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  1. He walked to the back through the crowd. The assumption in the arena was that he was injured but I haven’t seen anything mentioned anywhere.
  2. Definitely, I’m surprised the crowd didn’t turn on him. The New Day & Seth Rollins stayed seated while everyone else gave him a standing ovation during his entrance.
  3. I didn’t see a beach ball but the was a “fuck that light” when they were trying to get the light turned off so it could have been that if it was at a similar time
  4. Does anyone know if you can take bags into the shows at Barclays centre? Mania & Axxess both have clear bag policies but I haven’t seen anything about restrictions at Barclays centre.
  5. Sat at Heathrow, flying in a couple of hours. I’ve spotted a few people in WWE t-shirts already so I’m guessing there’s going to be others on my flight heading to mania
  6. Cool, thanks - I was was certain about being able to get them at will call until today but that email made me doubt myself
  7. I’ve just had an event reminder email from ticketmaster saying my tickets were sent by mail. There’s still no sign of my mania ticket, the others came in the post weeks ago but was relying on will call from the mania ticket. When I log into my ticketmaster account, there’s a message about what ID I need to take to collect tickets from will call. Has anyone else received a similar email?
  8. I requested them all via Will Call but they turned up in the post unexpectedly (except Mania), the same thing happened to a few people on here too.
  9. When I’ve collected from Will Call I’ve only had to give the card I bought them on, I’ll have my driving licence with me anyway. I wouldn’t like to risk taking my passport to mania with me
  10. I’m the same, my tickets for HOF, NXT, RAW & Smackdown came in the post a few weeks after buying them but I haven’t received the Mania tickets so I’m expecting to collect them at MetLife on the day
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