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  1. Any dream sequence, always stupid. Also, GTA: SA when you have to ride the motorbike into the plane, but my graphics card wasnt fast enough to do it so I had to spend £70 on a new one just to complete the fucker.
  2. When I was re-reading it earlier, an episode of Judge Rinder was on, featuring a singer called Johnny Rocco. If there was ever a physical representation of the uncle, he was it.
  3. At night, I like to have a cup of tea.
  4. The Amazing Jonathan Documentary Was good. Not what I expected it to be, and I won’t throw any spoilers in, but it was good.
  5. Frank Sidebottoms wife made me a glass of vimto when I was at his house once.
  6. If it's filmed before they die, fair game.
  7. Ticket to Ride London or New York are great quick games that are easy to learn. Same concept as the big Ticket to Rides, but stripped back. All creatures big and small is a cracker too, and has little animals in it.
  8. There is possibly nothing more boring sounding than a stone skimming championship, but for some reason things like this make the best docs. I’ll keep an eye out for it.
  9. Read dad. Very sad news indeed.
  10. I know, he was like the Dad that everybody wants.
  11. In work doing terrible impressions All day every day such as David Dickinson, Ric Flair And Father Noel specifically to piss my colleagues off. It’s working.
  12. Really sad about Fred Willard, very funny man. His character in Modern Family died this year as well in its final season, which was a heart tugged as he was an incredible dad in it.
  13. @Frankie Crisp, that’s low, even for you.
  14. Bell end. He kept asking me for a fight, then I reminded him that from his posts I knew the area that he lived in, and with the photos he insisted on posting all the time, I would easily be able to track him down. Shut up then.
  15. Late to this. Beans are horrible and have no place in society never mind on breakfast.
  16. Tequila Boy. Rocky Dennis looking twat.
  17. What's everyone playing at the moment in the world of hobby games? Just getting into the Marvel Dicemaster game. Very fast paced, easy to get into and relatively cheap compared to other collectible things. Stocked up on some great German games in the most recent sale at the works. Taj Mahal is a classic Kniza title and great for 3 players. Mostly playing Pandemic and Agricola at the mo. My favourite co op and favourite challenger games. Trying to find a good supplier of little Woden farmyard animals to pimp it up a bit. Anyone else.
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