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  1. I'm glad to see this card is in Abu Dhabi. Considering how so many cards have been decimated from their original line-ups, there's a good chance this one stays mostly in tact. At least in relation to Covid pullouts anyway. Hoping Glover can get the win here, it would be great to see him cap off a great career with winning the title at this stage. Clarity on the bantamweight situation will be good to see as well, assuming the end result of this fight gives us that. I'm expecting Yan to win here and probably by stoppage. The way that first fight was going, along with Sterling having neck surgery will have given Yan extra confidence in getting this one done I think. On top of that, Sterling was having early success by pushing the pace really hard - yet he was the one who couldn't last at that clip. If he can sustain that, he will have a definite chance here, but I have my doubts that he can. On top of that, without pushing the pace he'll give Yan the opportunity to come forward like the terminator that he is.
  2. I hope I'm wrong, but. . . there's pretty much no chance this fight is; A) Exciting Or B) Has the result we all want. Let me ask you all. You're an MMA promoter and you get one chance to book a Yoel Romero fight. Do you book him against Phil fucking Davis? Not a hope in Dixie.
  3. So, did any of you raging masochists pay actual money for this carry on?
  4. I'd forgotten this week's Smackdown was the MSG show. Is it worth watching?
  5. Anyone that thinks Hogan wasn't a great wrestler needs to take a long, hard look at themselves. Did he always have a good night? No. Could he always have a great night if he wanted to? Absolutely he could. Shitty human being, but that's not really the question here. The likes of Lex and Hogan only get a bad rap for their in ring because certain wrestling media didn't enjoy their stuff. I think most people on here are well aware of that, but you'll still hear these incorrect opinions trotted out regularly elsewhere. There is a reason Lex Luger is in a featured match on pretty much every episode of Nitro from his debut, through 1997. It's because, even then, he was one of the best workers they had that was over at a high level.
  6. Anderson Silva is doing well from his opponent missing weight. Is that 20% he's gotten now from each of Chavez Jr and Tito Ortiz?
  7. Glad to see Horiguchi went with somewhere that we can see his fights, and that they are against a high level of competition. He's incredible. Wouldn't have blamed him for going to PFL if it was an option though. If you're a prospect, Bellator are great at developing you and bringing your career along much better than the UFC are going to have an interest in doing. If you're top of the heap at your weight class though, like a Horiguchi, PFL is bound to be attractive. Probably fairly decent fight purses, plus someone of that quality is going to highly back themselves to win the additional $1,000,000 cheque at the end. Think how much the UFC or Bellator would have to fork out to even get Kayla Harrison to take their phone call. They would never entertain that amount of money as a guarantee. Take it while it's there, if it's there. Of course the same rule doesn't apply to an Anthony Pettis, Rory McDonald or Fabricio Werdum, all who (despite most of us probably expecting something more from them in PFL than they were able to do) are past their prime and discovered that the competition level of the 3rd or 4th biggest company is still a significant quality in this day and age.
  8. Like, what the fuck? It's completely ridiculous, but I can't help but be intrigued by the whole sodding lot. Tito is in for a right old pasting. From what I hear, Vitor Belfort is back to looking like he's found the keys to the front door of the gym but not the exit door.
  9. I've never watched any of The Matrix movies. Not feeling that I've missed out on anything, despite my brother's repeated insistence that I should watch the first one. As Fight Club has been brought up in here too, add me to the "what's all the fuss about?" club.
  10. Fuck sake. That's terrible news. What a superb talent he was.
  11. Nail on the head there. They don't do anything for me at all, and never have. I'm fine with them serving as a step up above the Nakazawa/Cutler level, to get some shine on. They're not up to anything more than that though. That the pair of them bluffed their way into being part of a bidding war and snagged massive contracts in WWE, before getting fired and getting what I assume are also pretty damn decent deals with two or three companies currently? That kind of hoodwinking is to be commended, really. I'm happy enough to watch them against Jungle Boy and Co for the time being (since they aren't going anywhere). That's providing Jungle Jack always wins of course.
