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  1. Tazz and Cole in the early days of smackdown for me, very good indeed
  2. Do we have to go round in circles I think we can all agree Harris,Saville and the rest of them are cunts of the highest order. Im not saying Ashley Is telling the truth or lying but she has no reason to lie about a rape when the lawsuit related to concussions, most can agree it’s the feeling that we could all see wwe and Vince covering this shit up
  3. Jacko

    WCW Reunion

    He probably forgot he said it
  4. Mauro is fucking insufferable at times,Jr liked his hyperbole but he picked his spots unlike Mauros constant screaming.
  5. The man still thinks it’s the 80’s needs to slow down before he drops down, he will probably go mid rant
  6. Just watched the Utd legends vs the Bayern Munich legends- Becks still has it doesn’t he , probably the best number 7 since Ronaldo 😂 shows how far we have fallen
  7. Shouldn’t laugh but that’s hilarious 😂😂
  8. Come to the conclusion I love the IIconics proper shit in the ring but extremely fun as chickenshit heels on the mic
  9. Got to say it’s been a pleasure reading all the posts on here about this show. very balanced discussion unlike other places like digital spy where negative discussion has dominated and people who praised it have been shouted down.
  10. The best image of the series for me occurred in this last episode, that shot of Dany and the dragon wings behind her was stunningly done. 👏👏
  11. Taking from the unpopular thread in off topic I was intrested in seeing your wrestling unpopular opinions? for me to get us started is Steph is the greatest McMahon in ring worker there has been
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