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  1. Total non apology there, at a point it seemed he was trying to say he’d be a martyr for the tattoo industry to improve as well. Disgusting, I saw a Facebook video this morning that a workmate shared for Lucy telling her story, looked up his name and made the connection that he was on here.
  2. I guess they could hold off on the feud for a while now, they could always bring it back once they have fans back in attendance and can involve Cody next time for the match.
  3. I did training with IPW:UK in Swanley in Kent for a few months in 2010 and Jimmy Havoc was a guest trainer that would be at most sessions. We did a drill where two people would be in the ring and the aim was one of them to ‘get heat’ on the other for 2-3 minutes. Then the person being beaten up would remain and get heat on the next person, rinse and repeat until everyone has played both parts. Jimmy comes in after I’ve had the 2 minutes being beaten, so now my turn to do some moves. I started with a snapmare to get him into a seated position and thought I’d do a few elbows as well, except Jimmy loudly shouted ‘I’M NOT SELLING THAT SHIT!’. I think I just put a chinlock on for the rest of time.
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