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  1. SmackDown was a bit shit wasn't it? That ending angle was cringe inducingly bad. My brother, who hasn't watched since about 2002/2003 came into the room and the conversation went like this: Brother: "What the fuck is this shit you're watching?" Me: "SmackDown. It's terrible" Brother: "A bunch of midgets running about making a pile of racket. They must be losing money hand over fist these days." Me: "Actually. . . With the TV deal, they are making more than ever before." Brother: "Well I bet you that TV station feels like they got royally shafted. Surely there's only you and about two other people still watching it" Me: "Probably".
  2. This is the type of fight I would still be interested in seeing Weidman in for the next while. Re-matches against the guys who beat him. The old middleweight elite. Rockhold, Jacare, Silva. I don't want to see him in there with Adesanya, Costa, Hermansson, Whittaker, Cannoneer etc, at least not unless he could rack up a couple of good wins against the older guard of the division. https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/8/11/21363136/morning-report-luke-rockhold-postponing-retirement-interested-in-rematch-with-chris-weidman
  3. I'm not so sure about Pitolo fighting again so soon. It's one thing to fight a few days or weeks later after a quick KO win, but he's only after getting subbed out by Darren Stewart at the weekend.
  4. One thing that strikes me from this discussion, is how easy it is for us all to differentiate all these years from one another. 1996, 1997, 98, 99, 2000, 2001 etc are all so clearly different. Off the top of our heads I'm sure we could all name five things in a quick fire quiz round that happened in each year, and not get the year wrong on any of them. For myself, I'd say that could be the case up until about only 2005. After that, lots of it blends together - and that's from somebody that didn't take a break from watching! God knows if I had stopped for a handful of years. As it goes on from 2006, sure some things will stand out as from a certain year (Rumble winners, Mania main events etc) but other than those I'm just as likely to say something happened in 2015 when it'll have really happened in 2012. Do we think this is just nostalgia? We all had VHS recordings that we watched until they wore out? Or is it also that things rarely did change enough in the last decade or so, to make separating them very difficult?
  5. Scary stuff for Geoff Neal, really glad to hear he seems to ha e weathered the worst of his illness, hopefully he can get healthy again and doesn't need to be hooked up to a dialysis machine on a regular basis. He was set to fight Neal Magny, but Robbie Lawler is taking his place later this month. https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/8/9/21361423/robbie-lawler-steps-into-fight-neil-magny-on-aug-29-after-geoff-neal-reveals-recent-hospitalization Magny seems a good dude, but I hope Lawler can make a return to his marauder form here against him, and get back on track.
  6. What a fun night of fights that was. Lewis and Olenik was exactly what it looked like it was going to be. Slick grappler Vs heavyweight bungalow thrower. Lewis returns to form. What's next for him do we think? Curtis Blaydes? Unless DC And Stipe both retire, then maybe it'll be Ngannou Vs Blaydes for a vacant belt. Really glad to see Weidman get the win here. I saw nothing from him that suggests to me that he can hang with the top of the division anymore, but then that's not really what this fight was about for him. It was just about getting the steering wheel lined up straight again, and he did that. It was good to see that after a bad second round, he responded to the bollocking that Ray Longo gave him in the corner, and knew that any career longevity that he would have left was riding on that last five minutes. The undercard of this was brilliantly entertaining I've got to say. Beneil Dariush looked great after getting hit with a couple of eye pokes. Darren Stewart picked up a very nice submission win. Tim Means Vs Staropoli, Gavin Tucker Vs Justin Jaynes and Kevin Holland Vs Joaquin Buckley are all worth going out of your way to see, both for the fights and the finishes. I really like Holland, and the shots to the body that he ate from Buckley were fierce. What a beautiful straight right to finish it though. Gorgeous.
  7. Hopefully Bader beats both of them, then goes back to Heavyweight and wrecks everyone again just for the craic. The new and improved Ryan Bader is one of the best things Bellator has going for it.
  8. I'm not even sure who I want to win this main event. I like both these big lugs. It's such a throwback fight, with opposing styles, but being Heavyweight, both guys carry heavy hands and a granite chin. The weight difference is big though. Around forty pounds on weigh in weight, and likely higher since Lewis cuts to 265. Olenik probably has a hard time getting him down, and if he does manage to, he'll get a submission if he can keep Lewis on his back for any period of time, but that's been shown to be more difficult than you would think. Despite that, my predictions are as follows: Olenik by Submission. Akhmedov by Decision (picking him is making a choice to believe Weidman is shot, which I think he is.) Pitolo by KO Kunitskaya by Decision Dariush by Decision Staropoli by KO (I was picking Means until both men missed weight, then Means went and completed his cut, while Staropoli got to miss by about 4lbs. I think it makes a difference here.) Baby Gastelum by decision
  9. https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/8/5/21356564/kevin-lee-tears-other-acl-while-recovering-from-acl-surgery That's Kevin Lee out for a long ass time. Following what was probably his most impressive win, the head kick KO over Gregor Gillespie, this is bound to be disheartening for him. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster for Lee over this past two or three years.
