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  1. Danny Boyle is an unbelievably nice man.
  2. I found it quite sad to be honest. The drugs really screwed her life up. Obviously it’s her side of the story, but Austin comes out as quite a cunt in it. Just hope she’s found peace in whatever she’s doing now. Found the WCCW and USWA stuff very interesting.
  3. Just read the Jeanie Clarke one. Very grim.
  4. John Parkin was my favourite. There was another guy as well who’s name I can’t remember, American chap who did shows with John now and again, real mild mannered, looked like he was a storekeeper in an American small town. Bought quite a bit of this shite in the past. The V slicer was the only thing that really worked. Biggest disaster was the Hogan Grill that burst into flames when I was cooking a cheese toastie.
  5. Look for re-runs of Band of Gold. She has a bath in it.
  6. Not sure if it’s been mentioned (shitty UKFF search engine), but veteran Scots wrestler Andy Robin died the other day.
  7. Fuck me. Very Merry Christmas.
  8. The one @chokeout kindly did for me is still one of my favourite things of all time. The pic of Miss Diane in the background makes me piss myself every time I see it.
  9. Knockers. Them’s my favourite.
  10. They did accidentally issue the unrated Intruder, then recalled them very quickly. Hollyhedge Video in Wythenshawe kept there’s though. You could get anything there.
  11. I live in smelling distance of the Mcvities factory. Fucking wonderful.
  12. Fucking HATE custard creams with a passion, but you’ve even made these look wonderful!
  13. Can’t wait for the full, unadulterated information about him spaffing over sleeping lady wrestlers....
  14. Alls excellent, but those cookie/brownie mutants just look awesome.
  15. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    We’ve got a work dinner planned for the battered cod this week, still the best
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