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  1. Not sure how WrestleMania being so big that its now over 2 nights can reduce the spectacle. Especially when it's their only event that has that distinction. Plus they'll eventually be able to claim that they had 50,000+ (or whatever the numbers are) two nights in a row. Not even the Super Bowl can say that.
  2. In hindsight, whatever you do, you're in the dying days of the boom period. The Rock's going to Hollywood, Austin only has a couple of years left, you've killed the places where you could bring in wrestlers who had been somewhat exposed to wrestling audiences. There's really no one else on the WWF side of things who's ready to step up. The problem with Austin as a blue eyes is no one gets over on him. He's all consuming. Turning him heel, especially when he's only got a few years left (although they probably didn't know that), is probably your best way of making a future star. Because so
  3. I remember being in a history of medicine lesson and some prat in the class telling his friend that "gay people created AIDS" and realising that he was a lad that wasn't worth punching in the face in case you caught the viral stupidity he'd obviously picked up.
  4. From the Guardian today: Dramatic language could be used in hard-hitting new anti-coronavirus adverts, warning that going for a coffee could kill. A national campaign is to be unveiled within days as the UK government eyes tougher restrictions amid a surge in infections. One of the slogans being considered is “Don’t let a coffee cost a life”, it is believed. Another message in the campaign is “Covid takes the train too”. The move is aimed at presenting a stark message to the public to try to ensure compliance with tough lockdown measures as the UK battles more highly transmissib
  5. Sabu has to be up there surely? I guess you could make a case for Funk?
  6. To be fair to the government, their letter to library workers does quite clearly state that they're critical during the pandemic. They're not saying they're critical the rest of the time. They also largely just want libraries open so that people can go on computers and look for jobs. Because otherwise they're just sponging off the state or some such bollocks. Edit: Also I love the fact that a Daily Mail reader things carrots are "woke."
  7. I think people were worried about him buying his ties from M&S more than his antisemitism...
  8. The libraries debate is over. The government sent round a letter explaining that library workers are critical to the nation during lockdown. I love the fact it says during lockdown so that we won't be considered essential when the redundancies start. Still, looking forward to seeing if that pushes me up the vaccine queue.
  9. To be fair to the government, the more people that die from this failed lockdown the less people they have to vaccinate and the sooner they hit their target. I'm not really suggesting that's what they're thinking. They're clearly not capable of thought.
  10. Maybe he's hoping for a presidential pardon for his shit singing.
  11. Apologies that this is libraries related but there's a wonderful twitter exchange involving the leader of Richmond Council. They promoted their reserve and collect service on twitter. Someone replied that just because you can invite people to use your service doesn't mean you should. The leader of the council replied "Nobody is being invited, we're just providing it for those who choose to use it." Its just so wonderfully pedantic. "Just because we're promoting a service doesn't mean we're encouraging people to use it." Wonder if that works with house parties. "I didn't invite t
  12. Its mad to me that people are going into Next stores for click and collect during this lockdown. They fucking deliver! Not sure it should count as essential to save £3.50 (or whatever the price is) delivery charge. Its like this country has just said "look, if the people dying can't wait for the vaccine why should we?"
  13. Thing for Jay White is he must know that he was very lucky to get pushed as hard and as fast as he did. And Gedo didn't give up on him when others doubted him. That's probably not going to be true in the WWE. He's got to look at AEW and think "would they have believed enough in me to put the top belt in me?" The answer, so far, is no.
  14. It is a bit odd that the government opted to call this a "lockdown " probably pissing off a lot of their anti lockdown supporters, when it isn't really a lockdown. To be honest I think they just didn't know what number came after 4.
  15. I could be wrong, but White feels like he's one of those guys who's in the right spot, at the right time, in the right promotion. If he went somewhere else I think there's a risk of breaking that combination.
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