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  1. I tend not to read too much about something before I see it - I used to, but I realised it often hampered my enjoyment rather than added to it. Since then, I've read about how this was planned to be a two-parter, and got turned into a trilogy, which makes a lot of sense (and is why I said I thought the behind-the-scenes story about this will be really interesting one day). It comes across like they panicked a bit and came up with this 'erm... what if the town was twitter?' nonsense. And I totally agree about the previous movies in the original run. It makes complete sense for the town to be traumatised and finally get to breaking point. However, almost all the previous movies didn't happen in this. That was a really big point. In fact, the last film was all about how that HADN'T happened, and how Laurie was this weirdo and the only person that saw this coming. Which is why it totally took me out of it to have everyone suddenly like 'EVIL DIES TONIGHT!' - they haven't had the decades of trauma and no reason for him to have a hold on the town and its inhabitants for decades. Myers is podcast territory and basically forgotten. So it makes the film feel extremely silly as a result.
  2. I just got these and am ludicrously happy with them. From the recent Vans horror range (and the last pair I could find online in my size) - a gift from my partner, who I think hates them but finds my enthusiasm for them endearing. At least I hope so. Nightmare on Elm Street themed sneakers. They have a little bit of leather on the inside, which is the first pair of non-vegan shoes I've bought in a long time, but I wasn't going to be able to find a vegan pair of these.
  3. I rather believe that horror can be, y'know, good. The last Halloween was gory in places, but had plenty of suspense, ratcheting it up into something a bit more interesting. This one had shockingly little suspense, and even the jump scares weren't even jump scares. The group sequences were all weirdly like a murky Darth Maul fight scene. If your approach to horror is 'well, it's all shit, innit, so might as well enjoy knives in faces, because there's no point in expecting better', then... good for you? I mean, yes, obviously, I'll watch the next one. I'm not saying I dislike bad horror films - they can be enormous fun, and there are some fantastically bad films that contain something interesting like a specific scene that really works. I just wish this one had something I could latch onto as enjoyable other than a decent Easter Egg. As it is, this film didn't even have the best death of the nurse from the original film - the opening scene of Halloween H20 does the same thing so much better, where a character does everything they're supposed to and it doesn't make a blind bit of difference.
  4. To be fair, it was 5am by that point. But I'd totally forgotten about the 'origin' story in there, and while it was unpleasant and nasty, it wasn't bad compared to the previous couple. Also, the whole circle and time thing with Elm Street being fully controlled by Freddy was more nicely done than I remembered.
  5. Christ, I'm one step away from using flashcards and puppets. You said that the people involved had left it be. The Instagram quoted above is Jesska Hyde, who refers to herself as a victim of Ligero's. Natalie Sykes' allegation was the main one at the time, and she brought people's attention to Ligero being booked again. I pointed out that they have clearly not left it alone, and are actively pointing people to the story. So what series of events are you talking about?
  6. You realise I'm referring to this, right? Rather than leaving it be, this whole conversation (from what I saw online) kicked off again because the first woman who accused Ligero posted about it. So they're not leaving it be.
  7. That's weird, I thought all the people affected had 'let it be'.
  8. Sorry to go back, but this is really important. If there's an allegation of sexual assault, the idea that a FUCKING WRESTLING COMPANY could determine that 'no criminal activity took place' is ludicrous. What they can do at most is show that there's no proof that criminal activity took place. This isn't just pedantry, and the way you've dismissed other people as being flippant around this kind of thing is also important. Proof that these things happened is incredibly difficult to come up with and it's rare enough that a case can be taken to trial let alone conviction. That's why things like #MeToo and #SpeakingOut were so important - because if victims had no legal recourse, at least they could speak publicly.
  9. Transparency is one of the main things here. If Ligero has been judged not to be a risk, then the criteria should be open. If we're handing responsibility to promoters, then they should be prepared to be responsible. We can't talk 'collective conscience of the UKFF' because that's a big pile of bollocks - we're not a collective. Some people won't care. Some people won't want to support an organisation that's paying Ligero. Some people will want to highlight it so others who don't want to support it know. Sure, individuals concerned may have chosen to let it be. They also might not have been able to pursue things in the way they'd like. They also may not feel like dealing with the bullshit a lot of them got by going public. For some people, seeing the lack of accountability and responsibility in UK wrestling was a concern. It's not a 'oh, you're offended on someone else's behalf'. That's a cunt's argument.
  10. I've been to marathons of the Friday 13th (first five) and Elm Street films (first seven) at the Prince Charles. They're both enormously fun, but I was completely surprised just how much I enjoyed each of the Elm Street films individually - even The Final Nightmare, which I had no good memories of. The genuine nastiness of it, which was moving away a little from the 'Bitch!' stuff, was interesting in places.
  11. It's such a fine line between funny and deadly.
  12. I had a few issues with Halloween Kills.
  13. Went to see Halloween Kills last night at the cinema and absolutely loathed it. A very dumb movie that's labouring under the belief it's being profound. I'd honestly rate it lower than the Zombie films and Curse.
  14. Blimey, I hit the £1,000 goal already. Update video below with baubles and bells. Ha, I do not. I use a co-working space near me sometimes, and it has some phone booths. I don't, but I've started doing a little voice-over stuff here or there. I've actually also just done an hour-long video podcast with someone, talking about Hangman Page if that appeals.
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