd gone out to drop some leaflets in hotels, so spent quite a bit of it watching in a hotel lobby. Spent the rest of the day checking what was happening via news sites and a wrestling forum I was on at the time. It was the first time I remember following a breaking story like that. I was texted my first joke about it about 3 hours later by my girlfriend's dad. 7/7 - I was back in Yorkshire, working in a call centre in Tadcaster of all places (we'd moved in with my girlfriend's family for a bit to save money for our wedding). I was worried because we had friends in London. There was one really obnoxious woman that started laughing and joking and talking about how she hated Londoners. I had to leave the building for a while because I was about to lose my temper with her.
  3. Fair point, especially if it's the first time you've watched, although there's still a presentation point in there. I meant more in a sustained way. I can enjoy gymnastics as a one-off, but I might not get invested.
  4. Without those, though, it's just gymnastics. Watching AEW and NJPW has really made me realise how stale I'd found WWE before I stopped watching. Wrestling needs good presentation and booking to be exciting.
  5. I know quite a few places that do this - it's not as weird as it might seem. It's not aimed for kids, but specifically at parents with babies. It's so they can sleep/feed/etc while the parents watch the film, but it's not disturbing anyone who'd want to be there and get annoyed by babies crying. More importantly, It: Chapter 2 is actually a 15, so they're shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing in under-18 parents, which I'd imagine in Tyneside is (insert rest of joke here).
  6. I mean, sure, a bunch of guys beat up a colleague, then lied about it and tried to cover it up, but in another way, both sides innit.
  7. Saw this a few weeks ago, and holy shit. It's SUPERB. Macbeth really isn't a favourite of mine either, but this is wonderful.
  8. I think Tilde is just doing his best to come across as more of a cunt than Samuels, Bodom or Rev Pro, so that we all think they're less of a set of cunts in comparison. It's quite selfless, really.
  9. On the plus side, at least I found out now rather than tomorrow night, stood there like a bell-end.
  10. Anyone going to any of the live podcast shows at King's Place tomorrow? How 2 Wrestle, Attitude Era and Wrestle Me are all doing shows.
  11. Also Andre. According to Prichard, Andre exploring other opportunities in the last year or two of his life really upset Vince - and then he died before amends could be made.
  12. They've been low-key building up Cody/Jericho since before Double or Nothing. This is immediately the most interested I've been in a Jericho match in a long time, too. I reckon he and Cody will mesh really well with storytelling and build. Partly, the fact that Cody can be a sneaky shit at times adds to it - if he was purely meat-and-potatoes babyface, it wouldn't work as well. One thing AEW has been doing really well so far is building up that opponents have beef with each other. It's something that WWE were failing badly at until I stopped watching.
  13. +1 here. Liked it when it came out and it grew on me over time, if anything. JoJo Rabbit looks amazing. if it lives up to the promise, it could really be something special.
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