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  1. Couldn't agree with this more!! I hate that in the WWE's world the stipulation is picked purely as a name to market the match (No DQ matches happen as throwaways on Raw and Street Fights are saved for very special occasions), while the rules are all identical. At last year's 'Mania there was the Extreme Hardcore Street Fight, or whatever crazy title it had. No different to a No Holds Barred match in terms of rules, and ended up being a boring let down. I know it wouldn't do anything to fix the bigger problems WWE has (just like bringing back the special stages for different PPVs wouldn't make a difference to the actual in-ring show), but I'd really like to see the distinctions between match types like you outlined. In regards to this show, how is an Extreme Rules Fatal Five-Way different to a 'regular' Fatal Five-Way?? Non-elimination multi-man matches are always no DQ, no count out anyway. Do the wrestlers sign contracts before the match promising they'll twat each other with chairs to fulfil the stipulation?!?
  2. I got rid of most of my vast DVD collection a year and a half ago, to make some quick cash. I Music Magpie'd most of it. Their app lets you scan the barcodes and tells you how much they offer, but you don't have to sell them. I got some good money for some of my American imports (I guess as they're 'rare' on these shores). I think some got well over £10. WWF PPVs might fetch a bit, but you're better off selling those individually on eBay, along with compilation boxsets. WWE PPVs are pretty much worthless I think.
  3. From my 'just watched', The Big Show to Kane at WM X7: "Are you okay? Well screw you!" Proper takes me out of the match whenever I watch it.
  4. I'm currently living in China, in Jinan in the Shandong province. I get digital tv here but no idea if any of the channels I get carry WWE programming. Wikipedia says it's on "local channels" in China and the WWE website redirects to a random Chinese website. Can anyone advise if I can watch WWE TV here?
  5. I wrote out my fantasy card a few weeks ago, to fill time while bored at work. This is extrapolated from if I was given the book today, but I think a lot of it is still a possibility in the real world. Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship Roman Reigns b Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose I would have Ambrose win the Rumble. Ambrose feels patronised and disrespected by Reigns coming out on the next night’s RAW to congratulate him on his win and turns on Roman. The 2 have a match at the February PPV (whatever that’s called now), with Rollins as guest ref. Ambrose wins, but later demands Roman be added to the Mania title match as “he’s not finished with him yet”. Roman wins at Mania and hopefully the 2-on-1 disadvantage and him not getting an unpopular win at the Rumble leads to cheers for his big title win. Undertaker b John Cena As much as I’d like to see Taker v Sting, I think this is a bigger money match and the Sting match can be saved for next year’s Summerslam or the following Mania if both guys are still healthy.WWE Tag Team Championship match The Prime Time Players b The Ascension I would switch the titles from New Day to Dudleyz in 2015, and then to PTPs in the new year via Wyatt Family interference. The Ascension are just there for an easy face win.‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin b Bo Dallas A minimal effort but entertaining squash for Austin in his home town.WWE Intercontinental Championship match Neville b Kevin Owens Neville defeats Owens in the ‘workrate’ match to win his first WWE title.Dudleyville Street Fight Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper b The Dudley Boyz The Dudleyz seek revenge for having had their titles cost, but ultimately put over the Wyatts.3rd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Apollo Crews wins A fresh win.WWE Divas Championship match Sasha Banks b Becky Lynch This would never be booked for Mania in the current Total Divas climate but would be a great match.Ryback, Erick Rowan & Rusev b Sheamus, Randy Orton & King Barrett A random but fun 6-man opener. I wrote this up before Rowan rejoined the Wyatts and Orton got injured. I’d have Rusev face and Orton heel by this point.
  6. I like the sound of the 2 cell matches and I'm intrigued by Cena's mystery partner. After seemingly years of WWE ending PPVs with fuck finishes though I just don't trust them to deliver any satisfying conclusions to the matches. Last year's Rollins/Ambrose Cell match was one of the best of the PG-era but the random Wyatt interference at the end of the match completely ruined it for me. I'm also wary of the mystery opponent, as the last mystery wrestler turned out to be the underwhelming Jericho return. Is there anywhere I can find a non-spoiler review after the show? Basically to tell me whether it's worth a watch without revealing anything? (I know it's all ultimately subjective to a degree) I'm not sure such a place exists though.
  7. Oh Baz, it's creepy pasta. There is no real thing. Yup, here's a Reddit from the guy who claims he was the writer: The level of detail kills any suspension of disbelief for me anyway in these kinds of "creepy footage" stories.
  8. I'm planning for my final TESOL training lesson, and I've got a bit obsessed with doing a UFO themed one... Can anyone point me in the direction of some UK eye witness testimony audio clips? The only ones I've been able to find are all American like here:
  9. Before all X Division matches, they've started showing an intro video (they've done a similar thing with Knockouts as well) and the colour scheme and video filter is the same green. They've painted the belt to match. Seems kind of the wrong way round, and also about a month too late, because TNA.
  10. This has reminded me there's a James Randi doc on BBC iPlayer at the moment: I caught the end on BBC4 the other week and have been meaning to watch the whole thing.
  11. There's just been a Facebook ad in the ad break using a piano version of Like a Prayer, just to rub in it not playing during Grado's entrance. I was really looking forward to seeing his debut, but the stock music and minimal background (not even a clip of Bootcamp) really took away from the moment.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions guys. I've been wondering about some of those things for years! It's amazing hearing about all the effort that was put in behind-the-scenes to give fans the best product possible.
  13. Great thread! Silver Vision is sorely missed. Sorry for the load of questions that follows… There were a couple of shows that got released “Exempt from classification”. How or why did they come about? I’m specifically thinking the Rock Bottom: IYH, which had violence, swearing and a striptease. How did that get away without at least a 15 rating? The Elimination Chamber collection was renamed to Iron Will over here, was this due to distribution in Germany? How did you get around the title of the PPVs? Why was the US named ‘Bloodbath’ cage matches DVD renamed and repackaged over here? The extras on PPVs seemed to steadily decline, was there any reason behind this? Similarly with the inserts that were a nice addition to the packaging becoming rarer and rarer?
  14. Brilliant stuff! WWE has the clip on YouTube and he does indeed do a triple powerbomb (had a strange urge to watch something with one in). What an absolutely incredible debut all round that was! Thanks for the other suggestions guys. Will track down the Backlash match as well. I had an inkling Jericho used to do it, but he must have been limited on who he could do it to.
  15. Can anyone recommend any matches that have a triple powerbomb in (as in powerbomb *lift back up* powerbomb *lift back up* powerbomb) or jog my memory for anyone who uses them as a signature spot/finisher?