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  1. I wonder if Punk heading to AEW (not saying I particular believe he will) would be enough to convince Cody to do a knock off HHH run. Punk's talked before about how HHH would be the perfect opponent story wise (just obviously not backstage wise) and Cody's a heel turn away from being in the perfect position to do a HHH tribute act. Punk can do his "shoot" comments about Cody trying to appear like the good guy while really politicking in the back to make sure he has the spotlight just like somebody else he used to know. Cody can say he's trying to build something special and doesn't need Punk riling people up. It kinda writes itself.
  2. It'd be interesting to see him in AEW or TNA purely to see what he does with that much creative freedom. It'll hopefully either prove he is as creative as people say he is or expose him as being a guy better suited to 90s e-feds. The worst result would be him being a dull mediocre gimmick wrestler. Even better if he drops the supernatural stuff and gives it a go as a Southern babyface, purely to see if he could cut a promo as one. I'd be up for seeing the son of IRS doing a Southern babyface run against an arrogant entitled prick son of Dusty, but I can only see us getting spooky Bray against blue eyes Cody and bugger that. If he makes sporadic returns to the WWE then it's either as a knock off Undertaker tribute or a Boogeyman replacement.
  3. I think one of the reasons i was never really that fussed about the WM XX main event (even at the time) was because this moment felt bigger to me. Eddie just felt like the bigger star throughout the build up and in this match then Benoit did to me at the time. I think some of that credit goes to Brock too. For all the rumours at the time that he didn't like doing the job here, he have Eddie a hell of a lot during the build up and match itself. It's just perfect.
  4. Vamp


    I feel really guilty doing it but I've started to fantasise about ending my life when dealing with work shit. I've applied for another job somewhere else. It's just, my manager is breathing down my neck about my staff following the guidance of the union and since I can't fix that its making my anxiety go through the roof. I can't make people do something they've been told not to do by the union. Especially when the union have also told me not to do it. I just want to bang my managers' heads together and say "stop assuming you're right and try and actually talk to your staff instead of assuming they owe you a favour for being employed." I also feel dangerously close to telling my manager the truth which, given his allergy to the truth, would probably result in a discipline.
  5. Vamp


    If I was thinking about getting a doctor to sign me off for depression is there anything I need to be aware of? Would future employers have access to that information?
  6. Vamp


    Edit: So in the space of an afternoon the following has happened: Union sent an email. Senior manager 1 said that she'd never seen the email before and it was incorrect. Senior manager 2 said the email was correct and that HR had agreed it because it didn't contradict their current stance. Union said that the senior managers had never seen the email and that HR had never agreed the email and that it completely contradicted the current stance. Everybody else is saying "fine, but what the fuck is going on?"
  7. Been watching the first night of Fyter Fest. Can't believe in 2021 they got away with Hardy vs Christian. Fully expected the fans to audibly groan. Then again the same fans chanted "this is awesome" for a match where two wrestlers nearly fucked up a hip toss (I'm not asking for the return of "you fucked up" chants but fuck off was the FTW match "awesome"). Also, I know that Jake Roberts is a bit of a rambling mess but fuck letting Archer talk. Props for doing a deliciously lame backstage wrestling segment between Jericho, MJF and Shawn Speares though. People underestimate the joy of lame backstage wrestling segments. The show needs more people trying to act surprised as someone who's clearly been in the room all along comes into shot and less people I haven't given a toss about for 10 years wrestling against each other in meaningless matches. The thing that drives me up the wall with AEW is when they do things that are bad when WWE do them. Like, if WWE offered me Christian vs. Matt in 2021 I wouldn't be surprised, but I'd still think "fuck right off." When AEW does it I think "fuck right off" and "seriously, that's your alternative?"
  8. Vamp


    It's not benefits. It's money you need to live your life and even then it doesn't go far enough.
  9. I think what we've established is that we need to establish some sort of UKFF petanque team called the UKFFers in Pyjamas.
  10. Whenever I holiday in Paris (on my own because I'm a loser) I'll spend a day just watching people playing French bowls in the park and dream about doing that in my retirement. I also spend most evenings going to a jazz club which I figure fits this thread.
  11. Vamp


    Boss: Guidance encouraging customers to wear masks, wash hands and distance is available on our website. Me: But if we don't display that same info in store doesn't that mean that people who don't visit our website, like say the elderly, won't get the same access to information? Don't we say we'll make info available to all? Boss: We can encourage them verbally. Me: So when they come in we can encourage them to wear masks, wash their hands and distance. Boss: No. Well that's cleared that up.
  12. Isn't there also a matter of consent? I know the two wrestlers involved haven't complained, but they consented (well, presumably) to the glass, light tubes, chairs and whatever. They didn't consent to the crowd chucking whatever they had at hand at them.
  13. Vamp


    So one week since reopening without masks (we're not even allowed to encourage or ask) and we still haven't got the new risk assessment that was promised. In the meantime we've been told to add a whole new additional risk (restore all furniture and allow people to stay as long as they want). Would have been nice if they accessed the last risks before adding whole new ones.
  14. Vamp


    I understand that feeling completely. Try not to overstate its importance, if you don't get it its fine, there will be other opportunities. I know that's easier said than done.
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