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  1. That belt is ugly and that probably isn't by design but I think the belt should look ugly really. The joke is that it's meaningless crap for the midcarders and lower to fight over. It shouldn't look pretty. That it manages to be a particularly garish version of a modern day WWE design makes it even better. Wrestling and shit designs should be forever linked.
  2. Yeah, I'm sick of all the time limit draws the WWE do.
  3. Can't imagine Vince giving one iota of a shit about that anyway.
  4. Couldn't they have just have Pac and Omega to go to a time limit draw? Not like their fans wouldnt eat that up.
  5. Becoming the number one contender of a belt that hasn't had it's first champion yet seems incredibly insulting. That just seems to mark everybody down. If the battle royal isn't good enough to decide a champion then what is the number one contender even winning? You'rethe best of this bunch but you're not good enough to be crowned champion? Personally I'd rather a trophy or a cash prize. At least they exist. Also do Omega, Jericho, Cody, etc not want a shot at the belt?
  6. In 2019 AEW held it's first PPV and announced it had signed an exciting television deal. The #2 promotion in the US had a wild ride. Let's look back at the highs and lows of AEW and share our memories and decide who killed AEW. * Stephen Amell World Champion - In the history of world champions Stephen Amell might not be the worst but nobody could believe when the former star of The Arrow won the World title. Amell actually had a decent match but the writing was on the wall for AEW at this point. * Endless Bullet Club Reunions - Remember when the Bullet Club were cool? With Omega, Cody and the Young Bucks on board a Bullet Club reunion was inevitable. The company went through several incarnations, including two warring factions during the second ever Bullet Club civil war, but were never able to capture the freshness of the original group in NJPW. Cody laying down for Kenny Omega after a 30 minute match was seen by many as a turning point in AEW's fortunes. * Push the Chinese! - The Chinese contingent of AEW were an early highlight on TV but they struggled to get any spots on the PPVs as older stars like Cima kept being pushed. * Attitude Era stars - While AEW fans were initially warm to the Attitude stars it soon became a problem. The war between Cody and the Attitude era guys only highlighted how dull the 22 time World Champion was. While Cody had classic matches against the likes of Gangrel and the Godfather the Attitude stars would never stay around for long. * The Bullet Club Screwjob - The ironic call back to the Montreal Screwjob, where Earl Hebner was meant to call for the bell but fell asleep after flogging merchandise all night, was meant to turn the ratings round. The angle was ruined when Bret Hart, the greatest wrestler ever seen by anyone, who was live on commentary, broke down and cried "let it go." * Hulk Hogan - Everything. Let's celebrate the good times and the stupid times of AEW.
  7. Cena vs Triple H was one of my favourite matches of the year. They out performed everyone on that show while keeping it super basic. I'd love to see more wrestlers being asked to wrestle a match like that.
  8. Have to be honest, I'm more interested in Aja Kong and Emi Sakura than 90% of their roster. Probably a good match up in terms of providing some variety for different audiences. Wouldn't be surprised if Emi comes out of the show with a lot of new fans actually.
  9. Was the referee Black Terry? I would assume the venue would have had first aid trained staff as well as the show itself. Not that first aiders equate to professionals obviously. As for Juvi and the referee, I haven't seen the footage, but having dealt with first aid incidents at work you don't always respond logically. I've used a landline phone to call an ambulance and yelled across at another first aider dealing with a casualty despite both of us having mobile phones in our pockets. It just didn't dawn on us. I can't even imagine what it's like when you add the confusion of a wrestling match. Not to mention that it was probably ingrained into both King and Juvi to finish the match. Wrongly, obviously, but if that's what you've been taught then that's going to be hard to shake when the instincts kick in. Whatever you think of the way it was handled, it's obviously a tragic incident. I've seen Silver King live a few times and watched him more on screen and he was one of those guys who just looked and acted like a superstar.