  10. I'm sure everyone is shitting the bed when they see a new post in this thread, expecting a cancellation, but at least here's one interesting addition: https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/8/5/21355953/jim-miller-faces-vinc-pichel-in-late-addition-to-ufc-252-card I expect the support for Jim Miller in this one will be unanimous accross the board in here.
  11. You certainly did mate. At least you're understanding the error of your ways.
  12. Well, it was certainly something a bit different. I guess it did it's job in getting me to bother watching an episode of Raw for the first time in months. (YouTube clips sporadically, The Observer radio show and the PPV's have been all I have been keeping an eye on). I didn't even twig that the faction was those eijits running around outside setting fire to boxes. I just thought it was them giving a name to MVP, Lashley and Benjamin, who legitimately look really good as a unit. I don't think the show was actually any good, but I'm not going to shit on new ideas just yet, I'm glad WWE are trying something to try and capture some interest. What's always going to hurt WWE, no matter what ideas, characters or talent they have, is how ridiculously overproduced it is and that nothing feels organic, nor do many people on the show talk or behave like a real human being. The exceptions I would make to that, from watching this show the folks who seem to be able to make the most of the nonsense they are scripted to say, are Samoa Joe, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. Joe is tidy on commentary, Orton is heading for the belt, and hopefully they can keep Kevin Owens around and strong over the next while. Hopefully the Hurt Business works out and there will be a nucleus of something worth watching there on Raw.
  13. Vicente Luque in there with another exciting fight and great performance. This guy never disappoints. He's always a name I look forward to anytime I see he is penciled in to be on a card. As Wand said, he won't be getting Nate Diaz, but maybe an Anthony Pettis, Cowboy Cerrone or Robbie Lawler? Yes please. Brunson really looked good here. He mixed up his game really well, and like Cruz said on commentary, he wasn't leaving his chin hanging out over the edge of the cliff like he used to. This version of Derek Brunson is patient, smart and dangerous. He could upset a few other big names in the division if he can keep this run going for a little while yet. Emmers was very impressive on the prelims. Fought a great fight, and especially in the first two rounds he looked very slick indeed. He seemed like a properly nice guy in the post fight interview too. I'll be keeping an eye out for him going forward.
  14. I think at this stage, if Miocic can be considered past his prime, then so could Jones. There's no way that Jon Jones of 2011-2015 ends up going a combined fifteen rounds with Anthony Smith, Thiago Santos and Dominick Reyes. I'm not sure how Jon Jones could do at Heavyweight at this stage of his career, but I'm interested to find out. Possibly his best tool at HW would be that he is very good at making sure he barely gets hit, and when he does he rolls with it. It's a glancing shot a lot of the time. If he starts to lose those reactions a fraction more than he already has, then yes the heavies are slower than the LHW guys, but they also hit even harder. Does he really want to put himself in that spot? It's a damn intriguing prospect. Jon Jones still should cut through 90% of that division like a hot knife through butter. Not Stipe and Big Francis though. I'd have both of them to stop him early. I'm not sure we ever see Jones at Heavyweight either. If he was really interested, it should have happened by now with either Lesnar, DC, Stipe or Cain and it hasn't. He's right to ask for more money to do it, with it being such a risk for him. On the other hand, all four of those potential opponents would have been massive business for Jones, much bigger than anyone he could face at 205, bringing him in plenty of PPV points, yet he didn't seem fully convinced.
  15. Aye it feels like Weidman is just destined to get a L every time he steps in there now, despite usually being fairly competitive. He's been fairly inactive, both due to injuries as well as taking extended breaks to heal following the fights he does have, probably due to the damage he suffered in those fights. Even when he looks good he has still found a way to pick up a loss (Jacare, Yoel). The win over Gastelum is a good win, but it felt like he was just way to big for Kelvin in the grappling exchanges. I have a hard time seeing where Weidman is going to get a win from anymore. Take this fight for example. This is the step back in levels that Weidman needs if he is to get back on track, yet I'm looking at it imagining the ways it's going to go wrong for him. I'm picking Akhmedov, despite knowing that Weidman should be beating him nine times out of ten. I hope he can get in the win column again, with a couple of wins that might give him a confidence boost.
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