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  1. Ian Livingstone is a legend in gaming, nay royalty. Meet him a few times at conventions over the years, lovely, lovely chap. Nearly went myself but the Covid frightened me off this year, glad to see you had fun!
  2. It was the Wyatt Family that dragged my interest back into Wrestling a few years ago, and I thought he was very good in the ring, both character wise and performance. Hope he’s ok and can move on easily.
  3. Really sorry to hear that. Sounds like he just went to sleep, which really this the best way for anything and anyone. So very sad.
  4. Quite low in my rankings of the Marvel movies, but still quite good.
  5. I defy anyone to look at this photo and not laugh in the best way.
  6. Absolutely tragic. I just hope for the best for him, whatever that is.
  7. What an incredible legacy. Entertained me for so many years. RIP.
  8. What's everyone playing at the moment in the world of hobby games? Just getting into the Marvel Dicemaster game. Very fast paced, easy to get into and relatively cheap compared to other collectible things. Stocked up on some great German games in the most recent sale at the works. Taj Mahal is a classic Kniza title and great for 3 players. Mostly playing Pandemic and Agricola at the mo. My favourite co op and favourite challenger games. Trying to find a good supplier of little Woden farmyard animals to pimp it up a bit. Anyone else.
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