  10. The boring answer is probably market research. Survey people who watch your show, people who used to watch your show and people who've never watched it. Ignore most of their actual specific suggestions because they'll probably be shit. Let people go. Most of them won't be missed and they've been on telly forever. Before you do let them go ask them how they would describe their persona to someone who has never seen them. If they say "really good wrestler," "athletic," or "cocky," then let them go. If they say a nickname from Game of Thrones then lock them in a room with a writer until it actually means something. Give every on screen performer a strength and a weakness. Some of this is simple, Daniel Bryan is a great technical wrestler but has a fucked neck. But some can be specific. A certain wrestler is susceptible to submission holds focusing on the knee. Another can't keep up with the cruiserweights. Someone doesn't hook the leg on covers. Someone is a loner and can't form any alliances meaning he has no back up. Probably hire more people who don't watch wrestling and see if they can come up with a new format for the show. Hire more writers and split them into monthly teams. One is working on this month, writing the scripts for the week, adjusting to changes like injuries or an unexpected reaction, one is working on next month, planning the big matches, cards, stories, moments, ready to take the place of the first team, the third team is sitting around pitching shit, talking to wrestlers, they're working with Vince at this point so hopefully he's already on board and makes less last minute changes. Throw unusual restrictions at wrestlers. Tell someone they have a grudge match where they're not allowed to do any suplexes because they just want to clobber the opponent with their fists, tell someone they have a kayfabe injury so they can't do any dives this month, tell someone that they're going to miss a top rope move and therefore their character won't do any for the next few matches, have their finisher countered in a way that costs them the match so they won't use it for a while with the story being that they have to find other ways of winning matches until they get over it and start using it again. Anything that gets them out of their routine and forces both them and the audience to think about why they do certain things. I know it's not hiding the negatives and highlighting the positives. Some wrestlers won't be able to do it. Some might find a new way of doing things. Some might get pissed off. They wrestle too much, you can't change that because you've got a million hours of TV a week, but you can put them in new scenarios. Realise none of this will make a difference. If a character or angle really catches on then the product might get hot again and people will be more willing to overlook everything else. Either way it's a three hour weekly scripted television show, it's never going to be good.
  11. It's a shit way to build the match. You've got two brothers, sons of a legend, who've taken rather different paths in wrestling, who had vastly different relationships with their father, and instead you talk about people that aren't ever going to appear on your show. It's not so much that Cody mentions the Attitude Era but that what he's saying has bugger all to do with Goldust. He could talk about Dustin selling his name and whoring his integrity to become Goldust or about him hiding behind the face paint or anything but it's not even that. Instead the build for this match is that Attitude Era guys are washed up, that the current guys are better, that a promo from years ago was better than even older promos and that the women are now allowed to wrestle beyond bra and panties in the WWE. Weirdly it mentions what the WWE is doing right while also suggesting that one of AEW's main matches is a dead horse from an era of shit wrestlers. You can't even call it lazy because it's so over written. It's like people sat around trying to work out how to get Attitude Era, The Rock, CM Punk and Bra and Panties in a promo. Maybe that's overly critical but that promo actually talked me out of the one potential storyline that I thought might be interesting.
  12. Pretty sure it was a tag match. They ran an angle where Jack Xavier was meant to be in it but for storyline reasons wasn't (can't remember why) and then his partner couldn't make it and we ended up with a whole new match. I seem to remember the WoS offer match being a great match in front of the wrong crowd. It probably didn't happen but in my mind somebody in the crowd asked about a football score during the match and the reply took the piss out of the ref's counting and all 3 men in the ring just looked at each other like they were wrestling in front of complete idiots.
  13. Wasn't there a rumour about Jake Roberts being booked for a match with Shane in Brent Town Hall but being in no permission to perform resulting in the show starting even later than usual for a FWA show?
  14. To me this was an infinitely better film than Infinity War. I didn't buy any of the deaths in that film and expected them all to be reversed, as is the lack of credibility Marvel really has in that regard. Every moment that was intended to have an impact here had one. They finally, finally did a film with actual stakes and consequences. I'm expecting some of the characters we think are goners to come back in the inevitable multiverse story they're setting up. Don't buy that we've seen the last of Vision or Black Widow. Wonder if Captain America told Agent Carter about that time he snogged her daughter/granddaughter/niece.
  15. AEW is currently being hyped as an alternative to the WWE. Once upon a time that would have meant a roster full of athletic wrestlers having amazing matches. But the WWE product has changed. Arguably WWE also presents it's own alternative in the form of NXT. Imagine you had to create an alternative to the WWE. You want to offer something different. What does that mean to you? A super serious sports league? A family product aimed at children? Game of Thrones meets wrestling? A triangular ring? Cats and trampolines? Spin the wheel to make the deal stipulation on every match?
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