  12. Well, it's like playing EWR fifteen years ago as WCW, with the 1996 patch on. With each time you bump the contract up a bit and click creative control, you're always going to get your man. I was calling out in my living room for it being Hangman to stop the beat down. Then fucking Adam Cole turned up. However, if Adam Cole has to be there, then as a snivelling little chickenshit heel along with the Elite, you have the absolute best positioning for him. Danielson coming out and evening things up was marvellous. Perfect timing to not end on more heat. At first I was thinking the faces are still outnumbered here, there's room for Hangman to turn up in a month's time for another save. However when they went back to the shot of The Elite on the stage, The Good Brothers had disappeared and the face off was 4 on 4. If you pair off Danielson & Punk with The Bucks, Jurassic Experience with The Brothers Bad, Cole with Christian. It still leaves room for Hangman to ride in and Buckshot Omega all the way into former champion status. A man can dream. A belter of a PPV, that in as many parts as possible, tried to give you the feel good ending. Bloody well glad I was on the 12-8 shift today and got to see this before work.
  13. Well, we can't have it all, so I'll be pretty happy with what we did get. Till losing put a smile on my face, especially that it was so decisive. Hopefully this puts an end to Adesanya mentioning him as a potential opponent, as Till should be well out of that orbit now. Let's face it, Till's best win, against Stephen Thompson, is in a fight that most people scored the other way. Brunson has really turned his career around and looks extremely focused these days, and has put together a very solid run here. Happy to see him get the shot after Whittaker. Pimblett winning was disappointing, obviously. On the plus side, he is going to get absolutely starched before too long in that shark tank of a division. Wouldn't mind seeing Drew Dober whack him upside that chin. Tom Aspinall is coming along really nicely. Looking forward to seeing him in there again, and his steady progression. He's right to take it one step at a time and get the gym development time because there's a big jump at HW between the top four or five and the rest of the ham n' eggers that he has been beating. If he keeps building like this, in a division where you have a lot of time on your side like Heavyweight, then he's going to be very, very good in 18 months time.
  14. Buddy isn't smiling because he's out at the park for a run. No, he's smiling because of the ice cream that he wants a bit of.
  15. If I decided to be mouthy with Scott Steiner, I wouldn't need to be Rain Man to calculate how low my chances of survival would be. "Yes, you're quite right Mr. Pump" would be the appropriate answer, all things considered.
  16. Standing in one of the overly long queues for a ride at Universal Studios several years ago, an American fella standing ahead of us heard my family talking. He decided to start telling us that he was Irish too, and that he was, in fact "50% Irish, 25% Scottish and 25% Welsh". The conversation ended pretty abruptly when I asked the guy what percentage of him would be left over to be American.
  17. If there's a more unlikeable fighter on this card than Darren Till, I'd love to know who it is. Oh, wait. . .
  18. I'm not much of a fan of Malaki Black at the best of times. This was one of the worst of times though. If his match with Cody is one end of the scale, then this was the other. Did nothing for me. To be honest, I don't think it'll have done anything for Black or Johnson either. Dustin will breathe some life back into him on Wednesday though. The rest of the show was pretty damn good though. I hope to god they are going with Miro beating a valiant Kingston at All Out and then Kingston winning a rematch in New York. The show closing match and angle was also very well done, good action, Punk improved the commentary, and they hyped the main event of the PPV well. Sting has been such a cool bastard lately that I even went and bough a t-shirt of his in the Labour Day sale that they have on. Jericho and Henry seriously have to go from the commentary though. Henry, god love him, isn't even any good at the back stage interviewing. Which is a shame considering during his Hall of Pain run, I thought he was one of the best promo's of the decade.
  19. It's unfortunate how stop/start things have been for PAC. There's the visa issues, as well as I assume the Covid requirements still in place by the US on UK visitors (maybe a work visa, which is harder to get, circumvents the travel ban or the need to isolate upon re-entering the US?). Hopefully before long PAC can get some momentum going again. Fingers crossed Andrade isn't still wrestling on the show in some kind of match with nothing going on around it.
