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  1. I'm not a fan of either Jones or Cain, so should that fight ever happen, a double knockdown KO for the win please.
  2. Chuffed for Weidman, he needed that win big time, and the division is helped by him staying relevant as well. Gastelum still has lots of time to continue his development. But stay at 185 Kelvin and stop fucking about pretending you can stay off the doughnuts by trying to drop to 170 again. Thought the judging on the whole got the right decisions in all three main card fights. I had Elkins, Cummins and Riviera all winning, so it's nice to come out of a show and not having been baffled by a decision. As for the D.C v Jones promo, I think it lost a little something by being pre-taped with them making the constant cuts to the next bit. What I did get from it though was that both guys are trying to put on a face of a different kind. I don't think Cormier is as relaxed as he was trying to portray, nor do I feel Jones is as angry at and as unflinched by D.C as he was letting on. I can't wait for the re-match. D.C looks heavy though, but he did say how well his weight was going a month ago so it'll be interesting on Friday.
  3. I went with the same pick, only I got it at 9/2. Too nice a price to not back him. I think it comes down to where Weidman's head is at. If he wants it and is focused, he's the bigger man and all round better fighter. If Weidman has any doubts in himself then Gastelum is good enough to exploit that and finish him. An extremely interesting fight I feel.
  4. Sorry for the double post, but estimated PPV numbers are in for UFC 213, Bellator NYC and Ward/Kovalev - and the news isn't good for any of them. 213 - 125k-150k (the lowest in 10 years for any PPV not headlined by DJ) Bellator - 90-130k. Almost right around their last PPV, and possibly under Bellator/Viacom's bare minimum, lowest end projections. All three PPV's each did less than 150,000 orders.
  5. No, the USADA guys can test all contracted fighters no matter where they are based/where the fight is. Although it may mean you get tested much less frequently if you trained outside of North America, simply down to time and money becoming an issue. Though that's just me making an assumption.
  6. Partly I think it comes down to them trusting HHH with Kurt's body. As well as that, if you believe Kurt, he hasn't had a medical yet for working a match. That could be part of why they have went with the 'Kurt's son' storyline. Should Angle not pass a medical or just happen to break down sometime in the future when building a match, he can still second Jordan against somebody else without having to vacate the storyline. As well as having the tag team scenario to help cover for his physical limitations, if need be.
  7. DC to beat Jones, and then defend against Gustafsson, with the winner fighting Jones again is bound to be the desired outcome. The last thing the UFC need is one of those current top three LHW's going up to HW and losing. If they could book the outcomes themselves, they must want DC/Jones III, DC/Gusty II & III and Jones/Gusty II & III. As others have mentioned about not banking on Cain making a card, at the minute Stipe isn't enamoured with the idea of getting back in the cage anytime soon. He's pretty miffed that he got 600k including a win bonus for beating Overeem, who got 800k for losing. Considering Mark Hunt, and possibly JDS and Werdum are getting better deals than him, I can't blame him. If Lesnar is going to come back, and able to fight more than once, Stipe is an option, as the money for that fight would convince Stipe to get back on the horse with the points he would get. Should Cain be healthy enough to fight in December/January, what you do is book Cain/Stipe and as semi-main have Lesnar v the winner of September's JDS/Ngannou fight. A back up plan in case Cain kills himself or Lesnar falls foul of the sniffer dogs. Should Jones beat DC though I would take great pleasure in seeing Brock get on top of him and squash his head like a bug. Though I can't see that being close to the outcome of such a fight
  8. I hadn't watched the show but those close ups really don't leave much doubt. The referee should have noticed at least one of those and been able to do something about it at the time.
  9. Hmmm. It'll be pretty interesting to see what happens from here, and who is telling the truth - Meltzer's sources or the UFC.
  10. Yeah, I believe it runs up until Wrestle Mania finishes in 2018.
  11. Fuck me lads. You put the phone away for a few hours to spend the evening with the family and come back on here to find out Brock is coming back? Now I'll not be able to sleep tonight dammit, I'll be too excited.
  12. You're very welcome, my pleasure. I didn't stray much from the French Quarter in my search for digs the last time so I'm glad to hear there is a bit of value found elsewhere. New Orleans is fairly dangerous in general from what I gather, I'm unsure myself on particular areas, but I'm sure some others on here will know of some no-go areas. One of the mornings I was there at 30 I picked up the newspaper and it claimed there had been three separate gun related shootings in the city the night before. I guess it's things like that which lead to high prices in what is percieved to be the safe areas. Just being as vigilant as possible with being aware of what is going on around you, taking transport rather than walking when off the main streets and trying to stay in groups and well lit areas is probably where to start with regards to avoiding trouble. Hopefully somebody else here will be able to give advice for all that are planning on going about the definite areas to avoid.
  13. I had thought that was Coliseum Video?
  14. Everyone on the mainland is missing out. The little buggers (pure jealousy on my part) here in Northern Ireland get 9 weeks and some places close to 10 for Summer holidays. 1 week mid-term at Halloween and 1 week in February. 2 weeks at Christmas (at least) and 2 weeks at Easter (some times they get an extra 2-3 days at Easter or Christmas if they can join it up with teacher training near the time). To be back in school again would be like winning the lotto folks. More or less 16 weeks Annual Leave a year fuck sake. I work in the NHS, which has damn good leave, and it's still about half of that.
  15. Hotels will cost you Otto. Similar prices to NYC hotels due to less rooms, though with the girlfriend sharing expenses that may not be as bad? (Could add to it right enough!) Flights I would expect to pay around £500 at least unless you get really lucky. When I went for 30 they didn't have abl regular route and so it was very expensive for anything that made any sense. I took terrible flights to save money: Dublin - JFK - x4 different trains to get to Newark inside three hours - Newark - Dallas - Dallas - New Orleans. You'll likely get a much better journey than that now, but probably for £500 and upwards of that. Hotels I would expect to pay £200 per night, per room for a three star hotel. Drinks $10 per, on Bourbon street. Food - fairly standard pricing I thought. The Voodoo, Ghost, Swamp and City tours are all great fun, as well as spending some time in Harrah's casino, and just taking in the atmosphere of the live music everywhere you go on the streets. If you can make it work financially, absolutely do it. You'll have a ball. And don't bother with Conventions if you want to meet wrestling personalities, as they all converge on the French quarter as well. Oh yeah, Cafe Au Lait's and Beignet's are beautiful. Cafe Du Mond will be packed out for these, but really they are the same thing in any of the street side cafe's.