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  1. No worries, I get confused with them all myself.
  2. For those who have missed out on the Greasy Strangler, it's on Sky Sci-if/Horror at 11:15 tonight.
  3. At ringside were all the "stars" of Sky TV. Sue Pollard being the most still famous, Derek Jameson, Jenny Hanley, that type of thing.
  4. It really is. Coals, wood and fire. Just makes everything taste as you think it should.
  5. I've got a Pro Q frontier. It's a British made version of the Weber Smoky Mountain. Did a 4kg shoulder overnight last week on it. Set it up at midnight and got the temp to stabilise within an hour. Used 1 bag of Heat Beads briquettes as they burn slowly and cleanly, and 5 chunks of cherry wood minion style. Went to bed, checked at 8 am and the temp was just 5f higher than when I'd left it, which was amazing really. Stuck the ribs and turkey on and 6 hours later had the best BBQ I'd ever eaten. Still use my Weber kettle for smaller chunks of meat, but am so happy with my Pro Q for the set up and leave ability. Did some cold smoking with it in December and just getting to the end of the cheese I did now. You need an ambient cold day to use it, but it worked great. Want to do bacon last year. Talking of bacon, how did your smoking turn out Chest?
  6. There are some almost built abandoned hotels on Disney property. Maybe they will finish these off with some Star Wars fun.
  7. I'll give that a shot, cheers.
  8. Onyx old buddy old pal. Need help with my spiralizer. Been doing courgettes on it, but when I mix with a sauce, it just floods with water. Tried salting, but the texture goes weird. Any suggestions?
  9. Only came out last week, quite simple and straightforward but fun.
  10. We have a few of them round here, so I'll keep my eye out, cheers.
  11. That looks like the bacon I remember from being a young'un. Looks incredible.
  12. What I said that luscious goo it is doused in. Looks like a cheese-gravy. I'm hard.
  13. I say it a lot, I'm quite upper class when I put my mind to it.
  14. Jolly good, off you fuck.