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  1. I'm glad to see Roman move, I think he needed it. They'll have to be careful with him and Bryan though. It's an inevitable match-up now, but one that may not yield the desired crowd response. If Joe is swapping to Raw, where is Lars supposed to be? You don't want Lars, Joe and Braun all on the one brand, I wouldn't have thought. Have Cesaro and Sheamus split up? Roode and Gable being separated does nothing for me. They weren't doing much together, but it was something. They'll be EC3 in no time now they've been split. KO as part of the New Day was brilliant stuff. Really, really fun.
  2. WeeAl

    UKFF Fight Camp

    50 points and 7-6 if I remember correctly. I only got a chance to see the main card, but called most of it incorrectly, but the one that helped me out was the Adesanya Vs Gastelum fight being for increased points. That saved my bacon a little.
  3. I really hope that's not the direction we're heading. I get the feeling that Adesanya cuts very little weight. I wouldn't be surprised if his walk around weight isn't even 205. Israel is lean, wiry and fights so often that I can't imagine he really would be able to balloon up between fights and then make weight so easily. Maybe that's part of why he's able to fight so often, that he's near enough always close to his fighting weight. It'd be interesting to see Adesanya fight in California, with the way the CSAC release the in cage weights of the fighters following the event, and compare that to Jones weight in the cage Vs Gustafsson in December. My guess is the two numbers aren't close. Adesanya is just right to be hot about this too. He went to war with Gastelum and now has to fend off questions about Jones, when he knows he has a wrecking machine like Bobby Knuckles waiting for him around the corner. If he gets past Whittaker, then he only has the small task of beating potential challengers such as Jacare Souza, Yoel Romero, Paulo Costa and Chris Weidman. Easy pickings, obviously.
  4. Goodness, gracious me. How on earth did we end up seeing two fights like that, back to back. Adesanya Vs Gastelum really was something to behold. What a war of attrition that was. Poirier really gave Max a lot of damage accross that fight. The power difference really showed and made the difference. Four absolute warriors fought in those two title fights, and each and every one of them showed the heart of a lion by making it through to the end. Career making fights from all involved, win or lose. Khalil Rountree was just different gravy. Gone was the guy that three with power and speed but tired after the first 90 seconds of the round. He absolutely battered Anders, especially in that second round, which I'd easily have given a 10-7. I'm really interested to see how he fares in his next outing. Jouban Vs Grant wasn't particularly exciting. OSP Vs Krylov really surprised me. The first round went exactly as I expected, but the second most certainly didn't. A big win here for Krylov, especially being able to make a statement by finishing it on the floor.
  5. How have you guys been able to watch these? I've found them on Viceland's US website, but they don't actually play. Are you all getting around it with some kind of VPN key, or is it more likely my phone that's the issue if it's working for everyone else?
  6. I'm leaning towards the favourites in both title matches. I don't know if I'll ever doubt Max again. Both are incredibly good fighters, but I'm not exactly sure where I would give Poirier the edge over Max, so Holloway gets the nod for me. Max by UD or else a stoppage in the 5th. Dustin's a warrior, and both men are likely to be there for the duration. I'm picking Adesanya against Kelvin. Gastelum has definitely fought the stronger opposition, there's no doubt about that, and he gets way overlooked a lot of the time. He also hits like a Mack truck. Grappling is certainly the way forward for him in this one though. Having said that, I'm not sure his grappling is so good that he'll be able to win three rounds out of five with it. To me, it's just as likely he gets completely pieced up on the feet whilst trying to close the distance. Kelvin only needs one really good shot though. That heavy left of his can really put your lights out if it connects cleanly. I don't like his chances of landing it though. I think he'll get a takedown or two and some control time. But in order to win this he needs to be able to take Israel down at will, and I don't think he can. If 50% of this fight is on the feet, then Kelvin is eating way more shots than Adesanya. Despite all that, these are two super competitive pairings, at least on paper, and the odds for any of the four getting the win should be fairly close to evens. Is it possible that the main event doesn't end up in the top five fights of the year when all is said and done?
  7. It's amazing they just know how well the sitting on the head thing works! The heat is definitely tough, one of our wee dogs that came to us about six months ago went into heat before we could get her neutered. She decided to flaunt herself all around the pack for weeks. I thought Oscar was going to have a stroke such was the amount of stress she was putting him under!
  8. How's the cat sitting going now @SuperBacon? It's hard to beat a picture of a cute pet to brighten up a day. @Divorced Dad 's furry friends look like the best pals ever.
  9. WeeAl

