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  1. The bug is great I lost motivation for a few years but the bug has hit me massively again this last 18 months even taken to watching tik tok videos to work on my short game which has helped
  2. Fuck me this roster is more bloated then big show in 2000
  3. Would love a scg on the shitshow that was extreme rules
  4. I genuinely think that they are expecting fans to flock back when the fans come back to arenas. The problem is so deep rooted in the wwe system I don’t no what they need to do to shake theirselves out of it I thought Hhh would be the one to bring change but seeing Nxt I have severe doubts. I’m paying to go to wrestlemania next year with my cousin as it’s a lifelong dream for him but at this moment my intrest in the shows are all time low
  5. Just relax is my tip your going to have far more bad rounds then good. I played 6 times in 2 weeks on annual leave the other week and played outstanding once decent once and awful the other 4, extremely frustrating but you will feel your game is going somewhere after that one good game. So just enjoy it and your favourite hole will always be the 19th
  6. I think it works to a degree with Jericho because his gimmick is egotistical to care enough about his ratings.
  7. Taking from the unpopular thread in off topic I was intrested in seeing your wrestling unpopular opinions? for me to get us started is Steph is the greatest McMahon in ring worker there has been
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