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    Pipe bombs

    That ronda and Becky one for me is the biggest missed chance to make something massive in years, the heat that night when Becky chose Ronda was a rare thing in wrestling these days and they fucked it up.
  2. Anybody else feel jaded towards wrestling after the last week and can’t be bothered to even check the results of the show let alone watch it ?
  3. Still a slap on the wrist really he will still be in a massively prominent spot when he returns
  4. No that’s what I’m saying I can see it being cancelled and no didn’t mean because they are a bigger star they should be given a pass but it’s obvious that the bigger stars implicated mean it could be easier for the E to pull the plug
  5. You can see NXT UK being disbanded at the current rate Especially with some of their bigger names being implicated
  6. Jacko

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Very we lost a lot of residents at the start when it was at its peak and despite masking up for 11 hours a day and still catching it is very deflating
  7. Jacko

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I’ve been diagnosed with covid today despite managing to work through the worst of the last few weeks. Incredibly frustrating time to get it as well professinaly for me.
  8. The Devil Inside- slow boring horror film that ended with them asking you to check a website to see how the film ended I was furious only time I’ve wanted my money back after the cinema
  9. Taking from the unpopular thread in off topic I was intrested in seeing your wrestling unpopular opinions? for me to get us started is Steph is the greatest McMahon in ring worker there has been
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