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  1. Revolver was complete piss I thought. Dreadful. I didn't make it all the way through that one. The recent Alien films are definitely up there, and score extra points for expectations being somewhat high going in so it was more of a let down. At least Revolver just happened because there was nothing else on that night. The Hateful Eight was another colossal waste of time, that was made even worse by seeing it in the cinema, due to the cost making it such a waste of money. On top of being bad, it's about eighteen weeks long, so I was uncomfortable as sin and couldn't wait for it to end.
  2. Based on how Werdum performed in his last fight, that's a brilliant one to come back to for Gusty. He should be able to piece Werdum up all day with his boxing.
  3. I just came accross this one and really liked it.
  4. https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/6/2/21277331/last-fight-ufc-deal-rafael-dos-anjos-anthony-pettis-wonderboy-ponzinibbio It's unfortunate timing for RDA that he won't be in a position to fight out his deal and test free agency, like he might have done had this been 6 months earlier. The best scenario for him will be to resign with the UFC now before he fights again, and he would probably be lucky to get a better deal than he's currently on. Testing free agency at the moment is pointless as Bellator have just lost their DAZN deal as far as I remember, the PFL are on hiatus and ONE sound like a house of cards. He probably could have cleaned up in a tournament in the PFL and I think Bellator would have made him a really competitive offer too. There's still fights I want to see him have in the UFC though, especially in that stacked WW division.
  5. https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/6/3/21279468/tim-sylvia-ufc-refusing-to-provide-financial-aid-for-arm-injury-suffered-at-ufc-48 Really shitty form here by the UFC, that I can't see having been the case under the previous ownership. For all it would cost the UFC to help the man out, and it would mean the world to Sylvia and be like change out of the UFC's pockets. Here's hoping Rogan or some of the well compensated fighters can give him a bit of a hand here.
  6. Aye Forsythe plays the cunt like a gem. Mississippi Grind went under the radar completely with me until I watched it recently. Very relieved at how good it turned out to be as it sounded right up my alley, but I was wondering why I had missed it. Naturally, with having heard nothing about it, I feared that it mustn't be up to much, but It was as good as I'd hoped.
  7. Mississippi Grind (2015) Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendolsohn strike up an unlikely friendship and go on a road trip, in search of that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that every gambler is chasing. They both put in good performances here and the arc their characters take is compelling. You're left guessing to the very end if it's going to be a happy ending or not. Outbreak (1997) We've all seen it. I just reckoned I should compare how Dustin Hoffman contained that monkey, in light of current events. It was also nice to watch Kevin Spacey's character suffer in the film, considering what a dirt bag he turned out to be. American Graffiti (1973) By God was Richard Dreyfuss young looking here. It's mostly about Dreyfuss (and some of his friends to a lesser degree) and his trying to make his decision on what is supposed to be his last night in his hometown, before going off to college, trying to decide what he really wants from life. I thought Paul Le Mat's story, as the town's local version of James Dean who feels that life may have been passing him by, was the most compelling character in the film. A young Harrison Ford pops up too. The Blue Dahlia (1946) I liked this. Alan Ladd's character returns from the war with his two friends, and very shortly thereafter his wife is found dead. The film centres on the whodunnit, with Ladd on the run as the chief suspect. William Bendix and Howard Da Silva put in good performances and steal the film really. Ladd carries his part well, but he's at least third on the list for who was best in this one. The Enforcer (1951) Bogie here as the assistant DA, trying to keep a key witness safe to get to trial and put the leader of a group of hitmen behind bars. There are a lot of flashbacks to tell the story, and it's quite interesting as it jumps back and forth with little things getting revealed in each jump back in time. Good stuff. Out for Justice (1991) Seagal at his pomp, doing Steven Seagal shit. William Forsythe was good as the drug crazed psychopath, who Seagal was hunting all over Brooklyn for revenge. You really wanted to see Seagal catch him and make him pay. And that's the point really, isn't it? Plus, Gina Gershon shows up. Always a thumbs up. Machine Gun Kelly (1958) The weakest, or least enjoyable, of the film's in this post. I didn't think much of this one really. It's one of the earliest roles I've seen Bronson in, and while he looks like Charles Bronson, that distinct voice wasn't quite all the way there in this, nor did I think he was projecting that same aura that he would throughout the 60's and 70's. I didn't think there was any singular performance that really grabbed this movie in order to elevate it, though Susan Cabot, as his main squeeze, was good at being hateable. Decent viewing if you have nothing to be at, but not worth going out of your way to see if you haven't already.
