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  1. I hadn't forgotten about the fight, but I had got confused about the date. Fantastic that it's happening this weekend on a week where it can dominate the media attention with such a weak UFC show. I'll watch this on Sunday morning instead and pick up on the UFC whenever. Pitbull Vs McKee is massive. As well as that, I'm unable to decide what way I see it going. Unusual feelings when it comes to a Pitbull fight.
  2. Has anyone ever seen Tom Selleck and Don Frye in the same room together before? Along with Dan Severn they should make a long awaited sequel, Three Men & a Geriatric.
  3. It's a ridiculously stacked division when you think half of the fighters you mention there Wand aren't even ranked. That there are fighters that good, outside of the top fifteen? It's insane. Sure, some of them may age out fairly soon like Edgar, Cruz and Aldo, but for every one of those vet's, there are two hungry guys entering their prime and looking their spot.
  4. πŸ˜… I'm a bloody curse. That's twice today I've done something like that. Coming to work this morning "Gimme all your lovin' " came on the radio and I said to my brother that I was surprised they were all still alive. Obviously, those three minutes didn't age very well.
  5. Sam Alvey's fight being pulled improves this card. Even then it's pretty bleak though. Bryan Barbarena is always worth a watch, I'll check out Mounir Lazzez's fight, and the main event I'll watch. The rest? Well, we'll see. I'm going to be around the house all day Sunday, hanging like a bat, and I'm still not likely to pay this one much thought.
  6. At least Belcher has the tattoo there to make him clearly distinguishable from 2013 Victor Belfort. The man knows where the steaks and plates be kept.
  7. I had Sandhagen winning rounds 2, 4 and 5 but it was an extremely close fight and I have no issues with the decision going the other way, and don't think either fighter could have had a big argument about it either if it didn't go their way. At this point, if Yan/Aljo wasn't delayed, I would just have TJ fight the winner of that. As it stands, he's going to have to fight again as it's going to be a while until the winner of the title fight is ready to go again. TJ is way beyond Garbrandt though, still. Maybe in a year or two, but I see no reason for that to happen again now. Unless Lego head returns, I'd go with: Dillashaw/Font (winner gets a title shot) Sandhagen Vs Aldo (maybe Aldo is booked against Munhoz? If so Sandhagen/Cruz would be an option).
  8. This week's show looks fantastic on paper. I'm stupidly excited for the ten man tag match. Nick Gage however, I can completely leave that. Not my bag whatsoever. I don't know loads about him, but he sounds to me like somebody you should try to actively avoid having anywhere near you.
  9. This was a real gem of a find when I stumbled upon it a few months ago. Talking Pictures: The gift that keeps on giving.
  10. Maisie, a dog we were looking after while her owner was away, shows what she thought of England's win against Ukraine recently.
  11. Fingers crossed that's what it is @David. A pilgrimage to Fedor's house or something.
  12. I was impressed with Herb Dean's stoppage. It was the right call. Moutinho was never going to win at that point, he was really buzzed and Herb either saved him from getting knocked out cold, or for taking another 15-20 relatively unanswered shots. Moutinho's stock wouldn't have gone up by anymore than it already had for simply lasting another 28 seconds or whatever it was. This fight was over, and realistically, could have been stopped earlier. Pleased to see Aldana win. Kunitskya isn't the most exciting fighter in the world. Women's 135 in general is the worst division in the company (I'm not counting 145). Hopefully Aldana can string enough wins together to be somewhat credible to face Nunes. Providing she gets the weight cut under control next time. Thompson Vs Burns was always going to do this to me. With two guys I like both fighting each other, I always end up more disappointed for the loser than pleased for the winner. I reckon Burns is going to have to win twice more though. Colby for whatever reason is getting the next shot (he's been fairly inactive, so I would leapfrog Edwards in here). Either way, those are Usman's next two opponents, should he win both. Burns Vs Masvidal was a good shout by Gilbert in that case.
  13. Beautiful stuff. I'm only disappointed it ended that way because McGregor will clearly use it as an excuse to get a fourth fight with Dustin that he doesn't deserve. Tell you what he did deserve though. He deserved that broken ankle. Not just for the build up to this fight, but that's years of shit talk and dreadful behaviour coming back to bite him on the ass. Dustin showed way more class than anyone should have expected him to in that post fight interview. I want to see him get the belt in his next fight and truly put the cherry on the top of the sundae. On another fantastic note, way to go Bam Bam! To watch that huge sack of shit, Greg Hardy, fall flat on his arse following Tuivasa's clean left, was a thing of beauty.
  14. Not capable of staying awake all night for this one, so I'll watch it with a pot of tea and a bacon butty in the morning instead. Picking: Poirier - submission, Thompson - Decision, Hardy - Decision (Urgh), Aldana - Decision, O'Malley - KO/TKO, Griffin - Decision, Topuria - Decision, Duplessis - KO/TKO, Maia - Decision, Tavares - Decision. Looking at it like that, outside of the top two fights, it's not a great main card. It just features two bellends that the UFC wants to get over, that it would be great to see both lose. Hardy Vs Tuivasa is a bit of a flip really, whereas the opener has O'Malley in as much of a gimme as the promotion could realistically put on. Griffin Vs Condit, Hall Vs Topuria and Tavares Vs Akhmedov could all be much more fun on the prelims though. C'mon Dustin, chalk another one up in the win column and then go and get that belt.
  15. I never played this one before. Spent too many hours on EWR though. Wanted to try the WMMA, I could never get it to work unfortunately.
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