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  1. That Raw was dreadful. And I didn't even have to put up with seeing Bray Wyatt close the show as my Sky recording cut out. From the opening segment being utterly pointless and going on for almost as long as a WrestleMania Pre-Show, we were off to a bad start and it didn't really improve from there if I'm honest. One of the most boring episodes in a long time, and the direction seemed non-existent with a lot of guys being in different programs due to the draft. Jeff Hardy still felt like he had star power, Strowman got to kill Kalisto again so Braun came out ok, and the Crusierweights, for the first time on Raw that I can remember, had the best match, so they had a good night. As for everybody else - I don't think anyone else benefitted from that show, nor has it left me one bit interested for Payback. In fact I had already forgotten Payback was this weekend until I went online to read the Smackdown results this morning (Sky's recording died again, I really should get it looked at).
  2. He's bound to get a sweet offer from Bellator, but like you say, it's just getting through the two fights first to get to the negotiating table that is the tricky part. He'd be a good acquistion for Bellator, and I would think they would make it worth it for him to fight.
  3. Del Rio is the most yawn inducing fucker there has been in many a year. How in the name of god he got such a huge contract to come back for that last run I have no idea. It's one thing giving a contract that big to someone you've never had that turns out to be a bust. That happens. It's another thing entirely to give it to someone that was there for years, and they knew was shit, yet gave him a pay increase to come back. He must have been laughing his ass off.
  4. I watched a few random matches from the first couple of years of Raw there on Friday evening. One of them was a Diesel vs Lex Luger Intercontinental Title match that was much better than it had any right to be. It opened the show and was certainly the high point. Razor Ramon v Virgil got a watch, as did the Beverly Brothers vs Money Inc. The best match of my random pickings though was a six man between Owen/Yoko/Hakushi vs Bret/Kid/Sparky Plugg. It really was a pretty good match that I had never watched before. Watching a few random Raw's also involved constant changes in the commentary team, which makes the good people stand out even more against the bad. I like Vince at the commentary desk so I have him in the thumbs up category, along with J.R and King. But Randy Savage really wasn't cut out for it I don't think. Rob Bartlett, well the less said about him the better. The worst thing about all the episodes though was the building they were in. It was pretty much a shithole when you compare it to the Manhattan Center for the early Raws. Grandeur and style it was most certainly lacking.
  5. I completely forgot this show was on this weekend. I still think it's a crazy bit of matchmaking by pairing up Swanson and Lobov. Nothing to gain for Swanson with a win and everything to lose should the upset happen. I guess it's a chance to look really impressive by winning and to stay active until a big fight comes along. It should be a fun show though, all the main card fights look like they will deliver something exciting, apart from possibly OSP and De Lima. But Iaquinta and Sanchez will likely be madness, and Lauzon/Ray has the potential to be a great fight. It'll keep me company over my breakfast on Sunday morning before work anyway.
  6. I was just flicking back through this thread and noticed this and thought the same. It really didn't get enough love I don't think. The most I've enjoyed a film released in the past few years anyway.
  7. No you're not making it up Gus. Their profitability completely hinges on the TV deal not only staying as good as it is, but they probably need it to get larger when the next renewal comes up. A drastic cut in the rights fees and there would be some serious sweating going on at Titan.
  8. 😣 that doesn't sound even half as much fun.
  9. For fuck sake. I've it recorded on BT Sport 2 and I'm away for the night at the in laws and was hoping to come back and watch it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll catch the replay tomorrow night.
  10. Nakamura's debut was cool as all hell and the man just walked out and vibrated around ringside. Can't wait to see what he gets up to on the Blue Brand. House of Horrors? God only knows, but I'm intrigued as to how high it can score on the wrestlecrap scale. Corbin v Ambrose was the match they wished they were able to have at Mania but obviously couldn't with other matches more deserving of the bag of tricks. Good job from those two. Love the look of where AJ is going, he's primed for a face run now and has tonnes of possibilities be it on Raw or Smackdown.
  11. Oh I'm not saying I wouldn't do a six man to protect him if I was in their position, that would obviously keep things to a minimum. If he gets cleared to wrestle I'd imagine that's the type of match we'll see at some point. But if he gets cleared, he'll be having at least one singles as well, and my guess is that would be with the safest pair of hands on the roster.
  12. IMPACT Indian branch for him, as an antagonist to The Great Khali, it'll get them around the loop three times. 50,000 people a night, no problem.
  13. Angle v HHH is about as safe a match as he could have. Probably the likely end result with him being the GM now as well.
  14. I'm interested to see how Balor does on a regular basis. He's still very fresh to me with just watching Takeover shows and his few main roster appearances, but on the whole I'm unsure how regular crowds will take to him as time goes on. The jury is still out but getting behind somebody the way they have with Balor is obviously the best launching pad to see what they've got.
  15. I'm after listening to Jericho's podcast with Tony Condello that he did a while ago and it was a really fun listen. They guy just tells stories and needs next to no prompting. He shits on quite a few people that aren't around anymore to defend it but it was a super easy listen, worth a play on a trip to work certainly.