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  1. It was the only one we couldn’t get on pirate mix tapes. No one had the bollocks to buy it to copy.
  2. It did, but at the time it was £14.99, and in them days you could buy a house for that.
  3. I got him to sign my ZX81 user manual the day I bought it from WHSmiths in Manchester. He was doing a demo of the new 16k Spectrum.
  4. The funniest American comedian. Would love to hear what he would have to say about this news. As gutted as I was with Sean Lock the other week.
  5. Kay Parker. A brummie lass originally who would also make you a sandwich for on your way home.
  6. You could say the same for Hitler.
  7. Standard 70’s fare. NO BABYS!!!! NSFW
  8. The theme from Grange Hill was also used for a funny scene in Baby Face Massage Parlour.
  9. That’s a shocking one. Always gave a very intense, great performance. Just a couple of years older than me.
  10. Having watched someone die from this horrible disease, it breaks my heart for the family. Just horrible.
  11. All depends if hers was bigger than mine.
  12. Sam Fox’s strip poker. Low-res pixel tits. Couldn’t get a copy for love nor money.
  13. Just looked, same old shit spread over 2 channels. Prodigal Son is showing the same fucking episode at the same fucking time on both fucking channels. I blame the foreigners for obvious reasons.
  14. American tv shows, Wrestling and a skin flick on a Friday night. 80’s bliss. RIP.
  15. I went to Frank Sidebottoms house and his wife made me a glass of vimto.
  16. I fucking hate Oasis with a vengeance, and anything to do with Phil Collins make me want to shit, but the one record that I have to terminate whenever I even hear it is Angels by Robbie Williams. Just boils my bile. Putrid self absorbed shite.
  17. Charley Watts has died aged 80. Surprised that he’s the first to go of the main 3 to be honest.
  18. Glider Rider on the 128k Spectrum had amazing music. Rock sounds on the motorbike bits that seemlessly moved to calm music when you took to the air. Revolutionary at the time.
  19. Or save 3 hours and 14 minutes watching them bits on Xhamster….
  20. Still not seen Avatar. Not seen Titanic either. No real reason why, just can’t be arsed for some reason.
  21. We have the chippy tea thread, now here is the general take away thread-can include salad for the women among us. Tonight’s tea, Tandoori mix, Tandoori lamb chops, onion bhaji, Musroom rice, Bhuna sauce, popadums, naan and dips.
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