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  1. Aye, add that to a fairly recent social media post Costa put out that licked all over the arsehole of right wing Brazilian leader Bolsonaro. He's clearly a supporter of his ridiculous policies, which makes him a Grade A bellend.
  2. Yeah you're right, it definitely does get that feel of being more important when he steps in there, which I suppose is what they are going with. AEW do a great job with balancing how often the talent are showcased so as not to be over exposed, but I think he's just a little too inactive. Even some type of extra squash match once a month while he talks shit on the mic during the match I think would be fun.
  3. Until Costa steps in the cage, I'm anticipating a pullout any day now. However, should he make it all the way to Saturday night, I think he KO's Vettori. Should be a fun one though.
  4. I guess it depends on what type of deal he has worked out with AEW. We know it'll have involved him being free to do New Japan, however how much freedom that will include on dates will be interesting to see. Hardly anyone that watches AEW though will follow him to NJPW to watch his matches there though. That's a small, small fraction of the audience that watch Dynamite each week. I'd only bother if it was a match with Tanahashi, and possibly Ibushi. The handful of times that I have watched NJPW in recent years it beggars belief how good Tanahashi is. He's Japan's Bret Hart.
  5. That was a great show this week. Moxley, currently, is as good as he has ever been. He's going to beat the piss out of 10, Cassidy is going to get some shine then Moxley is going to hammer him, and Danielson and Mox will have a belter in the final. Moxley looks set to be Hangman's first opponent, and I imagine a heel turn is around the corner. I wouldn't be pissed at Moxley hammering Sammy Guevara to take the TNT title though, once the ATT/Inner Circle feud is wrapped up, and then Miro could be Hangman's next challenger? So many options and all of them I would be delighted to see. What a promo from Hangman. I can't wait to see the video package that can top the one put together for Omega/Page last year. Hit him with that Buckshot and grab yourself that belt you beautiful bastard. Danielson Vs Dustin Rhodes? Lovely jubbly. That should be a blinder. I laughed my bollocks off at Adam Cole getting kissed by the Dark Order instead of his little buddies. Anyone else think we're heading for a 5 Vs 5 Pinnacle Vs Darby/Sting/ CM Punk/Lucha Bros match? MJF could really do with getting some more reps in I feel. Struggling to understand why he hardly ever wrestles. I think it's possible he has had less matches this year than there have been months. He hasn't been injured either. He could possibly see himself being left behind by his peers in the development of that side of his game.
  6. Yeah, well aware of how large it is. And how willingly Americans drive what we view as long distances, that they see as only down the road. Considering the crowds they have been drawing recently in other markets, 2500 is small for such a big city. The West Coast is ripe for the pickings. That they have managed to go so long without doing a show there is some going, and AEW should do very well when they head there.
  7. I feel like AEW have maybe burnt out Florida. It seemed like there was quite a small crowd in that building. That they chose not to light it up that much confirms that I guess. It didn't sound great. Taz is a revelation on commentary. Man is great. I particularly liked when he just burst out singing along with Ruby Soho's theme. I liked Bryan and Suzuki. Thought it was unique, for an American promotion in this day and age. I actually thought they were going to go close to the thirty, with the last two minutes of the match rolling into the start of Rampage itself.
  8. Ahhhh bollocks. It took a post on Instagram from AEW or their TNT page or whatever it was, for me to realise there's no Dynamite tonight. I don't start work until 11 tomorrow and was looking forward to getting up at the usual time and watching it with breakfast. On the plus side, I'm off this weekend, so back to back Rampage/Dynamite breakfasts. That Hangman poster from above is absolutely glorious.
  9. Easy Peasy. Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain.
  10. There's really very little to get excited about there. Bruno Silva. Klein Vs Landwehr. That's about it really. Some of these cards in the second half of this year have been really weak. It hasn't helped that the best looking one on paper, Santos Vs Walker, didn't particularly deliver on the night either. I expect to be hibernating in bed most of this weekend following my third Covid jab/Flu Vaccine double whammy on Friday, and even then I'm not sure I'll get round to watching this one. I'll have to see how hard up I am for excitement.
  11. https://www.f4wonline.com/aew-news/aew-rampage-ratings-down-big-against-mlb-playoffs-355956 Wasn't the best time for Tony Khan to go Billy big bollocks about beating Smackdown this coming Friday. This week's lineup, while probably going to produce a pretty decent show as usual, isn't likely to do great ratings. Anyway, they've been growing by staying the course of making consistently good TV, here's hoping they don't start getting reactionary in order to save face for a week.
  12. Arn Anderson is channelling his inner Gunny Highway. Next he'll be telling Cody that he couldn't take care of a wet dream.
  13. Three things I didn't like about the main event: - It's not a street fight if you aren't dressed in jeans, boots, taped fists and kneepads over your trousers. It should be also wrestled like a brawl and not just random weapons shots. - Speaking of random weapons shots. Head shots with the bin lid and Starks going headfirst into the chair after having broke his neck recently. I thought we were supposed to be past stupid shit like this, no? - Smaller guys should never do a spear. Goldberg, Reigns, Rhyno etc can do a spear. Edge, Christian and Ricky Starks absolutely should not. What I liked about the main event: - Taz is fucking brilliant, as always. - Starks got the win over Cage, which tells me the idea isn't to placate Cage. "This is what we have for you big fella, if you're unhappy, you know what to do". Really, Cage should have stayed a heel and either Starks should have turned or else they never should have split them in the first place. Cage could be useful as the muscle in a group, but as a singles face I see nothing in him. Punk Vs Garcia was really good. Both men had a great outing there.
  14. It's just not happening for ol' Handsome Luke is it?
  15. Alvey definitely knows where the bodies are buried.
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