    UKFF Fight Camp

    All sorted about a week or so ago. I haven't really changed my mind much in the interim so I think I'll leave them as they are. Hopefully I've done it right though, I've made a pick on every fight, the winner, method, round etc but I haven't done anything with regards to wagers as I didn't know if we needed to?
  10. It's not even close as far as I know. Bodybuilders don't have anywhere near the death rate. Then again, it's not just the juice, it's the travel, the uppers, the downers, the lack of sleep, the injuries, the surgeries and the alcohol, piled on top of the inflated heart and disfunctioning kidneys and liver that has killed a lot of these men and women. As well as that, it could be taking steroids and other PED's from an uninformed position. In bodybuilding, steroids obviously aren't banned and are considered necessary. Likely administered and monitored via a doctor or a pharmacists supervision. These guys are making sure they are sleeping 8-9 hours a night as well and probably lead a fairly boring lifestyle, compared to most of us regular Joe's. They know exactly what they are taking and why. Wrestler's weren't doing that. It's quite possible the most informed person that they would have kept in the loop and asked for advice with regards to the steroids they were using, could have been the person they were buying them from. Which if that person is looking to make money, then I doubt very much that many of the wrestlers were told 'you're taking too much, use a little less'. As well as that, these eijits were hanging out in strip clubs, doing lines off of a hookers tits, drinking a handful of whiskies on the plane and catching an hour's kip before hitting the gym in the next town. A rockstar lifestyle mixed with a bodybuilders physique is what killed these guys at a rate the likes of which you usually see in Grand Theft Auto.
  11. Oscar recently in Castlewellan Forest Park, doing his best impression of Simba on Pride Rock.
  12. Ricochet and Black could do with being separated in the draft. They've been overexposed this past two months by being on every episode of SmackDown, Raw and NXT. Plus TakeOver and the PPV's and hardly a promo in sight during that time.
  13. That main event was always going to end in an interference DQ, I just didn't expect it to be The Bar. I was thinking maybe Drew McIntyre or Daniel Bryan with a new crony or something like that. There wasn't a hope in hell of a clean finish to a match like that, with no build, and nor should there have been. It felt really pointless though in the end, as I'm not quite sure where The Bar fit into it as far as any kind of story goes. Lars had a good debut by beating up Angle, which meant he was going to get the desired heel reaction. There were a lot of people missing from this show that I was surprised about. Strowman, Reigns and McIntyre? Sami Zayn was a delight. What a beautiful promo. Looking forward to see where he ends up after next week's draft. What's with the dinosaur hatching out if the box? An actual vignette? Great stuff getting some intrigue, as long as it's not for fucking Bray Wyatt.
  14. By fuck am I worn out. I have no idea how anyone attends the shows anymore, I don't think I could manage it again. It was that long that I've been over tired and still haven't slept yet. I thought the show on the whole was pretty good and that there was nothing that I thought really brought it down other than the length. Kofi and Bryan stole the show. Fantastic stuff. Brock and Seth opening the show out of nowhere was great and felt spontaneous. This worked really well, being a bit of a sprint. Charlotte coming in on the helicopter, as a nod to her old man. What an entrance. There was some really good stuff on this Mania, and it would have been an immense four hour show. Other than the length, I thought the slightly disappointing thing was the lack of creativity with the set. After the stage set-up at 29, this was quite the contrast for being in the same building. I also don't get the 3-D graphics things that they do, but I guess they are a hell of a lot cheaper than constructing something physical. Edit: The SmackDown tag match deserves a mention too. A lovely, fast paced, energetic match. For a show this long, the best chance of getting over if you're in a mid card match is to do something like this. Multiple people and lots of movement. Cesaro could still be swinging. The man is machine.
  15. Yeah they do seem very thrown together. The US Title match, once it wasn't going to be Andrade Vs Rey and Joe got the title, really would have benefitted from being a four or five way bit of madness, much like the fast lane match. Rey/Joe/Andrade/Ali or something like that. Balor squashing Lashley will be fine, and the kind of short match that needs interspersed with the longer bouts. I understand wanting to do Orton Vs AJ as a singles, but it feels lost in the shuffle here. I'm surprised we never got the long series between them when AJ was champ. Or maybe we did and It's completely escaped me. Roman Vs Drew is strange as it should be a big deal but there's too much going on with this card. Maybe the right idea would have been to do Corbin Vs Reigns and have Reigns flatten him quickly. They can't do that with Drew though as he needs protecting, so it could suffer from being pretty cold going in and also being expected to go fairly long.
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