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  1. Inspired by the Co-Main Event podcast, who last week re-watched UFC 1 for their latest episode, I decided to watch UFC 2, which I haven't seen before. Some thoughts as I went through: Commentator Ben Perry. Are we sure this isn't Daniel O'Donnell? Brian Kilmeade doesn't have the first notion what he's watching. He doesn't even know the name of the promotion. At least Big John McCarthy is here. - It's a sixteen man tournament, and the first bout we see is the last of the prelims, Royce Gracie Vs Ichihara. Apparently Ichihara is a "living legend" in his hometown. That's going to be a disappointed town. Ichihara holds on for dear life, making Royce take five minutes or so to beat him, but beat him he does, to no surprise. --Pat Smith absolutely pisses through Robert Morris with vicious punches and elbows on the ground. --Johnny Rhodes Vs Fred Ettish. Ettish offers a couple of leg kicks to open up, but when Rhodes connects with a punch on him, Ettish is in a world of hurt. He takes some knees and punches on the ground, has zero defence for a choke attempt by Rhodes and has no choice but to tap. -Orlando Weit Vs Remco Pardoel Weit looked really impressive in the highlights of his opening bout. He also looks to be in great shape, cosmetically at least. Remco is the much larger man, and ends up on top, not good for Weit. He rains down back elbows on Weit, who actually looks dead. Rumour has it, that to get him up out of the Octagon they had to use a spatula. Rough stuff right here. Jason DeLucia Vs Royce Gracie Anyone want to guess what happened here? Royce rips Kung Fu Jason's arm off. No, you're not getting a point for getting that right. Pat Smith Vs Johnny Rhodes Both men picking their shots here on the feet before Smith gets an opening to put Rhodes in a standing guillotine and that's all she wrote. I'll guess Smith will have liked winning this one with a submission. Royce Gracie Vs Remco Pardoel Using Remco's Gi, Royce chokes Remco out in short order. He took Pardoel's back, and Pardoel didn't stand a chance. He wasn't going to elBow Royce Gracie into a pancake that's for sure. Kenny Sham's is here doing an interview! He'll be back soon. Royce Gracie Vs Pat Smith I haven't seen this before, but I could see it being Gracie's most competitive fight to date. . .well, I was wrong there. Bi Jaysus that didn't take long, did it? Royce takes Smith down without too much trouble, easily slides into mount, lands a few punches to the face, and Smith's corner throws in the towel. Skinny pyjama man is 7-0 in the UFC. The interviewer says he's the Ultimate Warrior, or Ultimate Champion. He can't decide which. In my life, I've never seen a man that looks less like Jim Hellwig, than Royce Gracie. Royce is the clear star of the early days for UFC, but Smith and Shamrock clearly show they are going to be hanging about and will develop. What's also clear is that the commentary, ring announcer's and interviewers are entirely inept and haven't a clue what they're watching, the name of the promotion or show, or possibly even what day of the week it is. Shambles. When Jim Brown with possible extensive head trauma, is your best person with a microphone, you know where you need to put the work in.
  2. Here's Clarence, the most recent rescue to join the clan, last November. He can be a wee shitehead when he wants to be, but mostly he just wants to scratch his head on your foot when you're sitting down, and is partial to eating slices of Clementines. Or the whole box if he can get away with it. He's had a tough life too, so I think he's enjoying himself a little more these days.
  3. Oscar decided he was going to be my training buddy yesterday. Here he can be seen trying to practice a plank. Social distancing practices were not being carried out very well last Saturday by Oscar, Buddy and Eb's.
  4. WeeAl

    Covid-19 Megathread

    So sorry to hear about what's happened to your family @neil. Absolutely heart breaking to be going through that, my thoughts are with you all.
  5. Galveston (2018) I was very impressed by this. It just appeared on Sky Premiere, I read Ben Foster was in it and that was enough for me, it had to be worth a watch. Going in I kind of expected that it might be a reasonable film carried completely by Foster likely being excellent, but the other characters more than hold their own as well, and Foster doesn't disappoint. Ford Vs Ferrari/Le Mans '66 I watched this last night with my brother, we'd meant to see it in the cinema at the time but didn't get round to it. Not being a car enthusiast, I didn't know much of the story going in, but I thought this was a tonne of fun. Damon and especially Bale were very good, with Josh Lucas playing a detestable prick really well, which wouldn't be something I associate him with. Despite being a long film, it zipped along nice and briskly, which I guess makes sense considering the subject. The race scenes had me on the edge of my seat, anticipating disaster with every turn. Honourable mention to Caitriona Balfe, who put in a shift as Bale's wife. In the few key scenes she had, I thought she was excellent.
  6. Hadn't seen that fight yet myself. That was a vicious knockout there from Pico. It was probably for the best for him that it came after a round of getting some good work in on the ground and utilising his wrestling game as well. Just the type of win he needed to get his career back on track.
  7. πŸ˜‚ Luckily enough for my mental well-being, no it wasn't either of the two. I was actually trying to watch SummerSlam 94. It wouldn't work so I tried SummerSlam 95. King of the Ring 94 and Survivor Series 94 were also in the same boat. I'll give it another whirl this evening and see if I've any luck. Maybe it was just bad timing.
  8. So, California is on a state wide lockdown. Khabib and Tony are both in California at the moment. Are we expecting Dana's next plan to be to smuggle them out in a tunnel, onto a boat and over to Singapore?
  9. I'm really, really sorry to hear that Monkee. It's devastating going through that, especially after having them for so long. My thoughts are with you Monkee.
  10. Yeah, I tried to watch four different PPV's from 94/95 last night and it would play between six and twenty seconds before freezing completely and not playing again. Yet just before that, I watched Bret on the Broken Skull Sessions, by means other than the Network, and it didn't give me a single problem, not even an expected pop up or two. I reckon it's time the Network went in the bin again for a while.
  11. Ahh right, thanks for this Onyx. I guess that does give him a lot more work and responsibility in the interim with NXT Japan, NXT UK/Europe and I'm sure they want a Latin American equivalent too. It doesn't have the historical cache of being the 'right hand man' though that something like head of creative, head of production or VP of talent relations does. It'll be interesting to see what the succession plan truly looks like, when it comes to pass
  12. I've seen a few mentions of HHH being demoted, but that's the sum of what I've heard about it. Are there any more details about what's happened there?
  13. WWE Network, if you don't work properly while billions of people around the world are confining themselves to their houses, then what point is there in having you? Get your shit together.
  14. AAA When World's Collide Octagon & El Hijo Del Santo Vs Eddie Guerrero & 'Love Machine' Art Barr - Double mask Vs double hair 2/3 falls. Watched this earlier. There's a version up on YouTube, but the quality isn't great. It's still really good, and the match isn't overly long (though there is a cut in the middle that I can't recall how much it will have skipped forward). One thing I liked about it was it treated the pile-driver as a debilitating move. Treat it as such and people will believe it. It's always sad to think what could have been if Barr and Guerrero didn't die so young (27 and 38 I believe?). Guerrero really was exceptional, even here at this early stage of his career. The most disappointing thing for Eddie must have been that he was never able to have a healthy body at the same time as he developed the charisma and star power to be a main eventer. The closest he probably came to the winning formula was as a heel in 1997, and even then he was unfortunate that there was never going to be any real upward momentum for him at that time in WCW.
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