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  1. If Dave Bautista is going to blow shit up, then you can count me in. If it turns out to be shit afterwards it won't be his fault, and we can complain how Netflix, Snyder, ITV, don't deserve Dave(wrestling).
  2. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong - but Big Dave's new movie, Army of the Dead, sounds like the best thing that's going to happen in 2021. Unless Top Gun 2 actually gets released or there's a seventh Mission Impossible flick. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0993840/?ref_=fn_al_tt_0
  3. Don't worry Jim, he won't be. He's not good enough. I don't see how he ever will be either. Thankfully. I'd be seriously surprised if he could beat three top ten fighters at middleweight without picking up three losses along the way.
  4. Really sorry to hear about the loss of your dad DEF. He sounds like a great man, and will be hugely missed by those that knew him.
  5. This is it in a nutshell for me. Vlad always got a pop out of me anytime he turned up, in a "There's that crazy bastard again! He's having the time of his life that fella." type of way.
  6. Obvious DQ in my book and Eddie should have known better. It just hasn't went according to plan for Alvarez since the move to ONE.
  7. I was just going to ask that - who's the champion/who's belt is it for. So was DJ still fighting at 125 over there? I thought the whole idea in ONE (as shady as I'm sure it is behind the scenes) is that whatever weight you think you normally fight at, you move up to the next class?
  8. I've never been less excited by a WrestleMania. Including last year's. I didn't even bother to book Sunday off work as I didn't remember what date 'Mania was. I don't think that's ever happened. I think It'll be the first one of the real 'Manias (not counting last year's here) that I haven't either watched live on TV, or attended in person, since 'Mania 23. I'm hoping I'll muster up the enthusiasm to watch the YouTube highlights this week and that'll put some interest behind it. It might also over deliver since my expectations are so low. (Apart from Randy Vs Wyatt. No way is that any better t
  9. Brilliant fights the lot of them. Personally I wouldn't have booked McGregor Vs Poirier again, but I think we know for sure that it's going to be an entertaining fight no matter how long it lasts. This hope it ends like the last one did. Burns Vs Thompson is just high level, good shit. I'm leaning towards Thompson there, but really I think it's a pick 'em. Gane and Volkov is interesting as Gane is very comfortable on the feet, diverse striking with plenty of patience. Yet Volkov is still the bigger man who can fight at length and looked as good as he has done in his last fight. Plu
  10. It's crazy to think that man was licensed to fight just a couple of years ago.
  11. Now that's a surprise. I wonder how they managed to negotiate that?
  12. I could see it being simply that it's five rounds in case something happens to the main event, leading to it not taking place. Then you have Diaz carrying the bill in a main event, having already negotiated them going five rounds, rather than trying to do it at the last minute.
  13. I guess that's probably it then, hadn't thought of that. Like the time Bellator ran long and got main evented by Peppa Pig because it went past 6am then. If Wrestlemania was still on Sky Sports today than I guess this would apply, seeing as it's usually 8 weeks long these days.
  14. That's a damn surprise right there. 1) Diaz is back. 2) The five rounds in a co-main. 3) Leon Edwards. Not who I thought the UFC or Diaz's camp would have any interest in him fighting.
  15. Except on BT Sport that censor every single UFC interview that has a curse word, in the middle of the night. For some bloody oddball reason.
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