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  1. WeeAl


    I'll be absolutely gutted if we don't get to see Georges out there again. When he left the first time I thought for sure he would be back one day. After the Bisping fight, I again thought he wouldn't be finished, just that it would be a waiting game. There are so many big fights left out there for him, and the vast majority of those I would either favour GSP, or feel that he's as likely to win the fight as the opponent. There are almost no possible opponents he could have that I feel he would be an obvious underdog against. Fair play to GSP. He's the GOAT and I don't think it's really that much of a debate. All the other contenders have question marks, either over the competition, their drug tests, certain losses on the rΓ©sumΓ© etc. With GSP he won and defended the belt over and over again (winning a championship on three different occasions) he cleaned out his division several times over, and avenged his only two losses in convincing, devastating fashion. If he gets out of the game with the health and wealth that he has, then he's a glowing example for how to do everything perfectly. It's only for my selfish reasons as a fan that I would love to watch him again, but at the same time I'll be delighted for the great man.
  2. WeeAl

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    Bellator are wasting no time with this Welterweight Grand Prix. MVP Vs Lima is going down in May. Also on the card, Jake Hager goes 2-0 as Coker matches him up with a JW conquistador, A.J McKee Vs Pat Curran, and Chandler defends the 155lb belt against Patricio Pitbull. That's a damn fine looking card right there. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/2/19/18232088/douglas-lima-vs-michael-page-jake-hager-return-set-for-bellator-in-may
  3. WeeAl

    Minor News & Random Shit

    Yushin Okami is the latest signing by ONE. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/2/19/18232584/one-championship-announces-signing-of-yushin-okami It seems like it would be a good fit for him at this stage of his career. There aren't many ranked WW or MW fighters that he would be fit to beat in the UFC these days, I wouldn't think.
  4. Luque Vs Barbarena was a barnburner. Both men were just down for whatever. It felt like what a three rounder between Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler would look like. Barbarena just peppering away with constant shots and Luque firing back with heat. Easily the fight of the night, and the judges would have had a hard time if it went the distance. Paul Felder deservedly got the nod against Vick. Followed a great gameplan, and win or lose, Felder is going to make you earn your pay cheque against him. The collapsed lung, and broken arm during his past two fights, yet still going the distance in both just serves to underline that. I'll absolutely have some of Felder against either Gaethje or Barboza. As far as producing an entertaining fight, the main event was a real disappointment. However it kind of fell into what we expected in one way. I think most of us thought Cain was going to either weather a storm and win a decision/stop Francis late, or he was going out early. Unfortunately the finish left it all a little cloudy, but I'm chuffed for the big man, as he seems like one of the nicest men in the sport.
  5. WeeAl

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    The women's tag title elimination chamber match has the potential to be a total disaster. At best, it might escape having been somewhat reasonable. It looks to be the worst elimination chamber lineup that there has been. The men's match however, looks fantastic. It could easily be a main roster match of the year contender. There's some uncertainty there as well as there doesn't appear to be an obvious direction for WrestleMania when it comes to the WWE title picture. It's a one match show, but that one match, at least on paper, looks worth going out of your way to see.
  6. Yeah, but I believe it's actually on Sunday night. Which next week will make work very difficult, trying to get watching this show and Elimination Chamber all on the one day. Somehow, I don't think it will work out. πŸ€”
  7. WeeAl

    Random Thoughts III.

    I think the idea behind that rule is to allow a clean finish in a match where they don't want to beat at least one (but probably two) of the participants. We get so many DQ finishes as it is in singles matches due to wanting to protect both people, that I'm pretty glad it's the way it is. The draw back comes when titles transition from the champion to the new champion without the holder being involved in the fall. Unless that helps set up the new program between the winner and the unbeaten champion, then it may not give the winner as big of a boost as it would if they beat the holder to win the belt (although I guess that's completely in theory, and it really depends on who is involved more than anything).
  8. I was busy yesterday and last night and didn't have a chance to keep up to date with what was going on. This morning when I stuck the show on I went right to where I thought the co-main was about to start, with Anderson's walkout. Bruce Buffer was doing the ring announcements and Kelvin Gastelum was standing there with a fucking title belt over his shoulder, and next thing Bruce says it's time for the main event of the evening. I said to myself, 'whoa, whoa, whoa what the fuck have I missed here? Are the UFC doing a WWE and putting the title fight on first and fucking about with the natural order of things?' So I watched the main event the whole way, thinking that Gastelum had beaten Whittaker in the opener and that Adesanya was going to be facing Kelvin, probably in the summer. The whole time imagining how Bobby Knuckles was feeling getting beaten for the belt in his home country. Israel does his interview and I thought, maybe something else has happened. I went back to the start of the show to learn that Rob Whittaker's insides exploded and Kelvin Gastelum is walking around looking like a grade A berk with Henry Cejudo's title belt. He deserves ten rounds with Yoel Romero for that. I hope they bypass him now altogether and go with Adesanya Vs Whittaker.
  9. WeeAl

