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  1. Chris B

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    I may well have felt differently if I were more connected to the character when I read it. But one of the things I liked about the run was the idea of 'this is how John comes across to people he's totally different from' - so even the dialogue kind of worked for me. 'Freezes Over', in particular, I loved. That said, I can't watch the Constantine film for pretty much the same reason - I hated the take on the character so much. Even though I know people whose opinion I trust who say it's genuinely a lot of fun, it's just too far from how I see the character. If I'd been more in that place when I read Azzarrello's run, I might agree with you more.
  2. Chris B

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    One weird almost-connection to Preacher exists as well - Constantine deals with an Angel/Demon who fall in love with each other and have a hybrid offspring. I always wondered if it was originally meant to be the same story as Preacher's 'parents', and got changed for some reason. I actually really liked the Azarello run. It's about the time I started reading it regularly. What I mostly liked about it was that it was stories about John, but not really from his point of view. So while we're usually getting a lot of his thoughts, we're just seeing who he is removed from it... and he's a creepy little bastard. Added a lot of mystery to him, I thought, and made him much more sinister, which I really liked. Carey's Lucifer is genuinely worth your time. It goes a very different direction to Sandman, rather than trying to just do more of the same. I absolutely loved it.
  3. Chris B

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    I read those Nevins books as well - a lot of fun. What did you think of Mike Carey's Lucifer series? I was (and am) a huge Sandman fan, to the point where my final theatre project at Uni was an adaptation of a Sandman story crossed with King Lear, but I've ended up finding Lucifer has aged better overall.
  4. Chris B

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    Have you read Black Dossier? That also had 3D glasses and it worked really well - one particular highlight was a portal which showed two different dimensions. You could see one by closing one eye and one by closing the other. It also had Jeeves and Wooster fighting Cthulhu, so it's just generally great.
  5. Chris B

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    Try this link instead - https://myvue.com/event/the-death-of-superman-and-reign-of-the-supermen.
  6. Chris B

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    Has anyone else got into the relaunched Shonen Jump Weekly app? It's crazy good. Basically, they've made the weekly comic anthology digital only and free (to compete with online scans). For £2 a month, you get a shit-load of their archive as well, with a whole load of complete runs. I've liked some manga, but never read it that regularly. I subscribed when it launched last month, and I'm reading my way through My Hero Academia, Blue Exorcist and Dr Stone for starters. If I hadn't already read Death Note, I'd be on that too. I really hope it's working financially for them - it's a bold business model, but really deserves to work out.
  7. Chris B


    I've ended up getting a 750d with a 17-85mm lens (although going to pick up a 50mm too). I reckon whatever I bought, I'd end up feeling like I bought a lemon, so I just gritted my teeth and went with it. That makes an irritating amount of sense - thanks.
  8. Chris B

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    But you don't want to make him angry.
  9. Chris B

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    One thing that AEW has me interested about is one of the things that's easiest to criticise. It's starting with an existing fan-base, who are already excited about what they're doing. Now, while that fanbase can be a little over-excited in some ways, it's so much better to start with enthusiasm. The All-In show wasn't, bell-to-bell, the greatest show ever. But in terms of atmosphere, it was probably the most I've enjoyed a show since Takeover: London or ECW: One Night Stand. And I think that does make a difference. One thing that interested me in ECW was the fanbase, which was absolutely rabid (possibly literally). It made it seem like they were doing this show in front of people who gave a shit about what was happening, and were doing so organically. Like there was a huge demand, at least locally, for what they were doing. Even if you didn't fully get it, it was clear that this was basically life-and-death to the people in the building, which made it feel more important. At its best, NXT has had this as well - but since I'm no longer watching WWE stuff, I'm all up for an alternative. AEW might be running before it can walk, but if it can harness this audience and showcase the enthusiasm, it could make the whole product more exciting. There's obviously the concern that it could be an entire audience of "it's still real to me, dammnit", but fingers crossed, it won't come across too much as that.
  10. Chris B

    Chippy Tea

    That's like if The Exorcist was interpreted as a takeaway meal.
  11. Chris B

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Well, yeah. Despite having to sit through things like five hours of Dolph Ziggler matches, WWE events tend to be exciting to actually go to. You lose a lot of that excitement by not being there. When you're in the middle of a crowd, and there's an exciting atmosphere, your judgement isn't the same as if you can sit back and think about what you're watching. Suggesting that only the people actually there are the ones whose opinions count is idiotic. There are occasions where the context of something happening make a difference - the tampon spot being at a 21+ bar, rather than a family show, for example, makes a HUGE difference as to whether or not it was appropriate. But here, it was also a live TV show, so the live TV viewers (and those who just follow pop culture enough to know what's going on) also count.
  12. Chris B

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    Brian Michael Bendis's 'Ultimate Spider-Man' run would be the best series. The later volumes of the original run are the debut of Miles Morales (in an alternate universe), and then it has a soft-reboot when he's brought into the main Marvel universe - this is just called 'Spider-Man', but it runs 2016-2018. It also ends up including the original Spider-verse comic (which is a whole heap of fun) - but if you want some of that Miles Morales goodness, go with Ultimate Spider-Man.
  13. Chris B


    Looking at putting Christmas money towards a camera. If you were going to buy a £300-£500 camera for film-making, what would you recommend and why? I'm really new to this (everything I've personally filmed before has been on my phone), but I need to upgrade to step up. Depth-of-field is currently a pipe-dream until I do, so yeah... any recommendations?
  14. Chris B


    I'm under a similar impression to Carbomb, and am probably the guy who told him about it, but I don't know the details (or, frustratingly, where I got it from, as it was ages ago - might have been Digital Fix or even the MelonFarmers forum). Basically, it's to do with why we're less likely to have spin-offs in the vein of the first X-Files movie, which was very much marketed as 'pay up for the conclusion to the story'. It might be simply more that it's not the done thing, but I'm under the impression there is a legal aspect to it as well - as I remember it being discussed as part of the reason soap opera spin-offs were so often 'Three characters go on holiday, have wacky adventures, and it's never referred to again', as storyline-specific points would be seen as unfair to customers who have effectively paid to watch the complete show already with their licence fees. I was also under the impression that's part of why the Doctor Who 50th anniversary (and select others) were simulcasts, rather than purely a movie - and why we're unlikely to have a straight Doctor Who movie spin-off at any point. It's not likely to be an issue with shows that aren't ongoing (like sitcoms), as it wasn't like they were sequential in the same way (as it's not using your TV licence to build you up to pay to watch something). May not be a charter thing, but I'm under the impression that there are some restrictions as well - although I may have been led up the garden path when I read it in the first place.
  15. Chris B

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    While they've had a lot of people talking, they've obviously missed a huge trick by not announcing it by having a bloke at the Royal Rumble holding up a sign opposite the hard cam with "All Elite Wrestling" on it. This whole thing is doomed to failure.