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  1. Pudsey the dog, winner of Britains Got Talent 2012 has died, age 11.
  2. Ricky, it is a nightmare scenario that all dads dread, and it must be even worse for you as it's in the public eye. Hope things get sorted out for the best, and I send you all best wishes.
  3. No, it was a vanilla type perfume she had on. Very pleasant indeed.
  4. Don't knock her, she smells lovely.
  5. Unbelievable attention whore.
  6. Was he announcing himself? He used to do that when he went shopping in Cheadle. "Davids going into the bakers now", "Davids crossing the road", "Davids going into the Roy Castle shop now, wonderful man. Wonderful"
  7. Here you go mate, enjoy.
  8. I know his later films were shite, especially his last couple, but he created a genre that I love. RIP.
  9. Here's my boy.
  10. It's very typical for an abused woman to take the blame for any incidents that happen, bending the truth to make themselves out to be the villain of the piece. I so hope she gets the help she obviously needs. I know her mum is over there, I just hope she can guide her away, otherwise I can't see anything but tragedy ending this.
  11. I thought last nights was the most classic Twin Peaks style episode up to now. Mind you, I could watch David Lynch as Gordon all night.
  12. Ooohhhh, thanks!
  13. To be honest I've been giggling about it all day. Had no idea it would work, never mind that we'll.
  14. I can guarantee that if there is nonsense going on and if they were over here, Ricky would be on it like a ton of bricks. This story is unfolding, and I just hope she is getting the help and support she needs. I've worked very closely with women's aid in the Manchester area, and the number of times women have shown me a loving photo of the day before is untrue.