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    WWE HOF 2020

    If I had to fill the rest off this year out I would fill it like this Batista - headliner Nwo - 2nd billing just because they have all done the speech before. Victoria - token female they go for who could actually wrestle although it wouldn’t shock me if they went for Kiebler British bulldog- token dead wrestler they seem to put in and with a lot of Brits I’m attendence seems perfect. christian - would start the Hof of in an entertaining way with edge sure to do a fun speech. if you could choose how would you fill it out this year?
  2. Just finished watching elite series 2 such a fantastic show for me can’t wait for series 3
  3. For me Baszler and Lynch is the main female match on WM this year wouldn’t be shocked to see Bazler win the rumble
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