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  1. Only seen the Jericho mjf video so far not for everyone I get it but I loved it so entertaining with the little references
  2. The coke ridden anxiety twitter posts continue from him the effect that loss had on him is mind blowing
  3. Jacko


    It’s a regular side effect in people’s behaviour when dealing with a uti or other infection turns the most mild mannered person into a completly different person
  4. Have to take a set number of drives so because it was a 3 ball we all had to have 4 drives minimum each and then all play our shots from there and who hit the best shot play there shot from there and so forth fun game. struggled on the Saturday massively only scoring 19 points after scoring 22 on the first 9 holes on Friday, love the game playing again Sunday at Aston wood
  5. Yes donnington valley fantastic course tough tough back 9
  6. Newbury was fantastic finished 2nd at Texas scramble on the Sunday even par we had 5 birdies and 3 bogeys and one double including a bogey at the 18th that cost us victory the bogey was a 3 foot putt aswell
  7. Can not wait to play from Friday to Sunday this week weather is going to be nice as well so that’s a bonus
  8. Wonder if rusev is regretting his promo on dynamite now after how vindictive Vince is being scripting Lana to go through a table every week.
  9. Think it’s lot worse then they are making it out to be he has world class medical team on standby yet he needs to be taken to hospital especially when it’s only a 15 minute drive but takes a helicopter ?
  10. Not played for a few weeks going on a weekend away to donnigton valley hotel and golf club next weekend with the society so should be good fun
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