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  1. The production of the show on display in KSW, even for a bare Knuckle show, blow the UFC out of the water.
  2. A fantastic card this. I'd be hard pushed to try and find a fight on the card that I don't have any interest in. There's someone or something about each fight that helps it catch the eye, ranging between "they could be worth keeping an eye on" to "this is a nice match up" all the way up to "this is a fucking blinder" and "How wouldn't I want to watch Figgy Smalls and Valentina channel impersonating Godzilla mauling a sheep".
  3. Ion Cutelaba got fucked up. He's fun to watch as he's going to win or lose by KO, but a cut below Ankalaev. Happy to watch both these men fight anybody next. Disappointed for Walt Harris, but he needed to win this very early to have a chance. Volkov is just too savvy, and that body kick put a hurting on the Big Ticket. Volkov might get Overeem after this, but I'm hoping it'll be Rozenstruik, as I'm still holding out hope for 'Reem Vs Jones.
  4. I'd bet all of your winnings on that being the case Ebb πŸ˜‰. Apart from McGregor winning. We can't be that unlucky that he'll come out on top of this whole situation.
  5. Khabib gets out on top. Anyone that does that has to be applauded, for 'beating the house' so to speak. As a fan of the sport like the rest of you, of course I'd have loved him to continue on to see what else he could go on to do, but only he knows the right time that he needs to walk away. We're heading for Poirier Vs McGregor for the vacant belt. Fingers crossed Dustin has the game to beat him now, like I expect he does.
  6. What an ending to a great show. The whole way from start to bottom, it was a fun ride. I didn't see the Khabib retirement coming. Maybe I should have when I looked at what his options would be, but I was set on thinking 30-0 made a difference to him. Really it was the journey that he was on with his dad that was the driver behind everything. A stellar, startling performance.
  7. WeeAl

    Chippy Tea

    Yeah, definitely the wrong way round! Seems there's definitely some opposition to that chippy tea in here, I'll have to go Cod, chips and mushy peas with curry sauce for the next one.
  8. A medium rare steak, when it's on offer, is a much better choice Wand.
  9. WeeAl

    Chippy Tea

    #ChippyTeaForUFC Chicken Kebab on chips, peppers, onions and kebab sauce. Eaten early enough so that there's plenty of room for beer here in a little while.
  10. #ChippyTeaForUFC Chicken Kebab on chips, peppers, onions and kebab sauce. Eaten early enough so that there's plenty of room for beer here in a little while.
  11. Fucking Sam Alvey. Cunt is everywhere, smiling all over the place.
  12. The only round I would have given McGregor was round 3, and even then I only believe he won that round because I get the feeling Khabib took it as a round off.
  13. Edwards seems to think he has earned his title shot and therefore doesn't need another fight, and with eight wins, he has. However he can't sit and wait for the UFC to come to him when they need a challenger, when other people have been active and staying in the public consciousness. It's a 'what have you done for me lately' sport, and he hasn't fought since July 2019. That win was against RDA, but the longer you leave it from your last win, the less impressive said wins can become depending on how that fighters career has went since. That's why there's a need to continue to be active, if
  14. I think we definitely should. We'll all be watching it live anyway, I don't think there will be many of us waiting for Sunday morning on this one.
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