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  1. Fuck this triple H shit, am I the only one amazed that Cornette lives in a nice, clean home? Thought it would look like one of those greasy shitholes you get on those hoarder shows.
  2. I wanted to be Eddie Large when I was about 6. The act looks tacky as hell now, but they were superstars at the time. Very sad.
  3. Amazing how he can talk perfect sense, but still be an arsehole about it. Love him!
  4. I deal with the people who didn’t keep up with their payments with Brighthouse every day. The one in Longsight had a poster with “Benefit Busting Offers” in the window for a couple of months until we had them remove it. Most of the victims end up selling the goods to get the money together to try and pay what they owe, but it never will. I’m sorry for the staff who are now looking for benefits themselves, but the people behind the scenes can just go fuck pig.
  5. How very dare you Onyx! It's a 2 bit mid row shop....
  6. My daughter got an email mail from her boss (she works for a small business on a Saturday), telling her to complete the form he sent her as she should get a payment from the government of 80% of her missing wages, so it looks like the forms are being sent to the businesses who apply.
  7. I went near a swan and it didn’t break my arm.
  8. Cracking bunch of films. Granada once showed the tits version of Star Crash on a weekday morning.
  9. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    Do you not think my life is miserable enough at the moment?
  10. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    I've been banned from all takeaways by Wife. Not happy.
  11. The Tiger King on Netflix is an entertaining few hours. The main guy in it was on a Louis Theroux show a few years ago about private zoo’s in the states that feature dangerous animals. The Tiger King himself is a.....personality shall we say with an incredibly complicated life. Worth a gander at least.
  12. This must be the greatest thread of all time.
  13. Curley from the Harlem Globetrotters has died, aged 71. Loved these guys when I was little. Saw them live in Blackpool around 1981, and they were awesome.
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