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  1. Policy wise there probably isn't a huge difference between the two, post GFA. Where I expect most would see their difference (other than the ones you've mentioned) is in the belief that their intentions and commitment to their policies to put the people above their own self interests, are a little bit more genuine. The SDLP and the UUP, are seen to be a lot more moderate and willing to talk, without the redlines, barriers to discussion and refusals to negotiate by vacating Stormont. Whether this is because that's actually the case or because they have very little power so they have to claim that they would be more open to debate and compromise, remains to be seen. Alliance are going to struggle simply because Northern Ireland has drifted increasingly more towards Sinn Fein and the DUP. The moderate vote overall has been suffering in general elections (although did well in the European elections last time). Alliance have a chance in East Belfast, where Naomi Long was a distant second the last time out, but if they are going to gain a seat then this will be it. In North Down, Sylvia Hermon's retirement will mean over 40% of the vote share will be up for grabs. The Alliance could have been in with a shot of taking a good amount of that, but with Hermon's retirement, the UUP will be running a candidate again, so Alliance will probably get a bump, but it'll likely come down to a race between the UUP and the DUP (who really wouldn't need to gain much, if UUP and Alliance split the rest). They'd only be in trouble if Hermon's voter base moved fully one way or the other, which is unlikely. I guess it all depends on just how scared the voters over here are over Brexit, in the areas that matter where it could make a difference in the polls. The area's most affiliated with remain in the referendum, are more likely to be Nationalist, so the Alliance candidate is not going to do as well there. In the areas where they have the most support, these are the areas where there is slightly less worry over the issues Brexit will bring (mainly that they are further away from the border), and so the vote bounce they may get might not be enough to make a real difference.
  2. The worth of my vote tomorrow amounts to the grand total of fuck all. I live in a constituency where first and second generally split 92% of the vote between them, with usually three other candidates left to fight over the rest. If I was to vote for Sinn Fein or the UUP, then every vote counts in this area as it tends to come right down to the wire. If you don't vote for one of them though, then it's really only a token protest vote. I tend to vote Alliance but if there is an alternative independent then I consider them an option too. This election there happens to be a lady, Caroline Wheeler, running as an independent, and I believe she is a member of the UK Labour party. So that's pretty much my choice for tomorrow. Despite being from a unionist background and having voted for Tom Elliott of the UUP in a past election, I usually find the SDLP to be a party whose concerns seem fairly sensible and normal and I have often considered voting for them too. However it's still orange Vs green politics, and the further the country can get away from that, the better, so I'll lend my vote to a differently decorated poster. I'd be flabbergasted if either the independent or alliance candidate got third though, as the SDLP usually have that mopped up with a whopping five percent. The best case scenario here that I can see is that the vote share for first and second were to drop below 90%, with SDLP gaining a little from moderate Sinn Fein voters, and Alliance gaining a crumb from a few fed up unionists.
  3. Raw is a bloody easy watch when just checking it out via the video highlights page on the Observer site. Even with that, the five minute video clip of the Lana/Rusev divorce was dreadful. Hopefully Seth's new alliance with AOP will see a bit of a turn around in this show, with Kevin Owens, who generally gets good reactions, chasing him.
  4. I'm surprised they even went to the bother of going looking for Primo in order to get a sample. Seems like a lot of effort to me. I'm disappointed for Roode, he was getting a little bit of traction finally. This will curtail all that for him for the next while. He'll not get released, but he'll probably have shit all going on for the next while. I'm kind of assuming Roode's was for some juice. If it wasn't, and it was something more recreational or for pain medication etc, then hopefully it acts as a wake up call for both men and they can follow through on the help that I imagine is available to them.
  5. Pereira by flash KO or Sanchez to absolutely wear him out with his old man toughness and just make him melt. I'm not sure which. I'd have preferred to see Sanchez Vs Maia.
  6. Anthony Pettis is dropping back down to Lightweight for a fight with Diego Ferreira in January. I'm not overly surprised at the move back to LW, but the opponent caught me off guard. I had Pettis pegged as only being after fights with some cache at this stage of the game, against fighters with similar levels of name value as himself. Fair play to him for taking this fight as the risk Vs reward scale looks to be tipped slightly towards the risk side.
  7. Zabit Vs Kattar was a good fight, but it definitely made me feel that Zabit isn't ready yet for a title fight. He's won six in a row in the division but he also doesn't have a Edgar, Aldo, Zombie, Mendes, Swanson or Ortega win on his record that would confirm if he is ready to try and tackle Max. If Max beats Volkanovski and Zombie beats Ortega then you make that fight. If Volkanovski takes the title I expect they'll do an automatic re-match, or else the winner of Ortega vs Sung Jung. Should Holloway win and Ortega was to beat Korean Zombie, then that's where I think Zabit could end up getting the call. One win isn't enough for me to think Ortega would have anything different for Max, should he get another crack so soon.
  8. Looking forward to Brock Lesnar being the Boss of Survivor Series for yet another year running. Lesnar and Rey are going to own this show. Goldberg, Styles, Bryan and now Rey. He's Mr. Survivor Series. Had he appeared on the 2012, '13, '14, and '15 events then he'd have taken those shows by the balls too.
  9. Yeah Charles Oliviera is long overdue a big fight. Especially now that he's settled at Lightweight. Kevin Lee might be a realistic fight that both guys would be interested in. Hooker or Felder would be good fights for Do Bronx to try and move up, but I don't think either guy would be interested in fighting him at this stage. It's crazy to think how many records Oliviera could possibly smash in the UFC, while at the same time being completely under the radar. The man is only 30 for goodness sake.
  10. It continues to amaze me how Chris Jericho manages to keep reinventing himself and making sure he stays relevant. Even his theme music has grown on me. There's some great stuff going on with AEW at the moment. Going off their early shows before they got TV, I wasn't expecting to be able to stick with Dynamite at all, but it feels ten times easier to watch than the WWE shows at the moment. Sure there's some glaring things that I'm not a fan of, but it doesn't feel stale and repetitive yet, which makes the show breeze by a lot quicker. Omega Vs Moxley though. That was a turd. I'm not seeing it with Omega at all. Cory Rhodes, the Inner Circle, PAC, MJF, Dustin (he's not involved enough, they need to find more for him to do on screen) Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, Scorpio Sky, are all folks I'm looking forward to seeing each week. Private Party need farmed out to other promotions as much as possible to get more matches under their belt. They are dreadfully green and I haven't liked a match yet that they have been involved in. I get the feeling Pentagon and Fenix may bring out the worst in each other. I would give them each a singles program to sink their teeth into for a while and see how they fare out. They could do with finding a way for Tully Blanchard to cut more promos as well. Let him say what he wants about that useless lump Joey Janela and I can't see how it wouldn't be good TV.
  11. Well, this was a bit shit then wasn't it? I was beginning to think there was a technical glitch and they were replaying the 1st round on a loop.
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