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  1. Jeez the reaction to that fox tweet! Nice to see Dewey Foley following in his dad’s footsteps with the white knighting as well. It’s supposed to be a bit of fun discussion about the characters, I guess Undertaker had a point about them being soft if it caused these responses.
  2. I really enjoyed that show, I was very impressed with the women’s dusty cup final, as I’ve never really seen much in Dakota Kai but she held her own. Love that Eli is there now too, big fan of his promos.
  3. I’m ok with manias each year but the ppvs in between have become a blur to me from 2014 onwards, like David said I’m similar in that either watching tapes of the ppvs from 2000-2005 when they were on sky sports or watching the dvds afterwards on repeat I can remember all the matches, but then from the network era I can’t pick them out the same.
  4. The match was for the guaranteed spot at #30 but not sure if they announced both would be in the rumble anyway. Tamina was #25 so the ‘random drawing’ aspect of it in laudable wasn’t too bad for her in terms of having a later number. They did a similar thing with Miz & R Truth for 2012? Truth beat Miz on Raw so Miz was #1, and then Truth ending up being #3 if I remember correctly. Aside from that I enjoyed the show overall. I had to restart the network countless times watching it live and then gave up and watched It this morning, that’s more because my Sky broadband is shit thoug
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