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  1. Thunderplex

    In defence of Gareth Hale, and to a lesser extent - Pace

    Agree with the above. Were must see when they started, the microwaved kitten was the talk of school the day after, but eventually struggled hitting the same controversy and it started to feel very false, so they went mainstream which killed them off completely.
  2. Thunderplex

    Christmas food and cooking

    Trying a couple of bits today to try them out for the big day. Just cooked a few sprouts in the Instant Pot for 2 minutes, and am going to sauté off some bacon and throw them in with some chestnuts. Never tried them before like this as I hate the bastard things, but you have to give it a go I suppose. Also I cooked some little parsnips at the same time, and am going to air fry them tossed in a little oil, as I can never to get them quite right in the oven. Apart from that, usual stuff this year. Aldi Free-Range Roly Poly Turkey (nice big, juicy breasts), my grans sage and onion stuffing, pigs in blankets made by me with double bacon, roast spuds, mashed spuds, a veg bake which is mashed parsnip and swede mixed with sour cream and horseradish sauce and topped with a fried breadcrumbs and a little Parmesan, M+S yorkies, my bread sauce, my cranberry sauce, and mixed carrot and turnip, chopped together in a hand food processor so it stays a bit chunky. Fills a gap.
  3. Thunderplex

    The Christmas Avatar thread

    Back of the net! Thank you very much indeed.
  4. Thunderplex

    The Christmas Avatar thread

    Sadly not, but thanks anyway. getting this message:
  5. Thunderplex

    The Christmas Avatar thread

    Hokeout did a stunning one for me last year, but I can’t upload it due to the file size being to big. Any ideas on how to shrink it?
  6. Thunderplex

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    RIP The Dynamite Kid. I’m praying that they pay sky bills for him in heaven.
  7. Thunderplex

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Yes, and I’m that fucking old, they were etched onto slate.
  8. Thunderplex

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    Being fair, its always been a bit loosey goosey regarding the essential criteria, as either way we get photos of hotties to spaff over when we should be working.
  9. Thunderplex

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    Almost, she’s from Leeds.
  10. Thunderplex

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    Yum! Was this homemade?
  11. Thunderplex

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Just as I thought it was safe to come back to the thread......
  12. Thunderplex

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    Was going to start this topic the other week, but forgot. My usual is a tandoori chicken starter (breast of course), meat samosa, onion bhaji, Chicken Bhuna with keema rice, mushroom bhaji, Tarka Dhall, a chappati, a bit of naan and a bit of stuffed paratha. I also have poppadums and the relevant chutneys, but I crumble one of the poppadums over the curry, and scatter the red onion over it too. Fucking starving now!
  13. Thunderplex

    Shitting Thread #374

    Howard Stern has been preaching about the Squatty Potty for years, swears by it. To be honest i’ve never had a problem producing something that could literally sink a freighter.
  14. Thunderplex

    The Post A Pic Of Yourself Thread V2

    Genuinely pleased for you buddy.