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  1. Hickory Smoked Turkey. Took just 3 1/2 hours on my beloved Weber. Juicy as hell. American style green bean casserole. Fucking rank.
  2. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    Baring in mind it was possibly their busiest day of the year, it was nigh on perfect.
  3. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    Battered Cod, Fallowfield. Frigging amazing. 4 rounds of bread and a tin of dandelion and burdock not pictured, but also chomped.
  4. Red Drummond, the Pioneer Woman She’s Paula Deen without the fat arse and the racism.
  5. Thanks guys, got Can't Hardly Wait and Dirty Grandpa lined up for tonight.
  6. Love Sex Drive, the alternate version was excellent. I think I might of seen all the good ones.
  7. Tonight’s home alone tea. A munch box from Indihome in Burnage with a side portion of mushroom rice, a keema naan and a tin of Rubicon. Managed 2/3, lefties for tomorrow!
  8. In the mood for a recent bawdy Road Trip/American Pie/Eurotrip/Miss March type of comedy. Any ideas that I might not have seen?
  9. Jesus, that was horrible. Wondered what Spud was doing in there before I saw all the Twitter vids. Good lad.
  10. Shit a brick, the Fink is the spitting image of my Dad! Must be a stroke thing.
  11. Definatly 70’s then. She was great. Had a slightly gormless look that was quite endearing.
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