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  1. Naked piano player always cracked me up. Pure comedy genius, very sad news.
  2. And hopefully not singing.
  3. 290 calories??? I hope you slapped some lard in there.
  4. Really chuffed for you buddy!
  5. It is indeed. Seemingly has a great solo AI as part of the game, so will let you know how I go on.
  6. I got Mage Knight off wifey, not had chance to play yet as it’s a biggy! Treated myself to wingspan and fallout wasteland warfare. Played Oh my Goods! A hell of a lot, cracking little game, will be starting the Longsdale campaign soon.
  7. The Innes Book of Records was one of my favourite shows back in the day. Real shame.
  8. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    Not really, no. Not sure what it means myself. She’s Irish, and I think it means something over there.
  9. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    She is indeed a wrestler. Quite good too.
  10. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    Possibly this plaice? http://malins.jp
  11. Watched it for 10 minutes. Not sure if they showed what he did to the kittens, but couldn’t risk it. Too fucked up for me.
  12. My post Christmas dinner creation was even more spectacular than usual. I find turkey really binds, which resulted in a classic 4 flush wedger that needed to settle for around an hour before a final 2 flushes. Thought I’d have to get a hot kettle on it at one point.
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