  8. Fantastic stuff from Tully there. The only negative is that it indicates comedic, smug prick, dip shit loser is not the way they are intending to go with Spears, when it's far and away the only way that he is enjoyable. Bloody loved his match with Dustin. That was the perfect use of Spears. Let's hope Tully sacks him off when he can't get the job done and moves onto something more important. I'm very late to the party on this, and haven't seen this week's Dynamite yet, but I loved Double or Nothing. Easily, and by a country mile, the best show we've gotten (and probably could get) in the current circumstances. The ladder match was pretty spectacular. Some sheer lunacy, but I enjoyed it. Ladder matches are way too frequent, and I'm not sure that I think Brian Cage is particularly that good (I've seen precious little of him though to be fair) but if the goal is to build him up to feed to Moxley then I'm good with that. Cody was the right winner of the new (god awful looking) title in his match against Archer. I thought they had a good match too, and I expect they'll probably meet again, at some point down the line. Brodie Lee turned the car back around a bit in his match with Moxley. He was flopping dreadfully up to this I think. The look, the Dark Order gimmick, the promo's of him as a rip off Vince, it wasn't working for me at all. He had a damn good brawl here with Moxley though and I thought both men came out of it looking fairly strong. The Stadium Stampede though? Jesus Christ that's the most I've enjoyed watching wrestling in a long time. Found this brilliant from start to finish. There were so many moments that just hit the note right on the head with this, that I don't even have anything negative to say about it. Sammy Guevara? Superstar. Everything he did was gold. Jericho in the tent, getting hit in the bollocks with the ball and falling through the goal, being run over by the line machine. Hager and Hangman in the bar, Hardy with the chair of wheels, Page on the horse. Just ridiculous fun from start to finish. If I don't vote for this for match of the year at the end of 2020, then it'll have had to have been a damn good year.
  9. Burns made himself on Saturday night. There's a pretty decent chance that he gets the next title shot, due to Masvidal being hard to negotiate with, Colby having just been beat by Usman, and Edwards previous loss to Usman. An incredible performance by Burns, he beat Woodley everywhere. I had it 50-44 as well. Woodley is finished for me though. The performance against Usman wasn't an aberration, his best is quite clearly in the rear view mirror. He's lost ten rounds in a row handily now, after that fight. I could see him retiring after that one. Maybe coming back at some point down the line if he gets the itch again/a name fight against another older guy, but as a regular factor in the top end of the division It doesn't look like he has that competitive fire anymore that he would need. After watching that fight against Burns, I expect he would get completely handled by Colby Covington now at this stage of both men's careers.
  10. Look at that list of talent: Yan, Aldo, Sterling, Sandhagen, Moraes, Faber, Assuncao, Garbrandt, Edgar, Munhoz, Cruz, Rivera, Cody Stamann. Then you have the likes of Font, Yadong, Dodson, Simon, Marlon Vera and Sean O' Malley, further down the rankings. Plus, CCC whenever he decides he's not retired anymore and Dillashaw in about 6 months if he wants to come back. There are some old names in there that may not be around in a year or so, but for now? What an absolute shark tank of a division. It's possibly deeper throughout than 145, which is excellent as it is.
  11. The Driver (1978) Thanks very much Talking Pictures for showing this last night. What a brilliant film this was. Phenomenal car chase scenes, but the last one, in the warehouse? Lovely stuff. Ryan O' Neal was kind of like a cross between McQueen and Nolte here, and that's no bad thing. Talking Pictures will join my favourites list, along with other beauties such as TCM and the Sony channels.
