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  1. Fuck this "is wrestling art" discussion, Strictly is great! Personally I enjoy both for the same reasons and have been ridiculed for enjoying both by people who's lives are somehow affected by me enjoying things they don't like. Which worries me as I'm depressed, overweight, single and have a job I don't like and yet what I enjoy impacts them. This suggests to me that having a degree in a social science, having a family and success makes very little difference. But I'm here with a hug and kind words for anyone affected by these issues. I will say that I get a similar enjoyment from Strictly and wrestling and that they're not particularly different to me. Both have their best moments when they try and tell a story through a series of choreographed moments. In Strictly these stories are often (though not always) about love and in wrestling it's often hate. They're sometimes at their least enjoyable when its moves like show dances or spot fests. The far bigger difference is that Strictly is actually a competition whereas wrestling is competitive.
  2. Has Austin ever really put anyone over like that since his retirement?
  3. Suzuki is an obvious one. Theres probably a lot of lucha guys you could pick from but Negro Casas and Black Terry both deserve a mention.
  4. Vamp

    NJPW World

    I'm a Tama Tonga fan, even more so after seeing him live. He has a unique way of moving which really stands out. If anything I think he's one of the people that have suffered because of the way NJPW book.
  5. Vamp

    NJPW World

    There were a few attempts at the "fight forever" and "too sweet" stuff but they didn't catch on. Main event was cracking and I thought the other top two matches were really fun live too (and different enough too which is a huge plus). Are Aussie Open big on the UK scene? They seemed to be hugely over. Presuming that next time, if there is one, they'll book Naito in a big singles match. His holiday camp schtick got over huge. The only thing I'd ask for next time is a Japanese ring announcer. Not that the bloke we got was bad just think it would add to the atmosphere a bit.
  6. Vamp

    NJPW World

    Anyone know what time doors are tomorrow? I've seen everything listed from 12.30 to 4.
  7. Vamp

    NJPW World

    There were some great matches. For some reason it reminded me of when I'd tune into TNA once in a blue moon and think "I've already seen this match, it's always these two facing off" even if I hadn't actually seen that match before. I feel like after Royal Quest I need to detox with some 80s WWF or something. It's entirely me not having the patience for it though. I'm the same with nearly any tournament or league that I'm not actually at. I loved the EVE She 1 I was at (round robin tournament over 2 days) but haven't been able to sit and watch through the entirety of the first one.
  8. I once had someone tell me that another referendum would make this country a dictatorship. You know, like all those dictatorships where you're allowed to change your mind.
  9. Vamp

    NJPW World

    I can't even remember where my seats are. They're certainly not the full whack ones. Looking forward to it, even if trying to keep up with the G1 has numbed me to the product a bit.
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