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  1. Watched the NWA episode that had the Cornette comment but didn't notice it so assume they've since cut it. Did hear him describe being in the opposing corner during a tag match as like "facing a gas chamber or an electric chair." Hyperbole is a part of wrestling but fuck me. Wasn't put off by the clip show episode, which felt nostalgic to me and in keeping with everything else about their product, but was put off by the YouTube comments. There are a lot of whiny entitled arseholes in their fanbase.
  2. The thing is nobody should really be asking him to put over people or have a good match at this stage. I don't really think anyone is really going to gain anything from beating him now anyway, a lot of that credibility is over and chances are the quality of the match will diminish the winner in the eyes of most of the audience anyway, and with the roster they have they shouldn't need to rely on him to carry the show in terms of quality matches. Just let him come in, do his entrance, hit a chokeslam, stick his tongue out and go home. He gets paid, the fans get to see the entrance and it becomes part of the legacy and tradition. I know someone will moan about him destroying the young guys but it's not like they don't have guys on the roster that they don't really have plans for.
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