  20. I thought that was a great show, even with some of the matches not exactly clicking. Which shows that doesn't really matter, it makes them feel a lot less cookie cutter and different, that people have different styles that don't necessarily gel. FTR Vs Santana and Ortiz was fun and exciting, but they definitely weren't on the same page for multiple spots in that match. Much better than their first outing though, and the right winners. Here's hoping Santana and Ortiz transition I to something else meaningful after this. Jack Evans was his usual Jack Evans self. Anyone that gets through a match with him unscathed, has clearly done a sterling job at stopping in descending into utter shite. Conti and Ford. This was the pits. Both are way too green to be working with each other. Both have gotten better, but if they are going to have matches with each other it shouldn't be on Dynamite. Didn't work for me. Other than those few things, there was some great stuff on the show, and it was packed from head to toe. The Jericho and MJF promos were a big highlight, as was the main event and show closing angle (I was very surprised at the finish, making me doubt the result I was expecting at the PPV). Fenix and Pentagon shouldn't lose now after getting beat here, and the big beat down on top of that. However I don't know if AEW are ready to take the belts off the Bucks yet either. Definite intrigue added to that one after this show. Interesting that PAC and Andrade have been removed from the PPV.
  21. All the recent news has been about the Brunson Vs Till card, that I thought it was the one on this weekend. Hoping those top three fights (Barboza V Chikadze, Meerschaert V Muradov and Lee Vs Rodriguez) stay in place. Barboza Vs Chikadze is just a great stylistic pairing. Could be like playing Tekken. Fingers crossed Meerschaert can grind something out against Muradov, but he's up against it in this one. As well as that, I just want to see Kevin Lee get back in action without anymore interruptions. It's been very stop/start for him this past while for multiple reasons. I want to see if he can put that run together that he believes he can and that he is still young enough to do.
  22. Yeah, there wasn't a whole pile riding on this show. Pantoja had a good win over Royval. Leaves him in a nice position. However if Figgy is ready or else Garbrandt if he happens to win his flyweight debut, then either one of them will probably be next for Moreno. Cannonier could have been next up for a title shot had Izzy Vs Whittaker went ahead. As it has been postponed, I think he'll have to fight again. Hopefully Derek Brunson beats Till, and then it could be Brunson or Cannonier for the shot at Adesanya/Whittaker sometime next year and not Till. Let's not even entertain the idea of Sean Strickland, and maybe then that won't happen either. Cannonier looked good I thought. I didn't have him in any danger of losing the decision. It wasn't a blow away performance, but Kelvin Gastelum isn't exactly someone that you just blow away. Despite the L's against his record at the moment, Kelvin is fighting all killer and no filler. The man needs two or three 'tune ups' in a row (not that the UFC do these, but he could definitely do with some unranked opponents). He's too young to be counted out yet, but he needs the opportunity to rebuild some confidence and put a run together because he's capable of that. As much as we all like Clay Guida, I'm glad Madsen got the win with the utter hell of a year and a half he has had. The man needs any kind of break he can get. I don't want to see him fight Gillespie though, I'd prefer to not have to cheer against one of them.
  23. That initial rush, the first burst of the pop out of the crowd as the music hit? MAN was that loud! I think that's the loudest single pop ever. If anything rivals it, maybe Austin in 98-99 some of the nights when the glass broke, but sweet Jesus, I never thought we'd hear a noise like that again on a wrestling show.
  24. I can't believe nobody told me there was a sale on. I don't imagine I'll stay up for it (If I haven't had a nap in the evening before something like this, then I hate staying up as I end up clock watching while impatiently waiting for bed). Takes the enjoyment out of it if you're too tired, which I am tonight. Having said that, my dog isn't feeling the best so if he happens to still be awake, then I'll watch it live. Plan is to make a beeline for Fite TV in the morning though, over breakfast and fully caffeinated.
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