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  1. I guess this should have been anticipated: https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/01/ufc-248-robert-whittaker-out-jared-cannonieir-fight-report Jacare, who's supposed to be coming back down from LHW, maybe he'll fill in against Cannonier? Or Gastelum? I think Till is booked. As it turns out, Till isn't booked and Dana White was already aiming to book him on either the London show in March or UFC 248, the show Whittaker Vs Cannonier is supposed to be on. I reckon the switch gets made and Till gets Cannonier. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/01/dana-white-reveals-darren-till-ufc-next-fight-timeline
  2. This is a heck of a fight that's just been made. Kevin Lee Vs Charles Oliveira, in a five rounder. A win for Lee continues a really strong comeback for him, following that incredible finish over Gillespie. If he stops a streaking Oliveira here, then he's really back on course. Oliveira meanwhile could really make that step up to the upper echelons of the division by beating Lee. It could be the known commodity win that he needs in order to make that leap, if he has it in him. Looking forward to this one. Hopefully Lee doesn't come in with staph infection all over his chest again. https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/1/14/21065576/kevin-lee-charles-oliveira-ufc-brasilia-mma
  3. I'm personally feeling almost zero interest for this fight, and it's the McGregor factor that's causing me not to be interested rather than making me excited. I'm not even planning to watch it live, which would have never been the case in the past. There's no doubt it'll feel like a big fight atmosphere on fight night, but I just haven't the heed to listen to McGregor's bullshit in the run up to this one. I haven't really a problem with people being excited to watch him fight. As a fighter, he's always been very talented and involved in exciting fight's. I guess that helps line his pockets all the same (fuck BT Sport/McG if they think they are getting Β£20 off me though. If I have to wait until 6am for a single interesting fight on the whole show, then I'll just get up at 8am and watch it for free). Wanting him to win though? Defending him for anything other than his fighting abilities? Not for me. At this point (quite a while ago really) there is enough information, speculation, rumours and truths out there that tell me that this is not a man that deserves any support. I struggle to see how anyone can justify championing him with all that is out there. Sure, some of it may not be true. It's just as possible that what we think we know, is the bare minimum of what he has done and that he has been up to even more than that. Anyone taking the time to support him at this stage should probably prepare themselves for some harsh realities, that will probably continue to appear over the next year or two with regards to Conor McGregor.
  4. A stable with four members. That old saying about it being the simple things in life that bring us the most happiness couldn't be more correct. Brock to run the distance in the Rumble and get eliminated by McIntyre when they get towards the end, setting up Brock Vs Drew? It feels like someone on Raw needs to do something really impressive to position them for Brock at this point, and that might do it. There might be just long enough to get Drew heated up to that level.
  5. https://youtu.be/kkxj5xVLyj0 Dressed for Success - Roxette Accompanied me on the radio this morning.
  6. I'm kind of astounded that anyone who watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, hates themselves enough to go through with trying to watch the latest one.
  7. Loving the posts in the countdown Wand. It's fantastic stuff as usual and miles more entertaining than anything the usual websites are putting out in their year/decade lists.
  8. Just a reminder if anyone else wants to nominate anything but forgot about doing it? Not much uptake this year, paging @David @wandshogun09 @Guy Bifkin @ColinBollocks @Egg Shen
  9. Positive awards Post of the Year - Lion at the funeral On Topic Poster of the Year - Ian, Tiger Rick, Supremo Off Topic Poster of the Year - Devon Malcolm, gmoney, Punk Step MMA Forum Poster of the Year - Wand, David, jimufctna Funniest Poster - Keith Houchen, Ian, Scott Malbranque
  10. Oscar perking up at the sight of his medicine (it means some peanut butter too you see).
  11. It's fucking brilliant is what it is. Gloriously dreadful. There are a lot less wrestlers these days than ever before that stand out in a crowd, and Jericho, looking like that, and carrying on the way he does, most certainly doesn't blend in. If you saw him in public in that clobber you would have to think he's either an oddball drunk rockstar, an oddball drunk actor or an oddball drunk wrestler. He's pretty much all of the above type of oddball's, and God bless him for it.
  12. I don't know the ins and outs of why it was Alex Gilpin that was selected and how much notice they had to find a new oppoent for Palmer (hopefully Egg can help there) but the original opponent, Pineda, failed a drug test and PFL needed a replacement. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/12/31/21045035/pfl-10-results-kayla-harrison-dominates-ray-cooper-iii-punches-way-to-1m-prize
  13. There could be a few too many head drops in doing that match again for poor old D-Bry and his porridge brain to handle.
  14. Like Rick and Supremo said, there's definitely a focus on certain people on the show. They are trying to give certain people a leg up, and some of the 50/50 booking has taken a backseat while they match the people they are trying to elevate with those who are clearly positioned on the ring below. All that is good. It's early days though, with only the Rollins/AOP Vs Joe/Owens/Mysterio stuff feeling like you can see where they want to end up (Elimination Chamber version of war games, winner Vs Brock at Mania? That's where I'd be headed, and go with whoever is hotter out of Owens, Rollins or Joe and position Brock accordingly). It's just seriously long though. It's the YouTube video clips for me these days and that's digestible and I don't miss anything. The wedding was pure camp nonsense, but then that's in keeping with the whole angle. It's been absolutely dreadful apart from Rusev having an uncanny ability to be great at anything he does.
  15. Add another name to the list of vets deciding to drop down a weight class to reinvigorate their career. Edson Barboza is going to give 145 a go. That's a hell of an exciting guy to be throwing into the mix at 145. Edson Vs Zombie, Yair, Zabit? O fuck aye. I expect he'll look like bantamweight Jose Aldo's big brother come fight week. I can't see him visually looking well on fight week but who knows, just like Aldo, he may look just fine when he gets in the cage. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2019/12/edson-barboza-weight-cut-ufc-featherweight-division-team-fresh-start
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