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  1. @Chest Rockwell have you tried using crisps or Doritos instead of Panko? Some cracking combos.
  2. My Dad bought one of the Pantos and was so pissed off that there were no tits in it that he binned it.
  3. It was darker than it was in the pic, nice bit of blistering on the other side but a bit thin for me. They have finally hit Stockport, and gradually moving south. Not dipped my toe yet.
  4. No, they were pre-cooked ribs just dipped in the same batter as the sweet and sour pork/shredded crispy beef. Just a cornflour slake really.
  5. Battered Ribs are disappearing everywhere for some reason, no one round here does them any more.
  6. We have the chippy tea thread, now here is the general take away thread-can include salad for the women among us. Tonight’s tea, Tandoori mix, Tandoori lamb chops, onion bhaji, Musroom rice, Bhuna sauce, popadums, naan and dips.
  7. That’s sad news. Loved Babylon 5. No age at all.
  8. When it was on, we had a typist at work who looked like Bernard. She smelt like a bin man too.
  9. It was indeed. I saw her the next day in Manchester Arndale too. She was shopping, not getting it good.
  10. They are a bit of a game changer.
  11. I can honestly say that no seed was over Phil Spector. Can’t say the same for Lana Clarkson though.....
  12. To be honest, i’ve Seen some of the people who work at the Iceland factory in Manchester of food production, which is why I could never shop there anyway.
  13. Well mums not going to fucking Iceland again.
  14. The David Arquette documentary is now on Sky Documentries.
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