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  1. Do a YouTube search for the Disney food blog too. Mostly Orlando but quite a bit of Disneyland there too.
  2. Man up, its only a cat. A cat with mesmerising eyes and ears made for tickling behind. The eyes. Yep, your fucked, he's a sweetheart. We'll be here for you buddy.
  3. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    A good scallop is a thing of beauty. 2 must be ordered. One to eat on the way home, and another one to eat on the way home.
  4. 9/11 I was in work, with for the phone to ring as was waiting for my daughter to be born (she was 2 weeks late, and for most things, still is.). Princess Diana was in the early hours just after it happenedv as we were getting ready to go up to Edinburgh for a holiday. Berlin wall I was at my mates house. Watched the Hoff for a bit then put a video on, Bad Taste by Peter Jackson a I remember. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, I was there and watched him be assassinated in person, what with me being so fucking old you cheeky bastard @Gus Mears
  5. I hear the side order of chilli is quite horny. Wendy’s is on my bucket list for next time I go along with Arby’s and Chick-a-filla. Oh, and Popeyes.
  6. Camelot was the place where we were waiting in the queue for one of the little rollercoasters when a lad in a wheelchair went through the shortcut gate. The guy looking after the ride, dressed in his tights, tunic and hat, looking pissed off with life anyway saw him, rolled his eyes and shorts l shouted "Darren, we've got another disabled". Darren appears with half a sandwich hanging out of his mouth, audibly muttering "for fucks sake", grabs the chairs handles and pulls down nearly flipping the poor bastard in the air while the original guy grabbed the wheels to lift him onto the gantry. Kids dad now really pissed off shoves them both out of the way, called them a shower of shit, them wheeled him off. Class.
  7. True classic, one of the first German games I bought.
  8. It’s weird, D&D used to be really complicated, then they simplified it, and simplified it and now it sounds like it’s crazy complicated again.
  9. The original Stepfather is one of my favourite thrillers of all time. Terry O’Quinn should have got an award for his performance. TrueType chilling.
  10. Going back to the original theme of this thread, Chef Emeril Lagasse starred in his own sitcom in the early 2000’s. Fucking awful.
  11. Used to enjoy this, found it quite unique at the time. Had no idea Varys was in it, cheers.
  12. Talking of Frank Skinner, Shane was a piece of unfunny shit. Rumour is that ITV have got a second series that they just left in the cupboard.
  13. Remember the dreadful Davina McCall sit com at the height of her Big Brother notoriety?
  14. It was a UK version of Who’s the Boss wasn’t it? One that springs to mind was Small Wonder. A sitcom about a robot raised as a girl. Fucking diabolical.
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