  12. Cheers for the review Pat, it's nice to be able to balance the glowing reviews a bit, and not go into something expecting too much, for it to then deliver less than expected.
  13. I've heard great things about the new Shamrock book by Jonathan Snowden. So I ordered it last week and it arrived yesterday. Finishing off Titan Sinking at the minute then hoping to get stuck into this new Shamrock bio.
  14. That's a weak as hell card there. Interested in Brok Weaver Vs Roosevelt Roberts, seeing Kevin Holland back in there so quick, and Blagoy Ivanov is a tough lump of a man who I don't mind seeing do well so hopefully he picks up a win here. The main event is exciting looking though and who knows what Woodley is going to look like, at 38 years old, 15 months after being swept by Usman, whilst seemingly spending most of his free time thinking he's Tupac.
  15. Late to the party here, bit I thought this was chock full of fun fights. Ige Vs Barboza was the battle I think we all expected it to be. I scored it for Barboza, but it was a close fight. Not the only fight that I scored opposite to the judges (thought Vera and Hill both won as well). They were all 29-28's in my book though, and if it's that close it's hard to claim a robbery. There are allowed to be close fights that different people see different ways. Landwehr Vs Elkins? A typical Elkins fight, where he just gets hit repeatedly in the face like he's the enemy in one of those whack-a-mole games. How Darren Elkins is supposed to win a fight anymore when his face just rips apart at the sight of a pair of gloves, I have no idea. Landwehr is clearly one to keep an eye on for excitement going forward. The main event was a rollercoaster. I expected Reem to get the win, but what a topsy turvy fight it turned out to be. Overeem was in serious trouble, but he was always in the fight looking for the way out of the bad situation he was in. He was present, despite the damage he took. Once he recovered, that fight was only heading one way. He's a crafty bastard is big Alistair. I think he has a run at a title shot in him, if things fall his way. I'd favour him over Lewis. He probably edges JDS In a re-match. DC isn't fighting more than once. Reem off of a couple of wins could be the most deserving contender for a Ngannou/Stipe champion sometime next year. There's Curtis Blaydes if Stipe beats both DC and Francis, but if it's Ngannou? Blaydes isn't getting the shot.
  16. I really enjoyed having the fights back in the end. Whether they should be happening or not is a different question. Francis Ngannou huh? Sweet baby Jesus, Rosenstruick got hit by a Mack truck. Ngannou was a tornado. Big Francis doesn't just hit scarily hard, it's the speed and power with which those strikes are going through the air. His speed is crazy. I hope the Stipe vs DC situation can be resolved soon, because it would be a shame to see Francis end up in a Tony Ferguson spot, having earnt the title shot but the fight never happening and then somebody else stopping the fun due to him having to fight in the meantime. Justin Gaethje impressed the shit out of me. I expected him to have the gas tank for 2-3 rounds, but that mad Tony would be in better shape down the stretch, and just pour it on. Gaethje never gave him an inch though. He stayed disciplined and didn't turn it into a wild brawl where he would take a ton of damage in order to land his own. He put a real beating on Tony here. I have absolutely no idea how Ferguson was standing at several points in that fight. He got hit with bomb after bomb, and those leg kicks? Madness. It seemed ordained that we were never going to get Tony vs Khabib. I guess we can't complain now though as we'll have gotten Gaethje vs Ferguson, with looking at getting Khabib vs Gaethje and Ferguson vs McGregor looks possible now. I was struggling to call Cejudo vs Cruz going in and who I really thought was going to win. I did have a feeling that if Cruz was going to win that it was going to be a decision, yet if Cejudo would win it would be by knocking him out early, or top control for a decision. In the end I guess you should always pick the person who you think can win in more ways, yet I was still surprised by how comfortable it seemed for Henry. I was totally taken aback by his retirement afterwards. I don't expect it to stick though. If there is a contract dispute, then I see him getting a better deal and coming back to defend the title before a vacant title is even fought for.
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