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  1. Night One The thunderstorm made the start of night one oddly fascinating. I quite enjoyed watching the current lot try and cut promos without scripts. And it was also pretty revealing to see the announce team standing about a foot away from the ring during Bobby vs. Drew and staring at the ground (presumably at their laptops). It's a shame they didn't have the 24/7 lot on hand to fill the time. Bobby vs. Drew didn't really click for me. I think I'd have preferred the Heyman finisher spam special. I can see why they're giving Bobby a longer run but still seems bizarre that they
  2. Given the amount of work, sacrifice and effort it probably takes to look the way the WWE wanted her to look back then, Torrie Wilson deserves some recognition (which is all the Hall of Fame really is). Plus she gave as good as she could to shit like the storyline with her father and Dawn Marie. Even if you want to be flippant and disregard her own credentials, Billy Kidman is probably going in one day and Torrie Wilson is the most interesting person/story/thing he's ever been involved with. The Bellas more than deserve to be in for their work in Total Divas and Total Bellas.
  3. Going to be interesting to see what the protocol is. Will they move well wishers/mourners on if they get too many/don't wear masks? Will there be a big state funeral? It's a bit of a heart thumper. My grandmother is 99 and the only time I've seen her for over a year was a 30 minute chat on Zoom. Just hoping I can see her in the summer.
  4. So, do we get a day off?
  5. Micro suction is amazing. It's less uncomfortable, more effective, quicker and supposedly safer.
  6. I think the birds in Riddle's entrance is the result of a culturally disengaged crazed pensioner discovering TikTok. Maybe it's giving them too much credit but I wonder if they're just taking the piss with him at this stage. Whether that's because he's wound them up or because they know he's not going to be a star now is anyone's guess. I watched the final segment from the last RAW before Mania 19 the other day. Its a Rock concert with Austin sitting in a pick up truck outside the venue (he has a restraining order against him) where they've set up speakers so that he can hear it. H
  7. So what's the deal with the lack of returning legends? Can't be by choice, surely?
  8. No she doesn't? She says: "I don't know whether stuff is "cleared up" [between the individuals] and to be fair I don't know if I care? Nothing excuses the behaviour and anyone with morals wouldn't support that either. I say it like it is 🤷🏼‍♀️" That is not the same as her saying she doesn't care if it's true or not.
  9. Wasn't there a rumour that RAW's main title was going to be the Intercontinental championship but HHH didn't like the idea and so they brought back the World Heavyweight championship? Then they just got folded the IC title into the World Heavyweight title. Then 8 months later they presumably decided it would be nice for other people to hold a belt.
  10. It'd be interesting to know how the main event did ratings wise. TNA showed that women's wrestling could be a ratings winner for then but never really did anything with that knowledge. This match was the most compelling of any AEW match I've seen. More of this would keep me around. I do think the commentary could have focused more on explaining why these two women hated each other rather than gushing over how tough the women were and how unforgettable a moment it was. Do that after the match. Not during. I also feel like they've really killed the "lights out" gimmick. I know it's jus
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