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  1. Jacko

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    When the ratings are down bring back Vince
  2. Jacko

    The Cricket Thread

    Brian Lara cricket what a game that was
  3. I just feel JC is an incompetent fool(granted TM isn’t doing the greatest job at being competent),Diane abbot is just a trainwreck waiting to happen in my opinion. Emily Thornberry just seems an unlikeable person to me. The one shining star on the labour front bench for me is Rebecca Long-Bailey and I would be grooming her for next leader if I was labour. Not everyone agrees with everyone part of all the fun for me.
  4. Anyone but Corbyn for me a government with Abbott Corbyn and thornberry scares me more then the cock up of a govt the tories currently are
  5. Jacko


    Sick of all our MPs squabbling like little kids in a playground instead of sorting out the most important thing they have had to sort in years none of them are fit to run the country if May gets voted out tonight conservative or labour
  6. Jacko

    Little Tommy Robinson

    I think the majority can agree tommy Robinson and boydy are both insufferable cunts
  7. Jacko

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    How bad must he be to lose to that guy ? Granted he could probably kick my arse as well