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  1. On the Tory front, I did once get informed by the leader of a local homeless charity that the police used to round up homeless people from the high profile Tory constituency and dump them in the neighbouring Labour constituency despite them being under the same council.
  2. I remember having a chat with a police officer in the library I used to work in. He spotted a homeless person and said "I can't believe he's back. We put him on a train to the other side of London." It hadn't dawned on him that a police officer on the other side might just do the same. I also got made to wake up sleeping homeless people or ask them to leave if they "smelt bad." It was all about getting them out of sight. Still hate myself for giving into it.
  3. The country was already vulnerable. The problems have just been exasperated by the pandemic.
  4. The first line is curious. Surely its the highest rated wrestling show in the UK full stop? Makes it sound like its being beaten by a repeat.
  5. My library service (in London) have decided that now would be a good time to up the number of dementia groups taking place in libraries. These are groups of mostly vulnerable people mixing households and talking to each other. It also includes playing games on the same surface. I dunno. Maybe its a good thing? Timing feels a little off though...
  6. If Dynamite Kid gets a 9 for work then i sure as fuck wouldn't want to be a great "worker." It also depends if you believe Hogan would have got as over "working" differently. I don't think he would. Personally I think a lot of the reason Hogan got so over was because of the way he wrestled. In which case he deserves a far higher score.
  7. Not sure this is the right place for it but here goes... Has anyone ever been "the other man/woman" in a relationship? If so, how did you manage to walk away?
  8. Made out with a good friend whose partner is highly vulnerable and shielding. I wasn't drunk. I do genuinely like her. I am a dickhead.
  9. Also, the plan for challenging people breaking the rule of 6 is amazing. "So one department will call them to tell them to stop breaking the rule. Then our department will call them to check that they're following the rules and if they say they're not they'll be subject to a fine." One day Ricky Gervais will invent lying and then we'll be fucked. Because we'll be living in a shit comedy.
  10. My workplace keep sending emails like "staff must follow the risk assessment and guidance or face disciplinary action." Also, if staff get Covid from work its a sign that they haven't been following the guidance. I can't help but think the intention behind these emails would work better if they weren't then also asking staff from different branches to work closely together in shifts at an entirely different building which doesn't have the same risk assessment or the same guidance. Especially when that building is one massive office with a hell of a lot of staff in who previously had manag
  11. I do wonder how any of the people not being reached are actively avoiding the call.
  12. So first day back at the covid hub. Apparently track and trace is only reaching about 60-80% of the people it should be so we may end up taking that on within the next 2 weeks. World beating.
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