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  1. Always been a big fan of the original Pandora’s box version.
  2. True music legend. Told epic stories in a song that like no one else ever could.
  3. They have thrived. Well done buddy, that’s some impressive hand rearing.
  4. Took Architects of the West Kingdom off the shelf of shame for a playthrough. Sorry I bothered. Really fiddly, and not enjoyable. In my for sale pile now. Next up, Networks.
  5. Helen McCrory has died aged just 52 from cancer. Cracking actress who’s been in all sorts from Harry Potter to Peaky Blinders. Equally good as a loving character as she was playing a complete bastard. Real shame.
  6. Mojo Rawley is gone now too. Not that anyone would really give a shit...
  7. It’s owned by the mate of a guy I work with. When it’s open he’s always in there. They have a good section of games and are at hand to recommend and help you learn to play. It’s Vegan too if you lean that way.
  8. Really sorry to hear that Buddy.
  9. Finally got peacock up and running. Just repeatedly pressed the PayPal button, and It eventually accepted. Sideloaded the peacock app onto the fire stick and I’m in! Picture is better than the wwe app was, a lot clearer.
  10. As a mark of respect, I always wear a black wristband in situations like this.
  11. I’ve got a VP, and it won’t allow a UK address.
  12. Very sad news, we have lost a great man. Anyway, do we get a day off for the funeral?
  13. I want all the peacock goodness for the network price!
  14. Had anyone had any luck with joining Peacock? I’ve joined, but can’t pay for premium.
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