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    NJPW World

    Okada really is fantastic. He had two great matches, partly carrying Naito to a great match, and while losing looks like the man. He's great because of his timing and psychology but also because he has a 'select' set of relatively simple moves. He's perfected all of them, made them all mean something and needs nothing else. Naito is clearly fucked but it was a great moment to see him win the double title. It feels like a beginning to an end to me though. I can't see him holding it long. It feels like the finish to the story. Ibushi is a weird one for me. He's clearly very good, has the sex appeal which, whether people like to admit it or not, is pretty paramount to how NJPW book, but the psychopath act is really hokey. I also wonder if I'd put my eggs in his basket if I had the roster they do. I'd be worried he's going to fuck up his basket one day. Glad Suzuki is sticking around. I think Mox is pretty shit to be honest but I'll watch Suzuki clobber anyone. The only thing I really care about in the junior division is El Desperado. Title match was a fun spectacle though.
  2. I do a 36 hour job where I work a day every other weekend (it switches from Saturday to Sunday). As a result I get every Thursday off. So some weeks that works out as 1 day off in the week and a weekend off but half of the time it's 1 day off in the week, come back to work, a day off on the weekend. Those weeks are utter shit. Especially since I do a 12 hour day on the Wednesday so essentially spend the Thursday asleep until the evening when I have to think about going back in the next day. Oddly the people I work for have done a "mental wellbeing" push... The problem with any progression towards hours is that a lot of employers will just use it as a weapon. It'll be a case of "it's made it really difficult for us, people better pull their weight around here and work harder to make up for our losses." This country is more obsessed with being seen to be working hard than people working hard or efficiently.
  3. Isn't Impact basically Twigger's broom at this stage?
  4. You said about AEW being ripped to pieces and the NWA isn't. I said it would be weird if people expected the same of a prime time television show as they do a YouTube show. Therefore people have lower expectations of the NWA so they're not going to rip into it much. Plus there's less conversation about it because less people are watching it. I will say that I feel naturally warm towards the NWA when I watch it and coolly detached from AEW and I thinks that's a presentation issue that I can't explain. There's something charming about the NWA product.
  5. To be fair if people didn't have higher expectations for a prime time TNT show than a YouTube show I'd be worried for AEW.
  6. In the biggest surprise of the year the WWE manage to reflect current pop culture and bring in Baby Yoda. This probably doesn't sound like a dangerous competitor but naturally nobody wants to eliminate him. Thankfully Gene Snitsky is on hand to punt Baby Yoda out of the ring and claim "its not my fault." Cole screams that this is vintage Snitsky. And my third guess is Doctor Who (only 'real' fans don't realise that the Doctor's name is Who). The 1st Doctor enters as a doddery old man who forgets most of his spots and disappears randomly. He has a nap in the corner and regenerates into the 2nd Doctor who runs around a lot and plays the flute while Xavier Woods plays his trumpet and R-Truth dances. Mr. McMahon comes out and tells him he has to regenerate. The 3rd Doctor does pretty well, tossing people out and yelling in an expert display of Venusian aikido. Unfortunately Rey Mysterio has dressed up as a spider which scares the 3rd Doctor and he regenerates into the 4th. The 4th does well by offering jobbers jelly babies if they leave the ring (and they figure they might as well) and tripping people up with his scarf. Unfortunately he gets carried away, climbs the top rope and falls off hitting the apron. While there the make up team cover him in flour for unspecified reasons. He regenerates into the 5th Doctor who rolls under the bottom rope to pick up a giant stick of celery to use as a weapon. Unfortunately the Undertaker, wearing his Phantom of the Opera mask, treats him. The 6th Doctor turns heel by applying choke holds to everyone but nobody knows what happens to him. The 7th Doctor brings out the spoons buy we've already had our musical interlude so he hits people with them and emotionally abuses them to leave the ring. We never get to see his full potential because HBK, tired of seeing people reborn who aren't his saviour shoots him with a hunting rifle. The 8th makes a brief cameo bit decides the Rumble needs a RAW Doctor. The RAW Doctor, the only Doctor designed for conflict throws a massive sulk and says "no more" before leaving the ring (not over the top rope) to mope in a barn. There he meets his 10th and 11th selfs and realises that he too will become a young heart throb and regenerates only to become a middle aged Northern bloke with big ears. He gets drunk, kisses Lacey Evans because she's blonde and regenerates into the 10th Doctor who gets a big pop from women and children but boos from the cynical fans. He sacrifices himself to save Ric Flair but then decides that his reward for such a good deed should be that the elimination doesn't count and he gets another go. After saying goodbye to everyone in the Rumble he regenerates into Matt Smith who gets creepily obsessed with whoever the female ring announcer is. At this point the Rumble has been going on for a while and he regenerates of old age to become a Scottish bloke with angry eyebrows who steals a coat from one of the drunk homeless people in the audience who think they've gone to a WCW taping from 92. He gets clobbered by the Swiss Cyborg Cesaro and can't decide if he can be bothered to carry on until Jerry Lawler dresses up as the 1st Doctor and tells loads of sexist jokes and whatever Doctor we're on now decides to regenerate into a woman out of embarrassment. This is the end of the Doctor in the men's Rumble as the new Doctor travels back in time to appear in the woman's Rumble earlier in the show.
  7. The classic show was fantastic. Really loved it. Now the Network is available the choice is completely overwhelming.
  8. I'm hoping they do the full power point on the canvas gimmick again. The 6 hours would go a lot quicker with more proper campy wrestling stuff thrown in.
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