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  1. Yeah it really does. It's been a while from I've been able to say that I have an interest in every fight on the main card of Fight Night show. The main card, plus a few of the prelims, have worthwhile talking points to them.
  2. Those are both the right way to go I think. Bader Vs Rampage does nothing for anybody except give Rampage a pasting on his back. There wouldn't be any doubt over the result. I could see Fedor Vs Rampage going either way. Fedor could knock Jackson out, but I think Rampage still takes a shot better than Fedor at this stage and is the more likely winner. On the Grand Prix front, I like the idea for the quarter final draw: https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/9/8/20855623/scott-coker-putting-bracketing-of-featherweight-tournament-in-winners-hands
  3. Are there any viable contenders for Bader at LHW? It feels like he hasn't fought their in a while. Not the most exciting main card as Jim said. Bader was cutting through Kongo easily up until the unfortunate ending. Strauss Vs Campos was terribly boring. I would say it was impressive from Campos that he had such an easy time of it, but really Straus was offering so little that Campos really should have got the submission. Carvalho looked good in his win, but looks a little small for featherweight to me, but with wins like this it may not matter. Borics made the biggest statement with his win over Curran, Sanchez will be a handful for absolutely anyone in the next round, and it was an unfortunate ending for Gaston Bolanos, that loss could stall him a little, but it's still very early days for him.
  4. WeeAl

    Best crisps?

    The answer is McCoys, Flame Grilled Steak. The best in the business.
  5. At least a few of these guys are likely to be on Helwani's show on Monday to talk about the whole situation. It'll be interesting to hear what happened from their point of view.
  6. Khabib is obviously the big favourite going into this, but I wouldn't be surprised if Poirier hurts him early and springs an upset. If Dustin is to win, then I think it's by first round KO. A flash win similar to Nunes Vs Cyborg, Cejudo Vs Dillashaw or Zhang Vs Andrade. Catch him cold when he shoots in early, rattle him and don't let him recover. If it goes past the first found I don't see an upset. The heat is expected to be stifling, and I heard Helwani saying that the 'arena' isn't really built, that it's effectively a tent outside in the desert. They are both going to be exhausted, my guess is the guy that's on top in the grappling exchanges is going to be the happier of the two when or if it gets to the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds.
  7. Yeah it seems to me like the UFC are going to kill off the potential Usman Vs Colby fight and the Masvidal Vs Diaz fight, as they are finding a hard time negotiating with at least two of the parties, and try and go with this Usman Vs Masvidal fight instead, like David says. Maybe they are hoping Jorge wins and then Nate will become a bit easier to deal with. There would be the title (with the extra money and higher profile that it being a main event would bring, probably having more importance for Nate I would think). If Jorge gets the belt though, Colby's fucked again, which would be pretty funny. I wouldn't be betting against Usman though, against any of these guys.
  8. I just watched the top three fights. Kara-France put in a good performance, in a hard scrap with De La Rosa. I gave France the first two rounds of a fun fight. Li Jingliang looked better than I have ever seen him before, and really out a beating on EZ Dos Santos there at the end. Before the fight I had Dos Santos pegged to take this one comfortably, which made it all the more impressive from Li. What a spectacular win by Zhang though. Incredible stuff. To get the better of Andrade by being tactically and technically a better strike than her is one thing (Joanna and Rose right up until the slam) but to go out there and just wreck her, the way that Andrade tries to do to her opponents is quite a statement. Zhang just bulldozed through her here. That changes things at the top yet again at 115, which is a pretty damn exciting division. I'd guess the winner of JJ Vs Waterston gets the next shot, with Rose out on an indefinite break, Suarez injured, and Andrade would need a win or two before she fights for the title again after that fight. Fair play to Andrade though, she won the title in her home country but was determined to pay that opportunity forward and defend against an opponent on their turf, and I would say it ended up being a clear disadvantage for her, especially things like cutting weight in a country as different as China, against an opponent who is right at home. This could definitely change the game now though. If China jump with both feet into this, we could be looking at a lot more Chinese influence in the near future, both financially and through the amount of talented Chinese fighters that the country will start to produce.
  9. Oh, completely. With each passing year as it gets easier to only watch/listen/read on demand things that you are interested in, I feel I get more out of the loop with a lot of things. I watch almost no live TV, or listen to live radio (unless there is someone else in the car, then I'll have it on low in the background). I very rarely ever have the sports/news channels playing in the background. As with podcasts, NOW TV, Prime and Netflix etc, I only choose to watch things I like, rather than channel hopping and possibly landing upon something new that piques my interest. With not needing newspaper's anymore, instead with the ability these days to use filters on websites to only see things that might be of interest to me, it gets less likely as time goes on that new things will enter my orbit from a different lane. Changing times and all that. I'm not sure if it's something terrible or something perfect. Haskell having 77 caps for England, as Jim Bob mentioned above, was obviously not something that I knew, but being told that, this move makes even more sense for Bellator than I thought. That he also has a TV presence outside of Rugby and is said to have a personality, this should be a home run for Bellator if Haskell can become passable enough to even win as much as he loses. If he is any better than that, then it is a real bonus.
  10. I literally (sorry Redknapp, I'm stealing it from you) had no idea who he was. Even being told what he does and his background etc, the name and the face have no familiarity to me. I assume I have similar feelings to this as a lot of American's would have towards it, with it not registering at all. Basically the same type of reaction as if Bellator had announced some random Major League Baseball or NASCAR star was making their debut on a US card, it wouldn't mean diddly to the majority of us. It's a great idea for Bellator though to do this type of thing. Pretty much anybody that follows this guy's career is going to have at least a passing interest in finding out how he got on in his debut. If even somewhere around 1-5 percent of fans of his club (I have no idea how big a following his club would have really) decide to either watch it or spend some money to see him, then it's all a plus. That's not even going into the extra press that they'll pick up, which is much more than they will get for not doing this type of thing. Match him well, give him the chance to develop, and it'll probably turn out to be a worthwhile experiment for them. Basically, feed him the guys Jack Swagger has beaten recently, in an "anything you can do I can do better" challenge, and then put Swagger and Haskell together down the line in a boiler room brawl, or a buried alive match or some other suitable type of bout.
  11. Gonzaga and Big Foot. The pair of them have taken enough trauma to qualify for being in a nursing home, so now they are going to bash each other about another bit just to make sure. I'm betting on Gonzaga being the less shot of the pair though.
  12. This will tell us if Condit has anything left in the tank for fighting, and if Gall has it in him to step up to a higher level. Interesting pairing. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/8/28/20837430/carlos-condit-vs-mickey-gall-headed-to-ufc-on-espn-7-in-d-c
  13. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/8/25/20831851/bellator-225-was-the-most-violent-night-in-major-mma-history This weekend's Bellator show appears to have been pretty tasty in the end up. Fourteen fights and fourteen finishes. Madness. If you got around to watching it, you got your reward. The highlights (they're in the link) are well worth watching if, like me, you didn't see any of the card.
  14. Iaquinta Vs Hooker had escaped my notice, that's a great fight right there and will really add to that show.
  15. I'll catch very little of this one as I'm on shift next weekend, but I'll probably see the main and Co-Main spoiler free on Sunday morning before work. After that though there's not the level of interest for me to try and avoid spoilers until Monday. The Denmark card looks really good though, but this overseas show is a little weak, probably on the count of getting a rare title fight outside of the US.
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