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  1. I turned off an AEW show recently due to a tag team match. I can't remember who was in it now though. The announce team kept talking about the "ten count on double teams" while the illegal man on one team just kept coming in the ring, in front of the referee, and doing double teams. What's the point of giving teams an extra five count to double team on tags if they can just do it during the match anyway? Also, given it's meant to be time to get out of the ring, everytime its mentioned a cynical voice in my head goes "fuck me their wrestlers must be slow if it takes them that long to get out of the ring."
  2. I loved the trio of David Flair, Crowbar and Daffney. Dunno. David Flair was awful, Crowbar looked greasy, Daffney mainly just screamed irritatingly at the time but I love them as a unit for some reason. I was going to say Deuce and Domino but then realised that I liked the gimmick and not them looking unsure about doing it.
  3. Since seeing a superplex go wrong at an EVE show (no one was hurt somehow) that move now really scares me. On the Styles Clash, not only is it supposedly a risk move to take but I've also always thought it looks a bit shite. Then again at least it's not the suplex/neckbreaker combo.
  4. On the looting thing, if you're told by the system that if you work hard you can have things (and that those things will lead to you being happy), but then the system is clearly against you (as demonstrated by yet another policeman killing yet another black man), then taking what you were promised, what you've worked for, what you'll probably never get, is both a protest against the system and a result of the system. Of course it's mainly just shit for the victims of looting but again, that's a result of the system.
  5. Vamp

    Covid-19 Megathread

    If it's anything like the NHS data we received then the callers would have also called people who were dead before lockdown and shielding even started (in some cases they died last year), people who work for the NHS (they're not vulnerable, they were just included in the data seemingly by accident), and people who don't need to be shielding (as confirmed by their GP). The whole thing has been a complete shambles.
  6. Vamp

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I spoke to a bloke the other day who's been told to shield because he's on dialysis. He told me he was going out to buy food. When I offered him our food delivery service he said he didn't need it because "it was all over." A lot of people are confused. Minds you that wasn't helped by the NHS sending out letters to people who should be shielding but somehow putting the letters into the wrong envelopes. I've spoken to people who should have been shielding but saw the name on the letter was for someone else and ignored it.
  7. I hadn't realised Hana Kimura was only 22. She carried herself like a star both live and on screen. Fucking tragic story.
  8. Maybe they'll just Tenacious D it and have them talk about having the greatest wrestling match ever but the tape ran out and it didn't record and they can't remember what they did.
  9. Vamp

    Covid-19 Megathread

    My employer has announced that they have always put our health first and will be implementing a clear desk policy and supplying PPE equipment when we all go back. Which is interesting because I'm currently 'volunteering' (as in you either volunteer to do this or don't get paid) as part of our Covid response in an office with 20 people. It's so poorly ventilated we've had to use fans, we haven't been keeping 2 metres apart, we exchange bits of paper all the time, they haven't offered us masks or gloves but did offer us t-shirts, I haven't seen a single cleaner during any of my shifts, people with coronavirus symptoms have self isolated but the staff they worked with weren't told and still came in as usual. I'm actually quite happy to come in and volunteer but maybe stop shitting in the water before you try to bottle it and sell it.
  10. If it was a trick to let his guard down surely it would have made sense before he started fighting back? "Now, I've got this trick with a mask that'll let this guy's guard down. I could do it at the start of the match, before he's hurt me and before I've hurt him, or I could wait till we've beaten each other up for a while." The impact is lost at that point. It needs to happen at the start of the match. Also, its Daniel Bryan. He's a guy who used the momentum from losing in 10 seconds to get over with the audience. He's a guy who got over going to anger management classes with Kane. He got over with "yes/no chants." He got over with a silly haircut. People loved him even after he named his first born after an annoying holiday camp disco song. If anyone can do a bit where he looks sheepish having burst into Vince's office its him. He is genuinely good at those kinda things, it always looks like he's enjoying the hell out of them and I think it's because of that that he's so likeable.
  11. Odd show. Neither of the men's title matches made much sense to me. Why did Braun randomly put on his old mask at the end of the match? Would have made far more sense as a tease at the start. Why the hell did Drew and Seth tag hands at the start of their match? That made no sense. Then they launch into the Rollins' attempt at a good match. Rollins does his usual "get me shit in like" bollocks. Then Drew is impressed with him and shakes his hand. Which, maybe would have meant something but they tagged hands respectfully at the start so it doesn't. I really think Rollins might be one of the most overrated wrestlers around. He's the embodiment of everything that doesn't work with taking wrestling you like but not understanding the context. I sometimes wish the 'E would ban certain moves for a week. "Right, none of you fuckers are doing planchas this week, get on with it." The MITB was fun enough. Started crap, ended crap, but the middle was fun in a "this is what it's like in Vince's head" kinda way. Anybody who had a problem with the Styles and Bryan bit can get tossed off a roof though. Bryan's whole appeal is that he's a bit of a geek, and who gives a shit about AJ? Not like they're damaging stars on the rise. Anyone who doesn't get why Styles would react like that to a poster of The Undertaker after being buried alive by the fucker doesn't even have the minuscule amount of emotional intelligence or suspension of disbelief needed for wrestling. Which is fucking terrifying.
  12. I can't imagine Austin would have been anywhere near as selfless as The Rock was against Hogan.
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