    Bellator Thread - Bellator 217 (Feb. 23rd)

    That's a brilliant landing pad for Bellator and for that fight in particular. If they can get regular segments on Sky Sports News ahead of it, along with these live UK shows on 5, then this could really be a big year for Bellator on these shores, where fan interest is concerned. For having a chance at the casual audience these days, you could do a lot worse than getting terrestrial TV and being featured on SSN.
  10. WeeAl

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I was reading that article early this morning. After the first paragraph I thought to myself 'right, Wanderlei is going to see sense here and retire now after getting this wake up call'. I get to the end of the article and he's talking about fighting Vitor twice more! The man needs an intervention. Unfortunately I would guess that he won't be the only Chute Boxe fighter from that era that will have this to look forward to in their late 40's and 50's. It would kind of be a miracle if even half of these older fighters that sparred hard almost every day of the week, didn't end up with serious brain injuries.
  11. I know Aldo is calling out Pettis for May, but I'd be surprised to see the timing work out. Pettis is fighting Wonderboy in March, and that's a fast turnaround for a fight that he's unlikely to come out of unscathed. Maybe Aldo fights somebody else in May, Pettis fights Wonderboy in March and the two meet each other at the end of the year at 155.
  12. WeeAl

    Bare Knuckle Boxing Thread

    Rumble would probably need to lose in the region of 40lbs in order to make Heavyweight at the moment. He's gigantic.
  13. I only managed to catch the top five fights, but what a five to catch. Like you say Wand, Johnny Fucking Walker indeed. Is it too early to say Johnny Walker could be 2019's version of Israel Adesanya in 2018? He's got charisma coming out of his ears, talent, extremely athletic, humongous for the division and power for days. He's going to wreck shop against some of the less agile blokes in the 5-15 range of that division. Takes chances galore surely, and will get caught out at some point I would imagine, but from all I've seen of him so far, he's going to be a somebody very soon at 205. Jose Aldo looked absolutely dynamite here. Moicano is no joke and he had a significant height and reach advantage over Jose, and Also made it look easy. Brian Ortega struggled to get the W over Moicano, and just managed it at the death in a fight he was losing. Aldo here, looked no less the athlete than he has ever been, with his speed, reflexes and timing looking sharp as a tack and he still has the incredible power that he has always possessed. Absolutely delighted for him. If anything, Aldo's win's here over Moicano, Stephens and Edgar only serve to highlight how truly impressive the McGregor and moreso the Holloway wins against Jose were. The man is a phenom and he has plenty left in the tank yet. Charles Oliviera is never going to give anybody an easy night's work. An animal on the ground and dangerous on the feet. His toughest opponent always seems to be himself with never having the weight class nailed down. I can understand why as well, as he clearly has trouble with the cut to 145 but his frame looks small for 155. Having said that, when you have BJJ skills like that, I don't think he would mind some of the wrestlers at 155 trying to put him on his back. Marlon Moraes deserves the shot at 135. He already did, but even moreso now. The dude is an animal. He hits like he is from two weight classes higher (he kind of is considering he balloons back up by twenty pounds on fight night). If he fights TJ then I'm picking Marlon, by brutal KO in the first. I don't know who he fights if he doesn't get the title fight though. Who's available, that is in his vicinity, that he hasn't beaten already? I was very happy for Maia. One of the real good guys of the sport. I feel like if he fights people that aren't elite wrestlers, he could probably right this way and win for the next 3 or 4 years. He's impossible to handle if you can't keep him at distance.
  14. WeeAl

    UFC 235: Jones vs Smith - Mar 2 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    Yeah that seems to make sense right enough. In fairness, it was a weird pairing to begin with, Holm and Ladd. Holm is one of the only viable contenders at 135 or 145. A W for Ladd would have been more benefit to her, than a win would have done for Holly at this stage. Holly Holm Vs Amanda Nunes for a title can main event a PPV. Nunes Vs someone else not named Cyborg probably has to be on a two title fight show.
  15. WeeAl

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    A couple of weeks ago I thought "I'll give this MLW a whack. It's short, could be interesting, Tony Schiavone is back on commentary. . ." Etc. The episode I picked, that shanking carry on was in the opening recap. I couldn't believe it. I think I watched the start of the LA Park match, and then just gave up. I can't see me going back to view anymore of it. A fucking shanking. Jesus Christ.