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  1. I don't get them at all. Absolutely tune out material for me. Karl Anderson in particular. Gallows could be useful if he had a really dynamic smaller guy as his partner, who both moved and talked like lightning. As they are, I'm utterly baffled that they were supposed to be on 750K per year contracts before WWE cut them in April. It's like Vince woke up one day and said "We're paying them how much?! Fuck that, give me the phone."
  2. Speaking of Talking Pictures, it's showing Hard Times tonight at midnight.
  3. Thank god for the Sony Movies channels, Talking Pictures and TCM. Between those three and Amazon Prime, the selection is so much fresher than Sky Movies which rarely ever cycles movies in and out of it's On Demand section.
  4. It seems like a no lose situation to me for NJPW. If their t-shirt is seen on two different TV shows, independent of their own product, yet you can only purchase it by going through their distributors, then I don't see how they would have a problem. It's a different story if somebody tears the shirt off and takes a leak on it in the middle of the ring, but I don't see that being high on the list of things to be worried about.
  5. I hadn't seen it but I'm glad now that I have. A thing of beauty that was.
  6. Count me in to now absolutely wanting Ortega to beat Volkanovski, so we get Holloway Vs Ortega 2. Where Max hopefully can beat Ortega again. That's a situation where a third Holloway Vs Volkanovski fight would make all the sense in the world.
  7. Sensational stuff in that fight. Holloway looked magical and Kattar was tough as old boots. He took crazy punishment and I've no idea how he made it to the end. Realistically I think it should have been stopped early in the fourth, but all credit to Kattar for showing Herb Dean enough for him to let it go. The UFC couldn't have asked for a better show for a Network debut. Everything on that whole main card delivered, and if you were watching the prelims, Justin Tafa and Carlos Felipe locked horns like two Rams and had a boxing match in the centre of the cage. That seemed to set the tone
  8. I happened to have a bit of spare time yesterday and managed to get watching most of Smackdown and I'm intrigued by this stuff with Adam Pearce. It makes Roman look like even more of a bullying git. That he is going to taunt and humiliate Pearce over the coming weeks, with Pearce having to finally stand up for himself before getting put down emphatically, could be pretty golden. Quick question though. Where in the hell did Nakamura come out of, being the one to get the strong booking treatment in the gauntlet? Is he not still in a tag team with Cesaro that's doing nothing and going nowhe
  9. That sounds right up my street @Chris B, I'll have a gander through the TV guide for it later on, cheers!
  10. Ah, that's very cool. Really glad to see Ponz back in there. I seen an interview he did the other day and he has had a really hard time of it health wise this past two years. Hopefully he can get back in the running again. His last fight out, he stopped Neil Magny, and now he's returned and Magny is main eventing a card within the same week as him. Ponzinibbio was looking like a very dangerous commodity before his hiatus. I'd expect some fireworks between him and Jingliang this weekend.
  11. Some very strange picks there I think. No idea why Stipe wouldn't be nailed on favourite to still be champ. I'd have him a clear favourite against all the possible contenders. As well as that, you have three people picking Oliviera? I'd be surprised if he even finds himself in the title fight, nevermind winning it. I'm not saying that should be the case, but that division doesn't feel any sooner to getting cleared up to me. It might only have one fight for the title all year. I really expected McGregor Vs Poirier to be for the belt, but now that it's not, the waters are still muddy there
  12. I didn't see the injury until a few years later, probably taking about an hour to download on AOL, and thank Christ I didn't see it live at the time. (We'd moved to Sky Digital from the old Satellite, and they didn't carry TNT - either fortunately or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint!) I'd have most likely been sick had I watched that live. Imagine a Sid comeback in 2001? I'd have happily watched him set up an alternative protection agency to the APA, seeing a gap in the marketplace for a competitor, Powerbombing all around him for his clients, asking only in return that they tell
  13. You're definitely on the ball there. Diaz being active again is Dana's back up option for McGregor, should Khabib stay out. It's also one of them fights they can go to even if it doesn't go to plan for the UFC and either Diaz, McGregor (or both) happen to lose.
  14. Cheers for the recommendation on Official Secrets, I hadn't heard of that one before so it's got clipped onto the watchlist just now. Glad to hear there's love for Fallen about these parts, it feels like one of those Denzel movies that doesn't get much talk as compared to others of his, but that it should do. I'm also always down to watch big Donald do his thing, anytime he pops up.
  15. My bad, reading that back it does look like I'm talking about the loser of the main event. I was actually trying to mean the loser of Chandler/Hooker fighting Tony Ferguson. The winner of Chandler Vs Hooker I think could be in the lucky dip along with Gaethje, Oliviera and Khabib for the winner of McGregor/Poirier. If Poirier wins, I think they are all possible next stops. If McGregor wins, then he'll probably go missing for another twelve months and fuck knows where things stand.
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